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  1. Goliath does have them. But Intamins gyro swings all have them.
  2. Abyss doesn’t have seat belts, that’s with an OTSR.
  3. BBQ chicken and bacon. It’s the best flavour. Amazing tasting 😎
  4. Adventure World has an amazing quality menu with some great food options. Their pizza and donuts are the best that I have had at a theme park. This bad boy with season pass discount is $28 and is super tasty. Took 3.5 minutes to arrive once ordered. (Tiki bar outlet) All fresh 😎
  5. That guy on the ride seems like a super cool guy 😎
  6. I wonder if we see them add a spinning seat to the second train to solve this issue, if the spinning seat proves to be popular and a money maker.
  7. Doesn’t matter how many trains it can run, most of the times seems Superman and Rivals run 1 train each.
  8. I mean they did just build rivals and green lantern as thrill coasters that didn’t replace existing rides. So they could still remove AA to replace with family rides.
  9. It was a good fun ride, 100% more forceful than doomsday for sure. It’s a ARM model not a Huss model. Still lots of fun. Also due for a full rebuild once the carnival ends in February. New scenery, new lights, paint, motors etc.
  10. Jamberoo posted this imagine, coming along although seems it will miss the summer peek period. Looks super cool, cant wait to see it finished.
  11. Adventure world has its annual AW nights events which is great in those summer events being open till 11pm, with fairy lights, flamingos, bands, food trucks etc. great event to chill and enjoy the warm hot Perth summer.
  12. It’s not the ranger ride, it’s the travelling ride called “Top Gun” which is the same ride type. Which has been brought by sideshow amusements in perth. Recently done up and will debuts there
  13. With Steel Taipan now open what do people think will be next for the park? Personally I’m hoping their next major Capex addition is a large scale family attraction be a water based one or a family coaster. But something that caters to all. or do we see the ABC kids world remodel coming next? That area is in need of some love as well? Interesting times and let the speculation begin.
  14. Well a slide like kraken does 600 people an hour. Same as gravity wave, perfect storm etc.
  15. Controversial opinion, Buzzsaw was a decent ride. You will be missed.
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