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  1. That's the annoying thing - it felt completely misleading. The good bits started out good. We talk about some of the history of theme parks and even go to Luna Park. Look, here's Cedar Point in Ohio at about 10 minutes in. Cool place. But did you know people died elsewhere in Ohio, at a completely unrelated fairground? And at this place? And here, and here? And there's so many accidents we'll even make fun of it later on? But in the end, we can write a 5 minute conclusion and say theme parks are cool. When I wrote essays in school, we were told we had to write an introduction, body (discu
  2. Yes indeed. As soon as she started saying "you sell fear" I thought "hmm, what angle are they trying to spin on this?"
  3. Just watched it. I loved that it was advertised as something the whole family will want to watch over and over again. My 7 year old son lives roller coasters and thank God we decided to watch this before showing it to him. So, about 15% talking about roller coasters and the theme park industry, the rest DEATH. Happy, fun, DEATH. And towards the end some kooky lady with kooky music and some died isn't it hilarious? Did we mention the DEATH? At the end some sort of conclusion not about the death, which they've spent nearly all the program discussin
  4. Yeah, sorry, was in a rush and by the time I got round to editing it I don't think I could.
  5. The original post made it sound like Bluey was being held hostage.
  6. The terrorists posted a video where the young blue heeler, evidently under duress, said she is doing well, and demanded $10,000,000 for the organisation "Beavers Against God".
  7. For Road Runner I imagine you just got unlucky and got someone less experienced who was erring on the side of caution. And as for the water slides, I'm afraid I can't think of a way to build them where you can get into the tube OUT OF the water - at least not one that wouldn't make it hugely expensive, unsafe, or from the realm of science fiction.
  8. I can't speak for California (there's loads of parks there I'd love to do), nut for Florida September can be hit and miss with crowds. We found some days that were quiet with stuff like Hulk a walk-on and others crowded. A lot of schools seem to do trips to the parks at this time. I can only really speak for Universal parks in this though, although the few times I've been to Disney parks at this time they've been crowded - guess Disney doesn't do quiet (why hello 45 minute wait time for Everest). Also, ensure that you do Busch Gardens too at the very least - you would be doing yourself a
  9. The demolition of Blackpool's Wild Mouse is a huge shame. I was born and bred around Blackpool and, whilst the ride wasn't my favourite, you had to give it props for squeezing so much into space the same size as a small cafe. Many was the time my wife and I would be skidding around in the tiny little mouse car as it lurched off, duck under some track which passed over the lift hill (hoping nobody was going over that bit of track at the time as it would bend quite visibly), hold on for dear life around 90 and 180 degree turns which were so severe the car took them on two wheels, and take t
  10. I wouldn't say never, but it's not likely. If the stories are to be believed though they nearly did a while back (I think before they chose Shanghai). They'll have done their research back then and, for them to have nearly gone through with it, proved that the venture may well have been more viable than people believe. I still think it's enormously unlikely, as let's face it - the only people it would be serving really would be people already in Australia/NZ. They're practically the only people without a Disney park closer already (especially if it's put in the Gold Coast, right on the ea
  11. "The concept... has been muted for years" No, I think plenty of people have talked about it for years.
  12. This immediately looks like it will be in my top 10 of coasters. Love the paint job, the backwards seats (I'll give it a go just to see what it's like, but imagine it'd be better forwards), the twist on the drop reminds me of the Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (one of my top 10)... If I could nitpick (and I definitely can, and will), I would say "another DC ride?" (like many people here). Seriously, this will be the fourth DC coaster at the park (with the remaining two coasters being a kids coaster and Scooby - both still excellent coasters, my son loved the Road Runner Coa
  13. Can only speak from my experience but I drove past Adventure Park the other day and didn't notice any machinery. That being said, you can't really see that far in from the roadside, especially if the building work is going on that far back. However, I do also think (judging from Google Maps) that there's some land going spare in Adventure Park anyway. Also, a colleague of mine has suggested a water park is being considered for the Torquay area (though that would be a bit more than 1hr 15 from Melbourne).
  14. First of all, obviously a tragic accident, and may our thoughts be with the family, friends, pupils and staff. Both articles I've skimmed through (Guardian and, for my eternal shame, Daily Mail) mention that the girl had stood up and was moving around the raft whilst it was in motion, trying to change seats.
  15. And today's news headlines... TERRIFIED passengers TRAPPED on roller coaster as it DOES NOTHING on a flat bit of track!!! "We sat there for a bit" - says victim (coverage on pages 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11)
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