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  1. Is that Dreamworld's Play School Wheel of Death? 😛
  2. T-bone

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    You say that’s for a laugh, but you know there’s a bit of truth to it..
  3. Maybe? I don’t know those details. But I stand by everything I said. To some degree, no one expected Cyclone/ Hot Wheels to get rethemed this year, so there’s still 8.5 months left in the year, anything’s possible.
  4. T-bone

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    I do agree with DJ, there should be less screens. Get rid of all 3 as far as I’m concerned. If they are worried people won’t be able to see the masterpiece of a show/s they hold on Main Street, maybe they should hold their major shows in a show performance space with tiered seating. Novel idea hey? The only shows that should be done on Main Street are parades, and streetmosphere style of entertainment.
  5. The gold rush theme is dead. The whole dilapidated look is dead. There is a high chance that Buzzsaw will be changed to reflect this. The only question is when.
  6. T-bone

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    When the park floods again, atleast there will be the ability for them to do Dive in Movies!
  7. T-bone

    Sea World Train

    No that’s where Vortex is going right??
  8. I do agree, that Dreamworld is looking the best it has in a long time, including those times pre TRR. Yes there is still heaps of work to do, and that corner of the park, but I think most people are forgiving due to the fact its about to become a major construction site. As construction finishes, expect that end of the park to be cleaned up in a big way (and rightfully so). The leaf litter on the train tracks is normal, and I wouldn't look too closely at it. People often look at Disneyland as being the shining example, but even they have leaf litter on the train tracks, you just aren't exposed to it as much because there's very few guest eyes able to see it. Now you could argue that the track here is in guest view, so something should be done about it, but I guess there is a priority list, and unless its causing a problem, then the guest really doesn't notice it.
  9. T-bone

    Sea World Train

    I’m with Alexb, Sea World was at its finest in the mid 90’s for all the reasons he has outlined above. I’d say the Sea World when Jet Rescue went in was shit. Sure great ride, but the presentation is shit, at the same time it went in Bermuda was slowly being starved of the $$$ it needed to keep it running to its prime, and hence the downfall of sea world had already begun.
  10. T-bone

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Hey, just going by whats there, and what is there matches the Styrofoam pieces from sculpt studios...
  11. T-bone

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Well if the park map is anything to go by, that fountain that was promised in the renderings will look more like a round about..
  12. T-bone

    Sea World Train

    I wish you hadn’t of, how awesome was Sea World back in those days. But it’s ok, we now have a Huss Top Spin..
  13. Chris Deaves @Spotty. Often said to be the guy who killed some of villages most popular and iconic rides/ attractions.
  14. T-bone

    Sea World maintenance

    They are indeed the old Broadbeach cars. Where did you find them @Levithian?
  15. T-bone

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    There’s still hope, worst case at least it will be cleanly presented?