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  1. A.H

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    The ideas behind them might be a bit old but...
  2. A.H

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    It's might best compare them while they at their prime so Nostalgia doesn't cloud your mind, and you compare them for what made them, not made them survive.
  3. Granted Sky Voyager is a family ride and is Kinda a replacement for RHLR. (A bit of a stretch but did DW hold off it's retirement until SV was open?)
  4. A.H

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    I think it's better to Compare old Dreamworld with old Movie world.
  5. Good to know that DW remembered they had a park map!
  6. A.H

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    I expect HWSW to be themed to Ocean parade this time around
  7. A.H

    Current State of Sea World

    Great/Sad read @joz. Sea world just looks like the 30% it used to be.
  8. A.H

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    Another new Roller coaster 2 New Dark rides (one dark, one interactive) An actual Ocean themed ride in Ocean parade
  9. A.H

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    DW should just leave the tracks on the tower with the train still potentially attached to it, but remove all ground infratructure
  10. A.H

    Was Storm Coaster worth the money?

    Whooops (that was embarrasing). Anyway I should have elaborated. What I meant was that Jet rescue could/should have been built in the Corkscrew/Sea viper space so that Storm could have taken up the Jet Rescue footprint. While this would have meant that Corkscrew/Sea Viper would have retired a bit earlier and that the new Leviathan would have less space, Storm would have a longer ride time/experience. (Of course this would mean more money required by VRTP which at the time was not an option.)
  11. A.H

    Wet n Wild GC in 2020

    A slide relocation? Interesting. Anyway the only thing WnW needs is a new unique attraction (Sidewheel, the newest version looks awesome and would be an Australian first), a small Master Blaster complex (similar to Typhoon lagoon) and of course slide repaints/refurbishments.
  12. A.H

    Was Storm Coaster worth the money?

    This might sound stupid, but the coaster would be much longer if Jet rescue wasn't built. Jet rescue took space and money away from from the rides footprint. (Yes I'm aware Jet rescue was built after storm.)
  13. Good chance that The park decided that newer more modern slides like the mat racer and bodyslides were more appropriate for the existing tower And/Or The park didn't want to spend money on a New slide tower for this slide. P. S. Can someone send us the newest Nearmap images for Gumbuya world? Thanks
  14. Why did the Sea World Water park get removed? Just curious