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  1. https://www.wsj.com/business/deals/six-flags-cedar-fair-strike-big-theme-park-merger-abbab03f Article is paywalled but the TLDR from Maddox121 on r/rollercoasters is • Richard Zimmerman is now CEO of both six flags and cedar fair with Selim Bassoul now in the role of Executive Chairman • No details about the future of the DC ip at Six Flags or Snoopy at Cedar Fair •Both companies will trade under $FUN but the corporate six flags name will remain
  2. As many of us know, Wonderland Sydney was once a theme park in Western Sydney that operated between 1985 to 1994 and was the biggest theme park in Australia. It was originally operated by a mixture of companies, including James Hardie, Leighton Holdings (now CIMIC Holdings) NSW State Annuation Holdings and Taft Broadcasting Parks. The latter bought the Hanna-Barbera characters to the park as well as relocated rides from Kings Island and other parks owned by Taft Broadcasting, although it didn't have a majority stake. In 1992, Taft Broadcasting Parks was bought out by Paramount Communications (now Paramount Global) and rebranded its parks as Paramount's (name) in 1994. However, Wonderland Sydney wasn't bought out by Paramount as they didn't want it due to them only having a minority stake and it being on the other side of the world. Tafts shares in the park were sold to James Hardie. The park was bought out by Sunway Group in 1997, who screwed up the park and closed it in 2004, branding it for a number of reasons including 9/11, Bali Bombings, the Iraq War and SARS. However, what if the park was bought out by Paramount in 1992? Here's what I think would've happened: Paramount Era Like the other parks, it would've most likely been branded to have the Paramount prefix in its name. My guess is it would've been branded as "Paramount Australia's Wonderland" similar to how Paramount Canada's Wonderland was branded. Nick characters would've been added at Wonderland eventually instead of at Dreamworld and the Hanna-Barbera characters would remain (most likely wouldn't have an effect on SDSC as it was based on the 2002 movie). It would also likely been sold to Cedar Fair by CBS as CBS didn't want any theme parks. Cedar Fair Era Like the other parks again, it would've been branded as "Australia's Wonderland" again like from 1985-1994 by Cedar Fair. The Nick and HB characters could've remained until 2010 like the former Paramount Parks, until they were replaced by Peanuts like the other CF parks. Unfortunately, it would've most likely been a lower-tier park (Worlds of Fun, Michigan's Adventure etc.) and not get as much investment as the other sister parks just like how it didn't before it was sold (Taft wanted it to be smaller than the others IIRC). So this is what could've happened if Paramount/Cedar Fair bought Wonderland like the rest of the parks and would've been the only park in the chain outside North America. Unfortunately, this is just in my imagination, and it is now gone in real life. At least one of its old sister parks will be joining them soon with California's Great America closing soon. It is good to wonder though, tell me what you think.
  3. (Sorry if this post seems a little dumb.) Taft Broadcasting Parks was an investor (and owner) in both Canada's Wonderland, Australia's Wonderland and other US theme parks. In 1992 Taft sold off all their theme parks (except Sydney) to Paramount, which Paramount then later sold to Cedar Fair. Taft broadcasting didn't sell Wonderland Sydney because they had a smaller stake in the park. If they had a larger stake and/or sold the park to Paramount Parks (Which then Cedar fair then bought) Would we have a Cedar Fair park in Sydney operating to this day?
  4. Hi All, I tend to lurk on these forums but think it's about time for a post! I'm a mad coaster nut who also happens to be a travel agent that specializes in groups. I'm looking to put together a group tour next year and was wondering if anyone might be interested in this? Currently I have the tour working in three ways - Tour A is - 11 Days - Starting Orlando, Finishing Arlington - July 7th - 17th 2019 Tour B is - 12 Day - Starting Arlington, Finishing Cleveland - July 16th - 27th 2019 Tour A+B - 21 Day - Full Tour from Orlando to Cleveland - July 7th - 27th 2019 Theme Parks I'm looking to include are: Tours A: Fun Spot Orlando Fun Spot Kissimmee Busch Gardens Tampa Adventure Landing - Jacksonville Beach Wild Adventures Six Flags Over Georgia Carowinds Dollywood Lake Winnie Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Six Flags Over Texas Tour B Six Flags Over Texas Frontier City Silver Dollar City Worlds of Fun City Museum Six Flags St Louis Holiday World Kentucky Kingdom Kings Island Cedar Point All up, based on these theme parks current offerings the full 21 days would offer the chance to ride up to 138 coasters! I'm in the midst of working on pricing but in the meantime, would love any feedback on this and check out the level of interest.
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