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  1. How strange, surely they could have just out the new speakers where the old ones were? The old location seemed to be reasonably well hidden.
  2. How did you find that photo of me @AlexB???? As to how well do I know Parkz members, well i'd say I know most decent parkz members reasonably well outside of this website.
  3. @pin142 found its been on google maps for a few years now in that same spot. If its retired, I have contacts at a newly formed Historical museum who would be very interested in clearing that road for them...
  4. All this is Bullshit really. Sadly it only takes a few people with loud voices and everyone listens, regardless of credentials or actual experience. The most important thing to take away from the photo posted by Sky Ads is not about the dolphin tanks, but rather why is there a monorail in Camouflage sitting behind the pools?
  5. I agree with Alexb, I think the park has enough IP based attractions, there is nothing wrong with a non IP based themed attraction, some of the best rides in the world are those not attached to an IP (Space Mountain for a quick example). Let's leave the movie IP for Movie World.
  6. Soo, no longer toilets?
  7. Stumbled across this article today suggesting Ardent are pursuing a proposal to build a park in Coffs Harbour. Figured it would be worth sharing. http://northcoastchronicle.info/2017/02/dreamworld-developer-to-open-theme-park-in-coffs-harbour/
  8. Not popular my arse. The queue to vintage cars prior to the accident was always a decent length, which is not a bad feat despite being in a very out of the way spot. The park has been trying to make us forget the ride exists, but it is still a fan and family friendly attraction, one of the very few left. It's funny though, they did reopen after the accident, but then suddenly closed during the peak season. Wonder what has happened.
  9. Not there, but it is $499, which is the standard price on the Lego Australia site,
  10. The last few times I had been on the ride (for White Christmas) the fog screen was working, but the doors into the ship were not working, the guns were not scoring points, and the 3d effects were not working. We visited about a month prior too and the ride was much the same. Perhaps just bad luck?
  11. Looks like lego enthusiasts got a head start at the store. A group have posted this info piece as well as a detailed look at the store. http://brickingaround.com/2017/01/26/everything-you-need-to-know-about-dreamworlds-lego-store/ Still hoping to see some park icons under those sheets...
  12. That mad mouse is a sad sight to see. Thanks for the photos Strop.
  13. Has anyone been down to MW and ridden Scooby? I'm hearing some rumblings of some major disappointing changes to the ride..
  14. After the accident, the park sold the ride to a broker, who then moved it on to a park overseas. Not sure which park, but I believe it was in Asia somewhere.
  15. I find really odd that they are saying that the ride is inaccessible, when the only reason it is inaccessible is due to the newly constructed fence trying to hide the log ride from view, the immediate pathways leading to it are still as per normal.