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  1. Movie World drops first official hints for forthcoming hypercoaster Longest, tallest, fastest are the only clues given for "the Southern Hemisphere's greatest attraction ever!" in an email that has gone out to customers today. Click here to continue reading
  2. Rezoning doesn't help Dreamworld become more like Disney or Universal Ardent Leisure CEO Deborah Thomas defends the rezoning by hinting at a Disney or Universal style precinct. It sounds great – but their major tourism zoning already allows for this. Click here to continue reading
  3. Dreamworld CEO to staff: we are not for sale As Ardent Leisure announces that they are exploring rezoning of land at the Coomera home of Dreamworld, Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson reassures staff that the rumours of the park's sale aren't true. Click here to continue reading
  4. More thrills: a non-inverting loop on Movie World's hypercoaster Construction continues on Movie World's new roller coaster and this week the first pieces have gone into place for another roller coaster element never seen in Australia: a non-inverting loop. Click here to continue reading
  5. Dreamworld reports growing slumps in attendance and revenue Theme park owners Ardent Leisure have reported a slowed recovery to visitation and revenue figures as the theme park struggles to rebound. Click here to continue reading
  6. Airtime installed on Movie World's hypercoaster A newly installed twisting camel back hill is set to provide a stomach-churning moment of airtime beneath the towering Stengel Dive. Click here to continue reading
  7. Movie World hypercoaster: DC Comics rumours intensify As construction continues, rumours fly over the theme of Warner Bros. Movie World's forthcoming hypercoaster. Click here to continue reading
  8. Dreamworld's Tower of Terror 2 closed for unscheduled maintenance Tower of Terror 2 at Dreamworld has been suddenly closed as it undergoes unscheduled maintenance relating to the ride control system. Click here to continue reading
  9. S-bend adds element of speed to Movie World hypercoaster Track continues to go up at a steady pace on Movie World's roller coaster. Today's addition is an sweeping S-bend that will showcase the unreal speed of Australia's first hypercoaster. Click here to continue reading
  10. Inclined dive loop goes up on Movie World's hypercoaster The new roller coaster at Warner Bros. Movie World continues to shape up as its second element – an inclined dive loop – is put into place. Click here to continue reading
  11. Sea World Celebrates arrival of Twin Polar Bear Cubs Sea World is excited to announce that 16-year-old Polar Bear Liya has given birth and is caring for two Polar Bear cubs. Click here to continue reading
  12. Deborah Thomas demoted amid Dreamworld sale rumours Embattled Ardent Leisure CEO Deborah Thomas's brief period in the CEO position comes to an end as talk of a Dreamworld sale rears its head once again. Click here to continue reading
  13. VRTP needs to fundamentally rethink their message and marketing Village Roadshow Theme Parks need a significant shakeup of their marketing strategies if they want to climb out of this slump sooner rather than later. Click here to continue reading
  14. It's a Stengel Dive: Movie World hypercoaster's first element completed An overbanked, twisting camel back hill – known as a Stengel Dive – is the first element completed on the hypercoaster currently under construction at Warner Bros. Movie World. Click here to continue reading
  15. Australia's biggest roller coaster is Village Roadshow's share price Operators of Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet'n'Wild have had a rough six months but there are hopes for a steady rebound with marketing campaigns and new attractions. Click here to continue reading