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  1. Whilst it’s true staff would take the occasional browse through Parkz, I probably wouldn’t get too hung up on taking the credit… There would be a hell of a lot of other changes across the parks we’d see if they took all this drab as gospel.
  2. Why are you all so hung up on 2 image examples probably the most junior person in the office decided to publish on the VERY outdated website? Just because there are 2 images that look to be AI generated doesn’t mean the entire project is done by AI. Any sensible person would know they’ve used those images (whether AI or not) as part of the creative journey, to add to moodboards, help in brainstorming, etc. You’re also forgetting these images… it’s not all AI
  3. They’re also renovating the facade of other buildings down Main Street. Didn’t get pics, but the facades next to the surf shop, opposite the Claw and currently behind a showbags truck are all fenced off and being renovated.
  4. Why not do it then 🤷🏻‍♂️… https://www.accc.gov.au/about-us/contact-us/report-a-consumer-issue
  5. Don’t speak too soon, technically they still have 2 hours 53 mins left to open in April…
  6. I get what they’re trying to do… but the execution is just poor and coming across as cringe. Also, stick to the one channel. They don’t need to cross-post the same content across every channel they have. People will stumble across a single post of this “funny narrative” they’re trying to do, and they’ll think they’ve lost their minds. The marketing team is completely different to 2 years ago, obviously not improved.
  7. Shade and decent fans > misters Steel Taipan nails it every time on an effing hot humid day without the need for misters
  8. Yeah… disappointing. Appears to be no external vendors and only a slight variation to their normal offerings. I guess this is why they’ve dropped the “street” and only refer to it as “food festival”. There originally was high hopes of this event soon to be on par with Disney or Seven Seas… not any more. I think it’s time to drop the event altogether, back to the drawing board for something new.
  9. 100% this. I also went on Saturday. I feel like it was less than previous years, there certainly hasn’t been any effort in growing or improving the event. Only positive of the night was the aqua light show, other than that it was all just a bit… meh. Won’t be rushing to return next year
  10. What time did you go? Might be due to Night Market set up or just a buzzare one off. Each time I’ve gone they have the nostalgic/classic/big band music around Main Street and it only becomes pop music once you hit Ocean Parade
  11. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t… Is there anything DW could do that you’d actually be happy about?
  12. Added a stage to the base of the tree… Duhh! Love the idea, but are Flintstones going to be much of a draw card? WB also have DC Kids which could include Teen Titans Go! Or DC Superhero Girls. I also see WB are bringing out Wonka which I feel like is a massively missed opportunity for MW. Imagine a sound stage turned into an immersive Wonka factory
  13. What would you do differently to allow wheelchair access to the DW globe? Im sure once fountains are running and the vegetation grows it’ll look even better.
  14. Jeez… I understand inflation and everything, but this is just price gouging for a 3hr event. Maybe post-Wizard of Oz they can get away with it… but not in their current state
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