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  1. If its standard 2 person rafts, why do you need a conveyor? I can't think of any other water parks that use them.
  2. I find that an odd mindset. Buses to the parks run every 10 mins, or every half an hour in the middle of the day. If several cars a minute are going past the parks, then what difference will taking away one bus every 10 mins make in the scheme of things really?
  3. Yes TOT was LSM but with 1995 tech not 2021 tech. ...... Looks like the same train shells as Helix and Icon are being used
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about the rendering, It has other inaccuracies like the track and support colour being wrong, the trains likely to not be hot wheels themed, the big dipper entrance not being bright blue etc etc. I'm sure you'll be able to get under the track just fine.
  5. How do you know though? It could well have special themed suites, as a lot of theme park hotels do. Hotel V.....I'm not sure if that name will will be a goer in the end, It's literally one letter below a competitor:
  6. Aren't all of Luna Park's ride names pretty average and generic, since always? Come ride "Rotor" or "River Caves" or "Flying Saucer"
  7. I ended up waiting a little over 3h for Soaring: Fantastic Flight but that's cos they lied and said the wait was 120 mins, but to be fair the ride was only 6 months old.
  8. You invest based on your "design day". https://www.theparkdb.com/blog/peaking-theme-park/ There are some days per year where you will be over that, but that should be like 20 days per year max.
  9. Yes, its not as simplistic as 'guests either go on rides or spend money in shops" and operators/designers do not try to "balance" those behaviours. As Rappa points out, guest satisfaction / entertainment is still the core product, and for that there are definitely some good quantative metrics used by industry leaders that design or operate parks to ensure that the average visitors does enough "things" over the course of a visit to feel as though, at the end of the day they got their moneys worth (It varies by the type of park) Guests that are being fed a good stream of entertainment
  10. Yeah, Blue Fire is mental, they can have two trains in the station, 1 in the dark ride / launch and 1 on the course.
  11. Because this will only have two trains so there won't be a need to stop a train there, and I think the stairs just come with it by default. It still needs to have a trim brake there since the latter half of the layout is designed to be taken at lower speed. 3 train models have a set of pinch brakes. 2 train models omit them, and note no air boxes for the brakes either.
  12. Pretty much, separate the cars and put them on a forklift. I think the superman building gets used for general storage and work because it's a big shed with a lot of spare space.
  13. I think its more because it's a clone so often its just easier to not re-design the columns for the whole thing. I think obviously they paid for a bit of customisation with the swing launch, but probably easier to leave the rest of the columns and just adjust the pedestal height. Not as bad as this Intamin 10 looper in china on a hillside where they literally built an entire concrete structure to hold it up on a flat plane. Do you have a link to the CCTV images or CCTV feed?
  14. Why is there a half dot a different size to the rest? Anyhow, the video is on the ride page What is also interesting is that we can discern the other ride names by looking at the trophies on the website you can earn for each ride: The "New Thrill Ride" would indeed be Sledgehammer. Freaky Frogs Loopy lighthouse
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