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  1. Judging by that last photo it looks like they've just infilled the troughs and left the concrete in (similar to what they did with some chunks of Gold Rush like the Rapids turnstile.)
  2. I'm still honestly surprised they knocked over the train shed, the amphitheatre and Hollywood Cottage but left in Blue Lagoon.
  3. Amazing how Vortex's best angle is from high above in the air.
  4. It'll be clear what the intent is if they even bother to reach out to the parks directly I reckon. My bet is on them stealing footage from a bunch of enthusiasts, showing plenty of footage from the TRRR coronial inquest, referencing Luna Park's Ghost Train incident (with at best a passing reference to the ABC's doco) and then maybe getting in one or two industry hacks and interviewing them to get the soundbites they need. Hell, it's almost worthy of a bingo card.
  5. It's the epitome of not telling your client no when they suggest a shit idea and clipping the ticket anyway.
  6. I presume so and I agree with that sentiment too - it's pretty drab, as is Wet 'n' Wild's entrance from the highway.
  7. My hope is that stuff like the golden Bugs Bunny drills home the message that all of our parks should be constantly striving to improve and look after everything over time, and not just replacing stuff when it breaks. As an example of this would be Disneyland's facades - back when the park first opened they were nice but no where near as nice as they are today. Little improvements over time all add up to become greater than the sum of the parts. Can you imagine if their team got together once a quarter and went "okay, what's a way that's going to improve something that won't drive gate di
  8. I really, really dig the gold Bugs Bunny, so much so that I almost reckon it should be permanent.
  9. I haven't been to Joypolis in Daiba for a hot minute but it was pretty awesome. I'm inclined to say it was aimed at young adults just as much as kids which is why it's been successful for so long.
  10. It seems like the dumbest coaster ever. They went to replace a shot tower, so they spent millions on a ride that’s shorter and arguably worse. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. LEGO is a AAA+ rated brand, it's the world's most valuable toy brand and is worth twice as much as Dreamworks Animations. LEGO's a slam dunk, especially when you consider that Dreamworks' most popular IP's have gone to Disney (Ice Age) or to Universal/Comcast (everything else) and they've only made passable (75%ish rotten tomatoes rated) films since the Universal buyout in 2016. The real question will be if LEGO wants to jump onboard (and if Merlin wants in) - if memory serves, LEGO/Merlin haven't done an installation an existing theme park, instead opting in for complete buyouts (Cypress
  12. I like the sign, I don't like how it's just kinda plonked there. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. It's a nice meet and great space until you realise that every photo taken there will have a dilapidated thatched roof in it.
  14. I produced this clip back in 2019: https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=551686829004471&_rdr Originally the clip was going to have a lot of cool callbacks to past vision of the park I sourced and link it back to a present day celebration of sorts. What I had learnt in the edit was that it really quickly turned into a just a video showing off how much stuff used to be there at the park and how much wasn't there anymore. Anticipating what the comment section would likely look like (not to mention the posts on here) ultimately meant the edit was abandoned and I ended up going with a pur
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