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  1. bay_side_painting_ablinemark have been posting a lot on site for Wizard of Oz. their recent stories and post show good progress of the area and the site layout;
  2. shipping containers full of track has arrived for Jungle Rush. goldcoast_themeparks
  3. looks like Movie World caught on with the theme of cringey social media posts on tik tok promoting a new Looney Tunes Acme filter. (the link wouldn’t post properly but it’s just @movieworldaus on tik tok.)
  4. where did we even hear they were getting a new arcade? was there permits, filings or is it just a rumour. with the first aid building going to me it’s more likely a new ride will go there, maybe a small kids coaster.
  5. it is a bigger space but it is just using one side, i dont see them moving mazes out of there they just wont be as long as IT was.
  6. DCeased only took up half the building, the first aid office is just using a corner of the building. I won’t be suprised if the reasoning is cause it’s easier to get ambulances in and out if needed.
  7. i think it’s safe to say considering Superman and Batwing both close at the same time every year for maintenance, Flash will be joining them. if it doesn’t i’ll be shocked.
  8. the only thing i can think of is that the rides exit may be in between the two lift hills. to me it really doesn’t matter its sets of stairs and it doesn’t look bad in person. well, there is two spikes right next to the lift hills that give the illusion of the train flying off the track.
  9. the ride was testing without the seats installed, so we won’t be sure for a couple days.
  10. both sides of Kansas Twister’s lift hills are now completed, meaning the construction for both coasters is now complete.
  11. idk if news articles kept bringing up my traumatic experience from 8 years ago in order to get a couple dollars i wouldn’t be very happy.
  12. from what i’ve heard they are recognised and treated very well, makes sense why all the staff seem like they actually want to be there.
  13. *shows photo with the counterweights on both arms*
  14. i wouldn’t be suprised if the counterweights caused a lot of the issues, i think the ride getting new counterweights is more likely then it being removed right now due to all the hate they’ve been getting about ride availability. if this is what’s happening, maybe it’ll solve a lot of the rides issues.
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