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  1. I am visiting SW tomorrow and have recently lost two beloved fur babies of my own in a very short time. 1 that has been a big part of my life for 15+ years. I feel offended by SW's move in recent times to photograph my entry to the Park. Can I just not go inside and enjoy it for what I see?
  2. I am visiting SW tomorrow and have recently lost two beloved fur babies of my own in a very short time. 1 that has been a big part of my life for 15+ years. I feel offended by SW's move in recent times to photograph my entry to the Park. Can I just not go inside and enjoy it for what I see?
  3. Umm don't you think that would sound just a tinsy bit desperate Skeet? Trying to pitch an aging ToT against this would be a low road for DW to take imo. Showcasing the Park as an overall more complete experience with plenty of everything for everyone will help keep them in the game - and pretty soon with an exciting blindfold upcharge for rides like ToT, what better way to compete... right? 😆
  4. Omg I actually thought you were joking?? WTF DW.. SERIOUSLY W. T. F.
  5. Yeah I'm aware of it and those are things that some of our Parks already do, there is room for improvement across all areas. Not least ease and convenience
  6. The newer Drink Stations do have cold water options. I can't remember if it's fizzy/flat or both, either way on a hot day it's a very welcome improvement. Soft drinks aside, visiting a Theme Park has long been considered a 'treat'. A special day for family, friends and individuals to enjoy themselves to play, indulge and generally spoil one another. Eating 'Healthy' and enjoying a 'treat' are not exactly mutually exclusive. How many People chow down a bowl of Lettuce for Christmas Day Lunch? The VIP Pass has made a visit to the Park feel less special because people can visit whenever they feel like it. The average Guest is far less likely to spend a full day on any visit, far less likely to spend much (if any) money while there. So I guess the challenge is to get more $$ out of average Joe right? For one give the Punters a reason to spend their money on site by offering Products that are Unique and cannot be bought across the road for half the Price. Disney and Universal are the masters of this with their Butterbeers and Baby Groot Pretzels etc.. Unfortunately we simply don't get close to the visitation which you obviously need to produce as much on site as they do but we definitely have room in ours to improve. See DW Parkway for example. VALUE Offer generous servings that People can overlook when they see what they are getting for their dollar. Provide excellant service with a smile. Make it easier for People to order with phone aps etc. Offer (and more importantly promote) Park dining Packages that have variety and include tasty food options that also happen to be healthier ones. How about a Street Food Festival like ones overseas where People buy tickets to exchange for sample sized portions available at various locations around the Park? Being Portion sized, the price should be reasonable, yet sold in coupon lots, say 5/10/20 tickets offering better value for higher multiples. Make them valid for the Season so People can use their remaining tickets on another visit. Or Park. Such an event could be a huge cash spinner and drawcard for every type of Visitor. It's all about thinking outside of the square..
  7. At DW now.. Wipeout is looking as sad as ever. I hope a plan is approved for repainting the entire ride and wave because it sure needs it. ToT is sort of 'jumping' and sort of surges into top speed about half way up the tube. It's also slow and rumbling as it reaches the station. Definitely feels like a patch job to get operational. The ride system is in obvious need of some love in the way of new tech and upgrades. The enhancements to Tiger Island are purely that. Enhancements. I am unsure why this final section took so long but as a whole the area looks great and worthy of a good amount of time spent on any visit.
  8. Or the work could be carried out on the Tower itself, ie resurfacing the stairway?
  9. Haha @SHOOKETH your wild enthusiasm takes me back to a certain crazed fan that immerged when Superman opened😂 Good for you! It will certainly be the pride of the Park, significantly expanding the footprint and adding some always appreciated extra capacity of a few thousand happy riders every day. I can't wait to be among the first to ride -Traditional forward facing first and backwards as soon as possibly after!!
  10. Wow, where have I been all day?!? 5 pages in just a few short hours? GREAT NEWS!! I was super excited to watch the footage and love the backwards feature on the train. Honestly, I can't see this being much more popular than the front row. It certainly will add a new perspective to an already shit hot ride.. CAN'T WAIT
  11. Fair enough @Theme Park Girl, my incling is that they are going for an entirely different Audience for this PJ Party. SW is a vastly different Beast than MW in it's current form. As an Adult with no kids I have 0% interest in this event and I'm sure I am not alone on that😃
  12. I would be surprised if Storm is even open. Battle boats.. Not a chance! The rides should be restricted to the kid's area which, for such an event I think will suit so long as the target Audience is young families. Mid August is an odd choice though.. hopefully SW has some good gas heaters and other cosy nooks to keep Guests comfortable? I can also picture the very young (target audience) nodding off well before 10, leaving the Park dead by 9.
  13. Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur... SAY NO MORE🤔 Back on topic.. Having seen WW the other day, (LOVED IT!) I am feeling this ride is not strictly for her. It's so great to see DC have FINALLY made a movie that is both Critic and Audience worthy - the perfect Super Hero Adventure that would be better featured as an off road dark ride (like Indiana Jones) imo than a Rollercoaster with minimal themeing. What if it was to be a 'Superheros versus Supervillains' ride that features 'Goodguy' trains taking on the 'Baddies' (somehow in the form of the Coaster track itself? A chance to promote the JL Characters with currently little prominence such as Flash, Aquaman and WW that could feature in such a battle of Good vs Evil.. Thoughts?
  14. I would certainly expect Fright Nights to be on the 27th, 28th being the last Friday and Saturday evenings of the Halloween season. Either night will be very busy.. maybe consider taking the Terrror Tour? Never done it before myself because I always visit FN with a group of people making it difficult to get them to commit to spending big $$. For that reason I think I might just go with my other half this year so we can enjoy the experience. As far as timing/crowds go, I would expect weekends to be significantly busier than normal with annual passholders saturating the Park to ride WW😆 According to the MW maintenance page Justice League will be closed however this is the only major attraction currently scheduled. All in all, it will be a great time to visit with high capacity (all but 1 ride open), perfect weather, no School Holidays and Fright Nights in full swing. Plan to visit Wednesday and Friday. Stay back for FN Friday night. Good luck with your exams😀
  15. This sounds more palatable, thanks @ShaneW and welcome to Parkz 😃