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  1. Did I miss something @joz? Surfrider relocating to SW?
  2. ^ it's DEFINATELY older! Go back about 6 years
  3. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    You mean 'fun park' right? 😁
  4. .. funny when nostalgic moments are brought back from the grave, the reality of it is all to often bound to disappoint. As much as we would love these things to be as magical as they were at that special moment in time, most of us would rather paint on a fake smile and do our best to hide the disappointment in actuality! Who on here went back to Disneyland as an Adult and said, 'gee I remember that Castle looking so much bigger?' I have treasured childhood memories of Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast and oh what I would give for a chance to ride the Paratower or Waveswinger over the edge of that cliff once more.. Even if I could I reckon the romance of nostalgia would be shut down by the reality of it and suddenly that treasured memory would be all but forgotten.
  5. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    "Until Further" notice you say SW? Hmmm.. I wonder if this is SW just being cautious to not over promise and under deliver OR it is for the full removal of VR and starting work on the new ride? Timing seems about right.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    ^ and those ridiculous guide channels at the SW one! I wonder if anyone ever stacked it badly on one of these Toboggan slides? NOT surprising today they are a thing of the past.. good times
  7. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    Wow that brush is overgrown. Despite the circumstances, the area is long overdue for a good clearing out.
  8. XXI Commonwealth Games: Gold Coast 2018

    Was down the Coast yesterday on Business. Frankly I have not seen the place so quiet in living memory. It was like Xmas Day quiet. Totally surreal. Even the m1 was dead. They seem to have done a fantastic job of frightening everyone to stay the hell away from the place and with all the hype leading up to it, reality is that business's everywhere are now suffering. It's a pretty sad sight. Q the blame game..
  9. The Off Topic Topic

    What a lovely sounding Disneyland, if but forever only in a dream (or half a day once a year!) Written for a West Coast Audience no doubt but the story lost all credibility sighting Perth as the spot for a future DisneyDownunder.. bahahaha No offence Perth BUT at least you have cheap flights to Universal Singapore and (allegedly) the Internet to book your flights to get there🤣
  10. Suffering a complete identity crisis, the Park continues to be soul stripped, seemingly without a care in the world. I'm absolutely loving the Longhurst interviews with @Roachie the last couple of days. Btw thank you so much for this fantastic piece of work - brilliant storytelling and I cannot wait for the next installment! Looking over this update makes me feel sad for DW and indeed for the Dream and Vision that Longhurst had for his Park. An unwavered determination and Passion that is something Ardent simply doesn't get. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the Park falls into the right hands before the dream is lost forever.
  11. Traveling fairs!

    Please do! I have been trying to find it online, often the case with Carni rides, hard to find on the web!
  12. Traveling fairs!

    ^ cool! Looks like a modern take on the Tilt'n'Wirl.
  13. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    According to the Movieworld webpage WWF is still rescheduled for Operation from this Saturday. Here's hoping that date doesn't get pushed back again!
  14. Thanks @RoachieLooking at the Picture above made me think of this as it looks as though Canada's Theatre has greater width for the vehicles in the existing seating area? It's been years since I set foot in the DW Theatre but I recall the screen being quite close and seating area steep? It'll be a tight fit and I am glad that DW themselves are not designing it!
  15. @Roachie do you think the layout of the Theatre will remain roughly the same?ie Gondolas placed Main st side of the Auditorium facing the dome placed Gold Rush side? I wonder if excavation and reinforcement would be required to dig down the current seating area to make enough room for the ride and machinery? Will the gap between the seating angle and the first row to the screen at 90 degrees be enough to fit all that in? Or would it be easier/cheaper to turn the whole Theatre around and place the Dome screen facing Gold Rush and the ride itself on the current Screen side of the building?