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  1. Hello, so for a while I've been struggling with what I want to do as a job. I have been trying to work with animals but so far my experience in the industry has been really negative. My second biggest passion/interest since I've been little has been theme parks. I was wondering if anyone here is or has worked as a ride operator? Is it hard to get a job at a theme park? Which theme parks are the best to work at? What are the career promotions like? Do certain theme parks let you work all year round? I'm not too knowledgeable on the subject so I'd really appreciate everyone's input. I'm also do have anxiety so I'm worried I'm going to mess up with the safety stuff.
  2. Imagine you can add 1 different ride to fit in at all the Aussie parks of your choice. You can go through all the parks or just a few. The only rule is the ride (which can be anything from a dark ride to a log flume or roller coaster) should some what fit in with the other rides at the park. The ride can be unique for every park. It can be brand new or relocated from somewhere else.
  3. I am heading to Movie World in a few weeks, and I am 160cm and 130kg carrying most on my bum and thighs. I know there will be some rides I won't fit on. But does anyone know which rides have tester seats before you join to line. To save me queuing up if I'm not going to fit.
  4. I know someone who has traveled overseas to some of the Parks in America such as Disney, Universal and so on, she alway brags about how much she loves rides and roller coasters and what she has ridden. But when it comes to carnivals and traveling fairs she won't step foot on a ride cause she says they're dodgy and unsafe. Whats everyone's opinion on this? To you agree or disagree? And why? I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say for this little debate.
  5. Hey everyone! This is my first post sooo yeah! I'm gonna review some of the rides I went on at the RES 2015, so I hope you enjoy! Freak Out: One of my favourite rides of the show! The ride was very smooth and the lap bars were TIGHT! They gave an amazing sensation. After my 3rd go the operator let me on for free! RODE: 8 Times Crazy Coaster/ Crazy Spinning Rollercoaster: Great fun but a little rough. Its a great family ride but for thrill seekers its a bit of a 'eh'. Rode: Twice Mega Drop: Was fun, but over fast. The operator was having fun so that was good. He had the smoke machine and everything! He held us at the top for a while which was good also and that drop was amazing! RODE: Once Bad Ass Zipper: Lets just say it was fun... AT FIRST. I got so sick on this ride that its unbelievable, and Im' not the one that usually gets sick on rides. Not my favourite in the whole show... RODE: Once No Limit: Wow! You could really feel those 5g's of power! It was crazy fun and fast but expensive too. RODE: Once CarnEvil: Its a real shame the relied on animatronics to scare you this year. The actors were way scarier last year so it wasn't as great. Awesome theming though! RODE: Once Hangover: The wristband is GREAT value. I bought it and rode it all night! Its a great ride and its very smooth! RODE: 9 Times Rock Star: It was a bit boring and my head kept hitting the bar. RODE: Once Rock And Roll: Chant's did a great job on this one, however I'm POSITIVE that the top speed isn't 120mph. RODE: Once SlingShot: WOW, WHAT A RIDE!! But $30 bucks is WAY to expensive. RODE: Once Space Roller: Good fun and VERY smooth. Harnesses were exact same as no limit and TIGHT. Does anyone know who manufactures those harnesses? Power Surge: A great classic and still has that kick to it. I remember ages ago at the Huskisson carnival when it was brand new and I rode it 7 times in a row! RODE: Once Taipan: A fun little roller coaster! Sadly I never rode the thrillseeker at Sea World, so it was good to see what it was! RODE: Once Pirates Revenge: Great water ride! Was a shame it was 8 coupons though. A bit expensive if you ask me! RODE: Once Mayhem Manor: WOW, this walkthrough was scary! A great addition to the easter show and would love to see it next year. The lady outside it announcing everything was SOOO funny xD. RODE: Once Super Slide: Oh god, I didn't know it was an O'neils ride..! Was fun, but 'eh', you know. RODE: Twice Speed 2: Pretty scary and I love the new LED lights. RODE: Once In conclusion, this years show was fun, but a lot more expensive with a lot less rides. The reason I went on so many was because I know someone who works the tickets. So we got a bunch of free coupons. Hope you enjoyed ;D Wil_i_am_not
  6. Hey guys. So I'm bringing a friend to the Gold Coast next year, however, he was recently cautioned by his doctor that he may have epilepsy. So which rides should he not ride? I've thought of: NO: - Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster MAYBE: - Tower of Terror II Any others? It's important to me that we have fun, but his safety is most important.
  7. Hey there! I'm heading to Disneyland in December with my Mum and Nan and I'm just wondering what rides would they like the most? The most 'complex' ride they've been on was Scooby Doo at Movie World and they're both older than 45. Thoughts? PS the title is terrible, sorry about that
  8. Hi everyone the other night i was doing some looking around on Facebook and came across this picture ride could this be one of the many rides being planned for near future? Could it be MovieWorld Or Dreamworld
  9. I'm heading up to the Gold Coast in November, and I want to visit some theme parks while i'm there. The only parks I have been too before are Dreamworld (I was only tall enough for the small rides back then), Movie World (back when the Superman Escape was only new) and Wet n Wild (before the AquaLoops, and I dind't go on the Jetsteams as the lines was too long). Now I'm going when it won't be holidays so there are no long lines. What is the best choice for a thrill seeker, Dreamworld and White Water World or Movie World, Wet n Wild and Seaworld. Note that the Cyclone will be closed a Dreamworld when I'm at the gold coast
  10. Making News..... A LITTLE boy is in a critical condition after he was thrown 10m from a show ride at the Mary MacKillop Catholic School fete. The five-year-old came off a ride called 'The Frisbee' just after 2pm and sustained serious head injuries including an skull fracture. It is believed that the boy was on the ride without the company of an adult. Police detectives, along with the forensic crash unit and Occupation Health and Safety officers, are investigating how the boy came free of the ride. Reporters State: "The boy was flung into the fence then ended up flying into the Fairy Floss Stand". Two ambulance crews attended the scene to transport the boy to the Toowoomba Hospital where he was met by the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter. The helicopter's flight doctor and flight paramedic stabilised the boy before he was airlifted to Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane. He is in a critical condition. (Same Ride Picture Below) Company: Carnival Land Amusements
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