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  1. Well it reopens in 4 days and they have painted one six of the coaster? With no more maintenance periods scheduled this year? So I would say it might be true. Not saying its not stupid.
  2. I questioned this and he responded saying if they closed it to repaint it would take 12 months to paint so it will be done section by section, which means when the final part is painted the start will be faded. If they got a professional roller coaster painting team in it could be done in a few months. Top thrill dragster got painted in 2 months same with Millenium Force.
  3. 2 Weeks ago I was at the park and was at Guest Services and the guy working mentioned the ride will take 6 years to paint and they will repaint a part of rivals every maintenance period over 6 years. In my opinion the track is so faded now I am not looking forward to seeing how bad the lift hill will be in 5 more years time.
  4. Did you consider it might be related to Giant Drop closures? Large scale equipment being near ride envelope to do work on the ride? Such as Removing TOT track etc.
  5. Not true at all, you can easily utilise the existing conveyer all you need to do is widen the splash down pool. This won’t be a new water slide as something that big would have had earth works started by now.
  6. Adventure World has submitted a Development Application - Public Amusement - New Amusement Ride, Relocation of Existing Rides and Site works. Interesting to note it says relocation of Existing Rides and glad to see a New Amusement Ride is coming. Interesting to see what this becomes.
  7. Well Lego own Merlin, so if Lego approve it I see no issue.
  8. If one was to retheme ABC kids world into Lego there is a lot that could be done to bring life to this area of the park. Remove the Fun maze and the sad tiny Tea cups ride, the Rock N Tug and ferris wheel can be moved around as needed. BRC ride can be gutted, and you have the surrounding area of the TOT station and Billabong. Also could work MDMC into the theme. See Red outline could be an entire "lego land". Re theme MDMC as some sort of Lego racing coaster (Market as a family coaster). Put a new trackless Lego themed dark ride or (Vekoma Mad house in the old BRC ride building. (Might need to expand the building back. Then buy a few new flat rides, a large Tea cups (Or even the Mack Twist N Splash version) and a Zamperla Telecombat ride (Think Dumbo) and maybe a new kids drop tower think Loopy Light house or even a small kids coaster see spongebob. Bamn you have a great family / young kids area perfect for the families. Then reopen Billibong as some sort of Lego food outlet. Realistically all of that should cost no more than $20 million and you have given new life to that entire chunk of the park. With a very popular IP. See video for Vekoma Mad house themed to Lego.
  9. Dreamworld recently filed a permit for a refurbishment of “Legoland”. Now this was only submitted last month and the refurbishment of the Lego store happened late last year I believe. So my question is what could this be? My guess based on pure speculation is that we could see at some stage ABC kids world or Dreamworks rethemed to Legoland. As much as I love dreamworks as someone who grew up with the IPs they are starting to date. Pure speculation on my behalf.
  10. Ok so thought I would chime in my 10cents here. BLOCK OUT DATES: Adventure World suffered these issues last season and they re worked the way they operated this season. Adventure World last year sold out of their entire season pass allocation within 1 week of the park reopening. They have a set limit and once they reach this thats it. They turned people away last season and this season. So this season they launched a new season pass with blockout dates. Creating 3 tiers, platinum, Premium and Standard. The Premium pass was capped with a lower maximum of passes they sold to ensure attendance wasn't to high over peek periods and the blackout dates were the entire summer holidays and Good Friday. Now when they launched this any renewing member that wanted to select the standard option could only renew over the phone so you had to physically call guest services who explained the blackout dates BEFORE you paid for them. In addition to information on their websites. GUARANTEED ENTRY? The park also changed the way they did online tickets, you can purchase date specific tickets or non date specific tickets. The non date specific tickets point blank say entry is not guaranteed on that day if we reach our capacity. Lots of TV adds about this and website info. MAX CAPACITY They also have a max. capacity limit set to ensure queues aren't too long and this capacity is set by what the rides and park itself can handle. They are licensed to hold 8,000 people but they normally close the gates at 5,000 people according to their facebook page. Increasing as they build more rides IE Abyss, Kraken and Goliath.
  11. 480 is its theoretical hourly capacity. Which means 20 cycles an hour. A cycle every 3 minutes.
  12. I know you said as per that government website, Just putting it in saying WA school holidays is incorrect, ours are Sat 9th-April - 25 April 25th.
  13. I see everyone brining up this olympics as a game changer. Do we remember the common wealth games and how the parks were dead because of them? Food for thought?
  14. Going by how the Rampage is designed yes it does similar moves to wipeout with the arms rotating independently but it has 1 hinged arm. They use the hinge to make it easier to remove the Gondola for maintenance which I would say could be the same for vortex.
  15. Whats better than 1 large Sea Container, multiple smaller ones inside of each other. 🤣
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