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  1. Can confirm we had a fantastic front gate experience at MW the other day
  2. I wonder how much more prevalent it has become over the past 20 years or so? Granted there was about 17 years in between my visiting theme parks. Maybe they make the test seats slightly smaller so people aren't super disappointed? New to the forums. Was genuinely surprised. These people weren't 'huge'. True. Imagine what it would be like working over there. I think Oz is pretty up there though in the stats. Could explain why I didn't see any issues at US in Singapore.
  3. Great idea! I'd be keen but we're hoping to start trying for a baby in early 2019
  4. On our recent visit to MW we saw three people have issues with their size and the ride restraints. One guy on the DC coaster was denied (to be fair he was a big unit all over), one guy was denied because of his gut on the Scooby Doo ride and another guy had to shift seats to be able to fit on the Scooby Doo ride also due to his gut. These events occurred when we were waiting in line so I hate to think how many times the ride staff come up against this. Never saw this happen at US in Singapore, but I guess Australia has an obesity problem. Do you think ride developers will start to make the rides more accommodating to larger sizes or is it a matter of ensuring the safety of everyone? I did see that a park in the US I think had to make one of their HP rides more 'obesity friendly'.
  5. Superman coaster opened ahead of schedule by at least 4-5 days - it's possible!
  6. Thanks guys! That makes sense. I was just surprised to see the last minute changes. Went today and it was good. Green Lantern wasn't operating but Superman came back early which was good.
  7. Hey guys, We're heading to MW tomorrow so I checked out the maintenance schedule last week to check the rides we were most interested in weren't closed. I swear (as in I'm 99.9% sure) that the only main ride that would be closed was the Superman coaster. Jumped online tonight and all of a sudden AA is closed as well, and JL and the DD would be closed from the 28th (these weren't published last time either to the best of my knowledge). Is it common for maintenance schedules to be added 'last minute' so to speak? Obviously I'd rather a ride be closed for maintenance than unsafe, but I always thought they tried to give you at least a month's notice if not more. Thanks :)
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