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  1. No love for a 1001 Nachts?
  2. !?! Unless you meant they need to bring in Hussrainbow Looks like I found a way to post something without having the post altered.
  3. We've been Ali Baba Rolled! Oh No! (Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up plays)
  4. There's a problem here, each time I mention the ride I prefer, it gets replaced with Ali Baba. What's going on?
  5. Hope not. That ride is a piece of shit. There's Music Trip, the Australian built KMG Miami, but I dunno if it's any better than Ali Baba.
  6. Jobe, I am not so sure what rides will be coming for LPS's summer holidays, but I sure hope they will present a better lineup of rides than before. For one, I agree that they should bring in Rainbow to LPS, because that's the ride they originally intended to have back in 1995. It would be great if they bring in the flume ride, since it's an ideal ride for a hot season. They should add a KMG and a Mondial (Space Roller) ride for good measure.
  7. T-Rex

    Bring back Rainbow!

    Actually, what the posted email meant was that following the determination of what caused the Rainbow accident at Sweden, Huss told the owner/operators to reverse the earlier modifcation as they were going to provide them better machine parts so that it can be fixed without risking another accident. Now I don't mind other alternatives to the Rainbow, but don't get me wrong, the Ali Baba is a waste of space. The sooner the updates on the Rainbow can be done, the better I would say. I'm also seeing the funny side of it, because even though our Rainbow didn't turn up on the Australian showgrounds since 2008, there are a few, if not all, still operating across the globe. If it would make things better for the Rainbow fans here in Australia, why won't someone in the amusement business just purchase a pre-tested Rainbow being sold worldwide and add it into one of our theme parks here, like Luna Park? Seems like a valid solution. I know rides are expensive, but theme parks must make a lot of money to afford one. Check this out, a HUSS Rainbow from Poland is on sale, and has been reported being in good condition.
  8. T-Rex

    Bring back Rainbow!

    Do you think Huss has anything to do with the incident at Sweden? I mean, they wouldn't intentionally do away with a ride they manufactured, would they?
  9. T-Rex

    Bring back Rainbow!

    Accidents happen, and these things could happen with any other ride, not just this one. So to say, it's a bit harsh for anyone to state that a well-established amusement ride manufacturer don't know how to manufacture rides, because they did try to offer the best thrills with the rides they made for the casual and hardcore riders. Besides, the incidents happened only recently, and if their rides do break down frequently, then it's safe to say that they didn't do a good job in manufacturing good rides.
  10. T-Rex

    Bring back Rainbow!

    Thanks for the Facebook group, themeparkgc. Yes, I have seen the thread on that website. It does give me some relief that they're doing the best they can making updates on the ride to ensure that the same kind of incident won't ever happen again, but I'm still wondering when the ride would return. All the while, there's at least some good rides. Space Roller and the two KMG rides Extreme Speed and XXXL must have the same kind of thrill intensity as the Rainbow even they're not the same concept, so I will check 'em out next time I see 'em. All the same, if the Rainbow doesn't come for the 2011 RES, I at least would like them to have anything but that certain Rainbow duplicate ride manufactured by A.R.M.
  11. T-Rex

    Dreamworld's 30th

    Is Dreamworld really getting a B&M coaster? That would be awesome!
  12. T-Rex

    Bring back Rainbow!

    I only wish someone in the ride community could shed some light on the subject or at least knows what's going on.
  13. T-Rex

    Bring back Rainbow!

    I guess that just one incident in Liseburg, Sweden, caused the Huss Rainbow to bite the dust.
  14. T-Rex

    The year of the B&M

    Wow, B&M sure make a lot of top-notch quality coasters. Australia should get its first B&M coaster real soon.