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  1. so if a cashed up Chinese company comes in and puts in a multi million dollar theme park in right next door, don't you think that will affect Dreamworld and movie worlds profit? Alot of people will want to go the new theme park right? So will that pull people away from Dreamworld and movie world?? I just think that the gold coast has enough theme parks. We've got two rollercoaster/ rides parks, two water parks and a Marine park. I'm just saying that maybe this could be bad for our theme parks.
  2. RIP SeaWorld chairlifts. Sad to see these go as they gave great views of the park. I personally liked going over the dolphin ponds. Will this make pathways more congested around the nick store, sweet treats shop and down onto the bridge?
  3. 2015: white water world Dreamworld seaworld aussie world. 2016: Dreamworld (check out new Moto sport world)
  4. some are from Dreamworlds facebook page and I think some are from the theme park social networks facebook page.
  5. I think the original wiggle world entrance sign was just moved over to the front of the wiggle house and it still says "wiggle world" on it. I think it needs to be changed to just "wiggles" or just removed all up.
  6. Did anyone visit Dreamworld today and see the new ABC kids world? Be interested in seeing how they've set it up.
  7. has anyone visited Dreamworld recently and seen any progress with ABC kids world? Only 3 days till it opens and still haven't heard much.
  8. the coaster in the video looks very rough and jerky. I'm not going to judge until I actually see what SeaWorld put up though.
  9. Today I found a Dreamworld token in the back of my cupboard. Looks quite old and has the old Dreamworld logo on it. Dose anyone on here know what they where used for (probably rides I'm guessing) when it was made and how much there worth. Thanks lolman.
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