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  1. Always nice to read TRs about lesser known parks in Japan - albeit obviously Cosmoworld has the clickbait photo op. Vanish seem like a brilliant marketing idea, poorly executed. (Imagine current Intamin working on a similar feature?)
  2. Coming late to the party but I'm really excited about Leviathan. The Gravity Group delivers very decent woodies with lots of airtime (quantity-wise at least) and great pacing. Great to see Australian parks picking up the pace, and it seems Sea World will have a good 1-2 combo with Jet Rescue
  3. Great report and nice photos! Visited this place in 08' back when I was an inexperienced enthusiast. Never bothered to return as the park did not add anything noteworthy. Le Monstre has terrific RMC potential but sadly this is so unlikely to happen..
  4. Untamed looks terrific! Walibi Holland's management claims the layout went through many iterations and ajustments to maximal the original structure's potential. Based on the POV, they must be right! The amount of airtime looks outstanding, and the inversions feel just right. Might as well dump some of the pictures I took during my visit last Friday: Otherwise, also got the opportunity to discover Lost Gravity (previously visited Walibi Holland in 05, 06 and 15). Fab little ride with a wicked drop! The little hop after that delivers excellent ejector airtime, some of the bes
  5. Imgur is banned in Turkey for some reason!
  6. I have a new biggest cred spite -_- Was told by Land of Legends the ride would be open when I booked my 2-day stay. But of course it didn't go according to plan. Oh well.
  7. Here are as promised the interview with Martin & Vleminckx and The Gravity Group! Sorry about the delay: Chuck Bingham, Vice-President of M&V briefly discusses the upcoming arrival of Rocky Mountain Construction coasters in Asia - and his company's involvement in it The interview ran short due to circumstances on my behalf, but we'll certainly meet again for another more in-depth one probably at AAE 19! This interview is no short one on the other hand! Even after editing out many clips, The Gravity Group's Chad Miller and Korey Kiepert are just
  8. Another good interview at IAAPA to share! This time it's Maximilian Roeser from Mack Rides answering questions for Theme Park Crazy. Max is definitely passionate about the industry - approachable but also brilliant in knowing how to communicate the great work of his company. Mack is ceetainly having a great momentum building some high-scale rides, I'm certainly curious to try some of these in the near future. Maybe coming to Movie World to see you then
  9. Coaster Studios who was at the tradeshow as well filmed this valuable interview with RMC designer/consultant Alan Schilke: @GoGoBoy you might be especially interested
  10. This is coming... to my home park!! Parc Astérix will be building an Intamin LSM multi-launch in 2021! A layout animation was shown today (well, tomorrow for you Aussies ha) at IAAPA: Features: 51m (167ft) high 4 launches, including a forward/backward/forward half-pipe with no stop 23 moments of airtime! Looks incredible and has so many daring features, but wait! Walibi Belgium has shown their work too, it's a Megacoaster with a twisty drop like Expedition GeForce... Two crazy awesome designs, both within
  11. Cool topic! I wonder if some sort of interactive media gadgetery could be possible in the future. So far you experience the ride as it was designed by the engineers and creative team... but what if you could decide and impact on the ride's course, video-game style? I guess interactive dark-ride already exist now I think about it, but is there more to do than just shoot and get a high score?
  12. Very good points actually. From my understanding Vekoma now creates several designs for each type of coaster (it's actually one topic I discussed in the interview linked above). Basically a customer ask for a layout which is then available for other parks to re-use/'clone' unless specifically forbidden by the original customer in a non-compete clause. So Thunderbird is actually only the first of several Next Gen SLC layouts to be revealed. My educated guess is that the park who ordered that Suspended coaster wanted something intermediate between tame family and extreme intense experiences
  13. Vekoma today launched their new website just in time for the IAAPA in Orlando! The revamp not only displays their new logo and branding, but most importantly displays their exciting new concepts: https://www.vekoma.com Among the revelations are a layout for the Suspended Thrill Coaster, the next generation of SLCs: Finally some info about the Next Gen Flying coaster has been shown too: Also announced are an upcoming Next Gen Motorbike coaster, and the Lech Coaster (Bermuda Blitz) and Formula designs are finally present online too. (L
  14. I've been a huge fan of the new Vekoma designs (particularly Lech Coaster), so it was an incredible opportunity to meet the mastermind behind the manufacturer's incredible transformation! Benjamin's answers were fab - really informative and definitely engaging in the way he talked me through the thought process of designing coaster elements or layouts ❤️ Also wanted to apologize for not posting here much. Been a hectic few months travelling, doing all sorts of projects and montage. But here are a few pictures from my trips Steel Vengeance lived up to t
  15. Hello everyone! Last month I attended the 2018 Euro Attractions Show, which is the IAAPA European event reuniting most of the professionals in the industry. I was covering the show for French website CoastersWorld.fr resulting in several interviews starting with these two: First of all I had the great privilege of meeting Sascha Czibulka and Camiel Bilsen of Intamin. Sascha is the company's Executive VP and has been with Intamin for 17 years, while Camiel is their promising young designer and has been heavily involved in the making of Hyperion. Highlights in
  16. Thanks for the updates @MickeyD! I'm very interested in this park and its developments, as actually I am planning to go to Shanghai next June to attend the Asian Attractions Expo 19. Although it is spead out quite a lot, Steel Dolphin has several exciting elements such as the Top Hat with a twist exit and the outward banked hill. It really tells about Intamin's drive towards more daring elements in a much more competitive ride manufacturer business
  17. Well all the advices put there are already very good so I don't have much to add. Been living in Paris all my life, and in fact, Disney Paris opened the year I was born I rarely ever visit due to high prices and not being very much into Disneyland stuff - so I'm not the most familiar with the place despite it being one of my home parks. Even though the resort is most generally quite busy, I believe both parks are manageable in a single day too. Agree with the plan to start with the Studios (it's a somewhat lacklustre park in comparison imo..) and you should be done with this park by 13:0
  18. If you try to follow what's going on on the coaster scene, where do your get your info and updates from? Was curious to know if we share the same sources, and maybe discover a few more insightful sites Personally, I usually get new info on social media posts (CoasterForce, rcdb, the amazing VH Coasters for Asian stuff, and also official park/manufacturers pages) but also like to check the forums (CF mostly) to keep track and get a more in-depth look at the news. Forums are also great for discussion and insights on a broader perspective, much more so than the comparatively forums. I loved
  19. Even though Parc Saint Paul is less than 2 hours away from where I live, I somehow never bothered to visit the place. After several delays and figuring out a public transportation/uber strategy to navigate in and out there, it was finally time to discover Parc Saint Paul and its reported quirkyness The entrance sets the tone with a plastic-y gate that wouldn't feel out of place at a fairground. The Campion family - who founded the park and still operates it to its day - were originally fairground ride operators which explains the very funfair look of most scenery there, as well as
  20. Good point there, also thanks for sharing the article I don't have a burning desire to visit such a park, but still have some curiosity about it. Sort of a 'how bad can it be?' curiosity (if it's actually bad at all), but yes, it's fascinating in a way. Actually this reminds me of Nara Dreamland, the Japanese loose equivalent - which however had a more subtle backstory. Defuctland made a great video narrating this (maybe this was shared here already):
  21. Day 2 & 3 - Alton Towers After a very short night (we stayed late at Blackpool and then couldn't find the entrance to Alton's hotel resort for some reason...), I was very excited to walk in Alton Towers for the first time. Heard of the park ever since I became an enthusiast back in 2005, when I couldn't hear but praise about the creativity and quality of the rides. Even with the recent backlashes I was still very curious to experience Alton for real. First impressions: the Mainstreet is alright, however I am quite impressed with the gardens and Castle! The place certa
  22. For whatever reasons, I never visited English amusement parks until this year, even though coasters across the Channel - especially Alton's - had my interest ever since I became an enthusiast back in 2005. But with the additions of both Icon and Wicker Man and the opportunity to join fellow French/Belgian goons on a road trip meant I finally got the chance to experience creds in England! Day 1 - Blackpool Icon - I was actually quite worried about the Qs after seeing quite a packed entrance, but in reality the wait times were fine throughout the whole day - 30
  23. Haven't ridden AA but I think SLCs in essence have a great layout depite the usually horrible comfort. I rode Mayan at Energylandia, which was built in 2015 and has had from the start the new trains with vest restraints. It is actually decent fun! The ride has strong forces and is well paced too. You still have a couple of jolts at some moments, but overall the ride comfort is much improved compared to your regular SLC. I wonder if Vekoma did some slight track modifications, as Mind Eraser at SFNE which also has vests is much rougher and much less enjoyable...
  24. Only counting coasters I've ridden this year (re-ridden and new): 1) Expedition GeForce - The definitive airtime machine for me. 2) Lech Coaster - Relentless new-gen Vekoma! 3) Superman the Ride (Six Flags New England) - Would match EGF imo if it weren't for these poor restraints! 4) Schwur des Kärnan - So weird, yet so exhilarating! 5) Helix - Wonderful complete coaster experience despite the lesser intensity. 6) Taron - Unconsistent, but very unique ride with some really amazing elements. 7) Wicked Cyclone - So much ejector airtime it's a little painful! 8) Balder - G
  25. Amazing report! It's also a very valuable one as not many people go to this place, to put it mildly. The park looks quite pretty actually, the landscape work is impressive. Deep Space and Nitro also seems like an exciting coaster combo. Batman at SFNE was pretty meh on both my visits there, but the steeper drop and longer layout are great improvements. Your praise and commentary on Deep Space makes me wish Premier build more of these - their Sky Rocket II is photogenic, but lacks substance imo. Thanks for sharing the pictures and impressions on this overlooked park
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