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  1. Looking at this picture @Jobe forgive me if I am wrong but aren't those Perspex coverings around the carriages?
  2. MickeyD

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Thanks for the update @colonelbmx. I guess we know that at least this part of Atlantis is going ahead - not that anything about it looks Atlantis-ie mind. Nor can I make out any definitive evidence of Fountains being placed. I hope they at least do that. Oh and those curvy walls at the back are looking a lot lower than in the graphic. I know they have a long way to go (possibly now till the end of the year) but hope for something a bit more concealed from the Dolphin pools behind. Here's hoping..
  3. .. so what if the big Cheese himself, AKA "Rocketman" got COVID-19 A-lexi-B? All jokes aside, the guy is hardly a picture of health, so he likely wouldn't bode too well if he did.
  4. I hardly think North Korea would report a COVID-19 case even if they had one (all jokes aside) For those who have been to the DMZ before, I assume it is closed right now because when you go in that room, all it would take is a cough of someone infected & BOOM! North Korea wiped out by the "Booma Remova"
  5. Serious question; How are they managing indoor Q areas like Scooby-Doo? There will usually be at least 100+ people waiting, are indoors & well inside the 1.5 metre close proximity limit? Wouldn't that contravene the current Govt imposed regulations?
  6. MickeyD

    Ardent Leisure share price drops

    ... Really? Well isn't that embarrassing! I stand corrected thanks @Gazza. No matter, the Gold Coast is about the most right wing l part of the Country, I am sure the Parks there will be just fine 😀
  7. While our major Parks remain open right now, I'd expect that will all change within a week. Most likely they are desperate to keep going business as usual, for as long as possible until the Govt can throw them a lifeline.
  8. MickeyD

    Ardent Leisure share price drops

    Tassie, WA & NSW have already announced their own state stimulus packages - unsurprisingly are all LNP. As far as I am aware both QLD & VIC are yet to release major packages. Coincidence? Despite this, I would expect QLD will release a major state stimulus package very soon. The whole country benefits from Tourism -not to mention the incredibly disastrous impact on the sector's fall-out, most of which is in the Sunshine State. I like to think big Tourism business (including our Theme Park's) & their employee's will be getting some big cradling support soon.
  9. MickeyD

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    Well done MW! Now please give that facade some love - after decades covered, I can still see the brick slot just above the Planet where Lasers projected for those once epic parade's/light shows. All the same, this is such a great improvement.. Please keep it up!
  10. MickeyD

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    ^ not since the "roof"? Agreed.
  11. MickeyD

    Ardent Leisure share price drops

    If you have a spare $500 to put down, I reckon it would be worth it - surely your odds would be significantly higher than say a night out at the Casino?
  12. MickeyD

    New Movie World Plaza Screens

    Personally I detest the screens at the end of the street. They block the buildings and have absolutely zero thematic cohesion to the rest of the classic 1950's Hollywood Main Street style. Adding more screens only worsens the problem & will draw attention to the ratshit picture quality of the main one in the middle. I do however quite like @AlexB idea to add screens down the front area - I'd prefer between Superman & Batwing so it doesn't affect the aesthetic of the buildings of Main St and again so People down the entry area can see what's going on.
  13. In time for the new Coaster to open? Maybe the new area will be promoted as a Country Australia theme - little effort required and would tie in well to the Corroboree Animal area it extends to.
  14. Given it's close proximity to the new Steel Taipan Coaster, what if "Hiss-teria" will be a re-branding of "Buzzsaw"? Just like the "GoldCoaster", it seems like a good (and cheap) way to promote an old ride as something new. It would fit the slightly different theme of the Coaster more accurately too, while distancing from the Gold Rush theme once and for all. Thoughts?
  15. MickeyD

    Tailspin difficult to spin?

    ^ hey I found some of them are pretty hard to get going, others not so much. The ones on the outer seem easier to spin, however before the ride even starts, some you can flick the wings & others you can't. Similarly with Pandamonium, only 2-3 of the cars spin quite aggressively when the direction changes half way through, while others don't change direction. Try standing back and watching before you ride next time so you know which carriage to pick!