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  1. Personally, I'm stoked about the new Wizard of Oz precinct at Movie World. I'm excited to see the park embrace a brand new area themed to an iconic Hollywood classic. However, I cannot understand the business rationale behind such a expensive investment. As iconic as the film is, I cannot image it carries the same cultural resonance it had even thirty years ago when the park first opened. While lots of people are understandably sick of DC-themed attractions at MW, superheroes are undeniably big money at the moment. Are kids born post-2000 even familiar with the Wizard of Oz? I can't image, with the endless streaming options on ever single device, kids are sitting down to watch a fantasy film from 1939 (though perhaps I'm wrong). So my question is: who is this new precinct for? I'm sure it can't just be for the park enthusiasts like me who happen to love old movies. Any speculation welcome.
  2. I'm wondering if anybody has any insight: My understanding is the park is operated by Village Roadshow, who have the exclusive Australian rights to utilise Warner Bros properties and characters within the park. How much say does WB have in regard to the use of these properties? For example, if there's a new Warner Bros movie the studio is hoping to advertise, could they instruct Village to install a new attraction based on this property, or are these decisions left entirely up to Village? Are Village operating at the behest of WB, or can they pick and choose which properties to use and when? Any explanations would be helpful, thanks.
  3. I have thought of a possible scenario at Movie World. What if Warner Bros and Village Roadshow decided to cut ties with each other and Movie World was forced to be rebranded to non-WB items? What would it rebrand to, and would it have a generic theme or would they go with Sony Pictures etc.
  4. Hey guys I've begun the ultimate Warner Bros. Movie World recreation. The first update is below and any feedback is welcome so that this can be the best it can be. Hope you enjoy! The entry archway. Batwing Spaceshot tower. Batwing queue with Justice League building in the background. Batwing tower with Batmobile and other rides in the background. Superman Escape! From the exit of the ride. Please keep in mind that this is still very much a work in progress but again, any tips are welcome as it can always be improved. Watch this space for more updates!
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