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  1. T-bone

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    Everyone has it wrong, this is the new Steel Taipan ride, the new coaster will be called the Gold Coaster
  2. I disagree with that. The amount of people (and young ones at that) that refer to the Cyclone as the Thunderbolt, thinking it’s the same coaster have some idea that the Thunderbolt was a thing. Im not on board with them naming the new coaster the Thunderbolt, but just thought I’d throw my 2 bobs worth in.
  3. T-bone

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    I genuinely want to ride one of those!
  4. T-bone

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    The queue spiral also serves a purpose to get you to the station level, in an accessible way for everyone. Cyclone when it was Big Dipper was built among buildings etc at Luna Park, so the station was quite high up off ground level. the spiral queue/ building helps raise guests to the station level, whilst at the time of opening also helped fit the Cyclone themeing. If there is another way to bring guests to the station level, keeping accessibility high, keen to hear everyones thoughts.
  5. T-bone

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    I’d disagree that Sky Voyager isn’t bringing people back. It’s one of those rides where the popularity is rising as word of mouth gets around. Sure it’s no major spike in attendance, but as time goes on, the park and attraction is getting busier and busier, and so it should, it’s a fantastic attraction we are lucky to have on our shores. Same thing happened with Soarin. A hard attraction to market, but with word of mouth, the attraction gained popularity and continues to remain a guest favourite. Now back to your regular programming..
  6. T-bone

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    I do feel that adding another attraction in such close proximity to the front entry might crowd things a bit too much. A ferris wheel is a great idea and one i've always wanted the park to install, but I don't feel right at the front there is the best option. I do feel a ferris wheel in this area is a great option, and no matter which direction you look, you will get something interesting to look at.
  7. T-bone

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    They sell fairy stuff, but also little girl merch, like costumes from Frozen, jewelry boxes etc. So its not just a fairy store, but it is more a girls store. The store was originally called the White House and was a merchandise outlet, it sold collectible items such as china cups/ plates, crystals and jewelry, and figurines. Not sure when it changed to the Fairy Store, but I also don't recall a fairy store being in Village Green/ Oval Skeet?
  8. T-bone

    Current State of Sea World

    Sounds like Sea World needs an action group to bring it back to its previous golden standard. Sea World - Remembering the Golden Years???
  9. T-bone

    Shipping containers in Dreamworld car park

    Tower was a world class ride that put the park back on the map. It gave us in a way 2 world class rides. I agree the placement was just shit, however the layout of the park made it very hard for it to go in anywhere else. What world class ride would you have put into the park DJ that had the same effect as TOT and GD had at the time? During that era it was all about going taller and faster, and it was TOT and GD that put Dreamworld on the world stage for the first time ever. So when I say “what it stood for”, that’s what I mean. I hate what it did to the park aesthetic, but I can’t stand there and ignore all the benefits it bought to that park because of the negatives that came with it.
  10. T-bone

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    See that’s the point though. It’s the little detail that should be done because it’s the right thing to do. Have the water wheel working again, because it’s the right thing to do. People see a broken water wheel and their impression is “well that’s shit”. People see a working water wheel, and either ignore it, or as you said “hey that’s cool, let’s instagram it”. Even if they ignored that water wheel, subconsciously they took note of it, and it’s a piece of a place making memory that will last a lifetime. As I said, there are things that should be done because it’s the right thing to do. On the Main Street buildings, you’ve got me there, however it doesn’t change my thoughts that the buildings must still look presentable, clean and not broken. First impressions count, and Main Street is Dreamworld’s first inside the park impression. On the train, in a thrill park (six flags style) it makes sense to have a diesel train, because as you said the target market isn’t interested. However if the new core focus of Dreamworld is families, then a steam train is an attraction that you can’t get anywhere else, which is important as it gives the families a lasting memory. They could go anywhere and ride a diesel or electric train, but at Dreamworld they can ride behind a genuine steam locomotive, and not only that but they can get right upto it and have a good look at it. it’s something they should do because it’s the right thing to do. If Dreamworld is a genuine family park, then they need to focus on the little detail, because it’s those little details, and doing things that they should do because it’s the right thing to do which create impressions and memories to last a lifetime. Setup those memories and emotion right now; and in 30 years time when that family is all grown up and has kids of their own; the subconscious memories skew that family to Dreamworld, and the cycle continues.
  11. T-bone

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    I disagree. The bright and colourful makes Main Street seem like a toy shop. It’s bright and colourful but what it needs is detail and more realistic apathetic. The globe is cool and all, but it’s execution is average at best. The fountain used to have multiple jets and a pristine fountain in the middle. Very classy. We won’t ever see Captain Sturt return, however why not look at using the river for a boat attraction, similar in vein to Jungle Cruise? Vintage cars are the parks best attraction yet they are in the worst possible spot. I hope that eventually gets addressed, Old Dreamworld had charm, and people loved it. It included detail and things we can only dream of today. Such as the detailing on the train carriages that are now gone, a genuine steam locomotive which is an attraction itself, a clock tower with a train that went around every 15 mins. There was the waterwheel in Billabong which also doesn’t spin or have water running through it anymore. These details existed because they should, not because they were needed. It’s time for these little things to be looked at again, and that alone will go a long way in restoring the magic of the park.
  12. T-bone

    Shipping containers in Dreamworld car park

    I miss tower for everything it stood for, also miss what it did for that park, but I don’t miss being made deaf when standing or sitting near the track (or on the train station platform) every time it launched.
  13. T-bone

    Shipping containers in Dreamworld car park

    It would also be odd for the coaster parts to arrive before any ground work was even started? Ignore the name on the shipping container, it’s a global shipping company. There are heaps of valuable parts that Magic Mountain want from TOT. They aren’t going to ship them over piece by piece via Australia Post...
  14. T-bone

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    It’s not the old restaurant, rather an undercover shaded seating area next to the old restaurant.
  15. T-bone

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    100% agree with the sentiments mentioned here. If log ride is to be removed, it has to be replaced with a ride for everyone. Log Ride was great because anyone from age 1 to 100+ could ride it and enjoy it together. Whilst Dreamworld has heaps of rides for all ages, it is lacking rides everyone can ride and have fun together. Sure, its still the best park on the coast for that category (with the Train, Sky Voyager, Vintage Cars) there's still a long way to go. Replacing it with a Super Splash or a Power Splash would be a massive mis-step.