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  1. Would Arkham's plot be large enough to house a ride of this size though? Gotta agree with @DaptoFunlandGuy and I've said as much before. The enthusiast in me would love to see another big, world-class thrill coaster to replace Arkham and if they ended up announcing, say, a Vekoma flyer or an RMC single-rail, I'd be pumped. What the park really needs, and what I'd be just as (if not more) excited for, is a really high-quality, themed family attraction. That's the big hole in MW's lineup. @MARK28's suggestion would clearly be a great fit for the park. There's just the question of si
  2. Not sure what thread to put this in. Apparently Surfrider is being retracked and new parts have now arrived on site. I don't remember hearing anything about this? Photo courtesy of Gold Coast Theme Parks. Edit: Found the other thread 😅 Mods feel free to delete....
  3. It's definitely some respite and further solidifies that the status of Seven's current affairs programming as the value range 60 Minutes is not changing any time soon.
  4. I flagged their social media ads about the program for spreading false information. 🖕 Having voted "slightly skewed to a negative angle" on the poll, I am dismayed (yet unsurprised) to have been proven so very wrong. If we'd indulged ourselves to put aside Natalie Lowbarr's Razzie Award-worthy existential bitch attack upon disembarking Valravn, or the Bogan Logan wildebeest's smug proclamation that it was "no accident" her daughter's abject disregard for basic slide safety protocol caused injury (regional public schooling, folks), there still may have been a prospective forty-five minutes
  5. I think most of the responses have been measured. As @themagician more or less said, you absolutely have the right to an opinion. Clearly there are strong feelings to the contrary, so perhaps that's a good prompt to expound on it.
  6. Just saw an ad run for the program. They literally cut from a shot of TRRR to various coasters' POV footage with an interviewee (an enthusiast I think) being quoted "People think theyre going to die on these things". Yes, it's going to play right into the GP's assumption that riding coasters is an inherently risky, life-or-death activity.
  7. Like pretty much everyone else here, strongly disagree with your conclusion that Rivals is an average coaster by world standards. The theming (and the god-awful name), I could take or leave. However, if you want a world-class hyper in terms of thrills, Rivals is right up there. Is it the world's best? That's subjective. But I do think it is in that elite echelon of hypers with Superman The Ride, Expedition GeForce, Mako et al in terms of layout. That's even before you even get to talking about the backwards row, which gives an entirely unique frame to critically analyse the ride. You will find
  8. Mick Doohan's Motocoaster has entered the chat.
  9. I imagine that would be a limited-time exhibit, no?
  10. While we're at it, I do have fond, vivid memories screaming my lungs out on WWF and Batman Adventure. The studio tour was a super cool immersive experience and PASS was a stellar highlight. This would have been 2000 or 2001, when I was 5 or 6, so any other attractions I may have went on I don't really recall. I'd like to think I went on LTRR but I'm really not sure. No way in hell I would have been able, or wanted, to do LW and I didn't get over my fear of rides till I was a teen. (I had PTSD from the Bush Beast when I was around the same age). Thinking back on that visit, while the memory is
  11. Is there any chance of more announcements today? Would be a fitting time to unveil the hotel, unless that announcement comes after Hooray for Hollywood.
  12. My memories are hazy; I only visited Sega World once and it closed when I was 5, but what I do remember is the high-tech and futuristic aesthetic. It was a really great family experience the day we visited. I seem to recall a Nickelodeon themed playground but could be wrong? That building was such an iconic part of Darling Harbour's identity and it was a shame to see it go. Where would a new Sega attraction go? More importantly, does Sega have the relevancy now that it did in the 90s? I'd say no way. I think Nintendo would have the best shot at an attraction; just look at the amazing thin
  13. Was hoping the same thing; Bugs looks great in gold! MW is on Wikipedia's front page now till 10am AEST tomorrow.
  14. Great pics! Isn't it standard practice that station/queue/theming commences after the track has been 100% assembled? Given M1 speed limit is 110, that's the fastest we'll ever see Steel Taipan get launched to. 😉 Also, agree with other comments. No need to jeopardise your own safety - forum reacts are just not worth it.
  15. Little Nipper, Big Dipper, Boomerang and Wild Mouse! I think he means new coasters; the article's wording makes out there are four new ones, so there is a small error unless the Herald Sun knows something we don't.
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