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  1. What makes you say that? Do you know something that isn't public knowledge?
  2. Is this normal for Surfrider to be closed without a re-opening date?
  3. You're aware there's movies made about families doing exactly this, right?
  4. It's "Warner Bros. Movie World", not MOVIE WORLD, not MOVIEWORLD. VRTP's art department has better tools than MS Paint The type is poorly balanced The type is awful There's no DC trademark for the ident No. Just no goldcoastparkz. Can we all just chillout for one day? @joz pass the peace pipe round, mate.
  5. Side-note here, if Movie World's reading this and thinking i'm bitter, i'm genuinely not, for the love of god folks, all I want is to see you, your team and your park do its absolute best. When it comes time to hold a press day to announce this, invite @Richard & I along - our combined ability to reach a global digital audience through sheer size and quality of content alone would save you tens of thousands of dollars in marketing dollaridoos. I make no reservation in stating that when I was reporting on Dreamworld earlier in the year, I was netting tens of thousands of unique hits a day from written content alone, and without sharing Parkz data, being the #1 non-official site for your brand means the second people are done watching channel 9's news segment, they're coming here and reading the full scoop. Don't believe me? Here's some Google research to get you started.
  6. Me too! 2LI makes some fantastic stuff, they set the bar super high, and i'd go as far as to say they're an asset to VRTP's campaigns. However, if you're basing your opinion off data inside a client brief that either VRL or OMD supplied to say 2LI, you're still ultimately going off information provided by folks who have yet to add a mobile portal or disability access to their core websites, a move that's definitely impacting their search rankings, and thus, their digital strategy as a whole. First of all, if you're not advertising because on an inability to pick the right contractors for the job to deliver a project on time that by and large the rest of the world is totally capable of pulling off (with a few notable exceptions), then yeah, you're right, you shouldn't advertise, because your company has bigger problems at hand it needs to worry about. This isn't the case with Movie World. They've got a great GM at the helm supported by great ops folks and the company has picked vendors and contractors to build this very carefully. IF this ride was what you're probably used to producing TVC's for i.e. Fright Nights, Arkham Asylum VR etc. etc. i'd totally, 100% agree with you, because if it was for a small to medium capex attraction or event, everything you say would checkout. But, to be clear, let me say this again, this is Australia's biggest spend on a single attraction so far. This isn't something you market like everything else, because if you market it like everything else, you're going to lose huge sums of money in the process. Major capex spends like this follow a trend the world over, a trend that isn't being followed.
  7. I may have snipped my post so that first bit you said doesn't make sense, so, to re-clarify: if you've been at a park in the last year or watched a park video, you've probably heard my voice at least twice (sorry about that, btw). GIF not directed at you, directed at @wikiverse actually, but if I hurt anyone's feelings, here's one way to go about fixing that. Alternatively, here's another.
  8. March. Yes, yes it will. Until the ride is announced, at which point, they'll be doing exactly that. Look, whatever, you go believe whatever you want to believe, you're just factually incorrect, that's all.
  9. Here's two theme park related: Theme Park Review & RRC Here's two non-theme park related: 4chan, Reddit/r/TheDonald Report back in a week champ and let us know how you go!
  10. You're totally, 100% wrong, and I use the word "wrong" sparingly in my life and what I post. You don't spend this country's biggest ever capex on a single ride for the locals only. They're not going to advertise to internationals, but if you spent just five minutes Googling (which wouldn't even be a tenth of the time I spent researching data the other day, let alone the time i've spent creating marketing materials for parks for globally) you'd find hat a fair chunk of the attendance is interstate, and that audience needs months & months of massaging if you want your first few months to meet budget for something this major. This is why everyone else in the world does exactly this when opening a ride. Oh sorry, let me take all my research & data and throw it in the bin. The objective of what I was aiming to find was the time between making an official announcement, and officially opening the ride.
  11. I was going to save this for an article, but I see an opportunity here to debunk the "why does everyone hate on MW" train that goes round so often here, so here goes: I actually went to the effort of sifting through the last decade's worth of major hyper roller-coaster announcements, comparing the time between the announcement and the open date. Want to know what I found? Since 2008, between announcement to open, there's typically a 9.4 month mean or 8 month median average, and that number has increased right up to 14-18 months (Mako & Karnan respectively) in two recent instances where social media has become important in creating hype and marketing for these kinds of attractions. That means, as we stand here right now, today, as each second passes, even if they announced the coaster right now, they would be going against every single global trend for successfully marketing a major project like this in the theme park industry for the last decade. If they open in September (and by all bets, they still will be) that'll mean that there's less than four months between announcement to open IF they announced today. That's an worryingly small amount of time to get the word out about a project this big. It's such a small amount of time, in terms of collecting the data above, it would be considered an anomaly and not counted in the overall dataset. Now, this is not me hating on Movie World, nor is this me hopping on the Movie World hate train. Most folks know I love the crapper out of the park, and there's some incredible folks working in there to whom I have much respect for. I also want to see Movie World get the amount of success it deserves for putting itself on the line and building such a behemoth of a project, and from a marketing perspective, this isn't a case of nitpicking personal taste in terms of art direction or style in a TVC, this is me identifying something that worries me in light of wanting the best for the park and its team, something that I hope they identify promptly.To simplify, no one hates Movie Worlds at all or thinks they're doing a bad job, it's just that we want to tell everyone about it, ideally, we should've known four months ago, the CEO wanted to tell us four months ago, and we still don't know, and as someone who's passionate about Movie World and wants to get the word out and support them, it's really frustrating.
  12. @Mark Shaw, one of the most interactive CEO's we've had to date, Funfields megafan and now arborist. Is there anything you don't do?
  13. For the most part, the discussion was just about taking guesses and turning them into facts, of which, seems to be cleared up. No one's specifically attacking the great contributions of @Theme Park Girl or any of our other members. It's worth noting (as it's also been noted elsewhere), if you don't agree with any of the content posted by other members, there's a report post link on every single post on Parkz Community. As a side note, just incase it wasn't clear (it didn't seem to be in terms of how you worded yourself in your post) but Parkz Crew are not representatives of Parkz itself. They're folks who have decided that what we do here is of some value to them, and they've purchased a membership to help support us in keeping the wheels turning. If you feel the same way, you too can become a Parkz member, there's even a great pack you can buy that includes an annual membership, t-shirt, lanyard & stickers.
  14. Which is perfect, because their last accident had nothing to do with human error caused by park staff.
  15. If you're good at what you do, your pre-production is there you can do both, all the while being entertaining. Last Week Tonight is a great example of this.