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  1. Late to the party here and I'm lost, where have they used AI? Every company is clambering to to say they're leveraging ✨Generative AI✨ at the moment, yet there's no mention of it anywhere that I could see just now. Are you confusing digital renders for AI? These are not the same.
  2. HWR definitely has a few rough spots in it, and I can hear the rattling on this one too. I'm a tall guy; I didn't find it too uncomforable, it was no better/worse than I remember SE's rattling being. Newer intamin restraints are comfortable which helps, they're a little more restrictive than DCR/ST but much better than SE. The layout looks a bit longer than HWR to me. Triple down, stalling inversion and camel back look like new additions for this ride. They've put the launches side-by-side and used the same support structure for the first loop/camel top (ala Full Throttle SFMM on a smaller scale). Makhuka has two sustained launches too; HWR just has a little one to start, really just to get you over to the bigger launch.
  3. Last September they were running two on the weekend but only one during the week. Wait times were longer on the weekday 😕 Scooby closed in a hurry. I'd say whatever needs fabricating wasn't planned. Mack seem to be doing a lot of coasters at the moment so I can see why this is taking so long. I too am disappointed however looking forward to what's to come.
  4. Still working for me, however what about this one? https://www.facebook.com/movieworldgoldcoast/videos/1136906277428939/
  5. Possibly, but in that last image I don't see a door from the old locker section, maybe it's further back. I think you're right - Looking at that video again it looks like there's an opening in that wall section Time will tell It's not uncommon for businesses to have a list of 'wish list' that are left on hold. Seems like a good idea to do this now if they're expecting a long time to repair on the broken part. (Edit: the MW video says they may not get the changes fully implemented prior to opening, but they'll be progressing the redesign. I guess this means they'll knock that section of wall out before it opens :)) Though it does sound suspiciously convenient, I'm going to be naive and give them some praise, considering how many of us have been criticising the state of the park lately. This is a good thing overall.
  6. So, if I've interpreted the images correctly, the ride photos are being moved to the opposite wall near the external door, the storage will be where the ride photos are currently, and they're knocking out an opening between the end of the queue and the exit room (where fast trackers enter at the moment). Where the storage is going to be seems a little awkward. My thinking is you'd be expected to go drop your stuff before you line up at the door. The existing locker area looks elevated. Part of a new extended queue?
  7. Different regulatory requirements I would guess. For example, cars are made differently for Aus markets than say the US market (aside from the steering wheel being in the opposite side); different safety requirements. I seem to remember being able to put my own seatbelt on on DCR the first time I rode back in 2019ish, do I remember correctly or was I just one of those naughty passengers?
  8. Hagrids is a completely different manufacturer though. Do other newer Mack (post Steel Taipan) coasters have RFID verification?
  9. It'll be nowhere near as bad as Leviathan's opening push back, so it's progress in the right direction!
  10. It doesn't make sense financially to me that they would immediately rip down a facade that is only 5 years old because a couple of thoosies don't think it fits the vibe. Buildings do need maintenance and repainting, when was the last time Emporium had a repaint? Was it longer than SV being built? Gold coaster was a licencing thing, this is well established. Shockwave, honestly no idea, maybe as its an attaction rather than a backdrop it made sense to plus it up a bit. WWW - weren't they all faded and looking poorly? I think it's important to remember that DW really have an optics problem they'll be fighting with for years to come; if the GP sees the park is run down or in bad condition they'll reattribute that to pre TRRR days and assume DW is poised to kill someone again. SV, despite it not matching the theme of main street, looks modern and fresh (ie not run down). I feel what DW are doing well lately is that once they set something aside for a freshen up, they don't just slap the same coloured coat of paint on it and call it done, they are at least trying to reestablish the theme. When the time comes I'm sure they'll address SV, now is just too soon into it's life span imo.
  11. No idea personally, but I noticed it on our last visit too. TV's were new as well. Was good to see.
  12. Assuming it was a counterweight issue preventing it from doing full-circle / getting stuck upside down, it could mean different counterweights?
  13. Playing devils advocate here, it might be the *best* place for it. I'm assuming that bit of a shanty down on the old Sea Viper plot will move into this new shed and be removed, leaving that plot plus what's behind the maintenance shed of Leviathan. Pathway could eventually link up from Jet Rescue to the Atlantis pathway next to the new shed. It's central to all the big rides where it's being built. Seems like a logistical nightmare having to cart stuff up to the front of the park for maintenance to take place. They could have demolished some Monorail track to fit it in, but they didn't. Is this a good sign for the Monorail eventually returning? As for needing the shed at all (in any position in the park). Do I remember correctly that they used to send trains over to MW for maintenance? Would they be building this now due to MW not having that capacity anymore being it's getting essentially 4 new roller coasters?
  14. Curious to know if Superman/Batwing/Scooby being down significantly contributed to this conclusion? We left MW early too on our last few visits, mainly due to lines being too long for our liking and rides going down for maintenance unexpectedly. Is being more-or-less a regular at the park another reason for us to leave early? If there's nothing new and you've done all the experiences before, you might feel like the magic is gone because there is indeed nothing new to experience for the first time. I kinda felt that way last time we were over in the US. I remember a theme park needing a full day and experiencing all the shops/shows/theming etc, mainly though because I was anxious to get on rides and was trying to delay. Now that I'm over that fear and just want to get on rides, I've found that my day in a park is a little less 'satisfying' because I'm bypassing all the secondary experiences and just heading to the rides queues all day.
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