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  1. How do u expect them to show concept art without ai ur honsetly being so stupid right now. Even if say this whole concept is ai made its still better then building their own custom desing to watch it tank.

    Planet Coaster 2

    Im actully so excited for this to come out I have played the orginal one for 700 hours so im sure this one will be no different.
  3. I was their the other day it was with the sorter I dont have a photo but seeing as their is no reason to lie about it anyway if u still dont belive it your a lost cause.
  4. Well its not great but its better then leaving it fully black like Movie Wolrd have done in the doomsday area everything is broken or turned off its a disgrace in there. Bottom line is the theme parks all need to put in more effort.
  5. I agree but I just see it getting even worse to be honest.
  6. Such a stupid comment I mean really Dean even you know better. The fact hes tried to comprare this .
  7. Wild West Falls matainence has been extended 😒.
  8. The probelm is though the things they do sell you can find remarkbly simlar things in a genric clothes shop. Target for exampe.
  9. I agree I always wanted to buy the Green lantern shirts the ride ops use to wear if they ever did sell them but genric ip merch can be good but usally its boring same old same old.
  10. They say a picture is worth a thousand words well in this case its only worth 1 word (Idiot).
  11. Honest question I know its a bussiness and they want to make as much $ as possible but I think the amount of people MW let in at peak times is ridiclous. If reputation really is important they should cap tickets sold online or have a booking system for 1 day tickets because during holidays is where most of the word of mouth comes from. If they care about the reputation and it really does play a big part People are not going to reward the park with good reviews and returns if every ride has a 3 hour que and staff treat you like a peice of shit. Moive World for me need to get this right Long ques need to be expected but they need to be within in reason and their has to be more effort to make you enjoy your day. This applies to Dreamworld but because its bigger and doesent reach the same attendance Is the only reason why I have targeted MW on this ocasion. But I like how MW socials have been theres not fault in that and im very happy with their recent steps in the past week.
  12. Thankyou for posting this its actully so cool seing it being built.
  13. If DC Rivals had a massive Matainence period and things done to it like when DW did for the Giant Drop that would make sense to do some reopening announcement. Considering Rivals is not that old this is unlikley. your basicaly saying if Green Lantern Broke down and reopend a hour later Movie World should do a big announcement. Green Lantern has just reopened but at least we did a announcement for Dean. Moive World might tweet on their socials it has reopned but to make a big thing about a ride reopening from matainence even if its their star atrraction makes no sense to make a big deal out of it. Incase you missed the countless other discussions about scooby its closed cause the ride has gone past its lifespan. The state of the ride is not fit for purpose they dont close it for fun.
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