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  1. Seems like they will try to get as much of the work for BD done as possible on the midway section this week before opening day, then work will be done around the maloney's corner side on the weekdays the park isn't open. Expecting progress to be slow or heaps of testing if they are trying to get it done for a December opening though
  2. Look take some graphics made for the LPS website with a grain of salt but this seems to make the possibility that the dodgem building is being gutted and used as the queue for BD very real
  3. "Average hyper coaster by world standards", lol what? this just proves that you have pretty much no idea what you are talking about. DCR is very highly regarded by many in our hobby, not just in here, but internationally. People rave about the backwards experience as well. I'd be keen to hear what in your opinion is a better hyper than DCR. I don't disagree the theming is minimal at best but in all honesty for the role it plays in MW's lineup, it isn't even necessary. DCR is basically "big scary roller coaster" and that's what it was built to be. Also to mention, "world class ride" i
  4. Based on the 2020 annual report and conference call info already posted on here, seems that Buzzsaw's time is limited. Needless to say I don't find myself surprised, it has been constantly in and out of operation over the years, heaps of issues with the restraints, isn't a very popular ride (based on my visits), has cosmetically and mechanically aged like milk, and has been basically run into the ground for most of its life. Also, the fact that heaps of the major rides at DW have been given updates over the past few years, while Buzzsaw has sat by itself in a secluded corner of the p
  5. Probably not even worth spending the money repainting buzzsaw considering it probably won't be sticking around long term. Give it maybe 2-3 years max before DW seriously need to consider removing it.
  6. Lol i was the one who sent this tip off to the original video creator in the first place. That being said I'd take any rumours of expansion here with a grain of salt for now. There isn't any real proof or substance to it whatsoever beyond a google translated Thai article. I'll be keeping a keen eye on their 2020-21 annual report, or anything on their more established progress overseas to come out before I assume anything is happening. I agree but this will probably be more of a Timezone on steroids kind of thing and less of a theme park. Considering how timezone have done pretty m
  7. Congrats mate should have to visit you in the park soon when it reopens!
  8. Probably closing the ride for a bit or making an alternative queue point. Unless in the next 3 weeks all of the supports and track for that section of Big Dipper is put in, that will have to be the case until the section is complete.
  9. Footers going in at the Maloneys corner end of big dipper and some extra supports added over the last few days
  10. I'm sure a lego area would be a home run for DW. Replace two largely outdated IP's and a maybe semi-current one with an IP that is basically timeless. Plus you have the closest thing to Legoland in Australia. That being said, there is a major challenge at play with trying to work out a deal with Merlin to license the property out, which is either going to be costly or won't happen at all. Although, Dreamworks might stay in the end. With time we'll figure out what it is, what we've seen so far is speculative
  11. Best of luck to anyone who applied for a job at LPS - as long as you show heaps of energy in the interview and availability, you'll go well. I did end up getting a job as a ride attendant at LPS last year, however lockdown came into effect a day after getting the offer so unfortunately I was never able to work a day there in the end. I'm happy where I am right now though so I decided to pass on doing it again, I would rather visit LPS or any park for fun as a hobby with my annual pass rather than go there to work.
  12. Oooh exciting! I'm assuming these footings will be for Big Dipper?
  13. Probably this, the old maloney's corner rides had pretty short queues built to begin with (maybe like a couple of switchbacks at most) and I've never waited above maybe 15 minutes for anything at LPS that isn't the wild mouse There is room in the Big Dipper facade to house some of the queue (the stairs you walk up to go to tumble bug), but definitely something of note.
  14. Pretty unnecessary to make smart-ass backhanded comments like this. Uncalled for.
  15. I think the longest I've waited for a ride is when I waited 2 hours for TOT about 10 years ago, and roughly 90 minutes for Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland, bear in mind I went to the park unaware that it was 'golden week' around the Chinese national holiday where all the mainlanders go over which was a mistake. Compared to a few years ago I feel as if our parks have improved quite a bit with dealing with bigger crowds, and capex investment is being put into rides that are designed with capacity in mind (rivals, leviathan and probably steel taipan) compared to building shit like buz
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