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  1. Looks at Gilroy Gardens.... Actually, does anyone think CF will move rides there?
  2. To an extent I was expecting backwards to go down in price over time as the novelty wore off.
  3. Which is what I find questionable. If the seat doesn't always have a line, the price is too high.
  4. Either with a spray gun, or by hand with a brush.
  5. Ok, that's a bit of a silly comment because with turnstyles you can fold down an arm or unlock the spinning But yes, I agree that you don't have to do technology for the sake of it.
  6. Where does Skeeta find all his boomer gifs and images?
  7. But TTD has lockers you have to use:
  8. Enclosed drop towers are cool, but enclosing GD would be this 120m high structure that probably has to be fairly self supporting since you couldn’t box out a structure big enough for the clearance envelope by purely cantilevering off the tower. As for this, they had to do all this work to take the track off, and the tower would really need a repaint given it was built in 1995 so its not really much additional disruption to add the lighting. Personally I want to see stand up tilt added to one side of GD.
  9. I know you can see the tower further away, but how close do you need to be before letters become discernible?
  10. OK so the M1 lights are crap but the Green lantern, Top Golf and Joker signs are good and face sideways. I think the goal would be to have clear visibility for a constant stream of traffic in both directions because you have hundreds of thousands of unique eyes, often from further afield. Rather than just showing it to the same 38,000 locals in the suburbs highlighted.
  11. I dont think theres a problem having stuff facing the highway. The problem with the light installation at Yatla is its too close and a bit of a mess so you cant really tell what it says. This one near Coffs faces the highway and is easy to read at night: This isnt
  12. One drawback i have heard with the automated counters is that if there is a group going through as the counter runs out they get split. Personally I don't see why you have to have them or a grouper in most situations. just let people queue into the station and fill up the gates themselves. The digtal dowload thing is more relevant today, and in that case you want to capture people in the heat of the moment wanting to 'share' what they just did. 100% should be a tap n go thing where you pick a photo and get a download link. I did this at Fuji Q. Huge bugbear of mine. Operations in Australia prefer to break it into discrete steps. Eg empty the train and wait for clear platform..next step let everyone in and seat themselves....next step start checking harnesses etc. Adds so much extra time compared to the US or europe where they open the gates when the train parks, the people coming on force the previous riders out, and ops start checking harnesses immediately.
  13. Yeah I don't really care if Disney take years on major attractions, that's par for the course.
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