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  1. They have tried and I believe stopped. Its gone ahead and its too late. Its devalued the apartments that this photo was taken. But these were built after Luna Park so they knew what was here and involved with large attractions/noises. Its actually very quiet in the apartments when doors are closed.
  2. Sent to me by a contact. Some residents aren’t to happy….
  3. Horrible show. Crap journalism. The Logan bogan family bothered me.
  4. Ally mentioned it on a TV commercial tonight. Was something like "Tomorrow on Today we get a sneak peak of all the new attractions coming to the Gold Coast theme parks in the morning" It could be in regards to Seaworld new additions and Steel Taipan. But could also be these announcements tomorrow from VRTP... We will have to wait
  5. The Today show has a special segment on new attractions coming to the Theme Parks tomorrow also. Not sure if this is in conjunction or not. We will see tomorrow
  6. Went today. Just sharing 2 pics. Nothing much changed. Been a while since I’ve been. Changed a lot
  7. Thanks for these photos. Im surprised at the size of the new Atlantis area. I didn't realise how much reclaimed land they took for this new area. I remember back years ago they wanted to make that a "Wild life" area with lots of non ocean animals. Hard to think the corkscrew was in the tiny pocket to the right of the jet rescue and the pirate ship
  8. Its not. Its down for maintenance and during construction for the new coaster.
  9. Its been shared already in a different forum. Double share. Thank you
  10. They have had foundation ground issues but since fixed them
  11. Took this from my recent visit. If you haven't been able to check it out this gives you an idea of the size of it and Top Golf.
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