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  1. Saw staff measuring the fence by the entrance leading to Tiger Island. Something similar was done right before the Kung Fu Panda deconstruction began
  2. Scaffolding has gone up around the detour walkway A new office has appeared by the Billabong Restaurant New generic work fence design - looks good!
  3. I don't think the Chinatown entrance will come back, but the alleyway by Scooby will probably be used
  4. I thought they'd just reuse the Surfrider board. Good to see
  5. Recent pic of the site. More concrete!
  6. Kansas Twister is now visible (near TopGolf) Wicked Witch's lift hill can now be seem from multiple spots
  7. Well, It did happen shortly after this POV was posted on a popular channel that showed the dire state the ride was in...
  8. This thing was very very high on my bucket list... very sad to see it close.
  9. I'm guessing they were bought for the Arcade as game prizes, and were put up on sale in the shop to make some extra $$$. I've seen the same toys a few times in Claw Machines at cinemas and the like.
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