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Found 2 results

  1. (Sorry if this post seems a little dumb.) Taft Broadcasting Parks was an investor (and owner) in both Canada's Wonderland, Australia's Wonderland and other US theme parks. In 1992 Taft sold off all their theme parks (except Sydney) to Paramount, which Paramount then later sold to Cedar Fair. Taft broadcasting didn't sell Wonderland Sydney because they had a smaller stake in the park. If they had a larger stake and/or sold the park to Paramount Parks (Which then Cedar fair then bought) Would we have a Cedar Fair park in Sydney operating to this day?
  2. Hi All, I tend to lurk on these forums but think it's about time for a post! I'm a mad coaster nut who also happens to be a travel agent that specializes in groups. I'm looking to put together a group tour next year and was wondering if anyone might be interested in this? Currently I have the tour working in three ways - Tour A is - 11 Days - Starting Orlando, Finishing Arlington - July 7th - 17th 2019 Tour B is - 12 Day - Starting Arlington, Finishing Cleveland - July 16th - 27th 2019 Tour A+B - 21 Day - Full Tour from Orlando to Cleveland - July 7th - 27th 2019
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