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  1. Tim Dasco

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    Key points from the investor presentation: - sky voyager the most popular ride since opening - Coaster to start construction in the new year - Special events or entertainment to happen every holidays - waterslides to open for summer - the remaining slides to be painted early next year to be done by April Link below: https://clients3.weblink.com.au/pdf/ALG/02172235.pdf
  2. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    So the event grew to a a large level but it always rained out the event. So they decided to change it last season to Feb last season to get better weather which back fired. So this was the first year back during Halloween so they are building the event up again. However the park was packed out on the Sat night when the weather cleared. All major rides had 30-1 hour queues and the fog machines and contamination zones were out cos the weather cleared.
  3. Tim Dasco

    Dreamworld Neon Nights Returns

    Well there is no TOT2 but Sky Voyager is now open.
  4. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - Solo visit

    Well I got a locker tonight didn’t want the rain, wind and hail to ruin my bag.
  5. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - Solo visit

    @Aimsley81 You planning on doing waterslides?
  6. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - Solo visit

    Hi Amy, @iwerks and myself will be there on Thursday! So @iwerks always has camera equipment so he gets a locker. I personally leave my keys, wallet in my bag which I put next to a tree around the main lawn and I keep my phone on me unless I’m doing water slides. For dry rides you can store lose articles in boxes for every ride. With waterslides it’s the same but I wouldn't leave phones around water. Apparently pre ticket sales have been strong so could be a busy night. Hope that helps. Have you precooked a maze time?
  7. Tim Dasco

    The Off Topic Topic

    The new NCC 2019 version that come out is for any new buildings, this is what got sky voyager caught up cos they started the paperwork process after this fact. It would be a WPHSQ decision to force them to comply not a NCC issue. The only reason a building would be forced to comply with updated regulations is if you do major renovation work. (NCC Stands for National Construction code for those wondering)
  8. Tim Dasco

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    Those said slide parts:
  9. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    @A.H it was an attraction called Kiddie Creek which was a kids ride for those under 100cm’s I believe and they would go around the creek for one lap in a little boat. This attraction was remove the year Kahuna Falls opened.
  10. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    I can confirm they 100% can, the pool just needs to be widened and the other slide will start right next to the kraken conveyer belt.
  11. Tim Dasco

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    I would say a new proslide slapped next to Kraken utilising the same splash down pool and same conveyer belt might have been the plan? Am I right? 😀
  12. Tim Dasco

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    New slide parts have arrived:
  13. Tim Dasco

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    Slide parts will start to arrive next week according to Greg Yong on a Ausleisure interview.
  14. Tim Dasco

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    There is an American company that specialises in painting rides and slides and they have the special equipment to paint semi transparent slides. LPS hired them to paint some of their rides.
  15. Tim Dasco

    Traveling fairs!

    Different manufacturer, the nitro is a Zamperla discovery and I’m not sure who makes the Extreme Thriller but it looks like a knock of on KMGs Freak Out ride design. Having done both of them yesterday the Extreme thriller pushes you downwards with a lot of force similar to the Intamin gyro swing and Nitro slowly pushes you out with more floater airtime.