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  1. Even though Parc Saint Paul is less than 2 hours away from where I live, I somehow never bothered to visit the place. After several delays and figuring out a public transportation/uber strategy to navigate in and out there, it was finally time to discover Parc Saint Paul and its reported quirkyness The entrance sets the tone with a plastic-y gate that wouldn't feel out of place at a fairground. The Campion family - who founded the park and still operates it to its day - were originally fairground ride operators which explains the very funfair look of most scenery there, as well as
  2. Futuroscope's manager, Dominique Hummel, has recently announced the construction of a major roller coaster at the park for 2019. The coaster would cost 22 million euros, theming included, which would be the biggest investment of the park for a long while. Source in French: http://www.centre-presse.fr/article-558530-le-futuroscope-attend-pesquet-loeb-et-une-montagne-russe.html Additional info surfaced on the dedicated Futuroscope fan: - The coaster's height requirement will be 105 cm or 42 inches - It will be themed to a space adventure - Will have both indoor and outdoor sec
  3. Before making it to Plopsa/Efteling, I made a little stop in Northern France to get some creds at Bagatelle. Not the best first impression tbh, but this is actually the worst looking part of the park - perhaps along with the Triops zone. The core of Bagatelle is quite pleasant to walk through however. Triops is actually the original Invertigo. After its troubled start at Liseberg in 1997, it moved several times and landed here. Reviews generally regard this model better than the regular Boomerang, and after 3 laps (both ends and a middle row), I e
  4. Hi there! My home park, Astérix, has soft opened its new-for-2017 attraction, Pégase Express. It is a family coaster in the mould of Firechaser Express (Dollywood) with a Greek theming. We've got a fresh on-ride POV that I wanted to share: And some pictures in addiction showing the ride: Sources: Fans du Parc Astérix, AlpinaCoasters, EDB Attractions I haven't watched the POV yet - and won't until I get to ride this! It's an opportunity not to get spoiled for once
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