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  1. T-bone

    White Water World Slide Repaints 2019 - 2020

    Does it really matter? It’s a fresh coat of paint and it doesn’t look like shit, good job Ardent.
  2. T-bone

    The Off Topic Topic

    In your last photo I feel there was a sign advertising the pizza and pasta portion of the buffet. Has anyone been there yet to report what the new offering is like? If only ParkChat Live was still around, we could have had a full hour episode review!
  3. T-bone

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    The thing with the pre show, is if they are loading properly and running the attraction to its full capacity, i’d Prefer to sit through the pre show than to be standing outside in the bullpen with nothing to do. Could it be better? Absolutely it could be, but I think DW need to be given a patt on the back for attempting to do a fully inclusive experience with a pre show experience, as let’s face it, none of the parks have included a pre show on any of their new attractions in recent years.
  4. T-bone

    The Off Topic Topic

    They had done part of this work, but there was some still left to be done when I visited last week. Hopefully the train is reliable enough for this sign to be correct
  5. T-bone

    New Helicopter Centre Coming to Sea World

    So the Sea World helicopters are being outsourced now? Go Village.. it may not take as long as people predict for a chopper to crash into the Broadwater 😛
  6. T-bone

    Ardent to shrink Dreamworld footprint

    Location wise it is possible but the grade is too steep, they’d have to do some serious grading work to get it around Tower. Ontop of that the curve to go around tower would be quite significant. Would they? Depends, I guess anything is possible. Should they? I don’t think so, that leg of track provides a decent ride even in the tractor.
  7. T-bone

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    Thanks for the photo. Its a sight for sore eyes seeing that walkway clear. Good ride for the target audience, but most awful placement.
  8. T-bone

    WWW - New slide tower

    I think Push has finally lost the plot. The new slide announcement is the filler slide tower that WWW has needed and i'm so glad its here. Finally slides I won't need to use a tube for. Just because they are basic, doesn't mean they are bad.
  9. T-bone

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    Why does the park need an IP based attraction? Imo I want to see one of those water park simulator rides in Oz.
  10. T-bone

    The Off Topic Topic

    Looks like the guys who redid Gumbuya World are hiring - https://www.linkedin.com/posts/picoplay_internship-picopeople-themeparks-activity-6564278817362370560-HRu6?fbclid=IwAR3SrKSiH6ef6WbQeRG1P_00dIV-LrWndpjNZENkzl-h7bfUVkD-oBszBJo
  11. T-bone

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    We popped into Dreamworld yesterday and Blue Lagoon is still standing. What I found interesting is that there were quite a lot of new construction pegs/ flags around the train shed, and the embankments around the train track in that area. Whilst not the first time construction pegs have appeared and then nothing eventuates, something tells me that something might actually come from these ones..
  12. T-bone

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    Well yes the demolition wouldn’t be helping but let’s say the demolition work isn’t the only reason the tractor is not on the tracks. Once again the signage says it all.
  13. T-bone

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    Thanks for the update. Gotta love that no maintenance diesel train...
  14. T-bone

    Dreamworld Update July

    Train is safe, the track recently had some big $$$ spent on it near that section, so unless a large piece of the amphitheatre falls on the track with force, it will be fine.
  15. T-bone

    Dreamworld Update July

    But that’s the train shed??