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  1. Australia has the greatest number of Gyro Swings and Proslide Tornados per capita. Thanks Adventure World for doing your bit.
  2. Not really, since they'd just google a pic of the harnesses on Loke and go by that.
  3. Know the difference. Brake Break
  4. There's already TreeTop Crazy Rider at Wyong though, and it is fun, but I'd rather a full sized coaster eventuate.
  5. Yeah, I have that one, plus the one at Aussie World and the one that was at Wonderland Fun Park in Docklands. Coastercount suggests the other one is owned by Ausfun Amusement Services Keilor.
  6. @Spotty or someone who knows the industry. Are there now two Spinners in Australia, or has one unit replaced an older one? Or has it been repainted? Coaster Count seems to suggest we have two units. I've definitely been on the purple and teal one: But is this one different? It's red and green with different signage. Subtext: DC Rivals can be my #400th if I can ride 3 more coasters before opening day. I'll get the looper in Adelaide since I'll be there during the show, and hopefully Jurassic Coaster turns up too...but I need one more that isn't powered.....No chance that Nitro Coaster from Sydney will turn up at Ekka?
  7. Well if there are outdoor seasonal water parks in Denmark and Canada, they could work anywhere!
  8. Hey mate can you avoid making such aggressive posts in the future?
  9. Can you search for old business names or deregistered ABNs?
  10. That was my first marathon too. I've marathoned on Superman in opening year when they had a billion staff operating the ride and you could single rider nonstop. I also marathoned Aqualoop on opening day because it was overcast and few people were riding. This was pre backboards, so your lats copped it a bit just from the force of the water on them. I did a mini marathon on Banshee too because the ops were so fast that trains were going with empty seats because people weren't physically walking into the station fast enough.
  11. ^Maybe they could do a Jamberoo and just do another slightly better Tornado next to the first one?
  12. Id have thought with the park closed you'd be flat out trying to sell next years annual passes, with this ride being the hook?
  13. By chance I discovered a Belgian coaster enthusiasts blog with trip reports from our parks in March 2016. Toggle on translate and enjoy....
  14. And lets not forget the amount of electricity rides consume in general. They all have motors and other equipment which need lots of juice.