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  1. Thanks for the diagram Gazza on the other post. Does anyone have any concept of this "Inclined Turntable" from online? or is it something brand new? still trying to understand how it works to visualise it. Also do you think the whole area where wiggles car ride is will be knocked down for this new Coaster?
  2. Not sure if there is already a thread like this but do you think they will incorporate Motocoaster into Rivertown? If so, some possible ideas on what they could do and hopefully at minimal cost. I’ve put some ideas here, just a track recolour, Quad trains, one piece of theming (an Aztec/Mayan gate over a portion of ride) and recolour of the shades on the launch and queue. It’s a rough job done on my phone, but hopefully brings an idea. Do you think they will do anything with this ride to bring into the theme of Rivertown or Gold Rush, or just wait until it’s retirement?
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