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  1. Thanks for confirming. I just found the older post on here. Thought this was something new. Cheers
  2. Outback Lodge tourist accommodation project planned for Paradise Country. Plans to expand one of the Gold Coast’s biggest theme parks to include visitor accommodation. Anyone able to post the article here from the Bulletin?
  3. I went on it prior to the loop installation back in 2010. Very fast launch and not the smoothest ride or take off.
  4. I was only reading about Oceana Water park last week and updates with the slides and stuff. Looked awesome and now this.... This is really sad. Hope no one was injured. Hopefully they re-build it all.
  5. Lowering my expectations... usually these work for a year and then stop. They aren't maintained or upkept.
  6. Looks great. Thanks for sharing. I just hope Dreamworld keep up the ongoing maintenance and theme in a good way.
  7. Hi All. Not sure if this has been shared before but here we go. The spit is going under a huge redevelopment plan which we will see many new paths, parks, buildings, ports etc. Some things that stood out to me were the following: Village North short term Boardwalk Resort in walking distance to Seaworld A light rail station adjacent to the Sea World theme park A new entry to the theme park is positioned to be in close proximity to The Broadwater pathway, ferry terminal and new resort A building at the intersection of Seaworld Drive and the new street into the precinct provides a mix of uses, including food and beverage outlets on the ground floor level, offices and short term accommodation on upper levels. A bar and function centre is located close to the water creating an entertainment venue and meeting place If you would like to read this and see whats proposed the link to the PDF can be found here: The Spit Master Plan ( 24 MB) It sounds great what they are pitching and wanting to add. Already lots of changes happening soon around Marina Mirage with an upgrade to the Shopping Centre with a proposed 110 room hotel to be completed by 2027 and the new resort next door with mixed residential and hotel (Ritz Carlton). https://www.theurbandeveloper.com/articles/marina-mirage-redevelopment-council-support
  8. Give you guys some context. Quick mark up from how it may look. Correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Seems quite short from expected... But still exciting.
  10. Embarrassing. This comes up every couple of years... Nothing eventuates.....
  11. Thanks for the diagram Gazza on the other post. Does anyone have any concept of this "Inclined Turntable" from online? or is it something brand new? still trying to understand how it works to visualise it. Also do you think the whole area where wiggles car ride is will be knocked down for this new Coaster?
  12. Jungle Rush is sounding amazing. $35 million budget seems like it's going to be really good. Cant wait to find out more about the track layout and features like backwards and forwards and not sure what a "Inclined Turntable" is.... anyone have an idea? Love that they are bringing back Rivertown and the vintage cars to the themed land. The Wave swinger at the front of the park is a weird position but will work well I think.
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