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  1. Pushbutton I'm interested to know, if we look at just the roller coasters in Australia, which fit into each of the following categories? - Mild Thrills -Moderate Thrills -High Thrills
  2. ^Twisted Colossus would be on par with Tatsu and X2.
  3. Japan rollercoasters

    How did I forget to write Fuji Q?
  4. Japan rollercoasters

    Haven't been, But Universal Japan, Disneysea, Disneyland, Nagashima Spaland, TokyoDome City, Tobu Zoo,and Parque Espana tend to be the main picks.
  5. It only really kicks in on the portion of your income above the high thresholds. Someone on $90 would be very comfortable.
  6. Fright Nights 2017

    Oh you mean like a checkerboard?
  7. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    I feel like i could get 3rd degree burns.
  8. Three types of G force (And each of those can either be positive or negative depending on direction) Lateral g force is side to side. For example when you go around a corner in the back seat of a bus, or you go around sharp bends on a wild mouse coaster, its lateral forces squishing you sideways. You'd tend to call negative a pull to the left and positive a pull to the right as I understand it. Accelerational / linear g force is front to back. For example when you launch on a coaster its positive. If you suddenly slam on the brakes in your car and lurch foward in your seat, thats negative. Brace your neck! But Vertical g force is the most common one cited when talking about coasters. When its positive, your bum is being squished down into the seat and you feel heavy. For example when you go through a loop its positive. Or when you hit the brakes at the bottom of Giant Drop, that's also positive. Negative is what is known as airtime, for example when you go over the tophat or hills on superman thats negative because you are actually being lifted out of your seat and only the bar holds you in. At the very top of Batwing when the car changes direction from up to down, you feel negative g force then too. Weightlessess occurs when the vertical g force is exactly zero. For example at the top of the swing on the Claw, or the initial moment of dropping when the door opens on Wedgie or Aqualoop.
  9. I'm a bad person because I mentally call this place Baguette Hell.
  10. It's only a short one, but I have always liked the short for the failed YourDay system at Alton Towers.
  11. The theming on this looks like a big step up from Abyss. Well done Adventure World!
  12. Looks like it's working now and showing negative gs.