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  1. It clearly states it is a press release from Aussie World. Have to agree the headline is misleading.
  2. Can confirm I also heard “temperature issues” recently impacting Superman launches. I remember as a guest on days like @Spottymentioned the train would slow while coming around that corner. Then if needed sit until ready. At that point the “it’s Superman!” audio commenced and proceeded as usua.
  3. This seems to be at the discretion of the main operator for GL, sometimes they have allowed rerides. Used to always reride Lethal/Arkham back in the day and WWF prior to the station/boat changes. Have been successful with rerides at DW with Taipan, Gold Coaster, Tailspin and Drop.
  4. VRTP (MW) have recently had rides shut for the day due to being unable to staff them. As others have mentioned this is due to work on GD. I encountered this at DW last week, my issue was the ride didn’t appear to test til after 12:00pm and didn’t accept first riders til after 12:30. If that’s the “norm” it should be advertised as 12:30.
  5. The domain is registered to Ardent Leisure so it is run by the park as such. Makes sense to establish a seperate brand in my opinion since no rides/attractions are operating.
  6. Website is incorrect, just called to ask. Didn’t query Sky Coaster but Surfrider “currently has no projected reopening”
  7. Never launched, not even sure if it ever had general public testing (certinally never saw it when visiting around that period).
  8. They don’t intend to bring back the Buffet from what I have heard. Last school holidays it operated as restaurant again.
  9. I walked past Dreamworlds Carousel yesterday and on the topic of this thread… This is how theirs is, doesn’t look new.
  10. Family Pass isn’t a bad idea but I would like to see Village offer kids pricing on the One Pass, say $159 rather than $189 in general. The only park ticket with Kids/Concession pricing are the One Day tickets and even then it’s only $10 cheaper.
  11. It’s not that VQ was not working, or that it was consumed. Have confirmed that it has been turned off during the holidays, bit dodgy considering it’s an advertised inclusion with tickets and One Shot was still available for purchase.
  12. Website has been updated again to no longer mention the discount entry for Evening Eats, don’t know if they have eliminated the option or they don’t want to publicise it.
  13. Full statement from Village Roadshow Theme Parks (via 7News)
  14. As someone who regularly visits both 100%
  15. Dreamworld have recently increased Locals Pass pricing, Saver $99 (No change) Value $109 > $119 Locals $119 > $129 Renewals are going from $89 to $99 too, absolutely no issue with it in my opinion and think its smart to retain the $99 (sub $100) budget tier.
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