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  1. @Kevin @Jobe @themagician They appear to be from the park's media kit.
  2. What bothered me about this the most was the 'funny unlucky lady' who's been in three different 'incidents'. Two of them are people jumping out of Ferris wheels and dodgems catching fire (very funny because funny lady was there), but the main one is the Battersea Big Dipper accident. Five kids died, and they didn't mention anything other than "roller coaster went the wrong way and crashed" and showed an image of the aftermath with cheery circus music playing over the whole thing.
  3. Did they? I didn't go to the event but I thought the only time they used the area for a maze was in 2013, before MM (If I remember correctly the theme had something to do with Hollywood). I'm 90% certain they didn't use the area for Halloscream 2019 though.
  4. Coney Island, the mirror maze, the Hungry Horse and the Big Top. The only scare attraction that has been in Maloney's Corner has been Mystery Manor which used to operate year round.
  5. It's always been like that. There's a door to a function room in the Big Top directly to the right of the opening on the tower. Whenever it's being used the right stairs on the Big Dipper tower are closed off and temporary fencing similar to the one in the photo is put in.
  6. @GtmichaelsI think they were asking about how to get to the ride's station itself, and looking at the new photos, I'm very confused too. The storage track appears to be in the way of the opening of the tower, and I can't figure out how people will get to the station.
  7. I'd love to see the River Caves return, but the original thing was massive and took up the space underneath the first and third turnaround of Big Dipper. If we wanted to build an exact replica of the ride in the same space it'd require demolishing a small part of the Big Top, the office building, Tango Train and Volare. There's no room for a ride of that size anywhere else in the park. The space under Wild Mouse can't be used either, as it's being used for the Hungry Horse Cafe. My worry about that is how people will get there. It'd require a lot of planning and altering to the tickets
  8. These rides would fit in the Amphitheatre/picnic area between Ferris Wheel and the Crystal Palace, but that would mean removing a pretty popular seating area which is pretty crowded whenever I visit. I do agree Luna Park has always been family oriented but a lot of the rides being introduced now are Kiddy Rides. I doubt many teenagers or younger adults would be keen on riding Cloud 9, Freaky Frog, Little Nipper, Silly Sub, Bug and Loopy Lighthouse. Looking at a satellite image from 1965, the 'family' rides such as the Dodgems, U-Drive, River Caves, etc. would still have been popular fo
  9. I wonder if they'll do anything to make Rockin' Tug look less tacky with that fading paint, Zamperla logo and temporary fencing.
  10. I was talking about the way the first launch is in the way of the path to get to the circular queue area under the wave turn seen in the animation. It looks too low to walk under. I couldn't get a very good screenshot from the video though, sorry.
  11. The concept art (which they've removed from their website annoyingly) shows the queues. The area looks like it'll be very tight. My worry is how the queue for Big Dipper will work, the launch track looks to be in the way. All I can think of is to either build a path over it or go around and over the edge of the building.
  12. Love those trains on Boomerang with the Aboriginal style artwork!
  13. Please, Luna Park, don't depart from what there already is! I just want them to keep the neon Big Dipper sign and leave it as that.
  14. This is the best logo we've seen for the new rides so far IMO. It's nice and simplistic, and would look good lit up on a 3D or 2D sign.
  15. Oh, wow. I didn't know that. I didn't actually know these machines were originals (I probably should've read the signs on the top of them ahaha). The article you linked says they can go for up to $15,000 each. If he owned the original machines and LPS is reportedly willing to purchase new ones they could buy them before it's too late.
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