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  1. Wil_i_am_not

    What 10 Rides Do You Think Will Permanently Close First?

    From a Sydneysiders perspective, I think most of the HUSS rides that are currently at Luna Park will be gone over the next couple of years. Realistically, the Tumblebug (Troikia) will have to be removed for future expansion, as it sits on prime land and the Spider (Breakdance) is nearing the end of it's service life.
  2. Wil_i_am_not

    Traveling fairs!

    Video is up if anyone is interested! Sorry about the quality (GoPro's don't like bright lights).
  3. Wil_i_am_not

    Traveling fairs!

    Awesome to hear you did the signage for the ride Huss, looks sensational. The ride still has evidence of its 'previous life' as the Waltzer, as the lights on the paybox in the middle of the ride still say 'XScream Waltzer. Had my first night ride the other night and must say it was an incredible experience. Got the GoPro aswell today, so I'll grab some footage this arvo. Are you working this year Huss? I'll have to come say hello to you haha!
  4. Wil_i_am_not

    John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Absolutely awesome read, I enjoyed it a lot. It's so obvious how much work and passion you've put into this. Just a quick question, if there are any interesting stories that don't quite make the cut for a blog post, would you be able to post them here on Parkz?
  5. Wil_i_am_not

    Traveling fairs!

    Yeah, except a hell of a lot faster haha! I'll try an get some on-ride footage later in the week if I remember.
  6. Wil_i_am_not

    Traveling fairs!

    The Sydney Royal Easter Show is in full swing and we've gotten 1 new ride this year, the XScream Soundwave. The ride is Australia's first Waltzer from Fairtrade over in the UK and it provides a great, smooth ride with lot's of spinning. I mean a lot of spinning, wouldn't recommend if your not of fan of spin and spews. Other than that though, the ride looks sensational, especially at night with all the strobes and smoke machines. The ride is travelling with Doyle Jnr and Jennifer Gill, who own the Alien Abduction as well.
  7. Wil_i_am_not

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    Theming looks awesome, and I'm sure GCI have done a great job on the actual coaster it's self. Although Alton Towers have seemed to hype this up as a crazy, world-class, high impact experience when in reality think it'll actually be just a pretty decent family coaster with some awesome theming.
  8. Wil_i_am_not

    Something new from Wonderland History

    This is so awesome, and even though I never got to visit Wonderland, I'd love to make the trip up to see some Australian theme park history. Do you know where some of the cars were attained from @AlexB? I know a few were in some blokes paddock up in Camden, but was unsure if Wonderland History bought all of them in from there.
  9. Wil_i_am_not

    Eureka Mountain replacement dark ride

    I think Dreamworld would be more likely to get a Trackless dark ride, like the new-ish Symbolica at Efteling.
  10. Wil_i_am_not

    Thank you (2018 edition)

    I've credit whored in the past and realised it just plain stupid to count coasters. I understand people enjoy doing so and comparing to others, etc, but to me its just about enjoying the damn ride. This is why I don't ride kiddie coaster and though I don't judge enthusiasts riding kiddie coasters for the credit, to a member of the public, it would seem a little weird and out of the ordinary. I wouldn't go as far to say that they're child molesters or anything ridiculous like that, because the majority of coaster enthusiasts are lovely people, but its definitely not a normal thing to see a grown man riding a kiddie coaster by himself. Just my 2c.
  11. Wil_i_am_not

    New Mad Mouse for Luna Park Sydney?

    A coaster like that definitely wouldn't replace the wooden Mad Mouse as it is heritage listed, so I assume if this was to be built it would sit on the land of the old Big Dipper (or where the Tumblebug is now). I thought that a coaster wasn't part of the $20 Million expansion, maybe it's due to be built after they've finished building the 6 new rides? Definitely an exciting find though. Its finally great to see some hope for another permanent coaster in NSW. Hope this actually happens and these aren't just old plans that have gone to waste.
  12. Wil_i_am_not

    Aussie World's new announcement

    Looks like a Technical Park model. I swear I heard somewhere that this unit was going to be a Zamperla, can anyone confirm?
  13. Wil_i_am_not

    Idiot falls off Jamberoo's Chairlift.

    I don't even think it was a local, probably a school group on an end of year excursion. The dude was still a complete idiot though, hope it doesn't affect the park too negatively.
  14. Wil_i_am_not

    IMAX Sydney

    I've done the IMAX Dome in Alabama and IMO, it wasn't anything that special. Thing is about the Dome (from what I can remember) is it's not curved a whole lot (as you have to be able to sit and actually watch the movie somehow), and the screen isn't huge either. Didn't really find it as immersive as the one in Sydney.
  15. Wil_i_am_not

    what new ride at movie world will we get next year?

    Don't there will be any new rides next year after such a big investment. Maybe some general park improvements, but I really can't see a new ride coming. I think it's best for them for focus on Sea World and Wet 'N' Wild in the next couple of years, which we can see their already doing with the attraction replacing the Flume at Sea World.