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  1. it tells you where the train is, it says where they are boarding in those photos because i’m guessing they’re hoping on/off the train and took a photo.
  2. Greg should definitely stay at Dreamworld, he ran Movieworld well but they couldn’t keep it up once he left. Dreamworld is definitely the best park on the coast now, Rivertown and their future plans are just going to maintain their position.
  3. it seems like the green wrap may have been thrown out, Batwing and Superman don’t have it around them either. with the Flash construction fence now out the front as well it all definitely looks unique right now.
  4. as of my most recent visit, Leviathan no longer waits until the preshow is done to dispatch, the preshow now just plays as the train is boarding, making the queue move a lot faster, so i doubt this ride will wait for the preshow to finish.
  5. and? they still took how long to open a singular pathway + look at how long it’s taking for Flash. im doubtful for those said reason and the fact they still have a long way to go but i hope they do make the deadline of end of 2024.
  6. considering it took sea world months to open a pathway, i am doubtful it will open by end of 2024, but i hope they can meet the deadline this time. the area does look like it’ll be great for the park and will compliment the lineup perfectly, however i do think Jungle Rush may outshine both coasters. only time will tell though, it’s exciting both parks competing again.
  7. hopefully they’ve got a replacement lined up for that plot of land since it is probably the parks “headlining” / most well known slide. a slide like Honu at Volcano Bay could work really well. i’d love to see a Slide Wheel but, i think that would be better in SurfRider / Whirlpool Springs plot of land. but in reality, it’ll probably sit there for a couple years.
  8. from what i’ve heard, the outlet will be closed till the holidays and has been completely gutted.
  9. i went tonight and i really think Sea World should get a new event that suits the park a lot more then Carnivale does and send the event back to MovieWorld. the food options are very meh and cheap as they are either seen at other parks or very clearly thrown together using products from the permanent outlets (besides stuff like chargrilled corn.) Vortex was also shut for the night with the ride and queue closing around 5:30, so they’ve got one out of three of the rides in the New Atlantis open while they used the area as a marketing point until recently. i’m glad Leviathan was on two trains with good operations, the train no longer sits their waiting for the video to be done and it now just plays while you board. with the event only being open from 5:30-8:30 with ticket prices being $69 there is no where near enough time to do everything unless you want to just stay on the rides all night. the light show is really good but, it’s been the same for years. it feels like Village don’t have the effort to change it up so they just reuse the same event over and over again. its a good concept but they need to pour some money into the event and make it something worth $69pp for again. i agree with @aaronm that it just feels stale now.
  10. what are you, 5? yikes sometimes i forget the people on here are actual adults, that somehow have actual careers. ANYWAYS! there looks to be some work going on and around Serpent Slayer as well, with the queue railings and some of the pathway outside of the ride being ripped out during its maintenance period. the area looked pretty wet from the water area in the past so it’s probably just them installing proper water drains.
  11. from what i’ve heard (friend at the park) the ride’s been like this for a week or two now due to technical issues. easier to run the ride at half capacity then keep it closed as a whole i guess.
  12. the ride is very popular so i wouldn’t be shocked if they replaced it with a next gen Intamin gyro, maybe a little bit bigger with the new “lap bar” restraints.
  13. Sky Voyager is definitely due for its upcoming maintenance, the ride only has 2 out of the 6 carriages working. some work was being done on DF today with it looking like they were focusing on the ride base, it wouldn’t shock me if it’s just a post holiday check up since it’s a new ride. on another note, The Claw definitely needs a new gondola or seat upgrades. the way the restrain system is set up with the shorter clip in seat belts makes the ride uncomfortable and slightly painful for anyone above 180cm.
  14. that model looks fun but, replacing an unreliable problematic flat ride with another unreliable problematic flat ride doesn’t sound like a good idea.
  15. the billboard has been there since the construction of the DC Villan’s unleashed area, it was first used to promote the new area coming.
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