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  1. Looking at this picture @Jobe forgive me if I am wrong but aren't those Perspex coverings around the carriages?
  2. Wow didn't I just get told hahaha😲 But thanks for the detailed, accurate correction @AlexB .. We can always count on you for delivering the well researched facts. The amount of energy you put into posts is impressive - usually all while working too, so it seems. I can't even do that while NOT working, so well done (seriously!) The mass PPT push started late 1990's. It has been widely believed that you could get a greater level of commitment by offering a seemingly better payment status type. Personally I always thought it was a cop out given the significant difference between rates.
  3. Indeed! of course, this won't be a major cost to the business, since the majority of our stood down staff are employed on a casual basis and have no leave entitlements whatsoever! - Actually @AlexB a huge chunk of VTP staff are PPT. Decades ago Management pushed frontline staff on to PPT otherwise allowing them to stay on as Casuals and 'bank' any extra hrs if worked greater than 38 pw. A lot of ppl opted for Casual rates because they are a few dollars p/h higher, trade off - zero entitlements (sick leave, annual leave etc). Management loved having Casuals on PPT, only havi
  4. Either way that's 1 less bill for me to worry about right now - albeit a tinsy one. 😁 Especially in that I'm not wasting my money on overpriced shit like Foxtel.
  5. Unbelievable. Based on such decisions I guess "Mom" thinks the World of Trump. Personally, I think she needs her batteries changing.
  6. ^ I just got that email too. Perhaps a response from a lot of pissed off ppl threatening to cancel memberships unless they were suspended?
  7. Thanks for the update @colonelbmx. I guess we know that at least this part of Atlantis is going ahead - not that anything about it looks Atlantis-ie mind. Nor can I make out any definitive evidence of Fountains being placed. I hope they at least do that. Oh and those curvy walls at the back are looking a lot lower than in the graphic. I know they have a long way to go (possibly now till the end of the year) but hope for something a bit more concealed from the Dolphin pools behind. Here's hoping..
  8. Sorry but yes. I am not 12 and probably a hell of a lot closer to retirement than most of you, so take that as a compliment. I have direct access to a workplace financial advisor who suggested it was best, given my personal circumstances and the way my fund was set up (high risk, high return). My fund would have kept eating away at itself waaay faster than the contributions were going in. I simply moved it over to a conservative (low risk) program to ride out the storm before changing things again. Yeah I thought cheeky bastards, I could just cancel mine anytime, but for $24
  9. Or even 6 mths which will take us just to the end of Winter. I think Aussies will be a hard bunch to conform to the new distance measures. We love our freedom so this will be a big test. Getting out to the great outdoors & wide open Country areas will no doubt become hot Tourist spots for millions over the next 2 Holiday seasons. Seeing that MW is now planning closure I think it will be very soon that all major Parks will close, along with other Tourism operator's. How do you practice social distancing of 4 sq metres in Q's & on the rides themselves? All rides would only
  10. Yip I hear you @Brad2912. As someone who has been part of the Flight Centre Travel Group for the last 15 years, I don't need to tell you how south things have gone there these last couple of weeks. It's hard to keep positive in this shit show of a world we live in right now. Even Disney have reportedly suspended projects at this stage. Disney of all business! Oh and a little tip - might be worth checking your Superannuation. Just this week I had lost over 40k in a matter of a few days. If you have a super fund that has been heavily investing in the Stock market (like mine was) you might w
  11. So while Senior executive salaries & bonuses are to be reduced at VTP, the actual every day Employee's (Gardens, Maintenance, Operations, Retail, F&B etc) are asked to consider taking a break -and in most cases that will be at their own expense? Hmm.. Gee, doesn't it make you feel good to know that the top 1% of Business (like MW) are always looking out for what's best for them? ..and by them I don't mean you!
  12. .. so what if the big Cheese himself, AKA "Rocketman" got COVID-19 A-lexi-B? All jokes aside, the guy is hardly a picture of health, so he likely wouldn't bode too well if he did.
  13. I hardly think North Korea would report a COVID-19 case even if they had one (all jokes aside) For those who have been to the DMZ before, I assume it is closed right now because when you go in that room, all it would take is a cough of someone infected & BOOM! North Korea wiped out by the "Booma Remova"
  14. Serious question; How are they managing indoor Q areas like Scooby-Doo? There will usually be at least 100+ people waiting, are indoors & well inside the 1.5 metre close proximity limit? Wouldn't that contravene the current Govt imposed regulations?
  15. ... Really? Well isn't that embarrassing! I stand corrected thanks @Gazza. No matter, the Gold Coast is about the most right wing l part of the Country, I am sure the Parks there will be just fine 😀
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