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  1. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Food for thought, If the move away from thrills rides is indeed due to the negative stigma they may bring due to the accident, let’s remember TRR was a family ride..
  2. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    The ideas seem real good and I applaud Dreamworld if they follow this plan, but at the same time, the park does need one more good Thrill Coaster, Cyclone is getting on in years, which just leaves one trick ponies. A nice wooden coaster to add to that mix would be fantastic. I'm dreaming though.
  3. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    What makes you think its a temporary attraction Push? If its a temp attraction, why would they put it in the space they are doing so, which requires a lot of ground work for them to put it? Wouldn't they just put it in a blank open space if its temporary carnival attraction?
  4. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I think you have just given me an idea for a new Dreamworks Animated Feature film. The Monorail, once a hope for transport options for the future is now a shadow of its former self. Meet Mon, a Jamaican Monorail System. Mon and his sister Rai are the last surviving Monorail trains in the world, and it is up to them to beat ageism so the Monorail can be reborn, and respawn to become the vehicle of choice around the world. The queue for the new Monorail Dark ride will be highly themed walk through of a monorail graveyard, once at the end of the queue you catch a boat to cross the sea from Australia to Jamaica where you meet Mon and Rai. Mon or Rai then take you on a trip through Jamaica where you get to witness joys of the rebirth of the Monorail. The idea has merit right? @pushbutton
  5. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I understand its probably just a temp attraction, but man that corner of the park is just a hodge podge of a mess, and has been for too long now. It's time to wipe out Evilution, the Arcade, and what remains of the Thunderbolt station and do something clean and fresh there. Heck since they want to be all about experiences and family, lets expand the Dreamworks footprint and put in a Dreamworks dark ride.
  6. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Talking about getting things done, I noticed that the Baldwin steam locomotive had been moved to the back of the shed, and someone was working on the engine. The wife kid and I will be very pleased and even return/ buy a pass if this loco returns to service even if once a month like last year.
  7. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    If that is the case then it took till today for it to update. Cut them some slack. Now showing as open everyday 1100-1600.
  8. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Or maybe, just maybe the website hasn't been updated yet?
  9. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    What I don't quite get is the website say they are new cars, but they look the same as they did before, just refreshed, and have had the brass mountings painted over. Your right though, some signage and a koala exhibit doesn't quite equate an adventure, but hey hopefully there's something there that the video doesn't show...
  10. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I love it, should just keep it like that. It resembles a better time at the park despite the jumbled nature, the Baldwin, Paddle Boat and even the logo all evoke warm and funny feelings inside of me, unlike the current bland and corporate logo currently in use...
  11. Blue Lagoon at dreamworld?

    Used to be but hasn't had anything there for a very long time.
  12. Blue Lagoon at dreamworld?

    It is all still there, and still decaying away. Even the roof in the quick service shop that was in that location seems to have some roof trouble. I'm glad they put the fence up as it was pretty poor show (i'm surprised it took so long really) but it would be even better if they dozed the area and actually used it for something, even if they dozed it and planted some trees would be better.
  13. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I've had it confirmed off site that the train hold up did infact occur down near the Bush Ranger show area. I do agree, I think the spot from Rocky Hollow to Main Street would be a perfect spot for a bit of a show, it doesn't have to be a full on show, just some actors that hold the train up, provide a bit of a show and as said provide a unique experience. All would be very cheap to implement, but as we can tell from the old days where such a show would occur if done right would create a lifetime of memories.
  14. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    That's ok @MickeyD sadly the railway has always been one of those "always there, always forgotten" attractions in the scheme of things in terms of management and the general public, so it's completely understandable. The sad thing is the locomotive celebrated it's 100 year anniversary/ birthday in March this year which is defiantly worth shouting from the rooftops, and its a story the park could have turned into positive exposure. Instead not even a social media post was given. @Brad2912, it hasn't run since October last year. I won't divulge why it hasn't run, but it's not because the engine is unsafe, broken or "an old girl". The Baldwin requires very little work to get it out on the track again, just will power. But as said it is defiantly something they can bring out now, for very little expenditure that will help plus the park experience and guest satisfaction ratings. Sure only run it say on the weekends and peak periods, just run it and commit to it! I have a feeling the hold up was held roughly between what is now Billabong Station and AWE station (Billabong station in those days didn't exist) but I can't confirm. Paging @WorldFun, he may be able to provide some more info. You would be surprised the amount of people who are attracted to an old steam locomotive running, sure those same people may not be thrill ride junkies, but steam gets people excited. My wife and I have just had a baby and have let our DW passes expire because why bother when you have a newborn? Well if the park brings out the Baldwin again, we will renew our passes and get down there, it is something that both my wife and I enjoy riding behind, and we aren't the only people in that camp either.
  15. New Dreamworld jingle

    Has anyone seen this ad on the television? It does seem light on which does suggest it's just a web promo video and not a big marketing push...