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  1. You speak very highly Minions of Dreamworld and it's planning ability. How do you know this?
  2. Dreamworld Corroboree - "Stage 2"

    Looks very claustrophobic to me, not sure i'm overly keen on it, but hey it's something new.
  3. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    That would be why the train isn't operating. Thanks JWorld.
  4. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    I also witnessed the fountain on sat and was glad to see it return. Whilst I don’t mind too much if the surf boards come back, I do agree with ben, they are iconic and a part of the parks DNA just like Main Street is, and just like the Steam train was, and shouldn’t be destined for the trash heap. If they can’t make use of them in their traditional position, hopefully they can find a new home for them somewhere.
  5. Me and the family were at the park on Saturday, and we noticed this new t shirt for sale in the park. Note the smiley face isn’t just on the log ride but also on the train. Perhaps part of the new ‘experience’? Lol
  6. Nope just no. Beatbox and Fire machine were tacky in their setup. Just do some cgi fireworks and be done with it.
  7. Not necessarily because Dreamworld has themed lands with attractions in those lands themed accordingly, including rides, shops etc. The themed areas are somewhat defined. You walk into ABC Kids and the feeling is that you aren’t on Main Street anymore. You know due to the architecture, the music and yes the theming. Adventure world whilst I commend the work done to bring themeing standards up, we still have a council park feeling with themed rides here there and everywhere. There is no cohesion. And that’s my answer as to why it’s not a theme park, if anything it’s an action park.
  8. Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    It’s a waterpark with a few dry rides splattered around places, expect a water attraction.
  9. It also had some nice waterfalls with some ok lighting for its time. Towards the end though it was just a waste.
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    Good find, but they won't be on display in the up close enclosure, its not really a quarantined environment. Expect to see them in the demountable nursery they had for the last litter, only this time it will be near the area formerly known as the Lair.
  11. Isn’t it just an enthusiast point of view that the TRR accident was due to the modifications to the ride over it’s 30 year life, or has there been a report released which states this?
  12. So I was trolling through the internet as one normally does, and stumbled across a document from Pitt and Sherry, the company most publicly involved in the Dreamworld re-certification of attractions. Interestingly in their document of work they have done, they mention that they provided design verification of the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components of a SC2000 Spinning Coaster from Maurer Sohne. I've attached the screenshot and also attached a link to the document. The question I am unable to verify is how long ago that work occurred, is it recent? Is it old and perhaps was once considered a replacement for the wooden mad mouse? Or is our mad mouse knocking on deaths door? So many questions, not enough answers. Does anyone know anymore? You can find the document in question here > https://www.pittsh.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/amusement-rides--project-gallery.pdf
  13. Good choice Robc. Any theme park just loses vibe if it’s empty, sure you can whore the rides easier when it’s quieter but it loses the atmosphere and if you can support the park during its hour of need then even better.
  14. Sure you don’t want to wait, but why not go to the park during the busy period and support it by purchasing a ride express pass?
  15. The Off Topic Topic

    I came across my news feeds this morning that Blackpools Wooden Mad Mouse has been demolished. RCDB confirms the coaster closed in 2017. For those who didn’t know, this Mouse was similar in design to the Aussie World and Luna Park Sydney Mouse coasters, infact those 3 were the only remaining wooden mouse coasters left in the world. With it now gone, and the Aussie World Mouse also gone, that leaves the Luna Park mouse as the last remaining wooden Mad mouse style coaster left in the world. It does make me wonder how much the LPS mouse has got left in her though.