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  1. Whats with that rust on the coaster support under the current train, I thought it was just painted? Did they only paint the green segments?
  2. Appreciate the updates! Track will go in front of GD, in the removed section of the ToT track (unless plans have changed). Page 22 of this thread. There's notes in the construction plan about ride supports being installed within the current building footprint, and to be 'made good' by builders, to me this means the existing building is staying.
  3. Firefox 84 here. Increasingly I've been having more and more issues with site compatibility in FireFox. I've been using it since v3 back in the XP days. It's still my go to browser, I just know that occasionally I'll have site issues and to go to Chrome/Edge. Using the nightly build isn't going to help though. Now that Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, I'd say web devs and the likes are going to prioritise functionality for Chrome due to a larger market share
  4. Working fine here, in Firefox too!
  5. The world's first single launch roller coaster? Single Rail launched roller coaster! Also, Intamin, not Intermin. I want to go easy on them, and I know I'm being pedantic here, but this is a big claim to fame so the record details should be correct. I'm excited all the same.
  6. All the focus on DW/SW and then this! So, is this likely to be Australia's first RMC or an Intamin Single rail?
  7. What if they make the train run clockwise so it goes down the incline instead of up?
  8. Do the guards see the actual weight though? When we went last year I only noticed a green/red light. In the case of multiple riders per raft, we just packed onto the same scale.
  9. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-30/queensland-border-decision-covid-coronavirus-reopening-nsw-close/12802652 Good news for anyone in NSW (not Sydney though) itching for a visit to the Parks. "It's really disappointing, you know you've got mums and dads businesses that are suffering, you've got people that are suffering, you've got employees that are not back on full time," he said. Mr Randhawa said the "entire arrangement is bullshit". He suggested the decision to keep the border closed to Greater Sydney could have state election implications.
  10. My guess is @rappa is on the money. Track inspected around clamping zones and cracks/wear found (hence the rust in the images where they've sanded it back. Waiting on repairs or replacement with no ETA, so just remove the date from the website.
  11. I never thought that coasters were something you'd just call up the manufacturer and say 'hey it's SeaWorld Australia, I need a replacement for track section A5, how much?' But with everything done with CAD these days I guess it's possible. Today I learnt.
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