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  1. Slick

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    Which is what you did. A moral lesson for the day - just because you can doesn't mean you should, especially when it's at the expense of the individual. Just because most folks here know my name and i'm somewhat public about it still doesn't mean it's appropriate to throw my PO Box or phone number out there. PM me if you have any further queries on this. Back on topic - now that Consentino is done for the holidays - is there something similar you'd like to see next school holidays?
  2. Slick

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    You know Google has a search function, yeah? I ask because in the time it took you to write something witty you could've just used your initiative to figure out why doxxing other people is frowned upon. Let's keep it on-topic.
  3. Slick

    The Off Topic Topic

    Tokyo's teamlab exhibit (which is often sold out): Gold Coast's TrickPic: TLDR; pretty easy to see why it tanked. It looked shit.
  4. Slick

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    It’d be like listening to enthusiasts talk about theme parks and then wanting to see the video.
  5. Slick

    Wipeout Removal

    Ah, so someone in HR didn't get the memo. It happens. All the consumer facing ends are fine. Hot tip - if you apply, I wouldn't mention it - probably not the best first impression to make.
  6. Slick

    Wipeout Removal

    Can you let us know where?
  7. Slick

    Theme Park Merchandise

    Exactly. Fashion is subjective. Very, very subjective. I reckon polos say "i'm too lazy to iron a shirt." But... that is my opinion.
  8. ...sooo, when's the Orphan Rocker opening then?
  9. Slick

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I'll say it once and say it again - the red tape thing is utter garbage. If they weren't renting trashy rides as a stop-gap solution to avoiding spending much need capex they wouldn't have this problem in the first place.
  10. Your kids would also benefit from seeing other cultures and languages, just saying.
  11. Slick

    Theme Park Merchandise

    A major part of a park's profit comes mainly from F&B and merch. I think what Disney does well in regards to merch is that their product line has both the garishly boiler plate "I WAZ HERE" theme park stuff and also some more subtle, minimal gear that even folks like me who generally shy away from anything that's not a shirt or a basic tee might consider wearing. Polos are awful. They're the kind of daily-wear that's a jack of all trades but the master of none.
  12. Slick

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    I'm genuinely surprised by the success of Consentino - that's not a critique on either him or Dreamworld either, rather, I simply wasn't aware of how far reaching his fame is (chalk it up to not watching much free to air telly). I've been and checked it out and it was chockers - it's good to see.
  13. Easily the most gentlemanly posts i've seen on here for a while. Good on you, mate. 🍺 After reading Richard's article, i'm cautiously optimistic. There's some huge hurdles Ardent needs to jump if they plan on holding onto Dreamworld for a while yet, but the cash injection rolling off the back of an uptick in crowds thanks to Consentino is definitely a good start.
  14. Slick

    New and very different attractions

    Yeah i'm confused - to clarify, are you saying world class parks should or shouldn't have one-off attractions?
  15. You only need to look as far as the changes Scooby's endured or Aussie World's new Gyro Swing ride to see that it's not just Dreamworld going through varying degrees of new & unprecedented regulatory changes from WHSQ. In which case, it's safe to assume Dreamworld's mum on Sky Voyager because being honest & transparent about the hold up could easily be perceived as pressuring the state body and/or the manufacturer, and that'd be PR nightmare for them.