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  1. Did Greg take anyone from marketing with him to Dreamworld 😅
  2. Not concerned just doubt your numbers, similar statistics have been throw around in public about my work when they are not close to reality.
  3. Depends on the operator, I have seen operators at both Claw and Drop ask kids their ages.
  4. Try $40 😏 They have also been having 4 staff check restraints on each train, on days I have visited where the crowds warrant it (more than 15m waits with both) they have kept 2 trains on all day. They also have been running both sides on Giant Drop. I think it’s a conscious decision to ensure guest satisfaction, while VRTP are happy to have your family wait for hours while “VIP” are given unlimited fast track wristbands or the general public can pay $$ to skip. In my opinion when your major coaster is operating with over 10 seats out of order and the wait is in hours you don’t sell excessive Fast Track access.
  5. This is what I order 90% of the time at Dreamworld. It’s good value/filling
  6. Depends if you like The Joker and how well it is executed I guess 😏
  7. Well I'm surprised it took this long to leak out considering it was the Town Hall in May 2021 😅
  8. When passes are scanned (physical or app/digital) it will display the photo of the passholder on the team members handheld scanner.
  9. Not a huge amount to report, test seat outside the ride. Boarding gates much like a coaster, water is currently clear. Ride didn’t feel any different with the new boats, although some reports have stated they were moving to no loose items onboard this is not the case. Some of the effects are still as they were prior to closure. New spash trough prior to the water tower appears to have been built but was not functional.
  10. Wild West Falls was open today in technical rehearsal
  11. Big crates were being delivered to Showcase today, guessing a Boxing Day opening.
  12. Yesterday was quiet, no longer than 10mins with both trains running and initially 4 staff checking each train.
  13. Bingo, won’t operate with the old boats again. Was back on December 11th, with seats out of order then too. Waiting on parts.
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