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  1. mattcrombie

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Looks quiet average and out of place
  2. Took this from my recent visit. If you haven't been able to check it out this gives you an idea of the size of it and Top Golf.
  3. I got to ride DC Rivals this past weekend for the first time. First ride was at the front. Loved the experience. The 1st drop was the best just plummeting down. Second ride was in the middle. Still a great ride. I then paid for the backwards seat just to try it. Was a completely different experience and not one I enjoyed. I actually felt really sick once on the non inverted loop. Glad I got to try it but not for me. Prefer to face forward. Overall such an amazing addition. Really loved it
  4. Was announced last month at a meeting That is all
  5. Found this today. Taken 30 years ago. Shows how clear the swampland was back then. I would love to see it cleared a bit for the lakeside area
  6. Wondering what direction the footbridge will connect TopGolf to Movieworld. Looks very close to the track.
  7. mattcrombie

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    I can tell you now it won't be an upcharge option.
  8. Anyone near Movieworld today? Would love to see a photo of the construction site after all the rain and flooding and see how its held up.
  9. It was apparently ment to be themed to suicide squad but with what happened at Dreamworld they have changed the theme.
  10. I've rode Blue Fire at Europa Park. Its amazing. So smooth. My favourite coaster at that park
  11. Visiting the Gold Coast got some shots. Enjoy.
  12. Thanks for the pics Theme Park Girl.
  13. Safe to say its a Mack Coaster. Got this tweet from Michael Mack, a member of the executive board of Mack Rides.
  14. So far the area that I can tell from the pics where this new coaster will be.