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  1. Hi @Mc coaster Seat belts were used for the restaint system. Thanks
  2. My thoughts on Scooby Doo, it's alright Scooby doo is still present when first going into ride just lack of lighting Needs lighting on the swords and other theming seemed all dark. The elevator is a joke . The TV screens look rubbish . Cheap and ugly addition. Disco Room needs more lasers definitely , wtf none of this has been implemented that was shown in the Ad "false advertising" Final drop is fine well themed I thought
  3. Jurassic Park , WILD WEST FALLS Revenge of the Mummy , Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Transformers, justice league
  4. Hi All, I have been to Universal, Disneyland etc Myself, and i personally reckon that Village and Ardents facades look a lot better. this is my personal opinion. our rides are a lot better in length and theming as well.
  5. The facade looks impressive , well done Dreamworld this is Universal Studios Standards
  6. Why is there a employee standing out the front, must be opening today or tomorrow .
  7. From your video are they painting the whole exterior grey? @Gold Coast Amusement Force
  8. @Gold Coast Amusement Force any BuzzSaw updates and the surrounding area?
  9. Why was so much money wasted on this.. 20million for such a short ride????? Just why???
  10. Thank you @Slick never wanted to start a argument.
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