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  1. Just got an email about changes to memberships. price is DOUBLING per month and fright nights access has been removed what the actual f**k
  2. VRTP have recently discontinued many of their old uniforms and replaced them with a simple dark polo and khaki shorts. They've apparently been trialed at Sea World but as of Monday were phased into Movie World as well. Picture from a recent Theme Park Ogre video that shows the new uniform. I'm on the fence about them. They look professional and comfortable, but they also look like something I'd expect BOH crew to wear. The teal accents on the old uniform made it obvious as to who you could go to get help where as these blend in a lot more. Thoughts?
  3. Imagine you woke up with $100 million and you had to spend the money to change an Aussie theme park of your choice. Which park would it be and what would you do? Please try and be somewhat realistic
  4. I have thought of a possible scenario at Movie World. What if Warner Bros and Village Roadshow decided to cut ties with each other and Movie World was forced to be rebranded to non-WB items? What would it rebrand to, and would it have a generic theme or would they go with Sony Pictures etc.
  5. Admission prices have risen drastically. A one day ticket has broken the $100 barrier and is now $105 for Sea World/Movie World, holiday tickets that previously increased $10 or so have jumped $30 or more. A new locals One Pass has gone from $189 to $219, renewals only $189 from $179.
  6. Hi guys, Tonight (31 July 2014) is the last night you can renew your VIP Magic Pass and get a free upgrade to Gold. Their website is currently not validating renewals (their fault/technical issue), which means that people are unable to renew tickets online and claim the offer. If you've tried to renew your pass online, post in here. I think they should extend the offer, considering the glitch. I'll post details from Village Roadshow Theme Parks / Themeparks.com.au as they come through. Cheers, Nick
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