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  1. (photos via: au_themeparkfan on instagram, post contains more photos then the ones below) looks like trident is finally having work done to it at a very fast pace, this September 3rd opening for both Leviathan and Trident is starting to look very likely.
  2. supposedly, SurfRider and Sky Coaster have reopened, is anyone able to confirm this or is it just a website error? i wonder why Double Barrel is still down? it seems like a fairly simple slide to operate.
  3. Here is a look at the new carriages via ‘goldcoast_themeparks’ on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/CdhVy2VJBrd/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=). The carriages look really nice and sleek, with the post confirming the carriages will feature on-board lighting, on-board audio and wheelchair accessible carriages (as expected). Really great to see them pouring so much love into such an iconic and loved attraction.
  4. 4/7 of their ‘thrill rides’ and 2/5 coasters closed definitely won’t be the best look for guests visiting today, at least it probably will be quiet so hopefully too many people won’t be disappointed. any word on what’s happening with superman’s smoke effects? hopefully superman isn’t down too much right now
  5. this was posted right after the post your mentioning, the post where i say i have a feeling was wrong choice of words then i reiterated that i’ve heard people speculate in another post right after that so yes, i clearly did mention it was speculation . i only said once i have a feeling, which is due to hearing it being speculated online with international enthusiasts, so it obviously isn’t that far fetched of an idea but i do believe it may just be a temporarily broken effect.
  6. sorry, i completely forgot people aren’t allowed to mention speculation they’ve heard online, which relates to a topic that was brought up on a public forum. i said i wouldn’t be surprised cause i’ve heard other people speculate about this happening at some international parks, and that i wouldn’t be surprised if it was happening, and then i even said “unless they’re having problems with it at the moment and it’s better to just have the ride open and fix it another time” which is what i believe is happening.
  7. and what exactly am i selling? i’ve seen people post / speculate about other parks internationally doing it so don’t know why anyone would lie about that little.
  8. i have heard it being a discussion on enthusiast instagram accounts before which are mostly American based, who knows those parks could’ve just had broken effects though. i do find it weird they posted about ‘enhanced ride effects’ for it to only last 2 weeks, unless they’re having problems with it at the moment and it’s better to just have the ride open and fix it another time
  9. a lot of parks around the world do stuff like that and only turn effects on during busy periods as a cost saving technique…. the parks haven’t been busy at all so i wouldn’t be surprised
  10. i sent them a messages and was left on open an hour ago.
  11. the smoke effects on Superman have already been turned off, i have a feeling that the effect will only be used in the busy periods like school holidays. FullSizeRender.MOV
  12. i’m pretty sure you’re right with the only slides being repainted are Black Hole and the Aqua Racers Refurb, slides like Tornado, AquaLoop, Constrictor, River Rapids and Mammoth Falls (not as desperate as the others) really do need to be repainted asap. The rides at MW and SW definitely tend to be repainted more often back on topic, it appears The Carousel’s Operator Booth will be moved to the front instead of off to the side, my guess is it allows the operator to observe what’s going on during the cycle better (photos via haynesbuilt - instagram).
  13. if they’ve decided to remove it, i’ll be shocked considering how they’ve built leviathan around the monorail and have openly been saying since it originally closed for The New Atlantis construction that it’ll reopen when the area has opened up. I think removing the monorail instead of adding new Modern and Air-Conditioned carriages would be a miss opportunity, especially considering how popular the ride is for families and how it easily connects the park and helps the flow of the crowd.
  14. double barrel has been down for a while now, around the same time Kaboom went down for unexpected maintenance. With Super Ripper, i’ve heard normally everyone flies around the course, maybe it’s just not like that for everyone or perhaps the water pressure isn’t as high (not a waterslide expert so just guessing that could be why)
  15. spoke too soon, Doomsday is now down again till further notice
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