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  1. People also forget it pulls 4.5g positive and 1.5g negative. Being a very intense ride is bound to make it seem "Rough" as It is one of the highest g force rating in Australia for a ride. It also operates typically in Perth's hot summer and that makes for a rougher ride comparing it to a colder winters day. In my opinion last season the ride was overall smoother than its original opening day season. However, I didn't ride it in December or January during the hot days (only AW nights were it cooled down)
  2. Ride sign installed, picture from Destination Dad and Daughter on Facebook. and it’s a 3D sign for once and on rockwork.
  3. Has it ever even been publicly stated the total price for Rivals? I remember hearing the costs blew out to just around $35 million. Making it more expensive anyway? on the other side of things, rivals was custom and had elements such as the non inverting loop which were new for Mack and the engineer works for Rivals might have been higher than Blue fire considering it’s a clone (yes it has changes and need engineering work but the R&D costs would be lower)
  4. As I said not to host it right now, rather wait another year till next "spooky Season".
  5. I never said postphone I said cancel.But if by February 80% of the population is vaccinated and hard lockdowns weren't needed then yeah.
  6. ITs already gone through council and been approved in a DA.
  7. In my opinion it doesn't seem to be an event worth holding right now from a business point of view. The sheer cost to hold Fright Nights is an insane amount of money and CAPEX to run that the event. (more than any other event out there) If something was to happen (touch wood) and QLD was to do a lockdown would be a massive loss to the business.
  8. Most rides are due in for the Royal Adelaide show and then the Perth royal show. So I’m curious how they will get over or if they are even allowed to enter Adelaide?
  9. I honestly don’t think any park would buy it. It’s such a bad investment for a smaller park, it’s a ride not supported buy Maurer anymore and is a maintenance nightmare. The smaller parks don’t have the ability to bleed money on maintenance and reliability. If the ride was reliable and supported I would say it’s a steal for any park but sadly it’s not.
  10. form my recent video most of the fluke Chanel’s had holes and major cracks. So major work would be needed to fix it up track wise.
  11. DW did sell a massive amount of Tot to six flags. So they did make money of it.
  12. But the real question, if it’s been retracked with a new train. Is it a new credit? 😂
  13. There is freshly painted surf rider track laying in the AOS carpark. Will try and closer pics this arvo.
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