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  1. I'm pretty sure the pathway they're "standing" on doesn't actually exist inside the park.
  2. What's everyone's thoughts on the super-liberal use of Photoshop? For me i'm totally sweet with a bit of visual loving, even the tentacles I think are pretty cool, but moving and scaling backgrounds are a bit much.
  3. I've had the same though process a few times over too. I think for all the hassle of essentially throwing everything out and starting again, Dreamworld would still get a huge ROI given its one of their signature rides despite being nearly two decades old now. 4-6 seating across each side plus a northern side might keep the weight relative to the current 8-across seating, and honestly, I just think it'd be an insane experience.
  4. Feel like this article could've gone further to explain that Parkz's current deal is technically better value for money than the current VIP Magic Pass. TLDR, Parkz's pass via Groupon is 12 months of access at $99 plus Fast Photo worth $99, whereas the Magic Pass is 15 months of access if you buy today, which is only roughly an extra $25 extra value.
  5. ...Which would be fine if the unions weren't six months late to the discussion & were doing their job of representing people.
  6. The fact that the doors aren't centred makes my OCD twitch.
  7. TLDR: @willco, welcome to the forums, we're a barrel of laughs. Seriously though, i'm super confident it was nothing worth worrying about and just a spot of unluckiness. Enjoy the pass & be sure to try the Kirin Beer at Tiger Island after your next ride.
  8. It's fine. The Dreamworld Tower has leaked crap onto me before during film shoots, totally normal, big machines, gearboxes, moving parts, all that jazz, all of which require a mixture of lubricants and oils to operate. Next time just ask first-aid for a baby-wipe, soap won't get it off alone. For those wanting more detail as to how a drop of oil might travel from say the gearbox at the top of the tower to the bottom of the tunnel, click here for more information.
  9. For reference, Tokyo Disneysea was 3.5 billion USD (without inflation) and sits on roughly 170 acres. Of course Oriental Land Company are going to spend more (it's in their DNA) but despite that the numbers still don't quite add up for me.
  10. Tldr, big difference between Dreamworld, a world created by pure imagination and Dreamworld, a park where you use your imagination.
  11. For American or Japanese parks where there's hundreds of cool rides, sure, I hear you. For like five decent rides in the whole country, it's really not a major effort to double check, especially if you're banking your entire holiday over one of them being open.
  12. Good news everyone, I made a super easy way to find Dreamworld's maintenance schedule, quite possibly the easiest way around in my mind. If you want one made for the other parks, just let me know:
  13. I don't go to Disney & pay a hundred bucks to use my own imagination. The article has a lot of merit. Overall I don't mind the campaign, but i'm pretty opposed to showing hot air balloon rides & canoes down lovely rivers when 1) the park does neither 2) other parks (like Disney's own) offer these kinds of attractions which complicates consumer mindsets 3) the park has dozens of other incredible experiences (like sunset safaris) that Dreamworld are the only folks in the country to do (because let's face it, every two-bit tourism operator has a canoe experience up in the NT) that the ad agency has simply ignored 4) the ad agency is putting canoes inside a river that was originally made for a boat ride that was a park staple that previous management ripped out. Also, i'm a diehard nostalgic fan of Tower of Terror, but using a twenty year old ride as your hero thrill attraction wouldn't be my move. It's 2017 and i'm still explaining to folks how awesome Tailspin is, the focus should be on the undiscovered gems that aren't solidified in the market yet, not the ones everyone knows and has been on a dozen times. I think involving the Yugambeh Youth Choir is amazing, I think the idea as a whole is great (I pitched something not far off this a while ago) but if it were me, I would've been pulling a Disney and inviting people into a "Dreamworld" of imagination, not inviting people into Dreamworld and asking them to use their imagination instead, because if we're being honest, if you've waited for Tower of Terror or Giant Drop recently, you're doing just that.
  14. You should work in advertising.