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  1. Was there supposed to be photos attached?
  2. But didn't @New display namesay that he got "Night" ride express with the ticket? And then the website recommended express passes again but these were ones you could use anytime. Not just night. So there would still be a use. That was my understanding at least
  3. Great for lovers of flash himself. Nothing of the physical ride. A halfpipe design of sorts would be cool on a shirt
  4. Sorry but what is the problem with that?
  5. "Experience a different rollercoaster ride each day". Does this mean it's changed day to day and not just a random cycle each time you ride. or do they expect you to only ride once a day?
  6. Sweet! Mine runs out in June! Wasn't gonna renew it but I actually will now. Shows these things work
  7. Sorry I am just confused in what you mean? By 12M? So you get an unlimited photo pass with the locals pass? Or you get a couple photos? Or is it like a random draw thing
  8. Nice photography. Not just a couple random pictures. MW's Instagram is doing a great job at the moment.
  9. I feel like a themed shopping experience with a couple rides could happen maybe as a new park. Have like a Venice area and a few other areas. All open (very popular in malls atm) and a small vekoma thrill coaster and a small family coaster. A flat or two. as it's mostly a shopping venue with a few rides too. Could also host shows and have room to expand the rides in the future. Not sure where it could go. Sydney's land is probably too expensive now. Maybe Brisbane could pull it off.
  10. Agree. Would love some display pieces. You know those led lamps with the plastic cut out that lights up? I know they are cheesy and kinda ugly but they could do some cool stuff with them. Joker face for example And stickers! We need some stickers. They have come back in trend lately with teenagers . Especially the 90s skater style stickers.
  11. That is true. Often times the drive tires are taken off and the rubber is replaced
  12. I feel we're hanging on to this statement a bit much. Last 9-10 times I have been there's been 2 trains operating. I think it was over a year ago since I only saw 1 train operate. I don't go heaps so I am sure they have run it with one train since then. But it's not like they never run 2 Nothing on site. Doesn't mean fabrication on bits of new track haven't begun
  13. I feel like Disney will never happen here in Australia. But what do we think about universal ?
  14. Which show had the cop car and a random car got cut in half?
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