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  1. We have a traveling model called the Scorpion owned by Geelong Amusements based in Victoria.
  2. Tim Dasco

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    So I decided to make a little rough concept art for an expansion and remodel of WNW. With Mach 5 gone and the unsure outcome with Black hole. I thought if they decided to gut the entire H2O zone and start from scratch this would be a cool idea. This is a rough concept so excuse the quality. This plan has the follow: New food outlets around the area along with lockers, toilets etc... Water slide Wheel (White Water West) A Mammoth style water coaster (ProSlide) Rain-fortress and Splash pad area (White Water West) Tower 1: (Proslide) Tornado 60 enclosed Tornado Wall 60 Tantrum Alley Tower 2: (Proslide) Bowl Alley Family raft slide UFO Raft slide Tower 3: (Polin) 2 Family single raft slides Corba Waterslide I feel like this plan gives the park some good solid waterslides for thrill seekers and family. Along with some gimmicky stuff and world class stuff. I doubt we would ever see investment off this size at WNW. But we can dream. (Also the Poling slide complex comes from the original concept art from Outback Splash)
  3. Tim Dasco

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Huss Engineers are in QLD doing 2 week Quarantining according to Mr Kirby Vortex should be opening late November hopefully.
  4. Tim Dasco

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Which means come November they will have Buzzsaw, Sidewinder, Claw and Pandemonium all closed. They might need to postpone some closures then.
  5. Tim Dasco

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    I thought you were talking about the hand in the picture from the TRRR accident that the media keep showing. Honestly wish the media actually looks at the pics they share. They shouldn’t be sharing a picture which shows part of the body.
  6. Tim Dasco

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    Polin will build a knock off for everything 😂.
  7. Tim Dasco

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    Well keep in mind when the park was originally owned and built it was never intended to be what it is today. The family that own it now brought the park planning to expanded the current park. Easier to expand a park with a brand then to build from the ground. Both original expansion plans done by Proslide might give you a better idea of the plans. you can see the easement line in both.
  8. Tim Dasco

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    It’s the Bunbury to Dampier Gas line which runs through the park.
  9. Tim Dasco

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    @Aw hype they can’t build any attractions in the easement I have highlighted in blue. but they can build on the other side off it. With this plan comes the earlier application with a new entrance gate walking into the new pool area.
  10. Tim Dasco

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    @Gazza I was thinking it looked set up ready for 2 Aqua loop type slides on each side not raft. But who knows? Also more interestingly here is the pool thats been talked about. This Pool area gives away massive "Bali" type feels and this entire project looks like its going to change the park for the better. Along with the new entrance, carpark and staff buildings. Gonna be pretty decent park after this. Also see site plan for locations:
  11. Tim Dasco

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Its per the press release it’s going to be 30 metres. Very similar in height to Storm. You can also build very tall and big family coasters. Height doesn’t always mean thrill. EG you can have a very tall mine train terrain coaster that’s not thrilling.
  12. Tim Dasco

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    TRRR yes, log ride yes. Wipeout and TOT no. Log ride supposedly closed as the cages added apparently did major damage to the boats and concrete channels. Wipeout and TOT Literally couldn’t run anymore. So they would have closed.
  13. Tim Dasco

    Movie World Maintenance 2020

    But does it still have Greg’s Name inside the lift hill?
  14. Tim Dasco

    Movie World Maintenance 2020

    Damn fires, they ruin everything... 😡
  15. Tim Dasco

    Green Lantern Coaster 2020 Refurb

    It was down before the closure as it was getting a full repaint. Which wasn’t finished when Covid struck. So when the park reopened they had to finish paint and it’s possible the chain was found to need replacing after the closure started.