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  1. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Thanks for the info! As for classics, hopefully we get to see TPA's Turbo at some majors next year. Can't wait to ride that beast!
  2. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    @HussRainbow87 would you happen to know who the Showman was? I'm quite interested to know as then you could probably pinpoint what shows it would have done, etc.
  3. Fright Nights 2017

    I would have loved to see an Pennywise/It maze as I think it would have worked really well and IMO, it looks to be one of the best horror movies this year. Something like the Neibolt house experience in Hollywood would have been good to see, with a few more actors of course. Would love to get down to this event one time in the near future, however I have already planned a GC trip in December/January to ride the new coaster, so won't be able to make it this year.
  4. Jobe's September Orlando trip

    Have a great trip @Jobe! Hope you have a great time and I look forward to seeing all the TR's. Orlando is great fun, and I'm sure you'll have a blast!
  5. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Ah ok, that makes a lot of sense now in context. That's actually really great that Luna Park is supporting Mathew and helping him live out his dreams, and it's of great to see someone so young who has an interest in Luna Park and the theme park industry in general. Apologies to Mathew and @Nimble, hope to see him working there someday soon!! As for the upcoming Flying Carousel, I do agree that the Zierer models look better, however the Zamperla model is a solid choice. The Zamperla rides are cheap (or cheaper than other models), have great capacity and very reliable.
  6. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    WORKING!?! Please, that kid has to be maximum 12 years old, I don't think theres any chance he'd be working at Luna Park. Plus even if he was working, parks generally don't tend to tell them new rides that the park will be receiving, let alone a 10+ year plan... *facepalm*
  7. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yep. bulshit... I think that the only thing this kid got right in the video was the flying carousel that has been confirmed. However, I think there is no way any of the other crap he says could or would be true. 100 new rides between 2022-2030? Pfft.
  8. Six Flags Announcement Day

    Six Flags just dropped the POV for Twisted Cyclone, their RMC'd version of the Georgia Cyclone. Looks great, albeit a bit short.
  9. Gold Coast Show

    We do have a travelling Pirate Ship now, owned by TPA shows. It's not a Huss model, however its pretty big. Could be a possibility at the show, unless someone has bought in a new model. Could also be Wittinglows Huss Pirate, but I don't believe that one does too much travelling so pretty unlikely that it'll be turning up.
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    Just stumbled across some really great footage of Expo 88 in Brisbane. This vid shows Centrifuge, an extremely rare Vekoma Suspended Coaster model and Titan, a Vekoma Boomerang. Enjoy!
  11. Ekka 2017

    Great TR. The Freak Out is an amazing ride with the lapbars, however if you didn't enjoy the Beast, you probably wouldn't have enjoyed that either, as it does a hell of a lot of spinning! As for Splash Canyon, that's still operating at an Indonesian amusement park or carnival I believe. Either that or it got scrapped. Also, anyone know who owns that Dragon Wagon?
  12. Ekka 2017

    Yeah, IMO its pretty fair what most operators charge for their rides, especially when you see the cost involved. The owners have to pay for fuel to get to the show, rent (which can be extremely costly), insurance and of course, the ride itself. The Beast I believe was around $6 Million AUD. And of course, it all comes down to the weather and the dates of the show. The operators at the Sydney show this year had a pretty good run, as the weather was really good (other than a couple of days where it rained) and a large portion of the show was in the School Holidays. Not sure if anyone knows, but have any more travelling rides come into the country this year? (Other than the Beast of course).
  13. Ekka 2017

    Anyone know what WESTSHELL is at the Ekka? New ride or is it just a typo? Edit: Appears to be some sort of Ferris Wheel company, they most likely mean Star of the Show. http://westshellwheels.com.au/
  14. Six Flags Fiesta Texas receives first RMC Raptor Track!

    I dig the concept, IMO would be a really good investment for a small park, but Six Flags? The capacity looks absolutely shocking. Nonetheless, it looks like one kick-ass coaster!
  15. Have a look at these @djrappa http://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/health-and-safety/safety-topics-a-z/amusement-devices (NSW) https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/collection/workplace-amusement-devices-guidance-material (This one seems to be Australia-Wide)