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  1. Re-wired this thread into its own topic.
  2. Slick

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Sorry to say they’re a universally panned ride experience. Rough as guts and uneventful. On a more serious note, poached Gregs anyone?
  3. It's a new phase for the park.
  4. Slick

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Definitely the back of Ben Hogan's head to the left of Greg Yong. He wouldn't be there if they weren't talking about Dreamworld.
  5. Slick

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Lol thanks guys. I dunno how I became the defacto Dreamworld billboard guy though.
  6. Slick

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Greg Yong was recently appointed as Chief Operating Officer. I've now edited your post to reflect this. This was already reported in the Dreamworld Winterfest thread, but i'm happy for this topic to have its own thread.
  7. Slick

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    Video's now live. M&V are essentially the project managers (like Intamin back in the 70's & 80's where they'd manage a lot of projects rather than make rides in-house) and and have engaged The Gravity Group as their design partner. In the case of wooden coasters it's important to have a middle-man to ensure the local engineering and fabrication firms get it bang on perfect as it's not pre-fabbed and then shipped like steel coasters. Side-note: I’ve noticed in a few other videos and places that the facts are a bit off for Leviathan. Can confirm what’s in the above video is confirmed by the park.
  8. Slick

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    No idea sorry mate, that's more of a question for Sea World. Good news though, I got heaps of great shots of it so hold tight a few hours. ;)
  9. Slick

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    What makes you think that?
  10. Slick

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    This is very exciting news indeed. Let's break it down: New wooden roller-coaster - looks to be a family coaster in the same vein that Jet Rescue is (TLDR; not really a family coaster) which is great news. Unconfirmed manufacturer. 80k/ph top speed. 1km+ of track. Trident-shaped sky flyer - not sure if ride goes up to 52m or whole tower including trident-head is 52m. If it's the former, i'm guessing that Trident head will top it over 60m+, making it the tallest thing ever to grace the spit. Unconfirmed manufacturer. Top Spin ride, unconfirmed manufacturer. Bit cheeky. Placement next to dolphin pools is concerning. New amphitheatre is being wedged in somewhere Movie World's WB Exhibit/Museum is getting new artefacts. Movie World's also getting Tom & Jerry characters in park from September. Overall i'm really pleased with this - what i'm interested to learn is if they're going to leave Viking's Revenge SBNO until 2020 and beyond or if there's something else yet to come in regards to its future? I'm also going to guess that to fit this all in the bridge to where Jet Rescue resides is finally getting the flick.
  11. Slick

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    Fifty million is more than enough for one to be shit hot.
  12. Slick

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    All the second and third tier Facebook pages are doing around the clock reporting on the GCB exclusive at present. Fair to say we'll know more about the three rides at midnight and some more in-depth coverage tomorrow.
  13. Slick

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Such as?
  14. Slick

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Even if Dreamworld had already committed to spending 20+ million on a coaster today to be built in 2021, they've still got to do things this year to capture the general public's attention. I reckon this is a wise step in realising that people have been yearning for reasons to revisit in the same way Fright Nights & White Christmas give Movie World guests a reason to revisit. Dreamworld were doing these kind of activations/events in the 90's and I see no reason why doing it again should be seen as a bad thing, especially when they're included in the ticket price (unlike White Christmas).
  15. There was a time where folks thought you couldn't attach drop rides to Superman: Escape from Krypton or Kingda Ka but here we are. Thing is with rides is no two are alike and as such all of the engineers rightfully treat every project as unique which i'm sure Intamin would do with our tower. Even Vekoma Boomerangs are all different - different fabricators, different land, different builders, local environment, weather conditions, different local laws and regulations mean there's enough variables at play that realistically nothing is off the shelf in the same way buying a car in a car lot is. I have no doubt Intamin would come out and assess the feasibility of a retrofit first before making a call. Towers like Dreamworld's are based off Von Roll's original rough design and have a lifespan of sixty years plus as an observation tower, but i'm pretty confident the Tower of Terror's force over time has done considerable wear and tear to the tower.