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  1. More Bush Beasts bank more off nostalgia. Good point about less sit downs though
  2. Two bush beasts. Why not It would cater to a larger audience and provide different experiences. Only similarities are wood and name. What two LSM coasters? The Vekoma bermuda blitz has a chain lift. (Semi-realistic wish list)
  3. Assuming a new Wonderland Sydney is still happening what rollercoasters should come? (Semi-realistic wish list) I'm thinking: Beastie II- Gravity Group family wooden coaster (like wooden warrior) Demon II- Vekoma family Boomerang Son of Bush Beast- Modern GG or GCI Revenge of Bush Beast- RMC ground up hybrid (like Zadra) Premier Multi launch looping coaster (like Full Throttle + longer length) Vekoma bermuda blitz
  4. We haven't got news on Wonderland since 2016 so where did you get that David Bala's news?
  5. Somewhat small report At the start of the year as part of our overseas visit my family had a layover in Dubai, which meant that we got to go to Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai. This was my first overseas park and I was impressed. The park had 2 main slide towers but I only managed to do one of them which was the one with the master blasters. I was impressed with the 'rollercoaster' sized drops, the stomach drop feeling and how fun they were as very reridable. The slides felt faster than looked. The lazy Rivers were fun with the rapids (that got more boring the more I went on them) and the waves which were very fun and reridable. I was impressed with the atmosphere, theming, pricey ticket and slides. I wore aqua shoes during the day which was a huge convenience and would personally recommend. This place was slated to get another slide tower (which kinda pissed me off) in another year which looks like it will complement nicely with a few additions. One last thing to note was the lazy river. There was an extra slide which started at the lazy river and via a conveyor belt it would bring you to the top of the tower which costed extra. This would've been Cool and we would have never have go on foot as we could go on a continuous circle of lazy river and slide. (First and only trip report. Was small because I didn't do a lot and only took 2 photos thanks to family. Constructive criticism is welcomed.) What are your thoughts on water coasters? I know there are only 2.5 in Australia with Supertubes Hydrocoaster and the breakers at RWS/WnWSydney but if you have done others I would like your thoughts.
  6. Paramount Park in the Melbourne CBD
  7. A.H

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    Thanks @Aw hype cool info. If you know how to use Landgate aerial imagery (Launch map viewer plus> Zoom in> Top right corner/Camera icon (buy aerial imagery)> select year) you can view old aerial images.
  8. A.H

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    They should buy the aquarium clearly enough room for a Giga
  9. Intamin is just throwing mud at a wall and hoping it eventually sticks
  10. A.H

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    Nice news and it does seem weird with the slide placement. I always wanted to go on a high speed racer but the half pipe doesn't seem good. I was hoping for a wave pool instead of a normal pool but it seems nicely themed. I hope we get a water coaster eventually. @AlexB As explained in this video by Proslide the flying saucer element is designed as a banked turn with the saucer being a gimmick.
  11. A.H

    Ardent Leisure FY 20 results

    I heard rides like the Skyloop and Sky Rocket II look very intimidating to the GP especially with lap bars. Unless DW is aiming for quality over quantity, become more of a family park they need another big thrill coaster
  12. Bush beast was one of those Taft Grizzly clones and it's not very well received by modern standards but since it's Australia it's obviously held to a higher regard. One question was Beastie one of those Woodstock express clones?
  13. A.H

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    ** Large scale Gravity Group being contracted out to M&V because... GG coasters are rough in the US?