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  1. Tim Dasco

    The Off Topic Topic

    @AlexB My point, they announced an exiting new attraction to replace VR coming this year but it has since gone quiet.
  2. Tim Dasco

    The Off Topic Topic

    So a Big attraction coming in 2020 to go along with the promised massive attraction coming in 2019. That sounds very promising for the park.
  3. Tim Dasco

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    That Wave Swinger looks Identical to March's I would say it most likely is their's.
  4. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    Yes this event has replaced the normal fright nights in October. The last 3 out of 4 fright nights have had rain during the event or colder weather. When in Perth we can still get some 40 degree days well into March. So the weather is a legit reason. They do remain very confident that the event will be a massive success. They are heavily pushing adds on local TV, plus Facebook. With this year also expanded across 2 weekends and with their first maze. They have moved away from the pumpkins, and Halloween stuff and more into the doomsday type theme. But we will see how it goes and it’s either gonna work or not.
  5. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    Yes the castle area is 100% being used for fright nights and has been flattened and cleaned up. New giant pink return pass centre. This is only tempuary I believe as it has a hire company’s logo on the back. What could probs be the entrance or exit.
  6. Tim Dasco

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    As much as I love KMG rides they don’t belong in theme parks. Yes I know KMG makes park model rides but they still look so much like a carnival and not a theme park ride.
  7. Tim Dasco

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    They should do what Adventure World do In very quiet/off peek days. The less popular rides AW puts on rotational schedules IE 1 hour on 1 hour off. For the whole day.
  8. @Slick does not mean a construction update, he means an update from Dreamworld themselves saying. The opening has been delayed but where aiming for this date. The park has just gone quiet about the ride.
  9. Just on he topic of confused belts, the tornado was designed with one in mind and you can tell the pool has been built for one to be installed. But they just haven’t built it yet.
  10. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    Park was busy today with what I would say around 4,000 people there. While at the park today a few things I have noticed, Along with the perviously discussed misting system that was installed in the Kraken queue they have installed a hose system that sprays water onto the path for the Tidal Wave & Sea Serpents queue along with new flooring and railings. As mention earlier in another thread the Aussie Wildlife experience has reopened. However this area personaly could still use more work to really make it lively. Rampage is still closed and a staff member said it was awaiting a new part, Goliath was closed all day but opened at 6:15pm giving 45 minutes of cycle time before the park closed at 7pm. Seemed like the issue was with the floor not dropping properly. (But thats a guess) Good to see maintenance working all day to get it up and running ASAP to avoid having it out of service during peek season. A Shipping container has been placed next to the Moat and the Container was opened and then closed later on and some movement was happening around the area. Not sure if its MI-4 related or for something else.
  11. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    According to the website Tunnel of Terror has reopend and is now just Goliath and Rampage that are closed for unscheduled maintenance.
  12. So Adventure World's Fright Nights event has now had information revealed. In a bid to attract more guest by having the event in the warmer period of the season the event will take place in February and March. Here is the link to the website page https://adventureworld.net.au/whats-on/fright-nights-2019 and they will be having their first ever maze attraction this year. Set against the night-time backdrop of Adventure World’s rides and attractions, with more thrill zones, interactives and live entertainment, pyrotechnics And the big one – not for the faint hearted.... Adventure World’s new Scare Maze.
  13. Tim Dasco

    Sea World closed today

    Comment removed
  14. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    So a few points from to recent visits: AW Nights Saturday Night: Was very popular compared to last week. With a massive queue at the front of the park before the event had opened. The Goliath, Kraken queues both filled and over flowed and Abyss went down to the bottom queue race. The food trucks and band had been moved closer to the main lawn making the area feel more lively. On my recent visit yesterday the park was fairly busy for a Monday and it was good to see Rampage running lots of full cycles. (Not happy being forced to go on it 3 times in a row tho. ) Its good to also see a new misting system up in the Kraken Queue line which does help keep people cool.
  15. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    @Aw hype so in regards to Rampage they re painted it last season, and during this last off season they re did all the wiring, replaced the seating and put a new type of restraint system on it. Yes its an extreme ride and I personally find one ride is enough. But with the money spent on it I think it will be there for at least 5 years. Now the island had been cleaned up over recent visits. It was quite over run with leave and has since been cleaned.