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  1. Coaster Hipster

    The Off Topic Topic

    Untamed looks terrific! Walibi Holland's management claims the layout went through many iterations and ajustments to maximal the original structure's potential. Based on the POV, they must be right! The amount of airtime looks outstanding, and the inversions feel just right. Might as well dump some of the pictures I took during my visit last Friday: Otherwise, also got the opportunity to discover Lost Gravity (previously visited Walibi Holland in 05, 06 and 15). Fab little ride with a wicked drop! The little hop after that delivers excellent ejector airtime, some of the best Mack has ever produced - for reference, I rode Helix, Icon, Alpina Blitz and Hyper Coaster at Land of Legends. The first half is very eventful, whereas the half after the mid-course brakes is less intense and focuses on floatier elements. Not exactly overwhelming, but very fun imo nonetheless! Goliath is still my favourite (for now!) at Walibi Holland, though I must admit nostalgia bias as it was my first Intamin, and still today my most ridden coaster thanks to non-stop marathons back in my teenage years in 05/06. Only the final bunny hops get exhilarating as these provide brilliant ejectors. The elements before that have more 'moderate' intensity, and lack the relentless dynamics of newer Intamins. Despite that, I find Goliath to be very re-ridable - to the point I stayed on the coaster for about 10 laps that day
  2. Coaster Hipster

    The Off Topic Topic

    Imgur is banned in Turkey for some reason!
  3. Coaster Hipster

    The Off Topic Topic

    I have a new biggest cred spite -_- Was told by Land of Legends the ride would be open when I booked my 2-day stay. But of course it didn't go according to plan. Oh well.
  4. Coaster Hipster

    Interviews with Coaster Manufacturers - EAS 2018

    Here are as promised the interview with Martin & Vleminckx and The Gravity Group! Sorry about the delay: Chuck Bingham, Vice-President of M&V briefly discusses the upcoming arrival of Rocky Mountain Construction coasters in Asia - and his company's involvement in it The interview ran short due to circumstances on my behalf, but we'll certainly meet again for another more in-depth one probably at AAE 19! This interview is no short one on the other hand! Even after editing out many clips, The Gravity Group's Chad Miller and Korey Kiepert are just so talkative But they're also very much on-point with their comments, giving incredible insight into their work of designing wooden coasters. From layout style preferences, to the appeal of smaller family woodies, to polishing a nose car design and so on... Chad and Korey know how to communicate their passion and knowledge, while not taking themselves (too) seriously I hope you really like the interviews so far. I'll try to post more here when my schedule is a little clearer. There's yet another final one coming up with Universal Rocks - the scenery builders of Taron, Fenix, Wicker Man & more!
  5. Coaster Hipster

    IAAPA 2018

    Another good interview at IAAPA to share! This time it's Maximilian Roeser from Mack Rides answering questions for Theme Park Crazy. Max is definitely passionate about the industry - approachable but also brilliant in knowing how to communicate the great work of his company. Mack is ceetainly having a great momentum building some high-scale rides, I'm certainly curious to try some of these in the near future. Maybe coming to Movie World to see you then
  6. Coaster Hipster

    IAAPA 2018

    Coaster Studios who was at the tradeshow as well filmed this valuable interview with RMC designer/consultant Alan Schilke: @GoGoBoy you might be especially interested
  7. Coaster Hipster

    IAAPA 2018

    This is coming... to my home park!! Parc Astérix will be building an Intamin LSM multi-launch in 2021! A layout animation was shown today (well, tomorrow for you Aussies ha) at IAAPA: Features: 51m (167ft) high 4 launches, including a forward/backward/forward half-pipe with no stop 23 moments of airtime! Looks incredible and has so many daring features, but wait! Walibi Belgium has shown their work too, it's a Megacoaster with a twisty drop like Expedition GeForce... Two crazy awesome designs, both within driving distance from home! Intamin made a huge statement today, and kudos to the Compagnie des Alpes (which own both parks) for allowing the manufacturer to make their ambitions come true
  8. Coaster Hipster

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    Cool topic! I wonder if some sort of interactive media gadgetery could be possible in the future. So far you experience the ride as it was designed by the engineers and creative team... but what if you could decide and impact on the ride's course, video-game style? I guess interactive dark-ride already exist now I think about it, but is there more to do than just shoot and get a high score?
  9. Coaster Hipster

    Vekoma reveals Next Gen SLC, Flyer & more on new website

    Very good points actually. From my understanding Vekoma now creates several designs for each type of coaster (it's actually one topic I discussed in the interview linked above). Basically a customer ask for a layout which is then available for other parks to re-use/'clone' unless specifically forbidden by the original customer in a non-compete clause. So Thunderbird is actually only the first of several Next Gen SLC layouts to be revealed. My educated guess is that the park who ordered that Suspended coaster wanted something intermediate between tame family and extreme intense experiences and Vekoma came up with this design. Hence the relatively smaller 1.2m height requirement and presumably a softer force profile. Just like their new Sitdown coasters come in several sizes and elements, there are certainly bigger and more daring Suspended Thrill Coaster layouts arriving eventually...
  10. Vekoma today launched their new website just in time for the IAAPA in Orlando! The revamp not only displays their new logo and branding, but most importantly displays their exciting new concepts: Among the revelations are a layout for the Suspended Thrill Coaster, the next generation of SLCs: Finally some info about the Next Gen Flying coaster has been shown too: Also announced are an upcoming Next Gen Motorbike coaster, and the Lech Coaster (Bermuda Blitz) and Formula designs are finally present online too. (Lech photo by Flex) Super excited about the developments at Vekoma as you may know. Lech is my personal favourite coaster in Europe (above the likes of Helix, Taron, Expedition GeForce and Nemesis...) and the improvements in smoothness and ride elements from the company are spectacular. I actually met their new lead engineer Benjamin Bloemendaal for a video interview last September, and he's definitely very talented but also skilled at communicating his passion and ideas for designing rides (shameless self-advertisement there, but hey it's an insightful vid I swear!) 😍
  11. Coaster Hipster

    Interviews with Coaster Manufacturers - EAS 2018

    I've been a huge fan of the new Vekoma designs (particularly Lech Coaster), so it was an incredible opportunity to meet the mastermind behind the manufacturer's incredible transformation! Benjamin's answers were fab - really informative and definitely engaging in the way he talked me through the thought process of designing coaster elements or layouts ❤️ Also wanted to apologize for not posting here much. Been a hectic few months travelling, doing all sorts of projects and montage. But here are a few pictures from my trips Steel Vengeance lived up to the massive hype. Its airtime actually isn't the most extreme, but it's still strong ejector, and there are so many of it! The second half just keeps going at an incredible pace, and the sections through the structure make the ride even wilder. Special mention to the exhilarating wave turn - sideways airtime is so much fun! Maverick ain't bad either. The layout shines with its diversity of forceful moments, the drop is awesome at the back, and the Stengel Dives are among the snappiest transitions I ever experienced Fenix is incredibly photogenic! The ride itself was a pleasant surprise, delivering a very fine sustained airtime hill as well as an unexpectedly sustained forceful helix. It's short, but really sweet. Hyperion was pretty fun, but didn't exactly live up to my (overhyped) expectations. It doesn't have the same pushing the envelope extremeness of other Intamin masterpieces like El Toro or Expedition GeForce. Some moments are almost dull, like the floater airtime hill, and other could have been more intense to really be exciting. Still, a great ride and the twist and dive inversion is fab! Martin & Vleminckx then The Gravity Group interviews are coming next
  12. Hello everyone! Last month I attended the 2018 Euro Attractions Show, which is the IAAPA European event reuniting most of the professionals in the industry. I was covering the show for French website resulting in several interviews starting with these two: First of all I had the great privilege of meeting Sascha Czibulka and Camiel Bilsen of Intamin. Sascha is the company's Executive VP and has been with Intamin for 17 years, while Camiel is their promising young designer and has been heavily involved in the making of Hyperion. Highlights include: - Going for a bolder approach to design Hyperion and staying ahead of competitors (4:58) - The strengths of Intamin's new track design (5:55) - Intamin's new seat and lap-bar (7:18) Secondly, I also approached James Swinden who was recently promoted to Lead Engineer at Great Coasters International. In a more concise interview, James discusses various creative and technical aspects of designing wooden coasters. I very much thank him for his accomotation and patience doing this report, his serious dedication to his work truly shows I hope you'll enjoy these interviews. In any event, feedback/criticism is always appreciated. More interviews will be coming up, including one with Vekoma's lead engineer Benjamin Bloemendaal! He's arguably the mastermind behind Vekoma's spectacular renaissance and gave excellent insights into his job and the process of coming up with exciting coaster designs Some extra pictures from the event: Model of the Takabisha clone currently in construction in New Jersey
  13. Thanks for the updates @MickeyD! I'm very interested in this park and its developments, as actually I am planning to go to Shanghai next June to attend the Asian Attractions Expo 19. Although it is spead out quite a lot, Steel Dolphin has several exciting elements such as the Top Hat with a twist exit and the outward banked hill. It really tells about Intamin's drive towards more daring elements in a much more competitive ride manufacturer business
  14. Coaster Hipster

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    Well all the advices put there are already very good so I don't have much to add. Been living in Paris all my life, and in fact, Disney Paris opened the year I was born I rarely ever visit due to high prices and not being very much into Disneyland stuff - so I'm not the most familiar with the place despite it being one of my home parks. Even though the resort is most generally quite busy, I believe both parks are manageable in a single day too. Agree with the plan to start with the Studios (it's a somewhat lacklustre park in comparison imo..) and you should be done with this park by 13:00 at the very most. Agree too that Crush's Coaster should be done first or at least towards the very beginning of the day. It's a generic (layout-wise) Maurer SC2000 which capacity doesn't suit best the crowds of a Disney park, so it often gets 1hr+ lines. Big Thunder Mountain's track has been refurbished a few years back. Nothing too mind-blowing of course, but it does deliver an exciting wild ride - and the setting inside an island mountain is truly impressive. Indiana Jones has good theming and a compact layout, however I find it very uncomfortable sadly. It is an Intamin/Giovanola imitation of the Pinfari Zyklon Looping coaster. Being from 1993, it predates by a long while the amazing Intamin designs of the 00s and it shows. Nonetheless the lone vertical loop is quite intense, which makes me think the ride would much benefit from updated restraints just like Hyperspace Mountain did last year. Speaking of which, Disney Paris' flagship ride is a very ambitious creative effort which, in my opinion, doesn't live up to its full potential unfortunately. Part of it is the 1995 Vekoma hardware which didn't aged so well (secretly I wish current Vekoma would completely redo the ride layout in line with their recent very daring designs, but that would be prohibitively expensive!), part of it is also the many rebrandings of the theming. Defunctland put it in a better way that I will, but originally Space Mountain Paris used to have a unique Jules Vernes steampunk storyline, which was an inspiring blend of French and US influences. This appeal is now mostly gone and replaced with the Star Wars theme we all know. But enough ranting here. Have a nice visit at Disney Paris! Even for a non-Disney fan, it is an enjoyable experience that I would recomment Bon voyage !
  15. Coaster Hipster

    Where do you get coaster news?

    If you try to follow what's going on on the coaster scene, where do your get your info and updates from? Was curious to know if we share the same sources, and maybe discover a few more insightful sites Personally, I usually get new info on social media posts (CoasterForce, rcdb, the amazing VH Coasters for Asian stuff, and also official park/manufacturers pages) but also like to check the forums (CF mostly) to keep track and get a more in-depth look at the news. Forums are also great for discussion and insights on a broader perspective, much more so than the comparatively forums. I loved following the construction of DC Rivals here for example! Even though I do not have the opportunity or think immediately of going there, also discovered blooloop which delivers great coaster-related content with a more professional and industry-based angle. What's yours?