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  1. Yeah, will do a quick little weekend trip down for sure. Depending on the cost of car rentals I'll probably do Jamberoo as well if Velocity Falls is ready.
  2. Sadly not, but I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of great photos throughout the day!
  3. Plus if it were Superman wouldn't it be blue and red?
  4. It'll be Flash or Wonderwoman Surely? 'Super' just means Superhero related IMO.
  5. Yeah, this is one of the few coasters in aus that i feel like i cant draw the layout from memory.
  6. Unfortunately your loading is only as fast as your slowest guest.
  7. A good grossing factor for parking is 30sqm per bay, but parking is less efficient in grass because people dont park neatly. Basically a parking spot is 2.6*6. The aisle is 6m wide, so each bay needs half an aisle, so it becomes 2.6*9=23.4sqm per bay. But then you have to add in landscaping, walkways, other circulation roads and it roughly works out that you can achieve 1 bay per 30sqm land you own.
  8. By the way B&M filed a patent with a seat that can actually move a bit during the ride cycle to make it less likely to get wedged. Hope to see this appear.
  9. No what @gauge means is that when setting the height you bend your knees slightly, let it lock and then stand up normally and the bike seat is now a bit lower.
  10. Yeah, Buzzsaw had a cool queue, but they mucked up by only making the walkways 900 wide, so it felt very cramped.
  11. I thought it was WWF 💁‍♂️ In terms of theming mob vs urban design mob, I guess the themed stuff might be more literal and less geometric, perhaps more use of rockwork etc, maybe more rustic, like the stuff seen in the preview POV back in 2019.
  12. Well yeah, its kind of like if you want the thrill of a stand up coaster you have to take a bit more responsibility than just sitting down and closing a bar. It's an inherent part of the experience, just the same as if you do a ropes course and wear the harness uncomfortably.
  13. I guess I'm just a little bit sad that the queue is literally right at the level of the launch start but we don't get to watch it due to the solid wall. Would be funny watching everyone's expressions change in a split second as it powers up. It does look like a very comfortable queue line for a hot summers day though.
  14. The backrest is spring loaded and naturally tries to rise to the highest position (like pulling a lever to lift an office chair) so if you just let it rise it will lock in the highest position and give you a wedgie. I think people who let that happen are the ones who dislike stand ups. But if you hold it at a comfortable level until it locks, its fine. I think they are great to be honest.
  15. With Facebook, the reason I mentioned is that typically Facebook pages are flooded with somewhat unfiltered feedback after big events 🤭 Will wait and see....
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