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  1. Projection mapping, similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages.
  2. Finally got to ride and HOLY SHITBALLS what an absolute Doggy's breakfast!! Wow seriously MW, way to go with this one! A pile of cash successfully wasted in taking the Park's best themed 'experience' ride and turned into a very poorly constructed joke. Was this Political Revenge of an outgoing Employee left in charge before being shown the door? After all the time closed and the loading area still hasnt been cleaned up. That Jester character has been sitting up there since the ride opened decades ago and shoulders are blackenned from dust. Same with the Chandeliers which are filthy - not "themeing" filthy, there is a difference. The "yikes! Monsters" Scooby at the first turn is back and as terrible animatronic as ever and automatic door into the ride still remains broken. Next, the two screens ahead right corner, other than rubbish animation, contrast is far too bright. The shape of the screens themselves being basic square shape with no attempt to blend with the environment. Seriously, what were they thinking? Lighting around the swinging blade scene (and all throughout the ride) is just too bright which shows everyrhing off too much. The ride should be dark and spooky. Animations throughout the Ghost train part of the ride moving too slowly and generally out of sync from the ride cars. Green screen effect is a good idea but as soon as the monsters appeared, we disappeared, turning into blackened shadows. It was probably too hard to do the Scrappy-doo scene in the lift with projection mapping so monitors were the choice. I get what they are trying to do here but again it was just so poorly done. A 4 year old riding would recognise them as TV screens. Not the case on the Hogwarts Express ride at Universal in Florida, so if executed properly it can be effective. Not sure what my expectations were for the mirror turntable room but my reaction (and all others around me) was... huh? No lights or smoke in the disco room as others have reported - just the runway lights along the 2 drops, which must have been expensive despite offering nothing to enhance the ride's experience! I like how the car stops for the mirror ball finale. Again, 2 square screens and shithouse animation, the ride is left finishing with a whimper rather than a bang. Just before pulling up at unload, howsabout putting the rider's photo up rather than more shithouse animation on a home TV sized monitor? I just don't understand the mess that has been made with this ride. No projection mapping anywhere (As promised) and a senseless over use of TV screens and ineffective lighting throughout. A complete waste of money given the same ride filled with little more than fog and pretty flashing lights would've be Infinitely better.
  3. MickeyD

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Haha fair enough. I hought it looked mighty impressive and would fit well, thematically speaking. No idea the actual ride experience was passe. Without question MW needs to attend to the ageing kiddie area and utilise the rest of the Looney Building, even if for just an indoor section of the land with a handful of flats that are fun for both Kids and Adults alike. It wouldn't be too hard to look at what is working well at the Abu Dhabi Park and bring some of that here. The other obvious area for some love is the Stunt Show arena. If MW wish to continue with a Stunt Show then bring back the Police Academy with a similar show format, that was hugely popular for years and years - just a modernised and more impressive show. Trouble is the Operating cost of such a show is huge. Not to mention the Insurance implications for the Performers. The scaled back shit shows we have today at both MW and SW are a sign of the times unfortunately. Don't know if that low standard will change.
  4. The Easter Holiday Period this year kicks off from the 6th of April for both QLD and VIC. That's really not far away and with NSW Holidays staggered a week later, Gold Coast should get a solid month. Without being optimistic that's plenty of time for DW to get their shit together and have all systems go for a successful soft open period. Enough time for the Passholes to try it out and enough time to properly Market their investment effectively this time around (despite all the billboards and TV ad campaign, most people gave it little to no attention and still have no idea what SV is)
  5. MickeyD

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    THIS is the ride for MW
  6. MickeyD

    Cedar Point trip 2019

    Never been to Cedar Point myself - and now I know why, wow they like to make it difficult for People to visit this Park!
  7. MickeyD

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Show fx can be tested and installed outside normal hours @themagician. Let's hope they are doing just that and the maintenance for the end of the year is routine/mechanical.
  8. MickeyD

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Maybe gL is getting a much needed re-painting? Arkham is quite a lengthy downtime. The usual train re-build will have to be undertaken no doubt, but surely there are only so many times they can keep doing that before new train(s) maybe required all together?
  9. Love this @themagician! Even just the food - like what Disney do with their food and wine festivals and sell tickets for say 25 for $25 and offer stops around the place selling snack samplers for visitor's to dine around Asia. Things like dumplings, baos, banh-mi, noodle boxes, spring rolls etc in exchange for say around 5 tickets each. Get outside vendor's in for the occasion like what they have done with Carnivale and throw in some live traditional enteetainment and could be a really great event!
  10. So Australia Day all but done and still no sign of a SkyVoyager opening?
  11. Exactly @wikiverse or paint the word ENTRY on the roller door and maybe add a sandwich board out front? Either way, pretty simple cost effective fixes can be looked at. The back of the Park has always been a dead corner and will never be properly fixed till hopefully oneday opened up around the back of Scooby to create a 'loop' that connects the front to the back and as already proven effective on FN's.
  12. Sorry but you are actually wrong there. All of these rides are 'cycle rides' - pretty much been DW's problem for decades. A cycle being that the ride has to come to a complete stop, unload the Passengers, open up all restraints, re-admit the next load, seat, check, re-spin/repeat. This makes for painfully slow moving lines and a 2 minute ride take 10-15 minutes even when the Q is small. MW by contrast has quite a few multi-unit and continuous loading rides that keep Visitors moving steadily through lines. Note how dull even a 15 min wait can be for Superman with 1 train running, with not even a phone to look down at and God forbid you are forced to chat with the People your riding with! Scooby, WWF, GL and Justice League are People Eaters designed to handle a US Park sized crowd. Despite a larger capacity, Sky Voyager is going to be yet another cycle attraction that no doubt DW will have running with just 1 Gondola in no time to save $$$. At least they are not going to have to worry about long lines when it opens at the quietest time of the year!
  13. MickeyD

    Before and After pictures of Dreamworld

    100%. Besides, you can tell by how shit it looks.. ergo, DW😁
  14. Quite possibly the ride may not require any further downtime with lighting etc all in place and further adjustments and improvements etc just being carried out, outside of Operating hours
  15. Disappointing. Not sure why they are struggling with something as simple as Lasers (or lack thereof)