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  1. Lookin great! Thanks again for the update:-)
  2. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    A stroke of brilliance! I should have done that but instead I nagged the other half to watch it on my phone late last night and promised it wouldn't take more than 5 minutes. . Didn't quite get the same impression (not even close!) - just the usual eye rolls of disinterest that most of us Theme Park Weirdos should be used to. Like or loathe, I will be getting our arses over to the States next year, once their Summer Holidays start and most of the local LA Passholes get blocked out and to give them time to get everything working right.
  3. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    K so I watched it.. just couldn't resist and Holy *F* Wow I am so glad I did. It's also a ride that needs to be experienced at least a couple of times if you can get the perspective of the different transport vehicle paths. (Watch the whole video!) As good as some of the POV's are, (I get goosebumps watching!) the whole thing is all just so 360° that being there in person will surely be a highly emotional experience and one that will absolutely snatch the Crown back into the hands of the Mouse for a long time to come. This is Disney Ride Showmanship at it's undeniable finest! Below is the full 15 minute multi ride experience as pieced together by Attractions Magazine (credit Disneylandmore).. Well worth a look to get the full perspective (minus the Queue) which btw is also the best since we've seen since Tony Baxter"s Indiana Jones Adventure
  4. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    Sounds like a perfect way to create the effect of a single laser shot rather than a continuous predictable beam. Makes for a much more chaotic and unpredictable moment that would no doubt have head's ducking. Plus taking it all so many steps further with the ricochet effects, audio and everything else going on.. wow this thing smokes! Thanks for the insight @Gazza
  5. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    I'm also curious about the laser effects in the ride that look more true to how they are seen in the film's and not just the old school fog and a light beam gag
  6. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    When I hear @joz is impressed with a new ride, now I know I am not over-reacting😀
  7. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    No idea @Gazza but this ride brings so much of the "still can't figure out how they did it shit" - the likes we haven't seen at Disney since what.. Indiana Jones? Can someone tell me, is the Kylo Ren Sabre cutting through the ceiling a real on-ride effect or was that just CGI'd to make the ads look prettier?
  8. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    I already know the track layout for the most part. The bit between the ATTS and the big finale has remained largely a mystery till now. I find with these blockbuster type rides you only partly spoil it watching online when it's so multi-sensory, really nothing like being there in person!
  9. MickeyD

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    I am sooooo tempted to watch (and probably will give in) oh why do we spoil these things for ourselves! - just the other day I started watching the leaked finale to Rise of Skywalker, now I known too much. Damn you beautiful Internet!!
  10. MickeyD

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    @Baconjack100% however the current DW Park Management strategic program is one not seen in most Parkz' Chatter's entire lifetimes! Of course this is not a problem just for DW. To survive, any Theme Park must keep evolving, or like anything else living and loving in this world, eventually would be forgotten and die. If anything MW will be the next Major Park due for major Capital boost, as I have suggested before. We should start to see early stages/ announcement of that in the 12-18 months (fingers crossed!) Before they even get to 6 Flags MW, the Wet Elephant in the room down the road need's millions spent on paint, plussing, upgrades, facilities and Guest comfort (such as heat cooling path resurfacing) and then millions more on new slides. Fortunately slides come a lot cheaper than Coasters and Dark rides do! SW, will no doubt continue copping increased backlash over it's Dolphin and Captive Animal programs in coming years. Fortunately their current investment strategy is moving back to rides that will help with public profile, along with their core Marine Rescue program. Further to that SW will need to continue developing things like University relations that will aid the Park's evolution. Bringing greater focus to the ethics surrounding the Science/ Environmental/ Sustainability and Educational aspects of their Marine life program and of course the Animal's well being. -This is something that all Zoological type Park's need to be doing or otherwise face ultimate demise. Theme Park Golden rule; "Evolve to meet the demands of a changing World along with a commitment to it's People that will ensure it's success and ongoing existence".
  11. For those fortunate enough to have already experienced it, all indications are Disney has pulled off something truly ground breaking that will leave People's heads spinning and wanting to get back in line. Register the link below to watch it's official opening tomorrow.. After wild speculation, 15 minutes should be the total duration - that's assuming no down time, which no doubt can and will be caused by the ride's multi-experience nature and unpredictability of Guest's speed of safe transition point to point. With so many transition points, I envisage likely stoppage areas will be mainly the Initial ship launch, departure from the Holding Cells aboard the Trackless portion, the base of vertical accents from ATT fighters and awaiting entry to drop shaft back to Batuu. All possible delays of being caused (potentially) by unfreed blocks to the next section and of course proximity sensor failure (which the ride will no doubt have shit loads of). Sooooooo many blocks, and 'trim station' like hold up points, this thing will be every true Theme Park Lover's wet dream come true... I'm going to hold off for May to visit Disneyland and give em time to iron out the bumps myself. Who else is excited? Personally I Can't f*cking WAIT!!!!
  12. MickeyD

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    ... so all this plussing makes me wonder how many more ex MW peeps migrated to DW joining Greg Yong? (A lot of the good ones it seems!) The Park has not looked this good in years and with what 2020 has in store, dare I say probably not since decades ago when Longhurst walked.. Impressive stuff!
  13. MickeyD

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    Hopefully soon we will see the infamous "DW Spaghetti junction" FINALLY removed - only taken, what 20+ years (and counting!)
  14. MickeyD

    Wet 'n' Wild GC Maintenance 2019

    Thanks for Clarifying A-Lexi-B, I got the Americas part right 🙄... I do enjoy the Black hole and the Park needs more slides with reasonable capacity, not less. Especially with how good WWW is looking.
  15. MickeyD

    Wet 'n' Wild GC Maintenance 2019

    Yup. I believe they came from an American waterpark. I recall riding an exact same version at the now closed WnW Orlando, unsure if it's the same one.