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  1. DW did sell a massive amount of Tot to six flags. So they did make money of it.
  2. But the real question, if it’s been retracked with a new train. Is it a new credit? 😂
  3. There is freshly painted surf rider track laying in the AOS carpark. Will try and closer pics this arvo.
  4. Gingy’s Gliders has returned looking fresh and like it’s had its 10 year full strip down and fully repainted. Carousel is still mostly missing and off-site. Dronkey flyers have returned Tower of terror tunnel coming down very quickly Lots of demo happening in the park yesterday and over the last week. The log ride sign was thrown in the bin while I was there. Few logs remain and theming left to the side but the site is pretty much all flat and lots of earth being brought in.
  5. Pictures taken yesterday afternoon. Looks like Monday will be the day for the last track to go in. All supports are now in place and the carpark is looking empty.
  6. @DaptoFunlandGuy would you possibly be able to send updates for Adventure World, Aussie World and Jamberoo please.
  7. Video is just concept and was told does not reflect the final design. The tender documents show completely different layout without the bridge and pathway.
  8. Has Green Lantern every ran with 6 trains? I know they have 7, but did it every run the 6?
  9. I would also argued they picked the ride manufacture choice the same way. Wouldn't mind the cheapest Mack or Intamin ride.
  10. From what I have been told while Rampage can rotate arms independently with the motor system as its not gravity run, is not capable of flipping the gondola while not straight. However Rampage does still provide a very intense ride experience, however it's not comfortable to ride (Due to shoulders being crushed) However when they installed an entire new gondola with restraint system in 2018 and vertically rebuilt the ride, its much better experience then it was.
  11. I would say as most seasonal parks are they will do annual maintenance and tear the rides apart. Closer to opening they will reassemble and finish maintenance and re commission all the rides.
  12. With the hard lockdown in Perth Adventure World and Outback splash closed on Sunday afternoon. Even as the lockdown ends 6pm tonight. Both parks will remain closed until 14th February when more restriction's ease such as face masks.
  13. Just thought I would do a quick TR from the first AW nights of the season. As it was a sold out event it was pretty busy but as it was a very warm day and evening the crowds were spread across both dry and water attractions. Was a great night as always with the typical entertainment, food trucks and live music.
  14. AW Nights for 2021: the 9th of January is sold out.
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