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  1. You know what, you're actually right, though arguably getting Jet Rescue and Motocoaster felt unnecessary at the time. I suppose the closest thing was when we had two arrow loopers.
  2. Diet Steel Taipan. But yeah, Australia has had several launch coasters built in the past few years (And 2 new ones this year haha), and there's not a whole lot else they can do other than having a better layout (But i can tell you now everyone will love Steel Taipan) We need other stuff.
  3. The main boxes I'd like to tick. -RMC (Enough said) -B&M Wing Rider or Dive Machine or Flyer (Their other models except for the Invert are too pedestrian, but these three are very unique, graceful and have wide guest appeal) Wing Rider because the train looks so unique and the inversions and near misses are cool. Dive machine for similar reasons, but it would need to be the 7 seat version like the one at SFFT Flyer, enough said. -S&S FreeSpin (A Full sized 4D is too expensive) Other things I wouldn't mind at some point. -Larger Spinning coaster
  4. Ya but @DaptoFunlandGuydoesnt ride anything unless its at MW or SW 😁
  5. Vekoma put the new trains on Great Nor Easter at Moreys Piers in 2008 so they were definitely available.
  6. Why does the G force level count? RMCs have G forces stronger than Superman or Abyss and they're not rough. I did 3 rides on Aybss and that was enough. It wasnt as bad as Arkham at its worst, but still not great. When @Mark Shaw was on here he mentioned they went with over shoulder restraints because people might be deterred from riding something with loops if it only had lap bars. Personally I didn't agree. Buzzsaw, Green Lantern (And Now Steel Taipan) are all loopers with lap restraints and are quite popular. And in the end by the sounds of it people are being deter
  7. Seems like some seppo just changed the currency. https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/with-new-steel-taipan-rollercoaster-approaching-completion-dreamworld-retires-its-buzzsaw-ride/ “since announcing plans for the park’s $32 million investment in the Steel Taipan rollercoaster, Dreamworld has planned to cease operations of BuzzSaw So it would only be 23.3m USD.
  8. I dunno how you can complain in other posts that they have been giving away the gate, but $99 for a pass is too expensive. Even with some rides gone, $99 for a an AP is pretty good, and its still better than Adventure World. Honestly surprised ST isnt enough to bring you back? Why not? Blue fire is fucking awesome and you're missing out by not riding the only new coaster on the GC in 4 years (And the most recent Multi looper since Abyss in 2013) I mean I'd probably pay $99 for a one day ticket if APs were not available, that's how good Blue Fire was.
  9. Even without a deal, wouldn't you still get a $99 pass to try Steel Taipan? What's the point of being a theme park fan if you're not going to go ride a massive new launch coaster from one of the worlds best manufacturers?
  10. things like the dodgem car rink, the shops under the mouse, spinning ride footpritns etc are not guest accessible in that sense. Should just measure the grey bitumen areas.
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