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  1. What about after a few of those SeaWorld pints?
  2. Tom and Jerry theme would work for the dueling boomerang. Probably ends up two face themed.
  3. Well the two that they've had at MW have been shite. So once again. Yuck 3 vekoma's?
  4. New plans. https://www.coastba.com.au/featured/item/2086-new-compehensive-site
  5. The Baldwin has returned!! https://www.facebook.com/537015473442196/posts/1256100064867063/?app=fbl
  6. The park would know that though. I like the idea of trying to get more through the gate after the peak peak times.
  7. The boiler and the locomotive frame were loaded on a different truck but was not want quick enough to get a photo
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