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  1. Did the laminated sign printer machine get retired or something?
  2. Probably need a location more central in the park for that kind of thing, I dunno. Close enough to west and scooby, close enough to Main Street, close enough to Dc. Also the ambo point is valid too the building is right next to a service road. Real question is why does there need to be an arcade in a theme park? This isn’t sega world, and if people want to do that they’d go to Timezone. I never saw anyone in the old arcade ever so why bother making alterations to a building for a new one? Make it a walk through or a proper attraction of some degree, it a complete waste of space that movie world does not have in spades
  3. I mean they are somewhat right. The ride was done up at wet n wild not long ago
  4. Generic names that mean nothing - coming to an Epcot, California adventure and Hollywood studios near you.
  5. Or just rebrand it as mursissippi motors and say it’s opening in December
  6. They’ll most likely repaint the walls or something. I remember seeing somewhere concept art for an archway to the land that would sit at the top of the alleyway so I reckon there are intentions to retain it. Having guests walk in and out of superman plaza would result in far too many people around that section of the park, they should have both of those walkways open where possible. Plus you will need an extra route out of the land for an evacuation
  7. Arkham and Gold Coaster were subcontracted to the same local company (able leisure) who made the track and supports in their Melbourne shop off the vekoma/arrow plans. Different time though I’m pretty sure most coasters built here until the 2000’s were subcontracted to local manufacturers
  8. Doomsday counterweights removed (from tpsn) I reckon this is more evidence pointing to the fact doomsday is being pulled down. Looks like a blowtorch cut at the top, if they were doing a full strip down they’d unbolt that section
  9. I see doomsday is getting closedforroutinemaintenance’d. Pull it down
  10. I’m not a fan of village given my postings but this is illogical. Prices of day tickets now compared to where they used to be are pretty consistent with inflation so I don’t think it’s price gouging at all. Also @wikiverse you would have hated Cyclone. Gold Coaster is smoother than its ever been with those restraints
  11. And Bermuda Triangle/Skyway/Corkscrew/Looney Tunes River Ride/Sea World Monorail/Batman Adventure etc At least movie world aren’t throwing spare buckets of paint on the ground of queues of rides, leaving rides sitting there in the open for 10 years to rot away, not taking care of buildings (and making them look fucking ugly), letting nature take over natural features, or leaving scenery pieces to rot. Hell, even not having a maintenance logbook on their rides at all whatsoever. Old dreamworld regime didn’t care for their park experience (or guest safety for that matter). There’s plenty of reading you can do if you go back far enough on these forums, or look at the coroner’s report on these things. Laws are in place to make sure pre-2016 dreamworld cannot happen so this comparison is baseless.
  12. 2d comic art is fine but Village has proven that it can do that style at a good standard with Doomsday. What’s the excuse here? I guess given this is a last minute addition that’s been done to resolve capacity issues and nothing else they will just put in the bare minimum amount of effort
  13. They built nothing to keep guests coming back. We have all heard this before. ultimately this is where your comparison makes no sense to me because for all their flaws Movie World IS building stuff as opposed to nothing. So they are doing the bare minimum to keep people coming back. They are also not closing down WB Kids permanently to save money. (though on a side note the way village is looking after leviathan is giving me massive bush beast vibes)
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