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  1. I visited the park for the last time until closing this morning and took a few photos. They aren't great or very interesting but there already might be some progress happening. Maloney's corner is pretty much unrecognisable now with its two main rides gone. This excavator is digging a hole inside pink markings. Sorry about the photo quality, the best view of it was from on Round Up. This might be for a footer from Big Dipper as a support goes right to that spot on the concept art. Similar pink markings were around the area. These ones here might be for th
  2. Don't forget about bird flu, the 2003 bushfires, the collapse of HIH Insurance and the Iraq war!
  3. @AheadMatthewawsomeI'm guessing that's just an estimated date as June 23 is a school day. I'd imagine they want to make the reopening as grand as possible and doing it on a Wednesday when everyone's at school or work won't bring many people in.
  4. I keep getting randomly logged out of my account, but only on mobile. I'm using Chrome on a phone running Android 8.1.0. Sometimes when I log back in my account locks too and I have to wait 15 minutes.
  5. I had the same problem these past two days but somehow managed to get back in. I thought it was a problem with my account.
  6. I love how they put quite a bit of effort into modelling some rides such as MDMC and Sidewinder/Gold Coaster and then they just gave up and made Buzzsaw a yellow rectangle.
  7. I don't think many other upgrades will occur, although some parts of the park really do need some touching up, such as the fireworks painted on the midway and the vinyl wrap on the back of Coney Island as they are faded. The face was recently repainted as it was punished by the bushfires and it looks better than ever.
  8. Luna Park will be hosting a carnivale event until January 27th as a 'last chance to experience the magic' before the park closes. https://justforfun.lunaparksydney.com/countdown-carnivale/
  9. I think that was already done in Halloscream 2019. I didn't actually attend the event but I have the park map.
  10. Damn, I was expecting spider to close at the end of January when the park starts renovating. Gutted I didn't ride it when I was there on Sunday.
  11. I agree with you partly, they should definitely refurbish it (the clown face on top of the rope maze is full of dust), but the interior layout's been mostly the same since 1938. IMO, changing it wouldn't be very smart.
  12. You're joking, right? I don't think they'd be able to do that, let alone want to. The only thing i feel they should do to Coney Island is paint the ugly silver part on the front when the park's closed.
  13. I'm excited, but I don't like the sound of "Luna Land". I'd rather they just keep it as Maloney's Corner.
  14. Spotted markings at the base of the Ex-Tumblebug/dodgem building today. (Sorry about the images, I'm not exactly a photographer)
  15. I went to Luna Park today and noticed Ranger's loading platform and the box around the motor are gone. It has also been removed from the map on the park's website while Tumble Bug remains.
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