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  1. So this is a speculation thread along with predictions of how this would fit in Fright Nights along with a wishlist. So this is my first prediction for a maze in Fright Nights. Since its debut in 2011 American Horror Story has been a critically acclaimed series that it has been the most wanted IP in Halloween events. So how would a American Horror Story maze fit in Fright Nights? Well since its a anthology series it would start with Murder House were guest encounter Rubber Man, Tate Langdon, Pigman, Infanta, and others, the next part of the maze would Freakshow that guest encounter Elsa Mars' troupe of Freaks since its Halloween you might encounter the troupe of Hell along with there leader Edward Mordrake & his demon face along with being stalked by the season's iconic character Twisty. Lastly guest check into the Hotel Cortez formerly own by the Countess along with its ghostly residents, and beware of the demon hidden not under the bed, but within the bed. That's my first prediction of Fright Nights 2017.
  2. I don't expect this one to get much activity just yet, but to try and separate the discussion of these two very different projects, let's try and keep all roller coaster speculation and discussion here. Discussion about Doomsday Destroyer, the 2016 flat ride is over here. A few pieces of reading materials to get things started: And our ride profile, where we'll have all likely and confirmed information as it comes to light:
  3. With this being discussed about in most topics and construction starting soon it might be time to for its own topic. We all know TopGolf is going to take up a lot of land but where will this baby go. From what information we have out there, I believe that TopGolf Australia will be based on the one located in Las Vegas. To get this topic going I have scaled the images together using AutoCAD and tried to position it into likely locations. This is the location I think some people think it will go. Only thought I have on this one is why fence the swamp if you're going to need to pull it down again. This options makes some sense to me but is does mean the number 1 filming tank needs to relocated and it’s not your everyday backyard pool. On the flip side, removing the filming tank could open up the whole area up to MW. Overflow car park. This could be why MW is planning a new car park. I would think MW would want the new car park finished first before any constructed happened in this area. MW saying construction to start this year might be referring to constructing the car park in readiness to resume the current overflow car park. Which leaves current area behind AOS. We know a new show is coming and maybe MW have new plans for the animals. In this location I can still see 6 stables left for MW to use. Maybe AOS new show will only need half the amount of animals in it. @AlexB can I have an image of the new sound stage. This could all be undone by its location.
  4. I thought we could use a specific thread to discuss the reopening of the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, and everyone's thoughts on it post-reopening. As we all know, SDSC is scheduled to reopen on Boxing Day. The ride was testing this afternoon. Yes, this thread is a couple of days early, but I figured tomorrow being Christmas will likely be a quieter day on Parkz and this way a thread is ready to go without the talk being lost in other threads.
  5. Hi there! I haven't visited the gold coast since 2010, and I'm thinking about returning for a trip later this year in December. Could somebody please offer a quick summary of the current state of the parks there? I'm specifically interested in Dreamworld/White Water World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild. Those are the parks I'm most familiar with, but I'm sure there's way more worth visiting on/around the coast. So if you could offer what your experiences have been like recently, it would be very much appreciated. What's the best? What's the worst? Looking into other forum posts, and the recent news articles - I've got the feeling Village Roadshow Parks isn't doing so hot lately. But maybe I'm mistaken on that, what do you think? Thank you for your time.
  6. How can the theme parks in Australia stop people having no confidence in them? This is what what was said after the GD safety stop. “We spent the day at dream world today and obviously started off with the iconic 'giant drop.' After spending 5-10minutes stuck up the top and my missus getting quiet nervous saying 'this isn't right we shouldn't be up here for this long,' we finally came down. We were offered no explanation at the bottom, even though we were greeted servicemen/engineers and security, and were ushered along and out the gate quickly. Throughout the day we also noticed that no other visitors were riding the giant drop and it remained empty. I am disappointed in the lack of communication from the staff in this anxious time and suggest that visitors are better informed and looked after in the event of another ride failure, especially the giant drop! “ Other people’s replies “I'm glad you are both okay. “ “I didn’t see anything on the news glad your ok “ “OMG, I hope you guys are okay! I heard about this and saw you were at Dreamworld, luckily no one got injured this time! “ “Absolutely disgusting it's not good enough,this time all were ok thankfully😱Same as SeaWorld some of their rides weren't operating but still full price “ “There seems to be a spate of equipment hiccups, and failures, with some of these rides, lately. Glad you guys came out on the good side of the ledger. “ “Going to buy a lotto ticket I think! “ “Its disgusting after everything thats happened there you would have tjought they would have spoke etc to you “ “Not good think things are getting to old need replacing “ “Katie Stevens this man is not concerned the sensors worked- good thing they did or who knows what could of happened. What he is saying is that there was a severe lack of communication from Dreamworld around the incident. This was a big enough incident to alert engineers and security and it even made the news. There should have been communication for all patrons who were on the ride at the time “ “now I'm freakish out about our visit “ “They haven't learned “ “OMG!!! Not good. Are you guys ok? Huge spit needs to happen- not good enough!!! So long as you 2 are ok that's the main thing it Dreamworld Gold Coast need to get their act together!!!! “ “The fact we were able to ride the attraction while it obviously wasn't in 100% working condition is in itself concerning, just expected better from dreamworld “ I totally understand people feeling like this. The media have beaten DW up and now are beating every other park up. What I would like to know from the parks is why does it come across they are not fighting back. All the parks know that every stoppage is going to be pasted everywhere. I think all the parks need to come together on this and create some type of positive campaign about why rides stop. At the very least when something does happen they need to talk to the customers. Customers are anxious and it’s up to the parks to solve this.
  7. I just found a website where you can view high-quality historical satellite imagery of the Gold Coast. It is amazing seeing the theme parks in such detail in the past. Just an idea to 'past the time' until MW's hypercoaster track/support pieces appear, if anyone wants to see something specific of a Gold Coast theme park, just post below and I'll upload one (or the most popular request) each day until then. I'll provide the link to the full website (and thus, the source of the imagery) when the pieces arrive if there was something you wanted to see that had not yet been posted. To start off, here is Sea World on Tuesday the 10th of July 1973:
  8. Preparations for this years Chinese New Year Celebrations for the year of the rooster have begun. I still think they could take these Celebrations further, and make a new night even from it, especially now if Carnivale stays at SW. They could have fire effects, street entertainment, and a parade, but maybe they don't need to do floats, but could have tonnes of the dragons and all the street performers create this final show. It could run throughout February, and really think it be a great event, especially if they also have Chinese food stalls throughout the park.
  9. Road Runner Rollercoaster was the 2nd ride to make it into Parkz All Stars Aussie Theme Park. Escape from Madagascar is the 2nd ride turned into paperclips. Parkz All Stars Aussie Theme Park line up 1: Jet Rescue 2: Road Runner Rollercoaster. I know everybody has been checking in every 5mins to see who will battle next and the wait is now over thanks to @Santa07. @Santa07 gave us a selection of 3 but I thought I would stuff it up and add one more.. It’s time to battle! which one will be left standing?
  10. Thanks @themagician for the Nearmap pic. Based on my previous guess for the location of Top Golf, and what we have seen as far as the coaster construction goes, we have a decent chunk of land stuck between the two. We've all heard reports of the "Lakeside Precinct" and the hotel development, but what do we think is going in the yellow zone below? One rumour has it $500m is being spent on the park and these new attractions. Red: Coaster Yellow: ?????? Blue: Top Golf
  11. Does anyone know if Movieworld still do the unlimited dining option for Rick's Café?
  12. Jet Rescue was the first ride to make it into Parkz All Stars Aussie Theme Park. MDMC is the first ride turned into paperclips. Next battle: Escape from Madagascar vs. Road Runner Rollercoaster. Time to see which one will be left standing and which one will be turned into dust. If anybody has any ideas of battles they what to see, you can send me a message and I will start a new one each Monday.
  13. I saw people debating within another topic which was a better ride. This gave me an idea. Here you can nominate two different rides from different parks. The idea is the rides you nominate are competing for the same guest. For example and this is just for @reanimated35 Big Red Car @ DW vs Superman Escape @ MW are not competing for the same guest and would not battle. I will start and keep it simple for the first one. Mick Doohan's Motocoaster @ DW vs Jet Rescue @ SW If you don't agree with the nominated rides competing than call it out. It would also be cool if all the battles were not all main stream parks. I should also note this is for rides within Australia only.
  14. Hi there folks! I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find the footage shown in the queue for the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster ride at Movie World? The title of the footage is actualy "Scooby Doo: Unmasking the Mystery" but I can't seem to find any digital copy's of the footage online. The footage shown during the queue doesn't seem to be on the DVD the Roller Caster is based off of, so i've come to this lovely forum for aid! Any help would be much appreciated
  15. I know we got a little a bit until we hear about Fright Nights, to keep the thread flowing I wanted to hear what everyone wants to see for FN 2016, I want to see Halloween or Texas Chainsaw be the two mazes, and for those who didn't know, Friday and Wyrmwood are set to return for this years event,
  16. So it is now less than a month until the 1st details of the MW's new rollercoaster are expected to be released so here is a poll for everyone to guess what they think it will be. Some notes: Question 1's options (except 'Unknown World-1st Rollercoaster Product') are derived from Mack Rides' catalogue/website so look there if you want further information. Question 2 is not an opinion question about whether the rollercoaster should have VR. It is a question on whether it could. Question 3's options are derived from upcoming franchise movies from Warner Brothers (present to July 2018). Due to the limit of 20 options, I've excluded original stand-alone films and any films post-July 2018. 4 pre-July 2018 franchise films, 'Chicken Soup For The Soul', 'Live By Night', 'Ready Player One' & 'Tomb Raider' were excluded from the poll mainly due to issues with the poll. The meanings of each Question 2 option: None - No VR ever. Immediate Add-On - Rollercoaster not built for VR but has it available as an optional extra experience from opening day. Future Add-On - Rollercoaster not built for VR but one day in the future will have VR added as an optional extra experience. Pure - Rollercoaster built for VR. If you are not sure what some of the franchises are of, here are links to their respective Wikipedia articles (these articles are of the franchise - not the movie): Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Lego King Kong King Arthur Going In Style Annabelle Wonder Woman CHiPs It Blade Runner Justice League Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror The Flash Aquaman I added 'Other' options as MW's rollercoasters feature media that was released from up to 3 years before the rollercoaster's opening. MW's rollercoasters also relate to media that was released up to 2.5 years after the rollercoaster opened. Also, I made the poll so everyone can see who voted for what option. @djrappa, since you know a lot about the new rollercoaster, you better avoid voting (unless you're happy to reveal everything ).
  17. Seven news tweeted a video that seemed to show a carriage stuck just over the top of the lift hill.
  18. Recently The Green Lantern's safety systems engaged due to a computer glitch.(I don't know much about what happened because they had not realised more information yet)It also malfunctioned years ago
  19. Firstly hello, I've been a long time Visitor first time posting. On my trip to movie world today the old western section was newly fenced in that all too familiar hedge print (the print was still waving in the breeze and wasn't zipped tied at the bottom yet. The old corpse in the coffin from the old western area has now been moved to just outside Wild West falls heavily suggesting the fencing off is a permanent closing of the area. This most likely means the new ride or perhaps new themed area or both will be going in the old western area as we all speculated and suggested. Changes in the area next to ricks cafe are continuing with an arch like wall being built possibly the new cast member entry as has been speculated.
  20. Hey all, On Saturday, October 1, myself and @JaggedJanine (one half of MWGC) are going to have a very long day. This will result in us either being closer friends or hating each other We're taking part in both the Star Tour & the Ultimate Terror Tour. This is basically going to be a 15 hour day at Movie World. We're mostly doing this to be able to say we were the first people who did it. Anyway, firstly a huge thank you to the amazing Lauren from VRTP for helping to make it happen. It literally wouldn't have been possible without her help. We're planning on obviously getting a lot of photos, but also doing some live streams from both tours. If you want to check these out, you can either wait for photos and videos and more reviews to be posted on Parkz, or, if you want to watch it live, get up early and follow the following pages:
  21. Took by a mate traveling south on the Pacific Highway.
  22. Hi everyone, I was wondering at the Movie World Fright Nights; do the ride and maze lines take long, if so what is the approximate wait? Cheers and btw we aren't going on the opening night or the end of October so will this make a difference