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  1. DW haven't understood the meaning of the word 'Continuity' for many, many years..
  2. MickeyD

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    From Disneyandmore.com just now first footage of next gen Animatronics etc being prepared for the new Beauty and the Beast trackless Dark ride at Tokyo Disney.. Wow.. http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2018/12/amazing-tokyo-disneyland-beauty-and.html?m=1
  3. MickeyD

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    Arkham is relatively cheap ro maintain, is still popular enough and in overall great shape for a ride of it's age. Since the last refurb, the first brake has been eased and no longer applies that leg-numbing lock down on legs and the overall ride experience is about as good as it has ever been. I cannot say the same for most of DW's ageing line up. Sidewinder was a shit ride when I first rode it as Big Dipper at Luna Park. It only progressed to get much much worse in the hands of it's deadly DW owners over the years. Now it's in such terrible shape they can't even get the thing running. God forbid they look outside their walls for industry help.
  4. MickeyD

    The Off Topic Topic

    There will always be Sale and Promotional Periods whether that will include price reductions, payment plans, purchase offers, discounts or other incentives. Personally, I don't feel they need to discount the upfront price at any stage, moreover continue adding 'value' to the passes by encouraging in-park per-cap spend - something they have been doing with the last promo, but there is still room for more.
  5. What? About 8 months ago? But that's impossible!
  6. MickeyD

    Shaun the Sheep Coming to Paradise Country

    That's correct Push, well done🙂
  7. MickeyD

    Shaun the Sheep Coming to Paradise Country

    Nah that's just silly talk Skeet, of course they don't! It's actually a nice place to visit and get up close to the Animals - they even give you free food for them, unlike a certain Fish Park down the road.. Just don't go in the warmer months, you'll melt. Or any day much over 25° for that matter. Or a rainy day because there is very little shelter. Or when there is a high fire danger because, well you could die. Other than that, it's a nice little place! Go with no expectations and they will be exceeded, for sure.
  8. Excellent. My work here is done🤣
  9. I attended the Media Launch for AOS way back in what, 2006.. loved it. But I never went back. Now seeing this show advertised has re-ignited my interest and for the 1st time in over a decade I have taken the time to find out more about what this one is about. After all these years I have a few good reasons to be dragged back and it is without a doubt doing the same for many others out there too. Sorry A-to the-Lex-to the-B but this tine I have to disagree with thee! People do love the Horses, the Show, the Food - and most definately the Beer! The show now looks to be rebooted enough to keep going for a couple more years before the next story- And that's just it- they can keep coming up with new stories all the time, keep it fresh! AOS ain't going nowhere anytime soon and neither should it.
  10. MickeyD

    WWW expansion 2018

    ^ yeah like floating passed fences with sleeping Animals out of view on the other side.. Wow. There's a reason why Wait Disney didn't go with real Animals when he built the Jungle Cruise.
  11. Thanks @Jordan M. well yes, construction would certainly want to be well along from that picture. Realistically that side of things should be done by now. They've got their work cut out for them for sure!
  12. Hahaha sucks to be Dreamworld!! With under a month to go and they still haven't got the Roof on yet?
  13. They've certainly kicked things up a notch (or 5) this time around -the show looks like it's going to be an absolute smash and I have no doubt Village are beyond satisfied with pre-show Ticket sales thus far. I reckon this show will be hanging around for quite a while.
  14. MickeyD

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    If that's the case, better get riding People!