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  1. Woah thats belting through👌
  2. A Hypercoaster. Parks Christian Lobby.
  3. The worst RMC would be Goliath would be Goliath surely? Again, that's harsh because a bad RMC still beats the rest..... it's big, but a tad too short and too "simple". I don't mind Twisted Timbers....If people like mega lites then that will go off too.
  4. Ekka 2017

  5. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang
  6. Ekka 2017

    Here let me explain:
  7. Ekka 2017

    ^The hexagon is off centre vertically and the font looks a bit like it belongs on Nannas birthday card. I think having the Australian flag makes it all a bit too busy and the faux leather texture I'm not sure what is bringing to the table. If it was a flat monochrome silhouette of a shutter and a better font it would look way more classy and aesthetic. Only thing is making sure it doesn't end up looking like the aperture science logo. +1 the logo should be semi transparent.
  8. Ekka 2017

    Are you getting a new watermark logo soon?
  9. Ekka 2017

    Since nobody with media passes is posting OC here are some photos from my visit yesterday. Turn up at opening if you want a couple of hours before it turns to this. The food pavillion was great when it was quiet. $2 mini hot dog. Major events need more cheap impulse items like this. The dog had a bit too much resistance in the skin, like biting a water balloon. The Beast. This was gross.....It spun a bit too fast to be comfortable and went on a bit too long, I'd had enough by the end. I kind of rode this on a whim. Whatever happened to the orginal travelling flume ride, Splash Canyon? When there is a dish in the sink and you turn the tap on too fast. Show bags these days are a rip....The worst example I saw was a $5 smiths chips bag, and it only had 5 bags, and 2 of those were multipack size...That aint no deal. But Bertie Beetle is still only $3 so they got my money. Besides running and swimming, is there a simpler sport? Hundreds of children pressing their noses on the glass admiring the lollies = this. A large sign promoted butter sandwiches, and as I understand it, it is another one of those institutions, but it was just an normal sandwich in a very large sealed celophane bag??? Powered coaster = didn't ride. Gravity coaster = did ride. +1. I didn't go in here. The nice old museum building set against one of Brissys throw n go apartment blocks. I read in the paper they want to chuck some $$$ at restoring it, they should for sure! I didnt realise fruit arranging was a thing, but it is, and I was impressed. Cool haircut. Image > Adjustments > Desaturate The Sky Flyer was probably the pick of the bunch. They really have squezed the ride line up, something is wrong if a zipper or a kamikaze/hangover is not available. I reckon the grassed area north east of the main rides bit could have a lot more squeezed in,153.0316859,115m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b9159ee83be3665:0x7240c8cae799f9ab!8m2!3d-27.450817!4d153.0326265 I dismissed this as being the poorer cousin of Beast, and then upon inspecting this photo I realised this one has lap bars. Oh well, I'd done enough (1) spin and spews at this point. This was taken from the "star of the show" ferris wheel, which is good because the gondolas are cylindrical and have a pole in the middle you can spin like a tecups ride, so you get an ever changing view. SUPERGIRL and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s17) Also why did they paint her with lazy eye? Award winning carcasses.
  10. Ekka 2017

    Its funny how Freak Out was getting ignored because everyone was just riding Beast in preference. Jurassic coaster is there despite not being listed on the website.
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    To be honest though, with Europe being fairly easy and cheap to get around and not too big, it's basically irrelevant if one country is lacking rides since there are lots of other choices... In Australia, most states are bigger than a European country, and most don't have good rides, so having to travel is a fact of life.
  12. Yeah good point. From my eye when I viewed the video it looked exactly half, though now you've drawn that it does reach higher than I initially thought.
  13. I reckon DC rivals will still go higher. TOT2 is 100m drop / 115m high, but in practice it only launches halfway up.....Do the sums.
  14. The Off Topic Topic

    It literally says in the post you quoted it will be Mack.
  15. Ekka 2017

    Dragon Wagon Ride 😍😍😍😍😍