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  1. Did Motocoasters VR go anywhere?
  2. Id rather a cableway than a light rail spur, because it avoids the narrowness of SW drive, can be more direct, and has a bit of tourist appeal. Doing a light rail branch so close to the systen core invokes the issue of dividing frequency: If you have a track pair, branching means only 1 in 2 trams can serve each side of the branch (you can also do something god awful like "one tram in four" but that trashes legibility and would lead to uneven passenger loading) If you have to do a branch, it needs to be towards the end of the line so the division in frequency doesn't have a negative impact. Think of the way in Brisbane the split between the Ipswich and Springfield branches happens at Darra...Works well because outbound of Darra the population density drops off, so only having half the trains to each branch is bearable because demand at each station is lower. Whereas on the GC doesn't work because you are splitting the frequency at main beach, even though Southport, GCUH etc have heavy demand and would suffer.
  3. What about the theming on Buzzsaw 😎
  4. Too bad it wasn't a product when Buzzsaw was installed...
  5. It could go either way...You could not update, and it would be no different to the way theme parks have Batman rides that aren't the latest film Batman. Or you could just forecast the cost of updating the doctor a couple of times during the life of the attraction in the initial budget (Negotiate with BBC when buying the rights that they have to provide relevant updates for the life of the licence) Or design the ride to minimise the number of times you actually see him outside the preshow (Fill it up with Daleks? Have him facing away from the camera when fighting etc)...The place in Cardiff seemingly affords this.
  6. Why is there a random empty enclosed room after the toll booth, and why does the track pass through a narrow gap at its corner? Thats a big open space with a spaceship, crushed cars, light posts etc.
  7. Yes, film sets are not used in theme parks because: -They are often too flammable, and often use foams etc that are not safe or insurable for permanent installation. -Not durable enough for guest abuse. -Many props and sets look good on screen because they are far away and a camera can only capture a certain resolution, but in real life, up close, are quite rough and don't look good. This goes for sets both big and small.
  8. People are free to talk about the theme, pull your head in. Re mack doing a Floorless coaster...nope. I'd consider a floorless one where there is nothing between your feet and the track, so you see the track structure and crossties whizzing below your feet at high speed.
  9. If its a Dr Who ride, why do you need to change the Doctor every 3 years? Because if the doctor is a time traveller, it would always be that generation of doctor conducting this particular guest adventure at that point in time right? Am I missing something or am I some kind of genius?
  10. Any others though. With respect to the international content, it is worth expanding on that point. We have heaps of pics of Movie World Sea World and Dreamworld because they tend to be the most popular parks for Parkz members, so they tend to visit often, and get lots of pics of incremental changes. The other Australian parks are not far behind. Beyond that, i'd say the first overseas parks a lot of visitors go to are the ones in SoCal, so we have pretty extensive pic collections from those parks too. etc etc But there are a shitload of theme parks around the world, and we rely on people uploading pics from their visits. Have an Explore here: Those countries have the bulk of our photos, there are a good 50 or more parks and several thousand photos to keep you busy for a while , and probably some places you never even heard of It's a good resource. If you look up Disneyland on Insta or Flickr you'll get heaps of photos of the castle etc, but not a lot else. We aim to capture a lot of the finer stuff to really give a feel for places.
  11. Random question, but do you have any pics from overseas parks to share?
  12. With respect to being able to have folders like "Trip to Germany 2016", ultimately its more useful to sort content by park and attraction, not by when someone visited. As for non US content, we have galleries of the vast majority of major US parks, and those are our most comprehensive. There's a scatterimg from Europe and Asia, but I guess it costs money to go overseas and visit, so no pics = nobody has been, or hasnt been inclined to upload any.
  13. Excellent Now all you have to do is adjust the curves in the spaceship part to reflect the floor plan posted by jjuttp.
  14. Spoiler: It's not a helix at the end of Walibis Goliath....The helix on Goliath is halfway through.
  15. If you make the unload end of the platform 2 squares shorter so the exit was further up, you'd have enough space for the final straight where the spaceship explodes and the team is waiting for you at the end.