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  1. Dreamworld Invests in team members’ futures with launch of new Training Academy As part of Ardent Leisure’s ongoing commitment to be a leader in all aspects of theme park operations and safety, Dreamworld has established a Training Academy to deliver continued learning and development opportunities to its team members. Click here to continue reading
  2. Wiped out... Ardent Leisure shares hit seven year low The share price of Dreamworld owners Ardent Leisure has tumbled around 20 per cent in the past week. Click here to continue reading
  3. Dreamworld mismanagement reaches fever pitch with tone-deaf Wipeout closure Dreamworld's announcement that the iconic Wipeout is now closed was a foregone conclusion for the 25 year old ride, but what's worrying is the lack of a future plan from a theme park whose owners have no apparent strategy. Click here to continue reading
  4. Dreamworld appoints aviation expert as engineering boss; Sky Voyager remains grounded Dreamworld have announced the appointment of a new boss of the theme park's engineering division that has never worked in a theme park and holds no professional engineering qualifications. Click here to continue reading
  5. Wyndham Cruises rebrands to Sea World Cruises and launch new ferry service to Sea World Gold Coast sightseeing cruise operator Wyndham Cruises have announced the company will rebrand to Sea World Cruises and launch a new ferry service transporting passengers from Surfers Paradise to Sea World. Click here to continue reading
  6. Village Roadshow CEO: Dreamworld is no longer a competitive factor The owners of Movie World, Sea World and Wet'n'Wild have reported theme park earnings of nearly $40 million for the half year and a record-breaking January period just hours after the announcement of a $12 million loss at Dreamworld. Click here to continue reading
  7. There's no new major rides or attractions coming to Dreamworld after Sky Voyager At the release of today's disappointing half-year results, Dreamworld's owners have pulled the plug on future expansion plans that were meant to total more than $50 million. Click here to continue reading
  8. Sea World to launch new Thunder Lake Stunt Show Sea World is excited to announce the launch of a new multi-million-dollar ski show, Thunder Lake Stunt Show, set to feature world-class stunts, action and comedy on the iconic ski lake. Click here to continue reading
  9. Sea World Carnivale 2019 Carnivale returned to Sea World for 2019 and once again offered a wide variety of vibrant performances, food and the return of the Aquacolour Spectacular. Click here to continue reading
  10. Where's Sky Voyager? Dreamworld's biggest ride in 20 years is nowhere to be seen It has been heralded as a major component of Dreamworld's turnaround strategy. But with 2018 behind us and the peak holiday season drawing to a close, there's still no Sky Voyager. Click here to continue reading
  11. 'Actions speak louder than words': Dreamworld is still a decaying, unreliable theme park Dreamworld CEO told Sunrise viewers this morning that actions speak louder than words as Dreamworld once again promises the same commitment to safety and maintenance that they've been offering for more than two years. Click here to continue reading
  12. The Aquaman Exhibition: inside Movie World's latest blockbuster attraction Warner Bros. Movie World have unveiled The Aquaman Exhibition, a new walkthrough attraction featuring props, costumes and sets from the new Aquaman film. Click here to continue reading
  13. Experience a Magical Night of Festivities with Warner Bros. Movie World's White Christmas The magic of Christmas will return to Warner Bros. Movie World this December, with the annual White Christmas Charity event launching tonight. Click here to continue reading
  14. Ardent Leisure pave a strange pathway to Dreamworld's recovery with new attractions The limping theme park pins their hopes on new water attractions and animal exhibits that struggle to answer exactly why people should return to Dreamworld. Click here to continue reading
  15. Village Roadshow Theme Parks to launch biggest Summer Ever with new Attractions, Shows and Experiences Village Roadshow Theme Parks is set for its biggest summer ever with a host of exciting new attractions, experiences and shows opening across its premier Gold Coast locations. Click here to continue reading