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  1. That makes two of us (you know who you are). And if other ppl know the exact details for this ride, well, nice, me same. Holy quote inception Batman
  2. I only just picked up where this tunnel is going: Looks like this feature entry is going to be next to Sky Voyager, so closing BuzzSaw on Aug 31 will allow them to hoard this whole area off and allow the construction of this to start.
  3. Sad to see yet another ride go, but looking forward to what's to come. Like TOT2 they can start saving the expense of maintaining the ride for new things. Only been on BuzzSaw a couple of times during a visit, just before the TOT2 closed. It was enjoyable but not a very long ride. Kinda hurt my neck the first time we got grabbed on the lift hill at the end of the ride because I wasn't expecting it. I guess this would mean the last of the Rocky Hollow rustic theming too right?
  4. It feels like they're were powering through up until DW announced Steel Taipan's opening date goal, and just went "oh well, no need to rush, we've got til December to get this all finished now"
  5. If you look at his address in the footer of his page and it's vicinity to LP, it speaks volumes toward his motivations.
  6. So, do we think the demo crew are going to take down the old water park on their way out after finishing up with the Log Ride demo?
  7. Couple of issues: 1. Even if they did go for this (why would they?) they would still need to remove the tunnel to install the new track, so they tunnel would need to be demolished anyway. 2. Intamin don't sell hydraulic launched coasters anymore, LSM's of that caliber would cost more to operate in power consumption than TOT did. 3. For them to get the longest life (and best ROI) out of a new ride, it'd be in their best interest to build a completely new structure, as you don't want to have to factor in the replacement of the tower in 10 (or whenever) years time when it reaches t
  8. You're not wrong. I saw a tiktok with some drone footage of ST on the weekend, and the comments were just full of everyone spreading frankly wrong information about the accident. They don't know what actually happened, they just know it happened, and don't appear to want to give Dreamworld another chance.
  9. I doubt they'll selectively remove any, they'll just cut it up along with the rest of the tunnel when the demolition eventually happens.
  10. Do you know if this includes the old water park being that it can be seen from the new coaster?
  11. I think you'll find that the section you've circled is at the same level as the station, so there's no 'gap' to get caught in, but definitely a trip hazard due to the increased height of the center section of the carriage. ...unless I'm missing something else?
  12. I disagree. The tunnel is in the plans to be just before the loop. Greg even mentions this in his interview. I've done some dodgy mspaint work to try and illustrate my take on the perspectives of the photos. Colours match where I think they appear in the photo VS plan
  13. Of course. What I meant to infer was that I was going to hit up Dreamworld in the same trip and hopefully ride the new coaster.
  14. My lovely wife bought us a 7 day pass to use at whatever the MW park collective is referred to these days, that expires just prior to Christmas this year, so I'm hoping this will be open in time for that. I've seen a couple of mentions on the FB group about it looking like Boxing Day opening, which would be disappointing, but if the theming is done right than so be it. I was thinking, would it not be better for them to aim to open along side or close to the Leviathan's opening so they can use both ride openings as a draw card?
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