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  1. Some More Food and Retail Precinct construction from sea world Gold coast!
  2. The New roof for the new food and retail Precinct. is Now taking shape at Sea world gold coast!
  3. Wild West falls refurbishment update!
  4. Doomsday update at movie world! Doomsday update at movie world! Water test dummies are now visable on the doomsday destroyer attraction!
  5. If halloween horror nights has it , Movie world should do it this year!
  6. More testing of the New doomsday attraction is happening today at Movie world!
  7. Current construction Photos of the new Food and Retail outlet at Sea World!
  8. Wild west falls construction update any ideas what this is for?
  9. stay tuned for more Sea world updates which the roads have reopen from todays marathon! A view from The dockside tavern of the new food and retail construction at sea world!
  10. Sea world new plaza and roof construction update!
  11. Looking good, ‪#‎TWDatUniversal‬ @UniStudios! ‏@UniStudios 8m8 minutes ago SVP of Entertainment Tim Runco is ready to give the media a sneak peek of #TWDatUniversal! The Walking Dead at Universal Studios Hollywood. #TWDatUniversal @Attractions 360°
  12. Doomsday testing has begun at Warner bros movie world! IMG_0133.m4v
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