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  1. Park Addict 93

    Monster trucks at dreamworld

    My understanding is the plan is for it to be held in the cleared land near Gold Coaster/WWW.
  2. Park Addict 93

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    Longer statement from Dreamworld provided to 7News
  3. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    VRTP One Pass has had a small price rise Online prices for locals have gone from $159 to $169, full price $230 to $245.
  4. Park Addict 93

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    JR moved from the 6th to the 13th
  5. Park Addict 93

    DC SuperHeroes and SuperVillains 2020

    I'm a fan of them but wouldn't be willing to pay even a small up-charge to see a 4D condensed version. How about WW84 screenings after the parade for $15pp?
  6. Park Addict 93

    DC SuperHeroes and SuperVillains 2020

    I’m happy with extended trade until 8PM for the peak period regardless of the DC event. Suprised they have announced it without the usual details of up charges and shows. Wonder if we will have a new character (or updated design) debut as has been the case for the previous events.
  7. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    Annual passes purchased from directly Dreamworld have always started from the date of purchase in recent years (since going to Annual rather than set periods). Annual Passes purchased via ExperienceOz (prior to the covid closure) were valid from first use within 12 months, then for a short period after covid (and including the Destination Gold Coast promo) passes had the same terms as Dreamworld directly however this has since charged. I purchased a pass under the DGC promo and will be interested to see if it is indeed 12 months from purchase or first use as the ticket received has a expiry date of less than 12 months from date of purchase suggesting it is yet to be active in Dreamworld's system. Previous terms as listed on the website Current ExperienceOz terms In comparison I agree that VRTP have more consumer friendly system, since the launch of One Pass they have had 12 months validity from first use. Recently they have started advertising that in the product pages.
  8. Park Addict 93

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Yep, operated earlier in the year pre covid closure. New Maintenance date now listed...
  9. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    As of today Dreamworld (Local) Annual passes are priced at $119. Still $20 cheaper than they were prior to the COVID closure.
  10. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    It does... It is dated Dec 24, addressed to QLD VIP Holders and suggests people visit SW and MW as WNW will be at its busiest. Also advises a performance taking place during the period that was previously going to be blacked out. I don’t recall any huge backlash,they simply made the business decision to allow locals to visit during the busiest time of the year for whatever reason. The initial QLD VIP pass (July 2009- 30 June 2010) is the only time I am aware of blackout dates being listed.
  11. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    They lifted the blackout dates on QLD VIP passes prior them ever taking effect...
  12. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    You mean like the ones I mentioned in my initial post? I would argue this is what they are already doing/have done, screenshot from a 2019 Strategy ASX presentation. If it was as easy as pricing as you believe and that everyone would see the value why have they not done so? Gradual incremental price increases are the way to do it, not shock guests away from your product altogether into alternatives.
  13. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    I get the point you are making but I think VRTP have done the maths and that’s why we have the price structure you see today, I doubt the amount of people willing to pay more would offset those they lose for drastically increasing the price (or removing access during holidays). I would happily pay $309 for the product you described, heck I paid $299 for a “MyFun Mega Pass” with access to SW/MW/WNW and less benefits than a current One Pass. But outside the enthusiast community I don’t think many would be willing to pay much more for inclusions you get today. Talking to colleagues for one, those with kids and are current pass holders. Cost isn’t irrelevant it’s a factor, and many would see last year I got all this for $159 and now they want $200+ for the exact same thing. Instead I’m going to Dreamworld/Australia Zoo. I don’t disagree that the parks are worth the money, but when they decided to offer $99 yearly access (and cheaper with promotions such as Buy 3 Get 1 free) they devalued the parks in the eyes of the general public.
  14. Park Addict 93

    Australian Season Passes

    I don't disagree that access to VRTP's parks is currently undervalued but I highly doubt the average family would be willing to fork over over $1000 for four passes. We have already had two increases to the One Pass price ($139 at launch, then $149 and now $159). I think that VRTP and the pricing review they undertook prior to the launch of One Pass means they have a reasonable idea of the price they can expect from most consumers. I would hope they can reach the $200 mark with the current inclusions within 5 years but it wouldn't surprise me if we don't. Dreamworld is about to end their $99 pass special at the end of the month, will be interesting to see what they offer in November and if they simply return to their pre covid closing price of $139. VRTP actually do have a discounted 12m pass currently that does not include night events or discounts and can only be purchased from third party's (and has also been previously offered as an incentive for TVC filming).