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  1. green lantern was only running two trains,, the line was barely moving and took forever to dispatch
  2. the water on superman isn’t in action today
  3. same was happening yesterday, one car was stopped at the top, another stopped on the same block breaks
  4. hasn’t even been open for 2 weeks and Green Lantern is down again
  5. it was open yesterday, however broke down around 11 and didn’t open again for the rest of the day but was testing throughout the day
  6. kamikaze, tornado and calypso beach have now joined the list of rides with no reopening date
  7. ( probably wrong forum for this post ) recently on the VRTP when you open movie world, an imagine of an unknown coaster pops up and disappears within seconds. Is it possible it could be an Arkham replacement?
  8. guessing it’s more of a technical issue then a staff training issue
  9. Superman has been pushed back again... I wonder why they keep pushing it back?
  10. could this mean SeaWorld may be the first Gold Coast Theme Park to Reopen?
  11. All references on the event have been removed. My guess is it was postponed
  12. America has a larger number of cases ( 2,084 ) whereas Australia only has around 200 cases. Once the number of Cases in Australia, especially on the Gold Coast increase, I wouldn’t be surprised if the parks decide to close for a period of time.
  13. What if they rename it wipeout... it would fit better into ocean parade and pay respects to wipeout🤔
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