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  1. I remember detailing this in a thread a while back but ideally I'd love to see it replaced by a Batman attraction (sorta comes full circle) and then theme the area surrounding it to Gotham so it's properly integrated with DC Rivals and Batwing Spaceship. It ties the whole area together really nicely in my opinion. Ideally, as huge as an investment as it'd be (and I don't even know if it'd fit), a motion based dark ride like Forbidden Journey would be awesome, or really just any sort of dark ride because the park sorta needs one. I actually drew out a plan for this a while back, it kinda goes off topic from the question but might as well share it. And yes, I removed Green Lantern in this build out.
  2. All very solid ideas, I think retiming the Supervillain Precinct back to Wild West is a solid idea, it also gives the opportunity to add a smaller family ride alongside a woodie to give the area solid variety. Think the Mine Carts teacups at Warner Park in Spain. Removing the Gotham City Hall and Cafe next to Scooby Doo is a great idea, though I think theming the area to a more broad 'Cartoon' area (i.e. Cartoon Junction at WB Abu Dhabi) would be cool provided they rename WB Kids back to Looney Tunes Village, just so there aren't two areas that share names suggesting very similar things. Though I think relocating the Gotham City Cafe and Hall to the front of the park rather than just demolishing them would work best as it makes that area feel at least a bit more immersive. Dirty Harry's I'm a bit eh on, it feels like a park icon but I do see why it could be changed. Dark ride is a brilliant idea, maximises space and everything. Lots of themes to play around with as well. Same with the stunt show and All Star Diner, smaller fixes but work miles better. Overall these ideas could do so much to improve the park, I really like the Scooby Doo Universe thing and having a dark ride would be perfect for MW considering they're only one currently is a bit uh... y'know. Great stuff.
  3. Just demolish the soundstages and you've got so much PARK All jokes aside though these are very logical solutions for space. I really like the idea of reclaiming the swamp land because that area is HUGE and could lead to some great stuff. There's a few backstage buildings behind WWF as well as a large patch of grass, I'm not 100% sure if they're soundstages or not, but if not, that gives them tons of space to expand. There are a lot of solutions for MW to expand and Village Roadshow expanding in that would be pretty awesome.
  4. Agreed. I do think they should maintain a Justice League theme and the facade, but the ride itself is in desperate need of an update. I think it would be awesome if they took the one from Abu Dhabi and cloned it. Here it is for interest purposes.
  5. These ideas are brilliant, never heard em' before. EDIT: Forgot to mark that as a reply lol
  6. Hi all, short time reader, first time poster; The recent announcement of the Wizard of Oz Precinct at Movie World has got my mind racing about possible attractions and lands post 2024 when the WOO area opens. Realistically speaking, Village Roadshow won't do anything with the park until like 2030 when they decide to open a coaster themed to another DC character (barring maybe a new show in The Roxy Theatre), but I'm constantly fascinated by the idea of future attractions at MW, even if they are way beyond the scope of what can realistically be delivered. So I thought I'd start a fun discussion asking y'all what future attractions, lands, or whatever the sort you'd wanna see at Movie World, no matter how wild it may be. Literally suggest a Rise of the Resistance level dark ride themed to The Mask, so long as it's a Warner IP or one they could likely license, it works here. Here are some personal ideas of mine, but I'd love to hear all of yours; - Create a highly immersive Gotham/Metropolis area something along the lines of the one in Abu Dhabi but with all the existing attractions barring maybe a few of the smaller ones as it could get a bit cluttered. Have this start at the path leading to Green Lantern/DC Rivals/Justice League and find a way to link it all the way to the Supervillains Precinct (I'll note a retheme of this later), creating a clean path/area that encompasses all the DC attractions in the park rather than the three we have currently. A lot of entrances would have to be torn down and relocated for this to work and not interfere with other areas (namely WOO), but if it means having an area on par with the one in Abu Dhabi, I could care less. Also use this opportunity to give Justice League a complete overhaul and update it to something like the one at Six Flags, or even the one in Abu Dhabi. Basically, just fix the attraction, it's in a very depressing state. I'd also remove the DC Superhero store at the entrance and replace it with something more broad, as it's the first shop you see when you enter the park and having it themed to DC is a bit redundant as it creates the (unfortunately accurate) idea that this is a DC park. No problems with DC, but as I said, removing this would help in making it so that DC has one, big singular area. - Update Scooby Doo, the Next Generation overhaul is a bit of a sham and half the effects barely work, if at all. Ideally it could be reverted back to the original but I think it'd be pretty neat to have a more animated version of the ride, possibly based on the new Scoob film. Theme the area around the ride (Gotham City Cafe and some of the surrounding facades) to Scooby Doo. This creates a nice little Scooby Doo area. God this makes it sound like I wanna remove all the DC stuff, I swear I'm not against it or anything lol. - And for further proof that I hate DC (I swear I don't), remove the Supervillain Precinct area as a way to more effectively transition between areas of the park. Tons of stuff that could be put here, but ideally, I'd love to see a Godzilla area, themed to a Monarch Outpost. Have little props scattered around as well as restaurants and shops (no clue how to tie this into the theme) and then a flying theatre attraction. I've truly got no clue how or where this would fit, but something like Soarin' but Godzilla where you fly around in a Monarch vehicle while you escape Godzilla or possibly help him would be incredible and maybe then I can die happy and stop writing entire essays on how a park that can barely invest in fixing a shooting dark ride should build attractions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But hey, it's a fun thing to do, and I hope y'all can to! Oh also maybe some smaller shows themed to Terminator or Clint Eastwood, Terminator might be a bit of a licensing difficulty but anything is possible when the scope is infinite! I'd love to hear all of your ideas!
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