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  1. Yeah what Brad said, although the new exhibit is going to be DC (but narrower focus than JL) last I heard. Would make sense to me to launch in December with Heroes and Villains event. Keychains/Magnets/Shirts debuted in June, pin is new.
  2. The 29th was added recently, they have also added the following to the event page. An overlay on Vintage Cars sounds like a great idea.
  3. In news that will suprise few, both Leviathan and Trident have been pushed back to Easter 2022.
  4. This bugs me, photo is of what is now the Seal Stadium, not Dolphin Cove/Beach.
  5. The promotion was for Gold Coast Locals the product however is valid for all QLD/Northern NSW residents. Screenshot from the redemption process
  6. This has actually been in place for awhile, whilst linking to it online is new there have been QR codes and NFC tags attached to tables for awhile. Personally don't use it as you can't receive the 10% passholder discount.
  7. To be fair I don’t think they said that publicly.
  8. The website now has Triple Vortex listed as under maintenance for today only.
  9. Hasn’t changed, the $50 pass sold out, the $69 offer was avaible at launch (although not promoted by Dreamworld directly).
  10. Worth noting this applies to the Locals One Pass too (although no additional discount provided by the park) So it comes down to $119
  11. Taken this afternoon, no full circuits while I was in the park from 1:30-4:00pm
  12. Based purely on the state of Poison Ivy’s hair (and the interactive precint as a whole) yes we are.
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