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  1. AFAIK they raised the roof first then worked inside.... Have fun doing that with the Eureka structure
  2. I don't think its feasible to slot track into the existing mountain sadlt I mean Scooby was one thing because there was a nice clear spanning shed to work inside, but this mountain would be very hard to lift into.
  3. What if they are artic breed wolves?
  4. A few stills of the important bits. This is an interesting outcome, and looks like in years to come it will be Adventure Park, OzVenture and Funfields that will end up being the three major parks in greater Melbourne...They are all at the stage of buying fairly large attractions from well known manufacturers. Luna Park needs to step up bit though. They could be Australia's Grona Lund if they invested in some better rides.
  5. ↑But it could be an intermediate tube of a larger support column.
  6. I like the fact Plopsa finally put a roof on the EGF station. So if you are wanting to get a good ride on it, how long should you wait for it to warm up? After a couple of hours? Late afternoon? Just before closing? I'll be interested to see what Plopsa does with the place going fowards. All of their other parks seem to be quite high quality...Perhaps a woodie like the one that just opened at Plopsaland De Panne? I reckon you might have been a bit harsh on Sky Scream, though when I rode Superman at SFDK I thought it was going to have as much substance as a Maurer Skyloop, but I was pleasantly surprised that it felt just a bit more complete. They are not too bad, and probably one of the better compact shuttle-ish coasters that parks can get.
  7. Does TOT even reach anywhere near 160 any more?
  8. Is Buzzsaw not a roller coaster now?
  9. ^If Mick Doohans had a high point. Also, why is the launch tunnel all space age themed? I was under the impression it was to have a sea rescue theme like ours?
  10. From memory Eureka had barely any difference to a standard mouse layout. If you wanted to bring it back, would you not just procure a mouse? (Could even be ex carnival since it would be hidden) then just put a box around it...You could even cheap out a bit by having a greater portion of the facade as corrugated iron 'mine buildings' in lieu of rock work. A couple of Animatronic scenes in prefab "boxes" on the switchback section and you're done. Granted, the coaster you got would still be a dumbed down version of Scooby, but the original was too anyway, so IDK....The above would really just be the quickest and cheapest way to get back what was there. Ideally any revamp would be more ambitious, and could even have a longer outdoor section where the rapids reservoir is.
  11. Prior to october wasn't there already whisperings of something going on with Eureka, and of course the endless pics of the car being moved on the tracks etc. Is it possible that the plans were somewhat underway, with the accident causing things to be put on hold for a period?
  12. Nobody is talking about getting to DW, but rather to/from the apartments proposed as part of this residential/resort development.