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  1. Can confirm it has not gone to all pass holders, just those that have been recently with more rides down than usual.
  2. For those curious, very impressed with the transparency/communication. Although I already purchased a PAD Passholder ticket haha.
  3. Some shaky footage of Sledgehammer testing today. IMG_2643.MOV
  4. This happened awhile ago, they also currently are running a promotion for 12 months of park access +www/sp (but not the events and in park discounts) for $119. Remains to be seen, the previous COVID Destination GC promotion could meaning many got annual passes for $49. As others have mentioned though the vouchers cover a 50% spend up to $100. So on a $100 pass the vouchers will cover $50. I doubt the list is finalised, I participated in the Brisbane Holiday Dollars and what I redeemed the voucher on wasn’t listed on day 1.
  5. Previous pass option is still $119 essentially at the top end however no longer includes digital ride and character photos. I like the tiers and think it’s a step in the right direction. Although with such minimal price difference at the moment it feels as though they only exist to emphasise the value of the $119 option.
  6. Negative, WB showcase is not part of Hooray for Hollywood.
  7. Looney Tunes River Ride for myself. Fountain Bugs and the Hollywood Sign are indeed to stick around post event.
  8. VQ is/has always been free, during peak however time slots can run out as early as 12:00pm. You also cannot reserve a ride if it is temporarily closed for example. The paid “One Shot” between $5-$15 per person per ride is avaible both during peak and off peak.
  9. I was at Dreamworld yesterday afternoon, they indeed did lose power throughout the park.
  10. It was removed from VQ just before the holidays. Im guessing because it is operating at reduced capacity (two trains).
  11. It's not simply a new parade, it's an event with returning characters, new shows and yes finishing each day with a large parade. I think you underestimate the nostalgic appeal of some of their old characters.
  12. I just hope they get the exhibit sponsored by Compare The Market as Australia Zoo has. 😂
  13. https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/business/gold-coast-business/sea-world-gold-coasts-leviathan-roller-coaster-and-trident-ride-in-new-atlantis-precinct-delayed/news-story/f40426cea039e54030681f771bd0a497?fbclid=IwAR3yqOgdQuszvLMbnbtmJVw9UEGf9nTCQgjjN2pQAUCUe3vBexS249NLHxI
  14. Just noticed the previously announced September 18 date has been replaced with “this summer”.
  15. I do believe he is actually on the money with this one. Have also heard this Friday for the event announcement.
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