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  1. Wouldn't you to the tunnelwork first, then the pull through, then full speed tests?
  2. Precisely one piece of track left and about 3 columns. Should be done by the end of today I reckon. 🎢🎢🎢💯
  3. Practically ADSL is still 56k, especially in a regional town.
  4. I remember for my birthday getting No Limits 1 and it took like 3 hrs to download 20mb
  5. I wonder with new Big Dipper if they could have just had the station and first launch combined, Motocoaster / Jet Rescue style. Anyhow, I'm predicting they will build something like this for the station:
  6. The show was basically a sandwich, good stuff, bad stuff then good stuff. The one thing I didn't mind about it is that normies in Australia now know about both Action Park and Cedar Point
  7. I have done Star Trek: Operation Enterprise which is Mack with a twisted spike, the launch isn't as powerful as Blue Fire (which I had written a few days prior) but bear in mind Star Trek has a lower top speed anyway. Its not as crazy as the launch on Superman, but it still feels respectable, and going up the spiral gives a bit of airtime and lengthens the ride time.
  8. Isn't Turbo Track just a boneless Impulse coaster?
  9. One thing I noticed about Joypolis is that there wasn't a whole lot of traditional Sega (Probably why they used "Joypolis" as the brand and not "Sega Joypolis". They had Sonic and House of the dead, but the rest was either generic ("Halfpipe Tokyo, Storm-G etc) or simply popular Anime attractions and walkthroughs (Attack on Titan, Ace Attorney) and even non Sega (Zero Latency VR, Transformers)
  10. Like, literally a few posts above are construction pics where they have temporarily removed some of the toboggan track to allow that feature to be built.
  11. How come LPS don't offer higher rates as a sweetener to attract staff?
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