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  1. I think it was just a general shying away from "Inhouse Built" rides in Australia. Log Ride at DW went too remember.
  2. Why on earth was the control panel facing away from the ride to begin with?
  3. I swear surfrider has been repainted with that full scaffold a billion times.
  4. I dont think you have to recoup the initial cost. Its routine maintenance which you start incurring the moment it opens to the public. To their credit, Village do repaint their rides fairly often.
  5. If its an empty queue, do you think its just a means to avoid cycling it constantly with only a couple of people onboard? Save electricity and maintenance costs basically.
  6. If you lay with an arched back and have sunscreen on you rocket down.
  7. So like this but upside down..
  8. What about a small circular "umbrella" at the top of the pole that both prevents standing and is wide enough to cover the hole when in the high position?
  9. People keep mentioning the trains, does anyone have any proof of this etc?
  10. For me it's like yes its great that things are put in working order, but if its tenuous if you're so hard up for marketing stories that something not being broken is is a talking point.
  11. Forgive me for missing if it has been written, but has anyone been on Superman since the upgrade and seen it for themselves?
  12. I think one thing that doesn't help is they don't really have a calendar that says hours in advance, so the assumption is open at 10 close at 5. Now with Covid seemingly done, they could really be planning this stuff out months in advance, and mark in special events, extended holiday trading, and even shorter weekday trading in winter. I'd prefer that tbh, and would help with visitors planning visits. Eg if the hours are longer you know it will be busier.
  13. Decided to run some rough numbers on what capacity the park has based on what you witness in the park on a smooth running day. By my reckoning, when everything is at full capacity you get a total of 8164 guests per hour across all rides. This means with 8124 in the park, you could expect to get on 1 ride per hour. scoob 960 8 person double dispatch every 30 secs jl 480 4 person car every 30 secs bwss 320 16 person launch every 3 mins gl 480 16 person dual dispatch every 2 mins dcr 440 22 person train every 3 mins se 400 20 pers train every 3 mins wwf 960 8 person boat every 30 secs rrc 400 20 person train every 3 mins kids zone 1000 guestimate of all rides roxy 640 320 cinema every 30 mins hswd avg 642 1500 person show * 3 per day / 7h doomsday 384 32 person ride every 5 min showcase 1000 guestimate 8124
  14. Isn't Sky Fortress at SW the equivalent of Scoobys Silly Stix? Every park should have one IMO.
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