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  1. So we now have part 5. and another today tonight video airing tomorrow night regarding the theme and the first riders for Goliath which opens this Saturday!
  2. Cementing Movie World

    I would say building a loop from WWF to Rivals would be good. But I don't see it happening until they build another attraction between the two out the back so it's not a long path with nothing there.
  3. So Part 4 came out today of Goliath's Story. I thought I would put it all together and see if we can make any sense of it. With the opening this Saturday of the new season I think we will see this continue until then. In the Darkness of Night, A world of silence, An answer is needed, Celestial Guidance, A legend from long ago, Tells of an object hidden in time, A Myth, A folktale, A story told at bedtime. Of six points in the night sky, Marking a Colossal Beast, Waiting and Watching, Ready to be unleashed, The key to unlock this force, From where it is bound, Is a Rhythm, A noise of such magnitude, An epic sound.
  4. I think it's safe to say we won't see another coaster at MW for at least 4 years. MW have put a big coaster in on average every 4-6 years. But I doubt we will see one soon considering they will want to see a ROI for Rivals. Personally I think the next coaster will be a replacement for AA. (6 years or so) as ride manufactures give an average life span of 30 years and it's definatly not new coaster. The only chance you have off a dark ride happening will be if they decided to remove junior driving school and use that whole building or a small dark ride in the show stage. (Personally I think a new show would be better) as big Show buildings are not cheap and it has to be justified with a ROI. But I think it's safe to say the next attraction will be a family ride and not a high thrill ride.
  5. @ABYSS it seems possible they have been giving very short parts of the story so maybe we will see them coming until the opening this Saterday.
  6. Video 2 of Goliath's Story has been shared.
  7. Honestly well done MW! This is an amazing addition and we all hope it really pays of for you and it's great to have such a world class ride on our door step!
  8. I would say the bridge might be closed until top golf opens as that is still a construction site.
  9. Question is this a top 10 coaster?
  10. @Glubbo why not? I thought they would let him post from the top of the lift hill?
  11. I think it's a good idea. When they have a 30million dollar investment they need it to pay for itself and give a ROI. So charging for the backwards seat might help.
  12. So the Goliaths Awakenig story part 1 has been posted int he lead up to its launch on the 23rd. Next weekend!
  13. And people said the face would ruin the coaster.
  14. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    I picture something either this size or smaller if it cost a few million. This is Kahuna falls from AW costs 3 million AUD.
  15. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    It could really be anything. It could even be something like Pipline Plunge (WWW) or Kahuna falls (AW) they cost around 3 million or it could be small stuff. It's unknown the scale at this time.