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  1. Yeah, on the promotional imagery they released it says "Central Park Station to Wildlife Station". I wonder how long the duration is now that they've removed that station?
  2. How close do you think we are to opening? Next holidays? These holidays? Cheers.
  3. They wasted two million dollars making this 😭 Anyone know why it is still up?
  4. Tom Scott is an epic creator, one of my favourites 👍
  5. Dreamworld has updated their website to correct the error
  6. To me, this seems great. I think they want this to be completely unrelated to Dreamworld other than the venue, which I think is an interesting move. By my understanding they also removed Park After Dark references from the DW website, which makes me think this is a sort of replacement all year round. I'd love to see how popular it is after the grand opening and the "hype" has died down a bit. I think this move is a bit strange. A $2 coin seems oddly specific and I can't see why they have this. Anybody know a reason? Surely $2 doesn't pay for operational costs. I agree. The announcement/launch does seem a bit rushed (maybe because they are selling Main Event?) and I think it's a bit strange launching it during winter. Nevertheless I think it'll overall be a good new addition.
  7. I love Dreamworld and completely agree. Dreamworld is better in my opinion because of the smaller crowds. Less lines and less stress. I don't share the same opinion as my family with Dreamworld. What happened with Green Lantern? 👀
  8. Yeah, same. My family and I recently visited for my birthday and kept calling it "Deathworld" and were very hesitant to visit. They criticized a lot of decisions made after the accident (ST placement, memorial site placement), and generally didn't have a good opinion on the park. Is interesting to know that many share that opinion.
  9. Do you think DW still has a bad reputation after the 2016 disaster?
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