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  1. I disagree. The tunnel is in the plans to be just before the loop. Greg even mentions this in his interview. I've done some dodgy mspaint work to try and illustrate my take on the perspectives of the photos. Colours match where I think they appear in the photo VS plan
  2. Of course. What I meant to infer was that I was going to hit up Dreamworld in the same trip and hopefully ride the new coaster.
  3. My lovely wife bought us a 7 day pass to use at whatever the MW park collective is referred to these days, that expires just prior to Christmas this year, so I'm hoping this will be open in time for that. I've seen a couple of mentions on the FB group about it looking like Boxing Day opening, which would be disappointing, but if the theming is done right than so be it. I was thinking, would it not be better for them to aim to open along side or close to the Leviathan's opening so they can use both ride openings as a draw card?
  4. I've noticed a lot of the older rides (coasters in particular) are getting full strip downs / repaints. Is this just that new 10-yearly complete strip-down maintenance rule following what-shall-not-be-mentioned that's essentially due immediately, due to many of them being over 10 years old?
  5. I'm curious, can someone explain why all these new rides have a 'temporary' look to them? They're all built on metal bases sitting atop concrete pads instead of being bolted down on piers (like other Roller Coasters for example). Is this just a look LP likes to maintain (like a temporary carnival ride)? Or could it be due to the proximity to the harbour (can't put deep piers in)? Or something else altogther?
  6. Lets be fair here though, ToT is still in all the plans/renders too, and the plans only say 'proposed'. I don't know if this means they're not in-scope of the current works, or just for the current contractors (and that DW will contract someone else to fix up the rail). My thoughts though are that if they were already set on removing the train for good, it would not be sitting outside adjacent to the construction works.
  7. I'm not sure it's that simple. I was having a dig through the announcement today and found the following excerpt from their ASX Release https://secure.weblink.com.au/Clients/webchartclient/clients/ardentleisure/article.asp?view=21282944 (Page 20) To me, this means they can't take money from the US side of the business to prop up Dreamworld if they needed to. Edit: I'm not a finance guy, but I'm assuming this is good being that they have repaid the loan from the QLD govt. so they won't have that burden into the future.
  8. Wouldn't they just be doing the 'in-depth' 10 yearly maintenance where they strip the ride back down to bare bones and rebuild it? (Similarly to what has happened recently with Green Lantern, Jet Rescue, soon to be Road Runner etc.)
  9. Butting in here, but potentially here (I recognised the Atco demountables)
  10. Whats with that rust on the coaster support under the current train, I thought it was just painted? Did they only paint the green segments?
  11. Appreciate the updates! Track will go in front of GD, in the removed section of the ToT track (unless plans have changed). Page 22 of this thread. There's notes in the construction plan about ride supports being installed within the current building footprint, and to be 'made good' by builders, to me this means the existing building is staying.
  12. Firefox 84 here. Increasingly I've been having more and more issues with site compatibility in FireFox. I've been using it since v3 back in the XP days. It's still my go to browser, I just know that occasionally I'll have site issues and to go to Chrome/Edge. Using the nightly build isn't going to help though. Now that Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, I'd say web devs and the likes are going to prioritise functionality for Chrome due to a larger market share
  13. Working fine here, in Firefox too!
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