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  1. Counter point, it could have also been Rodney Rude, who operated in the same time period, causing a decline in the popularity of the Rodney name.
  2. Who are Vekoma? Oh it's the same thing as Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.
  3. With this wheel thing, yeah wouldn't it be a normal wheel during the day, then at night I guess you'd let people in, have a set number of bookings and some sort of flip down table in each gondola. You send people in, you get a few laps and a set menu, one course per revolution or something? Get the special events crew to ferry food across. Would be an interesting concept.
  4. My brain is Broken Big Dipper, Little Nipper, Boomerang, Alpine Coaster... what's the 5th?
  5. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/3YCJzzVW25PWnmh2/?mibextid=31ks6x And now we have POV. Pretty good pacing!
  6. Can you stop making posts where all you say is "yawn"?
  7. Fuji Q is quicker by coach because its up in the mountains, and the bus goes via expressways, whereas the train winds all over the place, costs more and you have to change trains along the way. I got a bus from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus station Get the Q-Pack ticket which includes entry and the bus transfer. https://highway-buses.jp/ticket/q-pack.php I reserved through above link, and then picked up my tickets and paid for them the night before. Get the earliest coach you can on the way up. For the return trip, one shortly after closing is fine because they shut the queues well before park closing to clear them out! ************ For Nagashima, nearest station is Kuwana, you can bus or taxi from there. But I just got a driect bus from the Meitetsu bus station (next to the main station in Nagoya) https://www.sanco.co.jp/highway/naganagoya/root-1
  8. I'd heard a while back that a 2nd one was going to park somewhere in Mexico, so this would be it. It appears Vekoma make two styles of mine train track. The full sized ones are like Big Thunder in Paris, Choco Chip Creek etc. Wheels on the inside of the track. The other type is more like their junior coaster track, but with the spine set down a bit to allow fake wooden sleepers to be bolted on. Wheels on the outside of the track. The latter is what you can see has been delivered to Vidanta World.
  9. So, that maroon and grey/blue Switchback prototype seen at the Vekoma factory: Well, it was intended for Vidanta world in Mexico: Source https://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/vidanta-world-mexico-theme-park.38448/page-2
  10. Yeah Nagashima is better than Hirakata for sure. Much bigger lineup. Everything except elf was mediocre at Hirikata i felt. If lines are a worry, you can purchase timed one shot express passes from vending machines at the front of each ride. Be aware rides can close before park closing time in order to clear the queue. I was caught out and missed a re ride on hakugei. Re Disney, how long have you got in Tokyo? Can you just go there yourself one of the days and visit Disneysea?
  11. I just think there is a middle ground for family entertainment between "Going Bowling or to the Movies" or "Going away for a few days to the GC" It's not necessarily about "value" per day, its about cost in absolute terms, and time. For me, 3-4 weeks in Europe or America works out better value per day than flying to Sydney or Melbourne for a long weekend as well, but I'll still do the long weekends because I don't always have weeks spare or several thousand $$$ available for a bigger, but better value trip.
  12. I can see where you are coming from, but it would be $400 in flights for a family of 4 (If you fly at 11am on a Tuesday) and 90 mins flying (If you ignore the time taken to drive and check in to the airport) still makes it more of an undertaking. I think people do drive if the park is worth it, Jamberoo and Gumbuya demonstrate that, and heck its an hours drive for most of Brisbane when heading to the GC parks. At the very least, I'd think the Central coast area could support a water park, and the case may improve if the HSR to Newcastle is ever built. As for a dry park, yeah with Sydney being so expensive, it would probably be out at Bradfield, but fortunately since Sydney has expanded westwards, its now closer to more people than Wonderland was when it closed.
  13. Another video; This video has a more in depth look
  14. But if you increased the height of the top hat, all other elements would be taken too fast.
  15. It's always Werribee ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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