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  1. Gazza

    Cheap Flights to Theme Parks

    Google flights tends to be a good aggregator, as well as dohop.
  2. Gazza

    The latest Dreamworld stuff up

    No 👏 megathreads 👏 please 👏 post 👏 a 👏 separate 👏 topic.
  3. It would be too problematic having different companies using the same name in a market as small as Australia. Also, whoever the social media manager is at both parks will have to be constantly reminding guests "No sorry, we have the same name but are different ownership, please direct your comment elsewhere, no your pass isn't valid here either" It would be like the SeaWorld / Sea World "no we don't have orcas" thing.
  4. Agree, its not like the Paramount parks kept their names when Cedar Fair bought them out, nor did the Six Flags parks that were sold in the 2000s keep their names.
  5. Gazza

    Mudgeeraba show 2019

    How many rides are there? Is it anything like that Mudgeereeba mania?
  6. Gazza

    How to fix Dreamworld

    I heard a great quote recently, they made $20m per year with the current entrance, they can do it again.
  7. Gazza

    Wet n Wild GC - November Update

    It was from the defunct Wet n Wild in Rio De Janeiro
  8. Gazza

    Near Maps updates - 2019

    I didn't realise Aussie World had established a 2nd main path up above the flume.... A pretty organised way to expand now.
  9. Gazza

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    The height safety system has to be there regardless, it has been on the lift hill since day 1. They didn't do a separate one for this.
  10. Gazza

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    Buying a few harnesses and the two billboards?
  11. Just interested if anyone has been to this place? It's around 6km south of WnW Sydney. Previously all the park was, was a large Polin water play structure attached to a council pool, but they've since expanded with a body slide tower, and another tower with a 3 lane octopus racer, freefall slide, and a wedgie style flat loop with drop floor type slide, plus a flow rider, which seems to be substantial enough for them to be classified as a proper water park now. Wonder if they'll keep expanding?
  12. Gazza

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    Yeah, to access that Boardwalk you'd have to go past the front of the boat dock used for shows.
  13. Gazza

    Parques Reunidos takeover bid

    It's odd how a company with such a large number of parks is worth so little.
  14. Gazza

    What makes a theme park?

    Id even go so far as to say that most theme parks consist of disparate themes, and the ones that have the purity of an overriding one are the exception. Take Disneyland. A lot of the themed lands are NOT based around Disney movies or characters, and in fact its only been in recent years that management have decided to insert characters into them to make the most of cross promotion. Eg at Disneyland, Space Mountain, Autopia have no movie/character tie in. The submarine ride was previously just submarines, and it was only the 2007 relaunch when they added Finding Nemo. Over in New Orleans Square you have Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Both of these rides pre-date their respective movies by quite a long period, and it wasnt until the Pirates of the Carribean Movies got released that they updated the animatronics to match Jack Sparrow etc. The Matterhorn? Big Thunder Mountain? Both non film/character related. Though Disneyland did appear to use some Disney characters as a starting point for the park (Eg in Fantasyland), they did branch out with other themes that are just themes that look good and are immersive.