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  1. Yep, from memory both VRL and Ardent half yearly's mentioned that downturn was local market predominantly.
  2. Thanks so much for the link. Having known Al personally for a while, I can safely say he's a bloody legend so great to see him get some recognition for his efforts.
  3. If you could write "@Slick" on your palm with today's date with the Wipeout working in the background, that'd be super. Seriously though, good to see it going again.
  4. Query me this, beyond the Sea World line of facts, is there any independent or peer reviewed data about the bottlenose dolphins in captivity at either Sea World or abroad in any dolphinarium?
  5. Whatever the case may be, even if it was open it certainly wasn't officially open. Regardless, would be great to see Wipeout open again, it's a personal favourite of mine. @Jordan M. you should check your VPN, when I checked the website this morning it worked perfectly.
  6. Wrong. Just FYI, prior to posting a reply to @Aimsley81 I checked that very page so what I wrote was iron clad and factually correct, which next time I suggest you do the same. Side note: Dreamworld's CMS is quite sophisticated and does tailor customer experience depending on what you click. However, that page is easily found still under "Park info" in the main header menu.
  7. No need to take what I said personally, it wasn't an attack on you. I, like many others, who regularly have to sift through a torrential sea of "fake news" found online, generally hold a healthy level of skepticism when things don't add up, don't have proof or don't have citations. Your post just so happens to tick all three boxes, just FYI. Always happy to be proven wrong, of course. I'd imagine re-opening the last of their thrill rides would be a big deal, and communicating that all of their rides have now met safety standards would be at the top of their list in terms of communicating a sense of moving forward to guests. Again, historically, the second a ride re-opened, even if it was part way through the day, they didn't hesitate to communicate, and I'd imagine this situation would be no different, regardless of annual maintenance.
  8. If you're there, would you mind terribly sharing some shots of the ride running with today's newspaper in your hand? I'm joking of course, however the park hasn't shared anything on social nor does their website reflect the re-opening, and every single major attraction re-opening has been a big deal for them, which makes what you're saying very doubtful. Adding to this, checking Dreamworld's & Wipeout's geotags/analytics on social shows a whole lot of nothing, when historically guests have clamoured to be the first to share & ride re-opened rides.
  9. Just noticed Gazza's post just then. Totally spot on.
  10. You'll find something like that won't happen because set designers use totally different materials compared to say a permanent install i.e. polystyrene over fibreglass.
  11. Can't wait. Looking forward to seeing a name, position and reason why the left a long with what they saw. Worst case scenario, they're an idiot with a grudge to bare against an old employee. Best case scenario, they may actually highlight a flaw with animal care that we're all not aware, Sea World fixes it, the animals get better care then they did before and it's one less thing for these folks to whinge about.
  12. That's literally the first time i've ever seen anyone share something from Google+.
  13. Also, it snuck in that Village are doing the cinemas for the new Westfield at Coomera.
  14. Village Roadshow has posted results for 1H17 this morning, with the presentation to happen later this afternoon. For those interested, the slides from the ASX are posted here. So far my favourite bits are: (No one can tell it's a watermark if we flip the image ) And of course the interesting font use for the new campaign: (EDIT: Oh hey 2000th post, go team.)
  15. Cheers for sharing, it looks like they're adding a really nice well rounded suite of rides to maybe even entice some of the local uni audience out. All said and done, after this is all added in, I can't help but think what next? With a park full of flats, surely making a move like Adventure World and investing in something major (like Abyss) would have to be on the cards?