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  1. So GL was most recently closed to install this extra platform for evacuations.
  2. GL has been closed for almost a week, but they have decided this time to keep the "unscheduled maintenance" off the website.
  3. Cyborg was quietly retired from the park lineup before COVID and hasnt been part of this event either. GL is usually in the night parade but Penguin, Ivy and Scarecrow are not.
  4. It seems to have been built with VQ/FT in mind. At the moment it doesn’t really need it with such a short cycle and 40 per cycle capacity.
  5. Going to be difficult to get a good shot from the ocean facing side 😁 (the only side currently operating) Would hope they have a camera somewhere getting some footage for a time lapse video.
  6. At this point it I’m guessing they are waiting to announce its closure along with the replacement. Wouldn’t expect that announcement till after the holidays.
  7. Can confirm, looks great at night... not my footage. IMG_0648.mov
  8. On a related note, nice to see some creative marketing from the parks for Vortex. There are at least two of these in Brisbane CBD.
  9. Has been like that since August 3, worth mentioning though if only to counter the silly claims from the Sales/Support team.
  10. Welcome back Fast Track for the peak periods! MW is now a single use on each FT ride for $99. WNW is being sold as a two pack for $140!
  11. Pass renewals can now be done with the existing pass barcode/ID. Previously a renewal was set up just like a new pass.
  12. Ride Express has returned in a new form (no tiers or app) along with Slide Express (seperate purchase). $99.95 Unlimited $49.95 5 Rides $19.95 1 Ride
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