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  1. Zanstabar

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    Many experiences at Walt Disney World require you to plan them out in advance. The best advice I can give is to book things as soon as possible. Fastpass+ can make your day a whole lot easier but you'll tend to find the most popular rides are completely booked well in advance. For your first couple of days when you'll want to get everything done, get the dates in your calendar and book the major E-Tickets for each park (i.e Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, Soarin' at Epcot). If you don't book things early, you might find your only FP+ option to be Magic Carpets of Aladdin. The same applies to restaurants, so if you really want to eat at "Be Our Guest" you'll need to book well in advance. If you're like me and leave things till the last minute, keep refreshing the Fastpass selection screen. People change their plans all the time, sometimes dropping their bookings for major attractions the day of. I would often do this when I would be waiting for my morning coffee.
  2. Zanstabar

    Fright Nights 2019

    While an improvement on previous years, Fright Nights is certainly not of the same calibre as HHN Orlando. This year suffers from some of the same issues you've mentioned here. Every night as far as I know has been a sellout, leading to some pretty large crowds. While daunting at first, they certainly don't seem as bad as in previous years. Wait times for some mazes seem to drop pretty dramatically by 9 pm. The atmosphere is pretty much non-existent this year. 'Precincts' swap anything that could build mood with electronic music and movie trailers. Dead West is the most atmospheric area of the park, but even that leaves something to be desired. If you loved HHN and didn't find previous iterations of FN to be all that enjoyable, then I doubt you'd enjoy this year. It's certainly improved but does not offer a comparable product.
  3. Zanstabar

    The Off Topic Topic

    Kung Po Chicken? Does that mean that Rick’s now serves up succulent Chinese meals?
  4. Zanstabar

    Fright Nights 2019

    Call me pessimistic all you want but I don't think that they can succeed in fitting 17 scenes within dodgems while making it a satisfying experience. My assumption is that many of these scenes will be smaller callbacks or references placed within a hallway or around a corner and not a full size room with unique scenic, characters and audio. That said, I really want to eat my words.
  5. Zanstabar

    Fright Nights 2019

    17 scenes in IT sounds obscene, especially given how lacking the recent mazes have felt. It makes me wonder whether they're referring to a fully fleshed out scene with unique characters, audio and scenic, or just a meagre reference that you pass on your way through. With such a large IP under their belt, I hope that they kick it up a notch and make me eat my words. Side Note: Does anyone know if they'll have Prince Albert in a can?
  6. Zanstabar

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Turbines or bust!
  7. Zanstabar

    Fright Nights 2019

    I'm hoping that this year's event feels less 'cheap'. Last year the mazes felt pretty bland, predictable, and at worst not even scary. 'Precincts' lacked atmosphere and felt like a copy-paste of previous years. I love getting scared, and I especially love having an event like Fright Nights that's nearby, but you lose me as a patron when you become stagnant and every scare is obvious. A joke loses most impact when the punchline is obvious, it just so happens that scares are the same.
  8. Zanstabar

    The Off Topic Topic

    It seems weird to me that they'd be focusing on rejuvenating Paradise Pier/Pixar Pier already, considering it got so much attention during the original DCA makeover. I would've much rather seen them focus on Hollywoodland or a Bug's Land. That said, Tron Light Cycles, Guardians of the Universe of Energy, Mission: Space: The Ride: The Restaurant, and the Great Mickey Ride all seem like great additions. I'm really excited to see how this 2.5D effect works.
  9. Zanstabar

    DC Superheroes & Super-Villians event at Movie World

    Regardless, the event looks nice although the use of the 90's Batman costumes feels a little weird to me. I'm so used to seeing MW base all their appearances based on the actual comic franchises that seeing a Danny Devito Penguin instantly makes me think back to all those old souvenir videos on Youtube. Riddler's Lair, anyone?
  10. Zanstabar

    Arkham Asylum - VR coaster at Movie World

    Don't mess with the classics
  11. Zanstabar

    New Night Parade for Movie World.

    @Reanimated35 I thought I had escaped the clutches of Smash Mouth
  12. Zanstabar

    New Dreamworld Patisserie & Grill "coming soon"

    I prefer my pancakes at 1 am. Why isn't Dreamworld fulfilling my pancake needs? But for real, I wonder why they'd only have a menu for two hours. Seems a little strange to me. Looks like I'm going to have to be at the park early to get my fix
  13. Looks like we're getting quite mixed reviews on this one. I remember as a young kid being asked if I wanted to ride the original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and all it took was one look at the surroundings to tell me exactly what I need to know. It was ominous, mysterious, and looming over almost all of the Anaheim skyline. From sight alone, it set up the story. Walking throughout the desolate gardens and the lobby only helped emphasise this. Every interaction was set up in such a way that I was walking into my own episode of the Twilight Zone, and that scared me because it felt, in a way, so real. Then I take a look at what it's become... The footage of the ride certainly looks like an enjoyable experience, let me clear that first. What I think is missing is that sense of journey and adventure. The original incarnation had a sense of progression, from empty rooms, a journey into another dimension, all the way to the very climax at the very top as you take in the view of the Disneyland resort. Mission Breakout feels very much to me like a quick comic book romp featuring Star-Lord and the gang. Does it suit the personality of the franchise? Well, in a sense, yes. Everything I love about Guardians of the Galaxy is present in this ride. The humour, the characters, the music. I just think that it's missing that sense of story. Rather than building its way up, it appears that you just board the elevator before getting right into the action. At the end of the day, I shouldn't complain too much. It still looks like fun and I'm not going to act as if I won't ride it multiple times and enjoy my experience. I just don't think it's at the level of the original, where I would go to the park, out of my way, just to experience it. If DCA was a festival lineup, Mission Breakout would be a sideshow rather than the headliner that it used to be.
  14. Zanstabar

    Dreamworld reviewing its master plan.

    Who bought Area 51? I bet it was Scully and Mulder...