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  1. T-bone

    New screen at Dreamworld

    I think it’s time we give up on the idea of Main Street being cohesive, the idea has just gone out the window. Expect the remaining Main Street facades to eventually be stripped away too, they are too hard to maintain..
  2. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Most of the hardcore train nuts though red never liked the Baldwin or Perry, too “americanised” as they would say,. Push, in a sense yes it is a train, just like a coaster train is a train, just running on different rails. What we have here is a diesel John Deere tractor (that sounds like it too) pulling carriages around a theme park, and doing it rather poorly too. That thing has done more damage in its short lifespan than what the steam engines ever did in their 30 something years of operation at the park. I get it, the park wanted to dieselise for whatever reason (cough B Tan) but what they replced the steam engines with adversely affects the performance of the attraction, with the fact it is frequently “broken”, full because they are only running 1 or 2 carriages, or heck even in the way it looks. I saw it today, and it really looks like shit, even by its standards! If they just to go diesel, they should have looked at a company who had built trains before like Severn Lamb (http://www.severn-lamb.com/) who produce some very nice “diesel” locos, or you know just looked at a better firing system which would have saved them money. On the reliability side of things, When the park had the steam engines running it was very rare that a day went by without the train running, only really stopping when track work was being done, these days its about as reliable as my Italian made watch. I could go on about the current situation, but it will just fall on deaf ears. So I’ll leave on this note, You know how Joz mentions that the train sits at the station for 8 minutes? Well back when the steam engines ran it used to sit for closer to 12 mins at Central Park (the timetable was faster then, but atleast they could meet the timetable!) which was enough time to do a full lap of the park with all stops if no one was boarding on and off. Sadly these days with the John Deere they wouldn’t be able to keep to schedule without the rest break at Central Park station, which at times today was only 2 to 3 mins.
  3. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Oh if only you knew the real reason. It’s not undergoing maintenance at all, it’s Dreamworld, it’s all I’ll say.
  4. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    The sad thing about the photo Push posted is that it was only hauling 2 passenger carriages plus caboose, hauling the full 3 passenger carriages plus caboose would have eased the crowding issue. That’s one way to piss off customers Dreamworld.
  5. Exactly, there isn't a transition, it just changes, and because the scale is different between the 2 buildings it is quite jarring.
  6. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Like most people I have a life so can't visit willy nilly Push, hence why I asked for you to tell us what was said, simply because when I do get to visit and if the train is running (due to its crap reliability) there's a chance I may not hear the humorous commentary that you heard. I don't really care anymore.
  7. My god the transition from the facade to the Green Bean facade is awful and jarring.
  8. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Well if the experience is an off hand job by one of the employee's, then we may not hear what was said. Feel free to PM me the details if you really don't really don't want to post it on here.
  9. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Keen to hear what these funny comments were Push.
  10. Because if bringing in a carnival ride is one way to test out the audience reaction, then why aren’t all the parks doing it? Sorry that doesn’t fly. The parks spend a lot of money into researching their target markets and what would fit said markets, they aren’t going to hire a carnival ride to “test the market”, it’s purely a stop gap measure because they know the park is fucked. It’s disappointing really that it has come to this.
  11. If that’s the case then they need to be advising people in advance. Their website currently lists it as operating daily. Back before the steam engines were “retired” they only ran on the weekends which was purely a cost saving measure, and that was when the park was busier than it is now. That said, the train is listed as an attraction and way around the park for those with disabilities so there really is no excuse to not be running it, unless of course the engine is once again broken?
  12. The Baldwin last ran in October 2016, there are reports they want to get it going, but as with everything now “it’s lower priority”
  13. T-bone

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    There actually used to be a boat in that spot, they removed the boat and put in a propeller? For the record i'm talking about the rusted out propeller, not the moving prop.
  14. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    I know that says for the holidays, but the press release said it’s got an open ended run. As I said I hope it sticks around. It must be alright if parkz members are openly accepting of the show which would have been rather cheap for them to produce.
  15. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Far from the same as the original, but IMO I think it’s a great addition and reasonably well done. Plus if the script is fluid, it can be adjusted as time goes on to keep it fresh. Heck it even looks better than the atrocious HSD down the road. I hope it sticks around.