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  1. I would say as most seasonal parks are they will do annual maintenance and tear the rides apart. Closer to opening they will reassemble and finish maintenance and re commission all the rides.
  2. With the hard lockdown in Perth Adventure World and Outback splash closed on Sunday afternoon. Even as the lockdown ends 6pm tonight. Both parks will remain closed until 14th February when more restriction's ease such as face masks.
  3. Just thought I would do a quick TR from the first AW nights of the season. As it was a sold out event it was pretty busy but as it was a very warm day and evening the crowds were spread across both dry and water attractions. Was a great night as always with the typical entertainment, food trucks and live music.
  4. AW Nights for 2021: the 9th of January is sold out.
  5. I have to disagree. It has been a nightmare for some See NSW, VIC and QLD. But it's the best thing to have happened for some other smaller parks. In Perth both parks have just been insane. Adventure World has never had to stop selling season passes every in their history, and they hit this a month into their season this year. They have had their best season ever. Same goes with Outback Splash reaching capacity the other day (not covid capacity but physical licensing capacity) So I agree where this coming from.
  6. Wet N Wild is still a waterpark with waterslides? (Just some not operating)
  7. Or the SkyWay, Pirate-ship, Sea Viper, Train at Sea World, Mach 5 at WNW, and I'm not gonna even bother listing dreamworld.....
  8. But do events such as White Christmas need to change years from years? The target market is families with young kids. (For WC) Once these kids grow up they move onto evens such as fright nights. Then new kids come along and take over and the cycle repeats.
  9. If you look at the pics above the rack is sitting on jacks and the supports aren’t connected to the ground properly. This ain’t just a paint job but some major structural work.
  10. Didn’t you know? DC rivals Hyper coaster had the worlds first non inverting loop. Was also the tallest the fastest and the greatest attraction in the world. Vortex is also the most immersive themed attraction ever made.
  11. Must have just reused the original vortex signs that said opening this December.
  12. We have a traveling model called the Scorpion owned by Geelong Amusements based in Victoria.
  13. So I decided to make a little rough concept art for an expansion and remodel of WNW. With Mach 5 gone and the unsure outcome with Black hole. I thought if they decided to gut the entire H2O zone and start from scratch this would be a cool idea. This is a rough concept so excuse the quality. This plan has the follow: New food outlets around the area along with lockers, toilets etc... Water slide Wheel (White Water West) A Mammoth style water coaster (ProSlide) Rain-fortress and Splash pad area (White Water West) Tower 1: (Proslide) Tornado 60 en
  14. Huss Engineers are in QLD doing 2 week Quarantining according to Mr Kirby Vortex should be opening late November hopefully.
  15. Which means come November they will have Buzzsaw, Sidewinder, Claw and Pandemonium all closed. They might need to postpone some closures then.
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