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  1. I'm sure a certain log flume at Sea World would have something to say about that.
  2. I guess when the vaccine comes out and borders start to re-open. I had saved for a Florida WDW/SFO/BGT/Universal trip for June next year, but obviously that won't happen at that time and I don't think I'll be able to get out there until the following year at least. In the meantime though, I'll keep saving money to possibly make the America trip a little bit bigger and try to add in some more parks. Cedar Point, LA and New York are certainly at the top of the list.
  3. Here's an existing model with a similar layout to the one seen in the picture It's very similar to a family boomerang though and for what it is its a good quality ride for the families.
  4. Yep. Big Dipper is going to be one heck of a little coaster, it should easily be the best roller coaster in the country outside the Gold Coast, even then, better than most of what’s on offer up there, probably only behind Leviathan and DCR in terms of thrill. A truly elite offering out of nowhere I’d never have expected from management. Combined with heaps of new flats. Gyro swings are not everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t mind them. Kids area offers a lot for the family compared to how it used to be. Vekoma Family Boomerang is a great touch also. This is really indeed an excellent
  5. That might be the replacement for one of the kiddie flat rides that was removed a few months back (next to the u-drive). Spider is running on borrowed time and will most likely be that ride that gets axed. This will complete a process that was supposed to be finished years ago.
  6. I rode AA as Lethal Weapon I didn't like either restraint. It was either ear bashing on the original, or hip/leg bashing on the new (it was fine when new, but by the end, it was horribly rough). Bear in mind i'm 6'5" so it might have been a different experience for taller people. Considering that the similar kumbak trains which were installed on Sea Viper reportedly put heaps of stress on the track & structure (which was a major factor in the decision to retire the ride), I wouldn't be surprised to learn of something similar with AA. Other Kumbak installations on SLC's have also been
  7. It's too bad Village jumped the gun and worked with Kumbak, shortly before they realised their products were shit. What MW was looking to do was ahead of its time, if they waited a few more years they could have gotten the new Vekoma trains (with the vest restraints just like Sidewinder's restraints) which would have imo allowed AA to run for many more years to come. I won't be shedding a tear though it was a leg basher especially in its last years and quite an uncomfortable ride. MW now have some decent real estate to put something new in, I'd love to see them work with RMC to build a ra
  8. This looks like it will be a parts donor based on how its been carefully disassembled in the photos, rather than you know, given a blow torch or ripped down with demolition equipment a la Wipeout. I do wonder who the customer is, because I do not believe there would be a local customer that is wanting Huss Troika parts anytime soon unless there is cross-compatibility with another model that also exists here. Probably going to a buyer overseas is my guess.
  9. Probably is, from my understanding there's at least one unit that exists and quite a good number of Ranger parts such as the drive shaft are compatible with the Rainbow so that makes sense (the irony if it was the ex-Wittingslow one that's getting the parts, the same rainbow that was originally supposed to be at LPS instead of the Ranger). Even despite this it served the park well for 25 years and ran on the show circuit and at Expo before then so the old ranger has had quite a long and distinguished career. It was only a matter of time before it would be replaced, at least the parts are getti
  10. Blue track & white supports = surf So, a coaster themed to the beach? That's my guess at least. Also this might explain the earlier posts on the paint being stripped back to check the metal. If there is metal fatigue in a track section it can be replaced in a like for like track replacement, a few parks such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach do this with their steel coasters.
  11. Well I mean its the only large empty plot of land in the park left that's still within close proximity to the entrance. Take a left turn straight out of the gate, pass sky voyager and the entrance is right there in your face (at least according to the plans, thats what it will be). Unless you want to bulldoze Blue Lagoon or RHLR and have the ride tucked away back there its a no brainer to build in what was once Gold Rush. You're Dreamworld, spending your largest amount on individual attractions in decades, you surely want to have what will soon be your signature attraction front and cent
  12. Iirc Jet Rescue had mist after the tunnel that houses the 2nd launch. I remember JR still having the mist in that spot as late as 2013. Same for Surfrider when i was last at WnW around the same time. Also, if memory serves me correct Superman's effects were steam and not mist, and were removed as a safety issue, completely unrelated to batwing.
  13. I like to judge 'iconic' by public recognition and international fame. And for that, it's an easy pick and it isn't even on the Gold Coast. Building on Jobe's point, I'd throw in the Wild Mouse or Coney Island at LPS, or the Scenic Railway at LPM. 100%. All three are well known for their historical value considering they have been around for 50+ years (100+ for scenic railway), are well known on a global level and are pretty significant reasons as to why both parks are tourist attractions for many visiting those cities. IMO I do not think any of the current attractions on the Go
  14. I didn't really care when Sea Viper was removed. The iron cage restraints were extremely uncomfortable when compared to the old train and made the ride experience much worse. When it happens though, it is definitely Arkham. Worst coaster on the coast as far as i'm concerned and was quite a brutal leg basher in its last years.
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