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  1. spooky nights is still a solid family event however i just feel like happy halloween was executed better. There was just a lot more to do then at spooky nights and the overall atmosphere imo felt better.
  2. we all have different views on topics and in my opinion; besides the amount of tickets sold, the event was well planned out and had a lot of stuff to do other then the rides and normal day to day operation attractions
  3. still no word on a reopening date yet, perhaps there could be a problem with either the trains or the new system?
  4. even though it was very busy and lines were long, i’m glad it was as busy as it was. it shows Dreamworld is gaining its reputation back finally which is a good sign with Steel Taipan opening soon. The event was well planned and imo, one of the best night time events we have seen in a while, certainly a lot better then spooky nights however, i would love to see one or two “scary” mazes, this would let the event suit to an even larger audience and would top off the event.
  5. i’ve heard that in the Kevil Hill building they’re only using some of the rooms as they want to keep the zombies and have those rooms blocked off, hopefully this means they are planning to bring back the Kevil Hill maze.
  6. I drove past Movie World before and it appeared the lights on Rivals track were changing between multiple colours (blue, green, fuschia and red.) does anyone know if the lights changing are new or have they always been a thing i just haven’t noticed?
  7. i’ve heard it’s going to be located in the old Kevil Hill Walkthrough instead of the exhibition space.
  8. Doomsday has been put back under maintenance (not that surprising) however, Road Runner has now had its reopening date removed.
  9. (if this is true) i could see it being an S&S axis coaster possibly themed to Poison ivy? they could keep the whole theme of the area which saves cost and could create a storyline about how she broke out of her cell and took over the asylum? just an idea😌
  10. i saw it more as why would they keep spending money on a ride that’s not popular, a maintenance nightmare and is now not supported by the manufacturer, causing more of a costly fix when it needs new parts. even though it’s not great to see another ride getting removed, no one is going to miss it and it didn’t really do anything for the park, so i don’t see it as that much of a loss tbh.
  11. would an S&S free spin be able to fit in this space? it would provide great kinetic energy to the front of the park along with ST as well as providing another unique experience for Australia to the park.
  12. as much as they look like a great ride, i don’t think it would be smart placing a triple launch coaster next to another triple launch coaster a couple years apart from each-other…
  13. would there be any returning mazes or would the IP’s run out considering it’s been over 2 years? i could see doll haus returning but i think the rest will be all new. I think mazes themed to the Conjuring 3 and Halloween are very likely tbh
  14. dc was pretty smooth today but is currently only running one train which is made even worse with terrible operations…..
  15. Green Lantern is back to running all 4 trains and is offering virtual queue again.
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