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  1. Baconjack

    Aussie World New Ride ‘Rat’

    So this will be the long rumoured Spinning Wild Mouse that will be going in the old Wild Mouse plot? Still is a crime they took that out as it was a fun ride very similar to its brother at LPS. Yes, 1988 had the three coasters that opened with the World Expo (Titan, Supernova, and Centrifuge). Also i believe Thunderbolt, the old SW galaxi, and the Jet Star that operated at LPS all opened in 1982. Neither of these lineups are particularly eye catching compared to what we will be getting but its something.
  2. Was talking about the Indian Teepee (not really a fire effect but its smoke) From memory the smoke was a lot stronger but my theory is that the warm weather and ensuing fire restrictions prevents it from operating at full strength (unless that effect has been steam this entire time and I've been fooled into believing it was actual smoke)
  3. Am at MW today. 2 trains are now running on DCR but only 1 train on SE as per the aforementioned train rebuild. WWF effects also partially running - still not at an an acceptable standard but better than it was last week. Sign not working and a few other things. The hot weather may restrict some of the fire effects from running but effects appear to be turned on only in peak season. Same goes for GL on board audio. AA still down today. Slightly concerning but not surprising considering its age. Couldn’t see any visible work done on it today.
  4. Baconjack

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    Mach 5 was up to 10 years old when Village brought it over from Brazil which made it most most likely the oldest slide in the park. Considering the shorter lifespans of water slides when compared to normal amusement rides (even Proslide Tornado's are now being ripped down every now and then) needless to say I'm not too terribly surprised it was axed. On that logic, Black Hole doesn't have a lot of time left either. I think WnW has been on the backburner for Village ever since they upgraded the kids section. Maybe what DW is adding now will push Village an inch further to add something new in the future.
  5. Baconjack

    Justice League’s Future

    Was at MW just today and gave JL a go. Not much from what I could tell was broken as far as the effects were concerned.. Now, given, I've ridden it just three times since it opened, but everything seemed to be working. But I question: At what point does the ride become technologically obsolete? The ride technology is already becoming outdated despite being not even 8 years old. It has aged quite poorly. The animatronics are laughably archaic when compared to what is being built now. The guns have difficulty in registering targets (especially the physical theming targets), and the ride plot is dull. In ten years time, there will be discussion on this ride being replaced or reworked. A theming/effects overhaul, a fix up of the guns and targeting system, a new ride film and a re-worked plot to include villains that aren't tucked away in obscurity, whilst keeping the existing core ride system would be the best solution. I get it, this is one of the earliest shooting dark rides. But this attraction barely gets a line compared to the other rides in its area. Today, even, it had easily the shortest line in the DC corner of the park. In its current state, it feels like a filler attraction, something you do on a hot day to take advantage of the air conditioned building. It may be only 8 years old, but I hold great scepticism for its future as this ride is aging very poorly as of right now. Before MW thinks about replacing AA, this is definitely one of the big priorities for the park right now. Combined with the desperately needed update to the worn out, tired WB Kids' Zone, MW need to up their appeal with families. They already have what I'd consider to be the most elite thrill ride collection in the country by far, especially as of right now, so I'd think it's time to get the family rides in order, something which has been behind their competition for far too long.
  6. Baconjack

    The Off Topic Topic

    If it's purple track, it might be Adrenaline Peak (small eurofighter at tiny park in America that has purple track):
  7. Baconjack

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    LOOOOOOL WHAT N O On the topic of a 4d free spin, it definitely isnt a bad Cyclone replacement. But such a ride is still at least 5 years away. Also I have no fucking idea as to what Bluey is as I'm not the target demographic of ABC Kids, nor do i have young children in that demographic. Area should probably get a minor IP update though, Giggle and Hoot and Bananas in Pyjamas aren't exactly the most relevant IP's for 2020. With an ABC Kids update basically inevitable given the freeing up of the old TOT station's real estate, I expect newer more relevant IP's to be in place when this happens, while retaining Play School and Wiggles.
  8. Baconjack

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Given a significant number of the other park's major rides don't have much life left in them (HWSW and debatably GD) or have already been ripped out (TOT, Wipeout, TRRR), you may have to take direct replacements of all those attractions into consideration (given the plan for the old boneyard previously cleared for the lazy river will still be for WWW expansion). A large chunk of what Ardent is investing right now is directed towards replacing the old rides that arent in DW's best interest to maintain any longer. Assume the coaster will trade with TOT (an investment probably targeted as such). A potential thrill ride would trade with Wipeout, and a potential family ride of reasonable size could be a direct replacement for TRRR. Then you would have to consider replacements for the inevitably retired HWSW (new coaster or another WWW tower) and GD (new drop tower or a Sky Jump conversion). This current $50+ million investment package I expect to last until at least the end of next year, given there are still a number of announcements to be made. Regardless of time frames it should be made loud and clear to Ardent that this investment isn't a one off thing, it needs to be made on a consistent basis over time, otherwise the park will return to a situation which it was in only a year ago. So basically, what I am saying is that management need to think ahead and realise that they will soon have to invest in replacements for two of their major thrill rides that won't be around in 5 years' time.
  9. Baconjack

    New Dreamworld Annual Pass 2019

    Blaze orange. This is going to be Tradie Vest: The Ride, you heard it first folks
  10. Ocean Park in 2014. Visit there pretty much every year since the old man lives over there.
  11. Baconjack

    The Off Topic Topic

    A few years back the owner of Scenic World was pictured with a Premier Rides executive at an AALARA event years ago. This needless to say didnt imply anything. Neither will this I imagine. Anything could happen. MW won't be getting anything major until when the time comes to replace AA, which I don't think will be for another five years at least. Given Village has dropped a good $80+ million in the last three years or so in park investment, it should be reasonable to expect them to tone the spending down for the next few years. I wouldn't be surprised to hear if there was no plans at all for MW's next roller coaster given they dont look to replace Road Runner.
  12. Baconjack

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    In the photos it looks similar to rail rider. Looks like an electric motor powers the cars though.
  13. Baconjack

    Adventure World - 2019/20 Season

    A monorail that went up to the top of the toboggan hill that is where Shotgun/aqua racers sit today. I'm not educated on the topic by any means but it looks very similar to the Rail Rider that is at the park at present.
  14. Baconjack

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    I think the process is a bit more complicated. The Sky Jump runs on a totally different track system to the existing Giant Drop infrastructure. The new track would have to be installed around the tower which would necessitate the removal of not only the existing TOT track, but also the existing GD track as well. And the probability this happens depends on whether a structural assessment of the existing tower has found such a conversion is feasible, and whether or not Intamin are willing to convert the DW tower to Sky Jump technology considering no such conversion has ever been attempted.
  15. Baconjack

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    No. There already is a replacement for TOT coming - the Mack multilaunch coaster going in the plot of TRRR which is going to be a great deal better than TOT as it last operated. No major manufacturer produces a reverse freefall coaster in 2019. So, what do you do? Build a Red Force clone? an S&S air launch coaster? You'd be lucky to have any of these open within the next 10 years, let alone built at all. It should only be reasonable to expect another drop tower on the Dreamworld Tower site, or if the existing structure is proven feasible enough for it - a retrofit. If I were to guess, DW would utilise TOT's land to open up the area between ABC Kids/Wiggles and Dreamworks, an area which has been divided in half for too long.