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  1. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yeah I'm currently using the GoPro Hero 7 Black, real quality camera in the right conditions. Filmed it in 4K but it had to be compressed because my computer couldn't handle the file, which was a bit of a shame.
  2. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Finally got around to posting the Volare video, think it turned out pretty well. Enjoy!
  3. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Would love to see the original HUSS rides stay with a bit of TLC, but I don't think they fit with the new old-school funfair aesthetic that the park in trying to achieve with their new additions at the moment. Bit of a shame but hope they do find a new home where they are properly looked after. Ranger didn't look the greatest today unfortunately... Might get shut down for this idea haha, but I always have thought that a 'breakdance-in-a-box' style ride would really suit one of our parks well (if not Luna Park, one of the Victorian parks maybe). Just imagine a Huss breakdance at top speed, with a bunch of awesome lighting/strobe effects and pumping music all in an enclosed space, and an awesome facade to top it off. Always just thought it would be a cool idea to see.
  4. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Got down to the park today to check out Luna Park's lates ride - the Volarè (and can confirm it is pronounced VOL-ARE-AY). So, first impressions. Walking into the park, it absolutely DOMINATES the midway, and although the chairs don't entirely swing out past the edge, it's certainly incredible being up so high.The backdrop (as others have mentioned) has been updated and features some new buildings, as well as clouds at the bottom. IMO, the backdrop fits in quite nicely, which was definitely surprising but nice to see. As for the ride itself, I had two rides on it throughout the day and this thing absolutely halls ass! One of the more forceful wave swingers I've ever done, and much more so than the Zierer models. The drives are super loud, which certainly adds to the atmosphere of the ride, along with the screaming of riders. Operations were a bit slow, but considering the 64 capacity, it only took around 15 minutes to get on with a relatively full queue, which was nice. As for the appearance of the ride itself, I think that although Zierer would have done a better job, the overall appearance of the ride is pretty spot on, and certainly fits in with the aesthetic of Luna Park.The characters murals surrounding the top of the ride are a really nice touch, and the lighting also reflects a typical old-fashioned funfair/carnival vibe. I have a on-ride video I filmed (with park permission of course) that I will post as soon as my computer figures out how to handle 4K clips, until then, enjoy the pictures.
  5. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I'll be there on Sunday, super excited to try it out! Really cool incentive in order to draw attention to the new ride, hopefully we see lots of people getting out there supporting the park and giving it a go.
  6. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Nah it's definitely not the OCS one, rode that at the Sydney Show last year, where as the Pleasurewood unit went into the park in 2016.
  7. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    If it was the Magic Mountain one that ended up at Wonderland, then this particular unit is still operating at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia. One interesting thing I noted the other week whilst browsing a UK forum was that there was a Wave Swinger imported to a UK Park (Pleasurewood Hills) from Australia in around 2016. Anyone have ideas of which park/showman could have owned this mystery Wave Swinger? The only conclusion I could come to was that maybe the Magic Mountain unit was put into storage, and that the one at Wonderland was a seperate unit altogether?
  8. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    The wooden boards are a gorgeous touch and I can't wait to see this thing flying over the midway, will certainly create an interesting atmosphere for people walking below. I'm still surprised at how fast the ride has gone up, it's feels like only last week that we started seeing parts arrive...
  9. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    That three armed octopus (Super Screw) was indeed a travelling ride and was Australian built (could have been built by Kevin Ferrari in the late 60's/early 70's), and was hired out by the park. Unfortunately it was scrapped years ago when it was sold to an owner that no longer needed it, so it was simply left it out to rot on a showground somewhere.
  10. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    That was the Octopus (unsure if this was the name or not) that operated til about 2002 and was then moved to Aussie world, where it continued to operate til about 2015 or 2016. Parkz says that the manufacturer was the Eyerly Aircraft Company, however I'm pretty sure that it was manufactured by some Italian company.
  11. Wil_i_am_not

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    I think a well-themed Wave Swinger would complement the area perfectly and give the area the energy it seems to lack. Something similar to the Gotham City Crime Wave rides they have in some of the Six Flags parks over in the US. It would also be cool to see a unique flat ride, the ABC Rides Tourbillion would fit really well, and although I don't believe it is the most amazing 'experience' as a flat ride, I think it would certainly satisfy the GP by proving a 'Holy shit, that looks insane' flat ride that the Gold Coast seems lack (other than maybe the Giant Drop or Wipeout).
  12. Wil_i_am_not

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    Not very Disney related, but one of your spare nights I would recommend making the trip out to the Fun Spot parks. They're open late (around 12ish I believe) and Mine Blower is an amazing coaster from what I'm told, not to mention the GCI woodie which is also pretty good. Definitely something to consider.
  13. Wil_i_am_not

    Cedar Point trip 2019

    From what I've seen from YouTube videos, etc, the best plan of attack is to hit Steel Vengeance and then Maverick straight afterwards. Be warned though, it is quite a far walk and some folks partake in a 'running of the bulls' to that side of the park in the early morning, so I would recommend preparing yourself (mentally and physically) before leaving. Also Top Thrill Dragster seems to go down quite often, so maybe try to hit that earlier in the day?
  14. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yeah the ride will look absolutely gorgeous over the midway, can't wait to see some construction in the next couple of months. Hope to see a nice lighting package that will complement the area well at nighttime.
  15. Wil_i_am_not

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I thought the ride has always supposed to go up near Maloney's Corner? That's just what I've been told my staff. Funny they opted to go with Preston and Barbieri, I thought it was going to be a Zamperla unit?