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  1. Funnily enough, I'd be more sad to see Sidewinder go than Arkham Asylum. It's a terrible ride, but custom Arrow loopers are a dying breed, while SLCs are found on every inhabited continent on Earth. I think Arkham Asylum is far less likely to go soon, though, since it is still popular. Would definitely free up some good space. I'd love to see a wooden coaster go there, but another multi-inversion steel coaster is far more likely. Maybe one of those awesome looking new Vekomas? As for Tower of Terror - Dreamworld wouldn't be the same without it, frankly. It's still arguably the park's most visually impressive ride, and its height and speed gives the park some bragging rights (it doesn't have much to brag about, that's for sure). I definitely think a refurb from Intamin is more likely than it being removed.
  2. I'm saying the said poster was a bit of a "precious flower" and made me take a break for a while. Poor phrasing.
  3. So I've taken a break from this site for a while since a certain precious flower poster suddenly graced these boards with his presence, but I thought I'd log back in after seeing that RCDB added an entry for this new kids coaster and claimed that it will be manufactured by Zamperla. It'll probably just be one of their standard "family gravity coasters", since that'd be the cheapest and easiest option, rather than something custom. Tiny little ride, but it does the job I suppose. Example of what to expect: EDIT: So yeah, like the one at Adventure World, MrYoshi. Oops.
  4. Zamperla DiskOs aren't coasters as they're internally powered, while Surfrider has more claim to be a coaster IMO as it does rely solely on gravity at times, and is not powered all the way. TOT I would consider a coaster, and Buzzsaw I definitely consider a coaster and can't see how anyone could claim otherwise. It may be short, but it still follows the typical coaster formula of lifthill>drop>rise, and is predominantly gravity powered. Logflumes with hills do bother me though. I don't personally count them as most people agree not to, but I have considered it.
  5. The noise isn't pleasant but I do think it adds something to the ride, it's a very freaky sound.
  6. My dream B&M is mainly based off a NoLimits coaster I saw a while back. It's a terrain floorless coaster with a hypercoaster-size drop into a ravine.
  7. Sad to hear, for sure. But it did take up a decent plot of land that could be more effectively utilized by a more modern coaster, so I'm cautiously excited to see what the future has in store.
  8. Probably me. I'll take what I can, no questions asked. It's a good addition for the park though, great for small kids. Much better than a Pinfari Looper, so glad it's not one of those. The only people who enjoy riding those are masochists.
  9. I feel like Movieworld probably won't get a big attraction for 2015. Chances are that MyFun will take a little time making their money back from building Storm Coaster, and we'll hopefully then see a major addition for 2016.
  10. Still don't get why people here hate spin and spews so much. They're compact, cheap and a crowd pleaser. That's the best we can possibly hope for with Dreamworld, tbh.
  11. I went on Monday last week (because my school was the only one off in QLD for some reason) and it was still pretty damn busy. Never underestimate the force of the NSW crowds.
  12. Yuck, I was hoping the whole Pinfari thing was just a rumor. Well, I guess one of their regular sitdowns could be fairly popular, and a wacky worm would be good for kids. I just hope, for the sake of everyone's physical health, that it's not one of those Pinfari looping deathtraps. My possibly unrealistic dream addition for Aussie World is still a decent compact coaster, like a standard model Eurofighter or a GCI Bigfun. Both are fairly expensive, but not completely out of the park's budget if they are willing to save. Both would be extremely exciting additions to the park, and a GCI Bigfun would be unique to Australia as being the country's only "proper" wooden coaster (non scenic railway or wild mouse).
  13. Honestly I have no idea. I've counted my coasters, and I've been on 77 of those, so I'm guessing once I add flatrides and slides it'd be somewhere around the 110 mark? With parks I'm not sure either, since I went to a hell of a lot when I was very young. I'll list all the ones I remember. Asia Global Village Sega Republic Dubai Universal Studios Singapore Australia Aussie World Dreamworld Luna Park Melbourne Movie World Seaworld Wet n Wild Europe Alton Towers Blackpool Pleasure Beach Chessington Europa Park Gardaland Holiday Park Legoland UK Mirabilandia Oakwood Amusement Park Phantasialand Thorpe Park North America Busch Gardens Tampa Disney Hollywood Studios Disney Magic Kingdom Epcot Seaworld Orlando There's probably more small parks, but that's what I remember.
  14. Come on, nobody hires RMC for a traditional woodie. If it were just a reprofile it wouldn't be a new attraction, it'll be a radical Iron Horse reprofile with inversions and all. RMC coasters are fantastic so I see no cause for complaint.
  15. It's a shame SFMM will be losing an iconic, relitavely family friendly classic coaster but it was losing popularity and honestly wasn't anything too special after all the crappy modifications were done to it. I'm honestly really excited to see what RMC can do with a racing coaster. Unfortunately, being at SFMM, it likely won't race too much unless it's built as a mobius loop coaster.
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