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  1. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Likewise. WWF gets a lot of Mechanical attention every year so with so much down time I hope for significant Show enhancements as well as any safety improvements being subtle and unnoticeable for the most part.
  2. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Mostly because People are stupid when it comes to a risk of jumping out or sticking hands in the water and our Parks mitigating risk of injury etc. As the Boats almost come to a stop at this point, it's a part of the ride where the odd 1 in a million dickhead decides it's a good spot to jump out. Same goes for the bottom of lift 2. When a lot of boats are operating and spacing is out, you can get a bank up there. Many years ago, I had a guy with Autism pannick here, jumped out, wound up in the drink, clambered out to the island in the middle. Other than soaked from the waist down he was fine. That is after he finally turned up at the exit to the Gremlin ride!
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    A 5th maze would be nice! With WWF now out till the end of March, at this rate it'll be down until next Summer! I hope they have found some extra $$ to spend on the WWF show? With such a long down time now, think of all the money saved on Staffing and Power? The Geyser area needs a good clean up and re-paint, ghost town needs attention and of course the finale which has the potential for so much more. Now I think of it, wonder if the backwards-to-forwards transition area has recently come under the spotlight as a potential area of concern?
  4. Ditto. Practically every time I drive by and see the ride going the Back seat is empty. Same when in Park. Backwards is occupied maybe 1-2 out of 5 runs tops. How about if MW offered a deal to Passholders for free backwards rides with any in-Park purchase? For example, buy a Soft Drink refill, retain the receipt and validate it for your free backwards ride? A great way to generate some extra Passhole spending, especially when most People visit with others, so the group would have to buy more than one thing for everyone to get their free ride. I always visit with my Partner and still haven't ridden backwards. It might not seem like a lot to many of you, by the time I drive to the Park I have already spent $30 on Fuel and will throw at least another $40 on food and drink for the day including afternoon Coffee and Cake at the Cafe in the Park. I can't justify another $20 at this stage sans spending that money on Groceries for dinner that night. Or 2 bottles of wine
  5. A new word coined for regular use? Haha love it!!! Welcome back @AlexB
  6. Log Ride "cage" photos

    How embarrassing.
  7. New passes at Dreamworld

    Thanks for clarifying @Brad2912, in that case will be happy to wait till end of the year before renewing😁
  8. New passes at Dreamworld

    Just to be clear, are the Summer Passes also extended?
  9. New passes at Dreamworld

    Wait, ALL PASSES? I had a Summer Pass which am pretty sure it expired on the 24/12?
  10. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    No offence @Santa07 but your top 10 sucks balls. How on earth can you call yourself a Theme Park Enthusiast and put DW's ToT significantly in front of 3 multi-gazillion dollar Disney masterpieces? Sorry Chap but what you are doing is comparing Apple's with Donuts. This is precisely why I hate top 10's. Happy New Year btw 5. ToT (DW)6. Colorado Adventure (Phanta)7. Hyperspace Mountain (DLP)8. Rock n Roller Coaster (Walt Disney Studios)9. Crush's Coaster (Walt Disney Studios)10. Arkham Asylum (MW) Seriously WTF Parkz..
  11. Don't know whether to laugh or cry but these new look logs are hurting my brain.
  12. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Best then everybody tells MW how much they love the free lockers, while they still are free then huh?
  13. Indeed @GoGoBoy and while they are there wasting their own time, they ruin it for everyone else!
  14. No idea why Passholders are wasting their time visiting this time of year? If it was up to me I would block them out entirely (peak dates only like 26th Dec -7th Jan), unless they are prepared to pay loads more for a super premium pass..