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  1. T-bone

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    At the time VRTP were jumping up and down saying to let them open to massive numbers, it was also at the early stages of the pandemic. The second wave in Victoria was getting started when VRTP were campaigning to reopen, so it is easy to see why people including myself were concerned about the parks reopening too early. On the contrary, Ardent has opened at a time where we know more about the virus thanks to time, and we seem to have a better hand on it than what we did back earlier in the year. That is part of the reason you haven't seen many people jump up and down about Ardent opening. In terms of the park, you can't deny (and I certainly won't) that AWE, Rocky Hollow and Giant Drop regions are depressing, id almost campaign that they should open the train to take people to the vintage cars to avoid people walking past the depressing area. However, a large portion of that area around Giant Drop is due to chopped up and significantly changed when the coaster starts construction. No point making a gold plated concrete path when in a few months it is going to be chopped up. In regards to the ride closures (temp ones), ok, you can argue that Dreamworld hasn't opened up with many main rides, having shut TOT, RHLR, Wipeout and BRC, but out of all the rides that are intended to reopen, you have 4 rides closed, Giant Drop which I believe was cycling today, Buzzsaw which we know is a difficult machine as it already is, Sidewinder (re-themeing committed to prior to Covid) and Dreamworld Express. Out of all the rides that are yet to reopen, the list is quite small when compared to what opened down at Movie World with the park. You can easily stack the argument by saying "But you need to count TOT, RHLR, Wipeout, BRC", ok, sure, if you want to do that, lets look at Sea World where you can then say "What about Monorail, Jet Rescue, Flume ride, some underwater exhibits (polar bears is one) and I think one of the rides in Nick land". Fact is a majority of the rides at Dreamworld opened on day one, bar those 4 rides, minus one which reopened on the second day. Ontop of that, WWW opened with every slide and pool operational.
  2. T-bone

    Magic Mountain Glenelg

    From a square footage point of view, using Google Maps, I measured 3,385SQM for Magic Mountain, and 2,980SQM for the Beachhouse. That said, the Beachhouse appears to be better setup to utilise vertical space when compared to Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain was basically a hollow shell, with any levels above ground being to access the slides for example rather than being multi level, if that makes sense. When you compare the size of the building, then multiply by the 3 standard levels of the building, the Beachhouse comes out at 8,940SQM. This is all from rough Google Earth measurements.
  3. T-bone

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Which coaster are you referring to rappa? Likewise there are many decent coasters from before the BB period which are still great examples of the craftsmanship involved with maintaining a wooden coaster.
  4. Gotta say I agree with @StingRay. Luna Park may not be the champion boardwalk like park in the world, but it’s a miracle the place is alive today still. Would a new coaster go in nicely there? Sure ofcourse it would, but I think the enthusiast is holding it to a higher bar than what it actually is trying to be. I for one am greatful that the park is still open today, and whilst the attraction mix is a little heavy on the flats side, to me the biggest crime was when the carousel was replaced with a fake replica. I understand why it happened, but that’s the kind of stuff that is criminal (a lot like replacing a steam train with a toy train at a theme park).
  5. Stingray was majorly loved, but not as much as Avalanche.
  6. I know you expect a response from me because of who that is aimed at Joz, but that is far from the truth at what you are alluding to. I think you have your wires crossed and dare say are being fed incorrect info. Regardless, I personally love vanilla ice cream and liquorice. Japanese Ice cream makes our ice cream look like shit.
  7. Also just to add, this loan offering isn’t just for the theme parks, but major tourism icons. https://www.ditid.qld.gov.au/our-work/queensland-tourism-icons-program-2020 Its good to see some government give a shit about the tourism economy.
  8. So does that mean they have to have it paid back at the end of the facility, or do they get said money over the term of 3 years (for example, in ardents case 22 million from the loan a year).
  9. Can someone point to me where it states the loan has to be repaid in 5 years? All I have seen is that the loan is a 3 year term with interest. So it’s not an interest free loan.
  10. T-bone

    New VRTP App

    Who? Make sure you have a good weekend.
  11. My post was before it became known about Ardents grant. That said I wasn’t talking about Ardent, but other icon operators important to the health of the tourism sector.
  12. Assuming Queensland Treasury Corporation is a QLD Gov owned entity, I hope all tourism operators who are in this predicament receive access to similar funding..
  13. T-bone

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I think Alexb is referring to the COVID testing location in the Movie World car park that was present for a long time, not sure if it is still there though.
  14. T-bone

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    You can run the train backwards or the other way so to speak, both sides of the carriages are accessible. I have done some considerable research into this possibility, the gradient and curve coming out of Billabong and back to central is also pretty mad. A wet day and you would struggle to get a full load up there. At present, it is the steepest grade in the park, but it’s ok because you are going in the down direction. I am very curious as to how they are going to do this. When construction starts at that end of the park, the area is going to change quite considerably.
  15. How about a 3D film of virtual rides, because you know, sea world doesn’t have any rides right now, so may as well take the guests to a place that actually does have rides.. For those who don’t know, this is sarcasm.