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  1. Green Lantern also could be due to lack of staff, while Doomsday did/does have it's fair share of issues GL is often next on the list if they are short staffed (and it was also closed last Saturday along with Showcase)
  2. Exactly this, simply have it listed as closed indefinitely on the website as MW currently has for Doomsday
  3. This, I haven't seen anything confirmed. Current construction obviously shows the main entrance as likely being next to SE. I hope the entrance next to Scooby is a second entrance and always open but it wouldn't shock me if it is generally closed in order to funnel people back into Main St.
  4. It's a great gimmick but unfortunately the show scene wasnt much during my visit in October. The original plan of descending into an alien filled environment would have been incredible and it's a shame they didnt try to atleast have some kind of unlicensed creature attacking you are escaping from.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinereid/2023/03/22/leading-disney-ride-manufacturer-puts-itself-up-for-sale/?sh=adfa66640ea0 For those interested in knowing more about the park and the timeline of its construction and BTS images theres a great thread here on ThemeParkX. Was the large alien animatronic/preshow working on your visit? I was very disappointed it wasn't during my visit in October. I've visited the park twice now on 2 different trips and have to agree with most of your thoughts. Would also highly recommend the VIP experience for the extra $70ish on top of general entry.
  6. You mean people don't visit the park for upcharge carnival games?!?!
  7. I have also heard awhile ago that this is the last for the WB Studio Showcase concept.
  8. Village Key is no longer advertised on ThemeParks.com.au (although currently the direct link still works) and the limited in park advertising at Village Bean and New Atlantis has been removed. VillageKey.com.au no longer always you to buy or register, only existing members can sign in so I'm fairly sure the program is dead. Doesn't appear to be even lasting 4 years, I have got my $25 worth when you include the free churro and choc top that was offered. I noticed when utilising the 10% off generally staff would not be selecting the Village Key option on the register so if they were bothering to track it they wouldn't be even getting accurate stats. Whilst the FAQ still refer to future plans the "phases" advertising has all been removed. Will be interesting to see how long until the program is completely closed, they could probably keep the existing platform/10% discount voucher running without much outlay but I honestly would rather they just close it and offer a backwards ride/something to fully close the program out.
  9. I find it hard to give them credit for it as it is such a low effort. But I guess it’s better than nothing?
  10. Can confirm I’ve heard it has had a major refurb/service. Was testing on Sunday albeit without all the seats.
  11. I'm firmly in the "believe it when I see it" camp with VRTP at present. “a new dining experience, in park theming enhancements and experiences and so much more” is very vague. I will note one change I noticed on the weekend some LT background music being played at the entry to WB Kids with speakers now hung in the tree.
  12. I would love this, but I doubt it when Tom and Jerry are no longer daily appearing characters despite what the website says. Haven’t heard anything but think DC Superpets is most likely.
  13. It’s ok, it’s not like they are overly noticeable…. oh wait.. This was taken on Feb 16 and it was still the same yesterday. Don’t they have a flat sign printer onsite? Hall of Justice is looking shocking too IMG_8783.mov
  14. Worth noting the full Locals Annual Pass price has been $149 since November 2022. Of course there has been various promotions for it between $99-$129. Currently it’s pay full price but receive a $50 F/B voucher: From memory the Saver/Value pass increased $10 prior to the 23/24 summer holiday period. The park is well worth $149 for a year at present even without Rivertown imho. The operations and standard of the park is massively above VRTP.
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