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  1. I understand that this has been added to their website around the last week or two but just thought I'd leave them here. Movie World has added planned maintenance periods for the following rides in 2022:
  2. Movie world has posted some of their Maintenance for the 2022 season
  3. Firstly hello, I've been a long time Visitor first time posting. On my trip to movie world today the old western section was newly fenced in that all too familiar hedge print (the print was still waving in the breeze and wasn't zipped tied at the bottom yet. The old corpse in the coffin from the old western area has now been moved to just outside Wild West falls heavily suggesting the fencing off is a permanent closing of the area. This most likely means the new ride or perhaps new themed area or both will be going in the old western area as we all speculated and suggested.
  4. Hey everyone, As it is looking very likely that the Arkham asylum at movieworld will be replaced what does everyone reckon the theming for the replacement attraction will be My guess is that they will still stick with the Batman sorta theming but im not quite sure what yet
  5. There will be no theme park that will be able to compete with us’: Movie World plans for a hotel Village Roadshow has reignited its plans for a hotel at Movie World, lodging a trademark application that reveals its likely branding for the nine-storey, 398-room landmark. VILLAGE Roadshow has reignited its plans for a hotel at Movie World, lodging a trademark application that reveals its likely branding for the nine-storey, 398-room landmark. IP Australia records show Village Roadshow applied for a trademark for “Hotel V” at the end of March. It is pending reg
  6. Operating Hours at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Monday - Wednesday the park will be closed. Thursday operating as it has normally during off-peak (10-3) Friday-Sunday normal operating hours. I will be surprised if they keep Wet n Wild open through Winter this year. It struggles through winter on a normal year, and during those years there's always plenty of debate on why it's open, I'm sure there's plenty more support for that debate this year. All I'll say on that debate is that you're extremely lucky if you get close to 1000 people (a day) through the gates, there are many
  7. I am heading to Movie World in a few weeks, and I am 160cm and 130kg carrying most on my bum and thighs. I know there will be some rides I won't fit on. But does anyone know which rides have tester seats before you join to line. To save me queuing up if I'm not going to fit.
  8. Fast Track at Movie World has dropped in price to $99 in park and online
  9. With this being discussed about in most topics and construction starting soon it might be time to for its own topic. We all know TopGolf is going to take up a lot of land but where will this baby go. From what information we have out there, I believe that TopGolf Australia will be based on the one located in Las Vegas. To get this topic going I have scaled the images together using AutoCAD and tried to position it into likely locations. This is the location I think some people think it will go. Only thought I have on this one is why fence the swamp if you're going to n
  10. Hi! Long term lurker, first time poster here (regular site visitor for years!). Sorry this is going to be a long-ish post, but I need to be specific about what I’m asking. (Admins feel free to move to off-topic if you feel it’s appropriate). Partly due to my sheer affinity for the park, and partly due to boredom/OCD-fuelled optimism, I’ve recently taken up the task of completely overhauling and rewriting Movie World’s Wikipedia entry (I’ve been a regular editor there for many years). Here’s what the article used to look like: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Warn
  11. hi I’m new to the forums and I like to make a topic about what should come to movie world next after dc rivals
  12. I just thought of marking a place for us to share stories from Theme parks whether they’re insane, scary or happy share them here. Here’s one from theme parks me I remember going into hot wheels sidewinder just to look at the queue because I was too scared to go on it Don’t know what’s going on with the photos so just try your best to ignore it thanks
  13. DC Rivals Hypercoaster costed $30 million AUD ($20 million USD). While this is the most expensive Australian rollercoaster, the modified Blue Fire clone/Steel Taipan is also costing a similar amount at around $30 million AUD and Copperhead Strike is costing $30 million USD. Rivals, Steel Taipan & Copperhead Strike are obviously different coasters and I am aware of the differences such as: -DCR having limited theming (1.4km of Track) -Copperhead Strike having extensive theming and 2 launches. (992m of track) -Blue Fire being a first of it's kind, theming
  14. Two new screens have been added to Main Street as of today Looks like they are doing a rejuvenation of Daily Planet and the area where shows occur
  15. Thought it’d be best to start a thread for UTT/ Platinum reviews. Just so we can the spoilers out of the main FN thread.
  16. I am going today to hopefully ride will post it it’s open when I get there this morning 👌
  17. It's been a while since any rumours or news relating to the Entertainment Precinct and this is what I’ve found out to date. On the 28 February 2017, the Council issued a decision notice agreeing to apply a superseded planning scheme to the carrying out of assessable development that is, exempt development (now ‘accepted) The decision made by the Council relates to a proposed Tourist Facility (Theme Park Associated Restaurant and Dining Precinct). WHERE VILLAGE IS AT: Village is now seeking to extend the approval until 9 February 2027 and the request for extension is based on
  18. VRS Holdings Pty Ltd took City of Gold Coast to court to resolve the overflow carpark. Earlier this week the appeal was resolved in favour of the development of the proposed carpark by Movie World on their Kopps Road property. The Court Order regarding the appeal is available on line, however the changes from what was initially proposed include:- - concessions regarding the number of bays (774 now 663); - Sound attenuation - pedestrian bridge access (required before use commencement). - improved landscaping, fencing and signage conditions. - security, lighting
  19. We are headed back to the Gold Coast in two weeks. We were there last September, I am pretty darn fat, but I was able to fit in every ride at all the theme parks (with some squishing from the attendants) except for The Claw at Dreamworld, but I didn’t test the actual ride, just the tester seat. The Scooby Doo coaster was closed when we went, so was the Doomsday Destroyer, so I didn’t get to try those. I have a feeling I won’t fit on the Scooby doo, but I’ll give it a go. The Hypercoaster was closed when we were there too- much to our disappointment, so I have no idea how I’ll go on
  20. An interesting article from The Sydney Morning Herald: The article which brought this "feud" to light 5 days ago only refers to the selling of Village Roadshow Pictures, "Village Roadshow's British marketing business, its stake in the American iPic Theatres premium cinema outfit, and its Hollywood holdings" as the closest thing to John Kirby's proposed 'break up' of Village Roadshow which is referred to in the above article. Is that what is meant by "break up"? Or is it the 1st stage of the "break up"? Or would the company split in 1 go forming a new theme park-cinema-studios
  21. One thing that I thought was downright pathetic was the Gotham City drinks station being closed in the middle of the day. Want to buy a burger meal with a soft drink, that's all well and good to buy it. But oh wait, you need to go across the road to the bar to fill up your drink cup...Unless it's after 2pm, then you have to go to one of 2 food outlets still open (bakery and newsstand, and wait 20 minutes to be served). Good job guys...
  22. Some interesting points from the results presentation: This was written in the 'Cost Reduction' section of the 'FY19 Outlook'. Could this mean less operational time of the rides in financial year 2018/2019? Also, TopGolf's attendance is stated as 25,000 people in the last financial year. TopGolf was only open for 19 days last financial year so it's average attendance is 1316 people per day so far. Based on the current attendance and revenue, each TopGolf visitor spends $36 per visit. TopGolf's maximum capacity is 540 (90 bays of 6 people) and since bays are booked hourly (ov
  23. The maze that is taking over the shed where FDTD used to be is Leatherface (2017). As you're going up the lift hill on AA, Look to your right where the shed is and there is a sign that says Sawyer Farm out the front.
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