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  1. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    I guess it’s hard to rob a train when the train is broken half the time...
  2. T-bone

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    The rail in some places is approx 100 year old as well. They are not doing trackwork, thats all I will say.
  3. T-bone

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Oh Ww worker you crack me up..
  4. T-bone

    Extended hours at Australian theme parks

    Extended trading hours may make events like white christmas and carnivale less valuable, but let me ask you this, if having the park open later more often takes away from those events, what does it make those events? Maybe they need to make the events better so people go for the event and content rather than just to ride the rides at night. There is nothing better in the theme park world (especially in a warm climate) to visit as the sun is setting, the lights turn on, and the cooler weather just makes it a much better and more enjoyable environment. I don't think they should run into the evening every day of the year, but in the peak holiday seasons? yeah go for it I say.
  5. T-bone

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Looks to be an updated design.
  6. T-bone

    Village theme parks extended trading hours

    Iwerks, no one talks about the other parks because no one really seems to care and they aren’t big league enough when compared to the parks on the Gold Coast. Despite this I still haven’t seen any evidence of Alexb belittling and bullying people who talk about non QLD parks. I also don’t see what this has anything to do with Village Theme Parks..
  7. T-bone

    Village theme parks extended trading hours

    Knowing how village operate and how they view their guests, I’m surprised that they haven’t tried to sell the extended trading half hour as some sort upcharge..
  8. T-bone

    The Off Topic Topic

    Since the wacky inflatable waving men (Airman) were so popular at Sea World, Dreamworld have followed in the footsteps of the worlds best theme park operator and are also investing in Wacky inflatable waving men..
  9. T-bone

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    People also visit Dreamworld many other ways that do not involve a personal motor vehicle. The amount of cars in the parking lot is not an accurate representation of how busy the parks are.
  10. Man what you smoking? Because I want to see it through your eyes to see what makes this Universal quality..,
  11. With all the white on this building, there’s some real good future lighting opportunities here.
  12. Great footage Smitty, agree with Slicks comment about the dropped frames, as the footage is just fantastic. It really shows a different time in the parks history, such a shame how things have turned out for the park.
  13. Sorry Push but agree to disagree on this one. Dreamworld needs help, and yes it’s finally getting some investment, but Ardent have taken out too much financially and literally out of the park in the last 10 years, and it’s the reason the park is in its current sad state. TOT is limping along because Ardent did not want to spend the money for the major upgrade. SFMM got that upgrade and it shows. They have made poor choices in regards to where to skimp and where to spend the money over the years. Case in point, Dreamworld once had a charming river boat that needed refurbishment, instead of spending the money for marine grade wood products, they skimped and rebuilt the boat with non marine wood products to save money. The result? The boat requires constant attention and eventually they pulled the pin. The above is story is just one of many examples of why Dreamworld are in their current predicament. They were already on this downward spiral, it just took the accident to stop the spiral. And to be fair, people on here don’t “hate” Dreamworld, no one on here wants to see a sick theme park, what they object to is Ardent and the way they are running the park.
  14. T-bone

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    You mean the Caboose? The caboose is always on the back of the train, it’s where the Guard stands, it’s where the power for the train is generated, and also where the wheel chairs and large prams can be loaded. Now if you tell me train has 3 red and yellow carriages and the caboose, then yes you are right, that’s a full train, however if they are running 2 red and yellow carriages and the caboose then no nothing has changed.
  15. Dude 2 wrongs don't make a right, I thought you were better than that Push. What you said was extremely rude and you should apologize. Keeping on topic, thanks for the photos Push (see, being nice wasn't that hard!) whilst the ride appears to be coming together, and we have all shared our opinions on the outside, its the experience that counts, and I hope they have got it just right. Fingers crossed.