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  1. franky

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    It's looping over/around the old hollywood house footprint. Isn't Blue lagoon the thing next to the BB house? To me, it doesn't look like there's going to be any pathway between this area and the Giant Drop. See the big red line below where fences are indicated
  2. franky

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Already covered off in this thread my friend (bolded for reference)
  3. franky

    North American Trip - Advice

    Wife and I did DL/DCA over three days last April for our Honeymoon, we were in both parks from open to close basically and managed to get everything (ride wise) done in the first two days. No kids to slow us down though. Both parks were very busy (to us, no idea if it was busy for the park though). We didn't buy the park hopper tickets so we spend our 'extra' day in DCA, but only ended up staying till lunch time before we headed up to Hollywood for the 2nd part of our trip. Word of advice Flynn, I wouldn't stay in Hollywood again. The place is just a seedy, smelly tourist trap, which we fell right into. Uber to Universal Studios was pretty cheap (~10 bucks each way for an UberX IIRC). We did Universal in a day too, but had a two day pass, so spent the 2nd day rope-dropping the Mummy and getting in 3 rides before it got too busy, then bought our merch. No my thread but thanks for the info. We're planning to go back in October, but after doing the West coast parks we're heading to Vegas/NY then heading over to Florida to do the parks over there. I'm struggling with working out realistically how long is needed in each area, so every bit of feedback helps. For reference, these are my current ideas for this years' trip: Anaheim/Buena Vista Area: Disneyland Resort (includes two seperate parks: Disneyland Park, and Disneyland California Adventure) Knotts Berry Farm Universal City/Hollywood (we're going to skip these this year, but included FYI): Universal Studios (The Mummy and I assume Jurassic Park (JP was getting refurb'ed when we were there). Warner Bros Studio Tour was good (it's not theme park, but you got to see a lot of backlots, props, a couple of live sets etc) Santa Clarita / Valencia: Six Flags Magic Mountain In New York(ish): (may or may not get to these ourselves) American Dream Meadowlands - TMNT Shellraiser ride. Six Flags Great Adventure - Kingda Ka / El Toro, seems to have a bus that runs from NYC on the weekends, but this year's time table isn't published yet. Florida: Disneyworld (includes four? parks, six if you include water parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) Universal (Universal and Universal Islands of Adventure) Seaworld Orlando - Icebreaker should be running by the time we get there Busch Gardens (most rides here look pretty good / unique. Iron Gwazi will be running by the time we get there) I'm also chasing pointers particularly for the NY/Florida side of our trip plans. I really wanted to somehow work in a trip to Cedar Point in lieu of SFGA but I just can't find a justification for flights/accomodation costs to make it worth it. Currently our trip plan is 24 days long (not including flying there and back) and 15 of those are theme park days :D
  4. franky

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    Probably cheaper to refurb the existing rides than to rip and replace, and they're clear on their decision here. TOT was a first of its kind and record breaking installation, I feel they would need to do that again to have the same long lasting impact that tot did. But given what's out there now that are holding the records I'd say they are no longer within reach for us in Oz.
  5. franky

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    We were there on a 3 day pass Wednesday through Thursday. It wasn't running on Tuesday as per a previous poster, it was being tested Wednesday morning and opened to riders after lunch on Wednesday arvo, Thursday and Friday morning, started developing issues on Friday arvo after the rain. With any luck they'll get one more day out of it. Besides I was talking to someone running pandamoniun on Wednesday and they said they're having a staff sendoff after the park closes on Sunday, so there's some incentive for them to get it running.
  6. franky

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    It was running all day yesterday although in the afternoon there was a bit of rain and they had trouble parking us at the station a couple of times. It was as if it didn't quite line up properly. We didn't overshoot the station though and I think that was happening earlier in the week
  7. franky

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    TOT was running all day today up until we left at 3. Went on it for the first time ever too. Bit disappointed with the ride photo's we got. First two times we were in the back row, last time we were in the front right. All three photos of us are covered by the photoshopped head :( What's the trick here? Front row left or do you need to ask for a non shopped photo somehow?