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  1. There's a lot you can fit in that space, including an additional gate or two. That's without considering the multitude of ways you could integrate a premium hotel into a space like they did with the Miracosta at DisneySea. Seems crazy to me that the Disneyland Hotel is still standing and something like this hasn't been developed already.
  2. Commercial airports (including a surrounding of 2-5km plus additional clearances for approach) are do not fly zones, private helipads and airports operate under a general proviso that you use caution and don't fly near the approach, pad or runway during operating hours and that you land immediately if you see an aircraft/helicopter in the sky. While you can fly 30m above private property, 99% of the time under a recreational license you can't fly over people, crowds, large stadiums, events etc. or fly in a way that is un-safe or dangerous to those around the drone. With all of that in min
  3. The letters are metal plates on the tower so there'd be a bit of work to go the whole hog of actually removing them considering they're behind the Giant Drop ride system/track.
  4. They should’ve 18 months ago when it closed.
  5. That last article was a brilliant read. Must have a watch of that Exposed shot now.
  6. Agreed - I think the area looks bloody brilliant, but those kinects and the ride just didn't pull through in the end. That and it's in the wrong area of the park. If the ride's cactus, i'd move a lot of theming (like the fantastic fibreglass villains and the well received effects like the water fountains) over to the Superman court-yard and the space outside Justice League. That leaves a nice big open space to pop in a better ride system that better fits the Wild West end of town.
  7. At what point do you write off that whole ride and themed area? It's a lot like metre maids in 2021 - beautiful, useless and sticks out like a sore thumb.
  8. Especially now that Joe Rohdes is head of experience at Virgin. 😂
  9. Who would've thought Jamberoo was going to be Australia's best themed waterpark?
  10. Define near clone - they're similar in that they have a lift hill, they go up and down and are made by Mack but that's about it. Reminds of this clip. 😂 I've thought this for a while. Refurbishing Dreamworld like they did for Cypress Gardens and turning it into a Legoland would be brilliant. Keep the waterpark as is, spin the animals off into a third gate and you're onto a winner... maybe.
  11. This is a really great thought. What IP alternatives are even out there these days? It seems like most kid’s characters are owned by either Universal, Disney, or they’re over at Village.
  12. Agreed - I think having a chunk hang out over the water would be awesome. As for log flumes, both Rocky Hollow & Vikings were made in-house and had their own sets of unique problems, and I'd say it's fair to assume both parks didn't want to take on that responsibility. On the other hand, Aussie World's log flume is going strong (which is made by I think Reverchon or Fabbri, not sure, but a reputable enough OEM none the less.) For the million or so it'd take for Intamin to refurbish either one is a steal and is something that should've been looked into years ago, but maybe that's just
  13. I'm interested to hear what you all think what's next for Dreamworld after Steel Taipan open and how the future may look for Dreamworld in the coming years. Do you think Ardent will continue to own it for the foreseeable future? What do you think needs work next (refurbishment/improvement wise) and what do you think the park should be adding in order to return to its former glory? Adding to that, do you think Steel Taipan is enough by itself to return the park to profitability? And if not, why?
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