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  1. ^ HERE HERE!! One of my pet hates was when Supervising the Looney Tunes ride and Tech Services would often leave work lights on in the Maintenance Bay before leaving, casting light across the ceiling and spoiling the 'night sky' effect.
  2. ^ a simple and effective solution @AlexB. That would make sense as beyond that doorway is the remaining east bound Gremlin Theatre exit corridor and that would be the lights shining from the Hallway.
  3. ^ finally!!! While they're at it, I hope they address the maintenance light glare above the monitor at the end of that corridor. It's been bugging me for ages. The area should be dark.
  4. @jack.c in case you aren't aware, a number of members and Community Leaders are existing and former employees of the GC Parks, so yeah, there are a few that are well and truly 'in the know' with what is going on behind the scenes, so to speak. VTP Employees are also bound by contract to keep quiet on details of unannounced attractions for the Parks. Mind you this is a practice that has only come about since early 2000s under current Management. When I was there we proudly spruiked about new developments. It's a pretty different place though nowadays with a lot of entry level front line staff not so much treated like they are part of a family as once was the case. The crazy growth of the internet and social media in the last decade has also perhaps dictated a different culture. Back on topic, I loved that video and would be well chuffed if we get anything that good. Reckon the themeing of the station is pretty on point 😆
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would be an excellent theme for a family attraction in the south side of the old Toon ride building. The challenge for such a ride today would be sourcing a manufacturer to provide a safe and compliant design for a water dark ride (Sally?)
  6. Maybe they're going for @Theme Park Girl former Birthday colour theme? Ummmmmm too wordy?😲
  7. I had a half sized one (about 50cms long with about a quarter of a bottle of tequila in it).. I also remember the ones that people drag behind them at about waist height. Seriously wtf!
  8. I still don't expect it to be themed to Bizarro for reasons already said. All aside this is one ride that is being built solely for thrills - with themeing practically non existent. A strong name that is marketable and easy for people to identify with is all that is needed. I must say I do love the colour scheme chosen. It is certainly going to stand out
  9. As others have said it would make sense to have the Suicide Squad gang hanging out next to Hall of Justice, however due to events of last year (as others have suggested) perhaps a decision has been made to soften the whole SS theme and change the title of the ride to Joker instead. In addressing the Arkham issue, perhaps another reskin is on the cards for the release of Flash in coming years?This would also be a good time to introduce a Wonder Woman themed Star Flyer in the now defunct courtyard area..
  10. Thanks for the update @Gazza. Must say I am quite surprised to hear this was your first visit to Vegas! I hope you made time to enjoy the incredible themeing and free mini shows featured at the big Casinos such as the Ancient God's show at Caesars Palace.
  11. For some reason the Gen 1 version of the ride operated minus those two cars in the years leading up to decommissioning. It ran with all cars attached until the late 90's. My guess is they removed two cars to balance the weight of the wheel. I just spent the last 15 minutes searching Google for old pics of it with no luck. Ugh maybe I need another coffee..
  12. Hardly anyone knows who Bizarro is. MW are not going to spend tens of millions only to theme it to something no-one has heard of.