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Found 5 results

  1. Hey! (I'm only imagining how many eye rolls that this title would have received... 😂) So I know this is a 'cliche' topic and has been discussed several times, but I just want to know peoples thoughts to the following; Many say that Australia can't accomodate a Universal Studios park due to the small population that Australia has, yet Singapore has only got a population of 5 million? As well as that, Universal Studios Singapore only has about 20 attractions - in comparison to Movie World that has 24 - and it's size isn't ALL that big (It literally surrounds a lagoon).
  2. Hi everyone firstly I couldn’t think of a good title, secondly over summer I am going to go to Florida and California for the first time, I already have passes to Walt Disney World and Universal and I have a few questions. 1) Are there any other recommended theme parks. 2) Should I bother to also go to Disneyland. 3) Any recomended must see shows, rides or attractions. 4) And any tips or things to look for.
  3. Looking good, ‪#‎TWDatUniversal‬ @UniStudios! ‏@UniStudios 8m8 minutes ago SVP of Entertainment Tim Runco is ready to give the media a sneak peek of #TWDatUniversal! The Walking Dead at Universal Studios Hollywood. #TWDatUniversal @Attractions 360°
  4. Wow after heavy investment in Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a new Jarasic Park now Universal Studio Japan is going to have the first Mario Land. http://www.engadget.com/2016/03/05/nintendo-land-universal-japan/
  5. So I just came back from a trip to Japan and managed to get to two parks, universal and Fuji Q. Unfortunately the only day I could get to Fuji Q it was very cold and all the coasters were shut. Totabummer, especiallyly when you travel 2 hours to get there. I supose I should have checked the weather. I did get to ride a flame 4 times in a row and checked out their haunted house/hospital which was interesting. I ended up having four Japanese school girls cowering behind me the whole time which was hhilarious They also have a prison break type atraction which was fun, although I only got throu
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