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  1. Baconjack

    The Off Topic Topic

    A few years back the owner of Scenic World was pictured with a Premier Rides executive at an AALARA event years ago. This needless to say didnt imply anything. Neither will this I imagine. Anything could happen. MW won't be getting anything major until when the time comes to replace AA, which I don't think will be for another five years at least. Given Village has dropped a good $80+ million in the last three years or so in park investment, it should be reasonable to expect them to tone the spending down for the next few years. I wouldn't be surprised to hear if there was no plans at all for MW's next roller coaster given they dont look to replace Road Runner.
  2. Baconjack

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    In the photos it looks similar to rail rider. Looks like an electric motor powers the cars though.
  3. Baconjack

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    A monorail that went up to the top of the toboggan hill that is where Shotgun/aqua racers sit today. I'm not educated on the topic by any means but it looks very similar to the Rail Rider that is at the park at present.
  4. Baconjack

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    I think the process is a bit more complicated. The Sky Jump runs on a totally different track system to the existing Giant Drop infrastructure. The new track would have to be installed around the tower which would necessitate the removal of not only the existing TOT track, but also the existing GD track as well. And the probability this happens depends on whether a structural assessment of the existing tower has found such a conversion is feasible, and whether or not Intamin are willing to convert the DW tower to Sky Jump technology considering no such conversion has ever been attempted.
  5. Baconjack

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    No. There already is a replacement for TOT coming - the Mack multilaunch coaster going in the plot of TRRR which is going to be a great deal better than TOT as it last operated. No major manufacturer produces a reverse freefall coaster in 2019. So, what do you do? Build a Red Force clone? an S&S air launch coaster? You'd be lucky to have any of these open within the next 10 years, let alone built at all. It should only be reasonable to expect another drop tower on the Dreamworld Tower site, or if the existing structure is proven feasible enough for it - a retrofit. If I were to guess, DW would utilise TOT's land to open up the area between ABC Kids/Wiggles and Dreamworks, an area which has been divided in half for too long.
  6. Baconjack

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    It may be a WB film, but I don't think a Fantastic Beasts attraction will be built at MW any time soon given Universal already has the theme park rights to HP locked down, wouldn't be surprised to hear Fantastic Beasts is also tied to Universal in the same way as HP considering it is heavily rumoured for Epic Universe.
  7. Baconjack

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Wait aren't you permanently banned from Dreamworld?
  8. Baconjack

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Arkham is an awful ride for me at least. Last time I rode it around November of last year I found it to be very rough and the leg bashing I got was borderline unbearable. I prefer all of the above rides to Arkham with the exception of maybe MDMC. HWSW is bland and slightly jerky with the Vekoma cars, but it was definitely much worse than AA with the old Arrow trains running. Buzzsaw is intense but rough as guts, still a passable ride though. Storm is much better than the others, but the thing holding it back is its very short length.
  9. Baconjack

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    I see you understand the 'Intamins are unreliable' stereotype. What happens to Intamins in America doesnt exactly happen here. Superman's been quite reliable considering: a) it is an Intamin, a manufacturer well known for mechanical problems in its products b) it is very reliable in comparison to other coasters that also use Intamin's hydraulic launch (Xcelerator and TTD specifically), the examples I listed being very notorious for downtime. If you are using Volcano as an example, that is a different launch technology, and it was also a prototype. Also TOT's demise can largely be attributed to poor maintenance on DW's part. Superman Escape from Krypton (an identical model to TOT) got a control systems upgrade around 10 years ago, which was also offered to DW but they refused. That coaster is running much better than TOT was, especially towards the end. It should be common knowledge that Village has a higher maintenance budget than DW, especially prior to 2016. Needless to say I don't think SE will be going anywhere anytime soon. It has aged like a fine wine compared to other accelerator coasters and is still one of MW's most popular attractions, behind DCR and WWF, so Village can justify spending money on maintenance. Comparably AA is a rickety old SLC, is down more often than SE, and is easily the worst coaster on the Gold Coast that is closer to its end than it is to its beginning.
  10. Baconjack

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Kids area should be the first thing MW needs to pay attention to. Give the entire area a refurb, get rid of the older flats and Speedy Gonzales Taxis, keep Driving School, Road Runner and the new flats and give them all a repaint and clean up. Install some new flats with the Looney Tunes theme in mind. Take a look at how Six Flags uses the WB IP's, they should be the model. I do think MW may potentially look at adding Teen Titans stuff given it is a very popular IP but I dont think anyone in here will want another DC themed area. This will probably happen in 2021/2022 given Village is focusing on SW for the moment. I do think there is a small chance AA is ripped down in the next 3 years. That space should come after the kids area, though, and will probably happen past 2022, but they may take AA out early to prepare the site.
  11. Baconjack

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    In light of the recent news today:
  12. It honestly sucks to see this ride go but this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The writing has been on the wall for this ride for many years now and it has been rather obvious for some time. It is no doubt one of my favourites and nothing beats riding the original when it faced forwards or when it ran at full speed to the very top of the tower. My most recent (and probably my last) ride on it nearly two years ago now was nothing like it used to be. So, in a way, its good to see TOT go as Id rather it be gone than running as a shadow of its former self as it is now. It is also good news as it implies Dreamworld are ready to move on from their aging thrill rides lineup and invest in new stuff. No doubt the soon to open Blue Fire clone is a more than adequate replacement to supersede TOT as DW's signature ride. Id like for DW to put the ride vehicle on display somewhere in the park for guests. Its the least they could do. Possibly integrate it into the theming of a future attraction like Universal did with Hulk's old ride vehicles, or auction it and other theming pieces off like Village did with the animatronics and theming from Bermuda Triangle many years ago.
  13. Baconjack

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    2018-19 financial year. Typo on my part. Sorry.
  14. Baconjack

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Well that sucks. I dont get to make it to DW in time. Still at least we got some notice. This should have been announced at the time of the 2018 results or should have closed much closer to the opening of the Mack Blue Fire clone. I'm assuming DW finally threw in the towel if they closed the ride this early and wanted to extend the ride's life to January at the latest. Now they'll have a peak season with yet another thrill ride down and it is going to sting the main park considerably, at least they'll have most of WWW done and Fully 6 up to distract the guests. I said some time ago TOT's closing is a PR disaster waiting to happen, and they have handled it actually pretty well for Gold Coast park standards. Still, it's only a week, and wasnt anywhere near as much notice as let's say Vortex at Kings Island, but it's something. Either way good riddance. Never ran as well as it did when it ran forward. Now it is time to look into that Falcon's Fury conversion to GD.
  15. Baconjack

    Trip Report: La Ronde

    If this was a year ago I'd agree with you, but MW and even DW surpass the quality of parks like La Ronde. Now I havent been to La Ronde but judging from the photos the presentation of MW and DW these days is much better than this park that has the trademark Six Flags tacky feel.