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  1. A.H

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Banking off the previous meme
  2. To fit the theme of Dreamworld, I reckon that DW should repaint Mick doohan and Sidewinder to Orange too
  3. DC Rivals Hypercoaster costed $30 million AUD ($20 million USD). While this is the most expensive Australian rollercoaster, the modified Blue Fire clone/Steel Taipan is also costing a similar amount at around $30 million AUD and Copperhead Strike is costing $30 million USD. Rivals, Steel Taipan & Copperhead Strike are obviously different coasters and I am aware of the differences such as: -DCR having limited theming (1.4km of Track) -Copperhead Strike having extensive theming and 2 launches. (992m of track) -Blue Fire being a first of it's kind, theming and having a pre-show & Steel Taipan having a swing launch. (1km of track) So why did it cost so little when compared to other Mack coasters? The only reasons I can think of is Village roadshow being given a discount and launches costing more.
  4. A.H

    Six Flags Australia

    All jokes aside Six Flags would never enter Australia. Six flags hasn't built a groundup park since 1971 and even if they did enter the Australian market it would have Been during the Premier Parks era when they were expanding like crazy.
  5. A Log flume like the one at Phantasialand would be perfect.
  6. Smaller scale B&M Hyper or RMC hybrid anyone? (US coaster enthusiasts took enough notice with Rivals, RMC did the same with Energylandia.)
  7. A.H

    Expedition Theme Parks: The History of Dreamworld

    So I now Give a thumbs up every time I see @Slick?
  8. A.H

    What’s next for movie world

    Personally I don't see a large scale coaster for quite a while. A fix for kids area and eventually either a RMC raptor or a Vekoma Bermuda Blitz (as both are inverting chain lift coasters) to replace Arkham Asylum.
  9. A.H

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Does anyone know how many trains Dreamworld is ordering for this coaster?
  10. Well Dreamworld permanently mislabeled the Motocoaster as a Thrill ride
  11. A.H

    New luna park sydney ride?

    Highly unlikely but a Rmc Raptor would be perfect.
  12. (Sorry if this post seems a little dumb.) Taft Broadcasting Parks was an investor (and owner) in both Canada's Wonderland, Australia's Wonderland and other US theme parks. In 1992 Taft sold off all their theme parks (except Sydney) to Paramount, which Paramount then later sold to Cedar Fair. Taft broadcasting didn't sell Wonderland Sydney because they had a smaller stake in the park. If they had a larger stake and/or sold the park to Paramount Parks (Which then Cedar fair then bought) Would we have a Cedar Fair park in Sydney operating to this day?
  13. A.H

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Here's a meme to set back your expectations.