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  1. ^Which major Hypers etc have you ridden? You've been on Superman I guess?
  2. Honest question, how do you fare on Jet Rescue?
  3. Yeah but why do you have to shout them in CAPITAL LETTERS? Why can't you write them properly with punctuation? And why can't you post in existing threads on particular topics?
  4. Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags Six Flags It just has much better rides overall. Great America really only has Flight Deck and Gold Striker of note (And they recently put floorless trains on their old stand up coaster and renamed it Patriot. But then Six Flags has a much bigger and better Floorless Coaster, a couple of solid secondary coasters in V2 and Superman, plus they did an RMC conversion on Roar and turned it into Joker (I'd return for that alone to be honest) The park is nicer overall, especially with the animal exhibits. Seattle has Wild Waves,-122.3105275,331m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x549057d453f25869:0x1acef3554b163e2!8m2!3d47.2744295!4d-122.3110664 which looks "okay"..Just has a Wooden Coaster and one identical to Sea Viper. I've never been. Vancouver has Playland, which I have been to, but I didn't take any pics or add it do the Database! It's also alright, has a really well maintained classic Woodie called "Coaster", and a ride called "Corkscrew" which appeared in Final Destination, plus a bunch of flats like a starflyer etc. I think I only visited for an hour or two.
  5. It is not practical to relocate a ride so soon after opening. So much of the cost goes into concrete foundations and pits, and all the other equipment around the ride.
  6. Hey mate 2 things. -We already have a topic on the new hypercoaster: -Dont type in all capital letters, it's annoying to other people because it seems like yelling. See how much nicer this is: The new roller coaster sitting at the front of movie world now people say it is joker but I think no becuse (a) joker does not have green on it so its obvious it not thst theme but I think its bizzaro pls rate if Select thumbs up for bizzaro Select thumbs down for joker
  7. Revolution 360 is just the name of the Disko at that particular park (Seabreeze in NY), not the product name.
  8. Loading speed at Disneyland for comparsion:
  9. How was the fibreglass work on the body slides? Were the joints rough or smooth?
  10. There's always Motocoaster if you want a ride without constant forces 🤣 The helix-o-death looks cool... Always an awesome on hypers if there is a bit of speed.
  11. Haha, I don't think either of those things are in the database or review system, but Slicks post has prompted me to start another thread I've been meaning to.
  12. Hey what did you think of X2?
  13. Youre gonna hate me push...Here's a review I posted on here about 10 years ago: At Blackpool, I liked probably liked other coasters there better.... Steeplechase (Because it is so unique and risky feeling), Avalanche (Bobsled coasters are fun, pace well because they get faster), Grand National (Racing the other train creates a great atmosphere, and there's great airtime)
  14. No, they're not. A clone is when a layout is pretty much a straight copy...For example Buzzsaw, Arkham, Storm Coaster, Roadrunner, Bug Run. Using similar elements is not the definition of a clone, because obviously every manufacturer has their house style and a certain way of designing each element that works for them. Trying to say using similar elements constitutes cloning is like saying the different sizedd models on offer by a car manufacturer are clones because they often share a family face and design cues, and share parts, engines etc. And B&M hypers most certainly don't all have the same turnaround element, nor are all of them even out and back! Nothing built so far matches Lewas Flash, not even the direction the turnaround is taken in, therefore not a clone.