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  1. The final episode just aired. I don't want to spoil anything but that was incredible. Give it a watch, even if you're not interested in Luna Park. There's also a live Q&A on the ABC News Instagram about the show which is on now
  2. That would be great but also a strange idea, it's such a small ride. Luna Park does need more of those giant theming elements and ride bridges though because ever since reopening in 2004 most of them disappeared. I still don't understand why the giant wooden blocks from the kids rides and Spider's bridge didn't get moved to Maloney's corner. If they were there it would've made the area much more appealing.
  3. The same guy also posted a photo of Boomerang's track which appears to be in Big Dipper's spot for now.
  4. @Coasterlife You beat me to it! Ahaha! The first episode just aired so I figured I should make a mini-review. The recreations were amazing. I could tell a lot of effort went into them, but the interviews though, were what really made it for me. They were heart-wrenching, especially the ones with Jenny Godson and Jason Holman. It put the spotlight on the people and it's great for doing that. The only similar coverage I've seen of the fire was from Martin Sharp's 'Street of Dreams' film from 1988. I can't wait for the next episode which should be about the theories and Shar
  5. The ride could run three trains theoretically if the launches are blocks although that'd require some very fast operations. Hopefully LPS will run two trains on busy days. Something funny I just noticed in your screenshots is the train on the non-inverting loop in the concept art is going the wrong way!
  6. There was a bit of talk about it on the thread about Ranger's removal.
  7. Seems interesting. I will be sure to watch it. Uh, what? Anyways, I found the gondolas from Tumblebug listed on gumtree. Joylands seems to be selling them off so if you have the space and really want one for whatever reason, you can get one. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/austral/antiques/historic-tumblebug-condolars/1267937243
  8. Haha yeah I was writing down the first names I could think of. I don't think you should ever take advice from me as I'm not exactly a creative person, but I dislike 'bug' and 'boomerang' for being very unoriginal names.
  9. Sorry if I sound bitchy and pretentious, these names won't make me hate Luna Park, management would have to demolish Coney Island and Wild Mouse to do that, but that's pretty much what I thought. Some simple name changes would make the rides 'fit in' to the rest of the park. I feel Boomerang could be Geronimo, Bug could easily be renamed Tumblebug (they already have a lit-up sign with that name out the front of Dodgem City) and Cloud 9 or Loopy Lighthouse (if repainted) could be parachute jump, a reference to the ex-ride at Coney Island NY. Again, I'm not angry or disappointed, Luna
  10. Oh hey that's me! All I did was upload a snippet of a TV show ahaha! Thanks... I have thought about this a lot too and there are really three possibilities I come down to. The first is that Luna Park still exists today, but it's very different to what we know it as. The pop-art aesthetic would still exist and the classic rides such as Big Dipper, River Caves and Coney Island may exist. Back in 1979, the owners could have demolished anything they wanted (of course, with public disapproval, but they would probably be allowed to get rid of Coney Island, for example). There were no heritage l
  11. I'm most excited for Big Dipper, I've always wanted to see the day when LPS gets a new world-class coaster, and it'll be an hour away from where I live! I'm also very excited for Leviathan and Steel Taipan, but thanks to COVID and me being a paranoid bitch, I don't think I'll be leaving NSW anytime soon. Big Dipper is obviously going to be the tamest of the three. It'll be a 30 second ride which is quite slow, although it'll have some exciting elements and will look great from below. With Steel Taipan, I have to agree with @Slick. It looks great but the pacing looks meh. Leviathan is goin
  12. Something interesting I noticed about this sign is it uses the old logo from 1995-2001.
  13. I visited the park for the last time until closing this morning and took a few photos. They aren't great or very interesting but there already might be some progress happening. Maloney's corner is pretty much unrecognisable now with its two main rides gone. This excavator is digging a hole inside pink markings. Sorry about the photo quality, the best view of it was from on Round Up. This might be for a footer from Big Dipper as a support goes right to that spot on the concept art. Similar pink markings were around the area. These ones here might be for th
  14. Don't forget about bird flu, the 2003 bushfires, the collapse of HIH Insurance and the Iraq war!
  15. @AheadMatthewawsomeI'm guessing that's just an estimated date as June 23 is a school day. I'd imagine they want to make the reopening as grand as possible and doing it on a Wednesday when everyone's at school or work won't bring many people in.
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