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  1. Tim Dasco

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    You mean Sly Flyer’s last day!
  2. Tim Dasco

    Aussie World New Ride ‘Rat’

    But did they get a roll back?
  3. Tim Dasco

    Aussie World New Ride ‘Rat’

    Jet rescue was closed due to “water damage”
  4. Tim Dasco

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Sure opening December 2019
  5. Tim Dasco

    AW Nights 2020

    So had a great time at the second AW nights the weather was a lot warmer then last week and the park during the day was full with all car parks full. Was fun watching them try and removing 5,000 guests and then letting another 2,000 or so in within half an hour. Was great to watch. The event itself is growing year on year and it just has that nice laid back chilled feeling prefect to have a beer and relax.
  6. Tim Dasco

    Was Storm Coaster worth the money?

    But for a 12 million dollar coaster it’s not a bad coaster for the price tag. The main issue was the additional 8 million to remove BT and earth works.
  7. Tim Dasco

    Log Ride Closing for Good?

    Would anyone really miss the log ride? Honestly why spend money on that ride? Rip it out and replace it with a better one. Compare WWF to the Log ride? If your gonna spend money to fix the ride up and make it look good again. You may as well spend that money on a new one.
  8. Tim Dasco

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    It’s going to be the browny/orange as shown in the images above that got realised a few weeks ago.
  9. Tim Dasco

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    It’s cos the slides are made by Polin.
  10. Tim Dasco

    The Off Topic Topic

    It was built and assembled at the Gerslaur factory not Mack factory. I believe the Blue coaster is Hang Time. Not sure about the other.
  11. It was originally planned to open in September last year I believe but hasn’t happened.
  12. Tim Dasco

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    It was actually meant to be a joke saying it was opening in the coming weeks. But auto correct removed the S from weeks. 😂
  13. Tim Dasco

    Vortex ride Delayed at SW

    If this was Dreamworld people would be angry.
  14. Well it’s now December and the new ride Vortex at Sea World clearly ain’t going to open. With construction still not going vertical. Why do people think this ride has been delayed?
  15. Tim Dasco

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    Breaking news: Fully 6 will open in the coming week!