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  1. If that’s the case over completely reducing the depth altogether then that’s fair enough. I guess a thoosie needs to jump in the water at some point and find out. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Agreed. I understand the parks have become quite risk averse, but I personally believe that we’ve well and truly arrived at safety for safety’s sake. Another example would be the tiny half sized pool fence that covers a tiny chunk of the Main Street fountain or the removal of all of the flower beds at Movie World because a woman tripped on one.
  3. Next year they’ll just give everyone life jackets and crash helmets to wear in there.
  4. I'd love a mixture of this and a vertical garden, especially when it comes to hiding the Sky Voyager plant area.
  5. I'm starting to realise that there was a great opportunity here to bring a first nation's artist in to make something brilliant.
  6. I miss those hand-drawn maps of yesteryear.
  7. They’ve been putting F&B trucks for 7+ years now. Here’s an almost identical truck setup for Fright Nights in 2014.
  8. Same Arrow chassis underneath with an updated fibreglass shell, speakers (lol) and new restraints that are modern spec. It's also probably the nostalgia talking but the OG Cyclone trains were kickass, especially when the red lighting ran. Speaking of trains, back on-topic, can't wait to see these trains with the zero-car attached to the front. The paint scheme on this Helix-style Mack trains is looking super badass in the light of day.
  9. Just saw this too. The waterpark is looking really, really great. 🍻
  10. Not to derail the topic completely, but I’ve often wondered if it could be retrofitted with the more modern Vekoma bucket seats with lap bars. It would eliminate the horrible shake it’s got and make it a really good family coaster.
  11. Soo… We’ve all seen the POV now… What’s up with the launch having no build up or visibility?
  12. The 4K version is up. A million, kajillion times better. Now that we've got a solid POV, can we confirm the rumour that this is running quicker than the OG Blue Fire in Germany? I've seen some photos of it and the orange is just stunning against the blue sky. Also really keen to see it with the zero car on the front - the trains already look sexy AF.
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