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  1. So I was trolling through the internet as one normally does, and stumbled across a document from Pitt and Sherry, the company most publicly involved in the Dreamworld re-certification of attractions. Interestingly in their document of work they have done, they mention that they provided design verification of the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components of a SC2000 Spinning Coaster from Maurer Sohne. I've attached the screenshot and also attached a link to the document. The question I am unable to verify is how long ago that work occurred, is it recent? Is it old and perhaps was once considered a replacement for the wooden mad mouse? Or is our mad mouse knocking on deaths door? So many questions, not enough answers. Does anyone know anymore? You can find the document in question here > https://www.pittsh.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/amusement-rides--project-gallery.pdf
  2. Good choice Robc. Any theme park just loses vibe if it’s empty, sure you can whore the rides easier when it’s quieter but it loses the atmosphere and if you can support the park during its hour of need then even better.
  3. Sure you don’t want to wait, but why not go to the park during the busy period and support it by purchasing a ride express pass?
  4. The Off Topic Topic

    I came across my news feeds this morning that Blackpools Wooden Mad Mouse has been demolished. RCDB confirms the coaster closed in 2017. For those who didn’t know, this Mouse was similar in design to the Aussie World and Luna Park Sydney Mouse coasters, infact those 3 were the only remaining wooden mouse coasters left in the world. With it now gone, and the Aussie World Mouse also gone, that leaves the Luna Park mouse as the last remaining wooden Mad mouse style coaster left in the world. It does make me wonder how much the LPS mouse has got left in her though.
  5. Let’s look at this logistically, if a log was to flip, say backwards on main lift or as it hit the bottom of the drop, the frame would actually do very little and would probably crush anyway. From a frame perspective it looks real nice, I’d love one with a nice shade sale for my ride on train, but realistically it does jack all.
  6. See I don’t see much life in TOT past 10 years into the future, But I do see Giant Drop as part of the line up for another 20 years, whether as giant drop or retrofitted to something new. Just because it’s not the tallest in the world anymore doesn’t make any less impressive. It’s one of those rides that really still make people shit their pants when looking at it.
  7. If it’s done right the first time, like Soarin over California was, it won’t need to change for a very long time.
  8. An Article from the Courier Mail this morning. > http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/dreamworld-to-unveil-new-flying-theatre-attraction-for-gold-coast-theme-park/news-story/4f076ea1f13151e0a42a99b82a21de94 It suggests there will be an announcement today of the Flying Theatre attraction, and that there are plans to put in a dark ride in the spot of the mine ride.
  9. Now come on, ease up, that is an accusation that hasn't been proven yet, just a fan theory. Whilst those cages on the log ride don't look amazing, lets remember the ride is not yet open, so who knows, there might be some extra detailing added? Only time will tell. As to why they are needed at all, that is a good question that someone knows. Also is that a piece of new themeing that I see just before the tunnel?
  10. Let’s be perfectly honest here, whilst Dreamworld do make some wtf decisions, they would have had a good idea whether the ride was worth saving or not before they tore the mountain down. They may be silly but they aren’t stupid. The announcement by Craig that they are exploring keeping it on, only to veto it a mere month later suggests to me that this is a statement that they are willing to do anything to ensure the guest is safe.
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    Are you for real @Skeeta? Link or it didn’t happen.
  12. Dreamworld Steam Train

    Thanks @Glubbo for the pic. A nice pic from a much better time in the parks history. I do remember the train in the clock tower @Roachie, not sure if it still works, last time I was there it was, but that was quite a few months ago.
  13. Well themed? You are soooo funny Push! JDS is one of those attractions that could easily be picked up and moved elsewhere. It using up the ride building is a big waste of space. IMO, when LT closed I was hoping if we didn’t get a new dark ride that we would see the ride building converted into an indoor LT land, air conditioned, weather proof, and could have been fantastic if it was done right. I still hold out for hope.
  14. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    I’m told some of the issues were indeed the food and beverage on the coast, with both stars travelling to Sydney when they could. Another reason I’m told is that no one knew who they were. Sure the pap did follow them, but not as much as they hoped. Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini and Rowen Atckinson were apparently the complete opposite to those two. It’s worrh noting though that I was told that Freddie Prince Jnr only became a Diva once SMG arrived in Australia.
  15. A bit of a shame really, the Dracula’s haunted house is pretty awesome. Fingers crossed whatever replaces it is something unique and well done.