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  1. Baconjack

    Should White Water World close during winter?

    Yes. Saves DW money on an operation they have historically not made much money off in the winter anyway. DW should be cutting costs on attractions with unsustainable upkeep costs and operations they don't make a profit from and doing this is IMO a no brainer from a water park whose crowds aren't even noteworthy during summer, let alone winter.
  2. Baconjack

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    Leviathan is a pretty cool name for a coaster IMO. Can't wait to see what Gravity Group can do with this coaster considering their reputation for fun small woodies. I guess SW have gone with the 'backwards' row after the success of DC Rivals doing the same thing. These renderings infer the Top Spin will be a standard model and not one with an extra axis of rotation like Wipeout. It looks very similar to a Huss suspended top spin - @HussRainbow87 will be happy if it is one. At long last SW are making use of the old Pirate Ship spot and the land reserved for Wild. I'm already too excited to wait 18 months for the woodie.
  3. Baconjack

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    Looks like some seriously solid much-needed rides at first glance. I wonder who's building the woodie, I'm guessing it will be Gravity Group if its a small woodie like this one.
  4. While the story of the Orphan Rocker is an interesting one, the problem with the coaster is that it would more than likely would have failed had it actually opened. It would have been a world's first attraction, made by a unreputed company who hadn't built a roller coaster before or since. How often do you find successful inhouse built steel roller coasters? Well, needless to say, until the opening of Cannibal at Lagoon in 2015, there weren't any. For very good reason. You look at some of those transitions on the ride and they make you scratch your head look worse than even the worst Arrow/Vekoma loopers. No doubt it would have been an incredibly rough ride. At least the concept of the Orphan Rocker is now rideable, and done properly in the form of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
  5. Probably HKDL or USS are the best parks for little kids. It doesn't take long to get there, English is the primary language used (some shows are in Cantonese though, I learned that the hard way), is typically never busy, easy to get around and gives off the Disney/Universal experience enough while being close to home. Although I'm not exactly sure how a 4 year old would cope with a theme park, or the 7-9 hour flight to get to HK/Singapore. I'm at least a decade off from being a parent but I'd want to say that a child that age typically wouldn't remember doing that. I'd preferably say 6 at minimum, but I'm definitely being somewhat conservative. Somehow I remember things from when I was two but I know my case is an outlier. For this very reason of 'remembering and appreciating' I didn't travel outside of Australia until I was 13-14 years old and my first Disney park was two years after that.
  6. I'd tend to think Vekoma's latest coaster efforts are among the best on the market. They are putting out some really solid rides as of late and I've heard nothing but good reviews from the ones that have been built. Models that Dreamworld should consider are the Top Gun - a launch coaster that has a fairly fast paced Blitz-style layout. The other one is the Bermuda Blitz - a ride that some of you know as the Lech Coaster. Honourable mentions include the Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster and the RMC Raptor. I'd rather see Dreamworld go after something that is unique to them, rather than add another Mack hyper coaster to one-up MW.
  7. Baconjack

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    If LPS had space then that could work. But as it stands right now it is difficult to fit a coaster in the park's current layout which doesn't involve cramming shit elsewhere. You either put the coaster in Maloney's Corner, use the land up to Lavender Green and move the kids rides, or put it in Tumble Bug's spot where there isn't much space to work with but you have the Big Dipper facade around nearby. Maloney's Corner is the better spot for a coaster. There is so much more land to work with. That area is expanded when you take Lavender Green into account (most likely not going to happen, but a man can dream). If the rumoured Spinning coaster is built, it is more than likely going to be built here. Tumble Bug's plot is AFAIK too small to house the off the shelf Maurer spinning coaster LPS is looking to buy.
  8. It is honestly fair to be cynical about what Dreamworld management says. Management has made nothing but poor decisions for many years now. Adding rides that the park doesn't need, having rides down for over 6 months, and running outdated rides until they shit the bed. The list goes on and on. Anything that's actually good? ABC Kids World opening on time maybe? I had to really scrape the bottom of the barrel for that one. Considering only three months ago they made it clear that adding rides would be a thing of the past, it is easy to doubt what Osborne has said today as little more than PR tip-toeing. This company has been all talk and no action when it comes to having a long term plan for Dreamworld.
  9. Baconjack

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    AFAIK it is known that LPS has considered getting another coaster, specifically a Maurer Spinning coaster, due to them consulting Pitt & Sherry for reasons related to this, but the Park has so limited room and a fairly strict height limit that there are so little options in what to buy. As much as I'd like to see a coaster the money is better spent acquiring some good flats instead.
  10. Baconjack

    New and very different attractions

    Sky Voyager. It's completely unlike anything else i've heard of anywhere because no ride i know of has opened almost six months behind schedule.
  11. Baconjack

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    'skip the queue'. Not really worth skipping when there probably won't even be a queue because of the shitshow that is Dreamworld's attendance.
  12. Baconjack

    USS - Expansion Minions and Nintendo

    I'm actually going to be in Japan in 2020 in time for the USJ Mario Land opening. Can't wait for Super Nintendo World to be a thing in USG too. Having one at the nearest Universal park to our shores is exciting. The Minion area - not so much. Minion Mayhem is IMO the weakest Universal simulator, but great for the kids, Madagascar will need an update in the 2020s anyway as it will be an outdated IP very soon. Shame to see the Madagascar boat ride go though - I thought that was a nicely themed ride when I went there a few years ago. Something Dreamworld could replicate if it had the budget.
  13. Baconjack

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Yep, Adventure World would be a good fit for a bowl slide. A Boomerango or Tantrum-style slide would be a good choice also but I can see the bowl going in first. On the topic of Bountys, it was an old ride when it closed. When they shuttered Bountys, the ride wasn't in great condition. It is good to know unlike any other theme park in Australia, Adventure World actually kept part of the ride as a theming element within the park. I'd like to see more of our parks doing that. For example when Corkscrew was removed, Sea World could have kept one of the corkscrews (or both) and placed it at the gate similar to Alton Towers. Or Dreamworld integrating Wipeout's wave structure and/or the old surfboards into their new seating area.
  14. Baconjack

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    When Dreamworld has such poor graphic design you can tell that they just took a random font off Dafont, gave it a small drop shadow in photoshop and used it for their ride logo. Nice job DW. A person with a basic understanding of Photoshop can make this in about 5 minutes. , there's the font for your interest. I use a modified version of it for my youtube channel, funnily enough. Either way, the launch event is a good sign towards this ride finally opening. Remember people, this will more than likely be Dreamworld's last ride they build, so get to the park for this never to be repeated event.
  15. Baconjack

    How to fix Dreamworld

    Exactly. Give the public a new ride that distracts them from a ride that closes their doors. Our parks should attempt at planning attractions to replace others, that way, it isn't such a blow to the park. Did anyone really care when BATR2 closed? No, because GL distracted them from that. Corkscrew? Storm Coaster. Bounty's Revenge? Kraken. Turbo Mountain? Inferno. And that's about all I can think of for Australian theme parks. TOT's inevitable closure is a PR disaster waiting to happen. I don't see any other scenario happening. That will be where Longhurst's empire starts to crumble down.