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  1. The only ride I have ever greyed out on was DW's Enterprise ride, just before lift off and then the lights would begin to come back on for me as it lifted... disconcerting stuff and it happened almost every time I rode. Funny, I didn't have that issue with the Reef Diver. Maybe it didn't rotate on the ground as fast, not sure..
  2. Gremlins was shit. Just saying😆
  3. But it isn't/wasn't a permanent fixture as it was?
  4. At least give it a crack when it opens? I reckon you might be pleasantly surprised!
  5. Groundbreaking. Hair raising. Fast. Exhilarating. Smooth. Intense. Mind blowing. Terrifying. Thrilling. Just some words that come to mind with this. So Push, how can you possibly say this doesn't look.. fun?
  6. My guess is the area is being improved. Maybe not so much improved, possibly something a little more permanent and versatile
  7. The 'big' drop in the main room I am OK with, the one that follows has a very tight dip, making it jarring at speed. I agree that last little drop pressing onto brakes at what feels like high pressure is a bit of a whack to the knees! In an indoor coaster I doubt the track deteriorates a great deal however I am sure the trains themselves are the culprit. Despite an ongoing maintenance program (they never stop working on them) like anything, they will surely wear over time. I wonder how far each of these cars has actually traveled in it's lifetime? Fun thought.. how about some spinning cars for the end of the year as part of the ride's new lease on life?
  8. I get that @Santa07. I have also ridden it more times than I care to remember, right back to when it very first opened. I have no problem with the jerkiness or jarring of the ride, the physical sensation on the last dip in the main room and sudden braking before unload on that last little dip, imo are showing their age. I don't think it would take too much to improve the comfort of these areas and knowing how talented many of the Fitters are in the MW Tech services department I wouldn't be surprised if it's something they have on their wishlist to address.
  9. 2 pages on and what does all this have to do with Scooby-Doo refurb? Ugh cmon ppl back on topic!! I rode SDSC last week and I must say I am really not enjoying those last two dips on the ride. Yes, I am getting on in the years but generally I don't have a problem with the ride's comfort. Is it just me or would others agree this part of the track could probably do with some tlc?
  10. Thanks @themagician check the angle of that drop heading into the loop? What an absolute panty rippa!!!!
  11. Say what? does Skeeta even work for VTP? So why the secrecy?
  12. Care to share Skeet? Gee I really hope that stupid "tell and die" clause follows Mr Fisher out the door and kicks him up the arse on the way out! When John Menzies was the big cheese he would proudly share the future with Employees during monthly functions. We were never told to keep quiet on it and when you consider up the road already know exactly what is going on long before it's made public (and vice/versa) honestly, why does this continue to be such a big deal?
  13. And plenty also said that it wouldn't be WW themed...
  14. Pretty sure the Nov/Dec dates for SDSC were about the same as last years when they ripped everything out. I think the August dates will give better clues as to what is happening considering it's current state their are only few reminders left that it is indeed a Scooby-Doo themed ride. While it makes sense to cash in on an affordable re-etheme as it stands, it also makes sense to weigh up the options and consider the foreseeable popularity and on-going marketability of the said name and iconic MW ride. I remain cautiously optimistic that Scooby will remain and the overall experience plussed to give it a modern day lease on life.
  15. Fabulous shots thanks for your contribution @ThemeTendo!!!