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  1. The first interview of the batch is up! Many thanks to Maximilian Roeser, Mack Rides Head of Marketing, for sharing his insight on desiging Ride to Happiness, Hurricane and Steel Taipan! And also kudos to @themagician for his permission to use his Steel Taipan photos. Was Ride to Happiness specifically designed to provide a more intense experience? In that regard, did the Tomorrowland IP affect the ride design process? Maximilian Roeser: Ride to Happiness was designed to implement everything we learned from our previous tests and installations. So we could work on optimizing an
  2. IAAPA held its first tradeshow in almost two years last week in Barcelona. Expo Europe 2021 boasted 439 exhibiting companies. More than 8,500 participants attended the event, a little more than half the 2019 figure (15,900 attendees in Paris) Attending all 3 days of the tradeshow, I certainly noticed a comprehensive set of health protocols in place to adapt to the Covid-19 situation. Seats were set apart by at least 1 meter during conferences. Everyone except for presenters on stage was required to wear masks. Vaccination or a negative Covid test was also mandatory to attend, with s
  3. In light of the upcoming Steel Taipan at Dreamworld, thought sharing my recent experience on another thrill spinning coaster by Mack Rides could shed some insight. A few years ago, Plopsaland de Panne surprised many European fans when announcing The Ride to Happiness. The first Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster on the Old Continent is also only the second model produced by Mack after Time Traveler. Plopsaland is usually visited by a crowd of familes and young children. To see the park invest in such a daring attraction, partnering with an "adult" IP (electronic music festival Tomorrowl
  4. I made and translated to French this interview during IAAPA Expo Asia 20 with MM. Czibulka and Daniel. They prove reponsive to interview questions - and take the time to share insightful answers. Thanks for sharing it! Another interview with Intamin is expected sometime later this year. If Parkz's admins are ok with it, I'd be happy to forward your questions about Big Dipper to the manufacturer and share their comments (without the hassle of translating to French then back to English!) here. Regarding the tyre launch, riding Yukon Quad at Le Pal in central France also makes me confid
  5. Always nice to read TRs about lesser known parks in Japan - albeit obviously Cosmoworld has the clickbait photo op. Vanish seem like a brilliant marketing idea, poorly executed. (Imagine current Intamin working on a similar feature?)
  6. Coming late to the party but I'm really excited about Leviathan. The Gravity Group delivers very decent woodies with lots of airtime (quantity-wise at least) and great pacing. Great to see Australian parks picking up the pace, and it seems Sea World will have a good 1-2 combo with Jet Rescue
  7. Great report and nice photos! Visited this place in 08' back when I was an inexperienced enthusiast. Never bothered to return as the park did not add anything noteworthy. Le Monstre has terrific RMC potential but sadly this is so unlikely to happen..
  8. Untamed looks terrific! Walibi Holland's management claims the layout went through many iterations and ajustments to maximal the original structure's potential. Based on the POV, they must be right! The amount of airtime looks outstanding, and the inversions feel just right. Might as well dump some of the pictures I took during my visit last Friday: Otherwise, also got the opportunity to discover Lost Gravity (previously visited Walibi Holland in 05, 06 and 15). Fab little ride with a wicked drop! The little hop after that delivers excellent ejector airtime, some of the bes
  9. Imgur is banned in Turkey for some reason!
  10. I have a new biggest cred spite -_- Was told by Land of Legends the ride would be open when I booked my 2-day stay. But of course it didn't go according to plan. Oh well.
  11. Here are as promised the interview with Martin & Vleminckx and The Gravity Group! Sorry about the delay: Chuck Bingham, Vice-President of M&V briefly discusses the upcoming arrival of Rocky Mountain Construction coasters in Asia - and his company's involvement in it The interview ran short due to circumstances on my behalf, but we'll certainly meet again for another more in-depth one probably at AAE 19! This interview is no short one on the other hand! Even after editing out many clips, The Gravity Group's Chad Miller and Korey Kiepert are just
  12. Another good interview at IAAPA to share! This time it's Maximilian Roeser from Mack Rides answering questions for Theme Park Crazy. Max is definitely passionate about the industry - approachable but also brilliant in knowing how to communicate the great work of his company. Mack is ceetainly having a great momentum building some high-scale rides, I'm certainly curious to try some of these in the near future. Maybe coming to Movie World to see you then
  13. Coaster Studios who was at the tradeshow as well filmed this valuable interview with RMC designer/consultant Alan Schilke: @GoGoBoy you might be especially interested
  14. This is coming... to my home park!! Parc Astérix will be building an Intamin LSM multi-launch in 2021! A layout animation was shown today (well, tomorrow for you Aussies ha) at IAAPA: Features: 51m (167ft) high 4 launches, including a forward/backward/forward half-pipe with no stop 23 moments of airtime! Looks incredible and has so many daring features, but wait! Walibi Belgium has shown their work too, it's a Megacoaster with a twisty drop like Expedition GeForce... Two crazy awesome designs, both within
  15. Cool topic! I wonder if some sort of interactive media gadgetery could be possible in the future. So far you experience the ride as it was designed by the engineers and creative team... but what if you could decide and impact on the ride's course, video-game style? I guess interactive dark-ride already exist now I think about it, but is there more to do than just shoot and get a high score?
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