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  1. As someone planning to do exactly this when our borders reopen, what's nuts about it?
  2. Could it be equally likely that noone bought it and DW are just going to demolish it instead?
  3. I think what's going to make it difficult for a new comer to the Aus theme park market is that there are now well established parks to compare it to. If you were to open a theme park with only 1 coaster (and nothing else to complement it, like a wildlife park or a garden etc) then you're going to have a hard time staying afloat when everyone will be continuously comparing you to the gold coast parks in terms of value. Seaworld/Movieworld existing with only 1 coaster was fine at the time, because every other park was only small and newly established. My mind is open and hopeful t
  4. It's funny because every year my wife and I go to HVG for the Christmas Lights I always say they should put a coaster in. It would go gang busters even if they brought in a travelling model like a spinning wild mouse for the Christmas period. That being said, I don't think they're in the right location to be a fully fledged theme park. The area is known for it's winerys and quiet getaways in a tranquil area. Putting a bunch of screaming people in the middle of it all is not what I'd personally see being received well by the local businesses. The place is miles away from major public
  5. Does the colouring of the S in Steel look upside down to anyone else? #CantUnseeIt
  6. I mean, my first thought when seeing the video was 'it looks much slower than I imagined it would'. But I just watched a couple of off-ride videos of DCR and it looks just as fast, so I reckon it'll be a great ride!
  7. I'm going to speculate here. The reason we're not seeing 3d signage any more is because of the difficulty and effort in adhering to the guidelines of double-fixing. I remember when I was reading through the coroner report for the RTRR and in it, engineers were pointing out fixings in the ride with single fixing points and that they should be addressed. You can see such an example in the new sign in the image above, there's the chain holding the sign as originally but also there's now an additional wire as backup. The incident DaptoFunlandGuy described at Wonderland is why. Somet
  8. Me too, there doesn't look to be anywhere near the station track-wise that's high enough to walk under, so would they need to construct a foot bridge? Side question, how would people unable to use stairs access the ride? How was it done when BD2 was there?
  9. Because it would be incredibly time consuming, difficult and error-prone to do single point measurements from each and every inch of the track in each and every direction. Sure there's probably something they could do with lasers (pew pew), but I'm going to bet it's cheaper to use a bent up piece of metal or a cut out of some plywood. I'm sure you can count on the track etc being precision engineered/manufactured, but the rock tunnel... there's plenty of opportunity for someone to over apply the concrete, and you wouldn't want an extremity hitting that at 100+kmh.
  10. I'm assuming the spinning train would have a larger envelope overall (it would exceed the standard train envelope being that its more elevated and spins), so realistically they'd really only need to pull that template through as it's kinda redundant doing the other, right? Stop a train on the MCBR or even the launch transfer track, move the other train into station, cycle other train to the maintenance track, place in maintenance shed, profit! I'm assuming there's going to be 5 blocks (station, launch, MCBR, final brakes, maintenance transfer), plenty of opportunities to shuffle t
  11. I think I remember Magician saying it was removed and not kept, I took that to mean it was smashed up and put in a skip
  12. Hasn't Dec 26th been the expected opening date the whole time?
  13. They'll have to put a net under the track. Can't have people throwing stuff at the train or parts flying off into guests. It's been done with rides like the Velocicoaster and Ice Breaker (Ice Breaker was testing before they installed the nets, they were using portable umbrellas under the ride on pathways)
  14. I would find myself unwell after a single ride too, but if you really rode it 11 times, than it's no wonder
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