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  1. 2010 called - they want their meme back.
  2. Dreamworld's Annual Pass in 2004 was roughly $160 and adjusting for inflation that's $227 in today's money. And yet, the most expensive annual pass to Dreamworld in 2021 is $179. Now that's ignoring a myriad of variables that contribute to the reasoning of that price, all of which i'll ignore because this is a thread about the app, but tldr; the price GC parks charge is definitely not right and is a big contributor to why things everything theme parks continue to be so "meh". Well that's a little wee oxymoron isn't it? Jokes aside, the bit you're referencing is really more UI (d
  3. @Brad2912 chill bro. 🍻 Welcome to the forums @cthulhus_lawyer - I think @webslave perfectly encapsulated what I wanted to say - so many UX choices at every level aren’t made with the guest in mind - both company’s maps are a perfect example of it. Village would benefit from two things - a culture change and more money. The fact that Adventure World, a single Perth theme park sells season passes that are more expensive then Village’s passes to four parks says a lot. In regards to culture, where Disney has the “you can never say no” rule for cast members, it feels as though
  4. Absolutely not. People have been made redundant, attraction pipelines have been delayed for three of the country's biggest parks and there's still been massive revenue issues given the lack of international & interstate tourism. To say anything else is just trying to make a causation from correlation, which is the equivalent of suggesting that vaccines cause autism.
  5. As @joz mentioned it was a footbridge that started just before Hollywood House, went over the railway, turned right, and went down into Rocky Hollow. It was superseded when Giant Drop opened because it wasn’t wheelchair friendly and The Sanderson Group thought they could do a better job. 😂 I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times I’ve heard someone say they’ll eventually fix spaghetti junction. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Yeah I didn't get that. Why use the billboard to advertise something people can see almost at the same angle from the highway which was purpose built to be seen from the highway to begin with?
  7. That's a good call. Dreamworld's doing the right thing and managing guest expectations there to make sure they're not turning away hundreds of kids a day who waited in line for a chance to see Bluey. I'm hoping they still keep a few slots open each day (like Apple do) to make sure some walk-ins and unexpected booking mis-haps and whatnot can still be accommodated.
  8. Presuming they're going to avoid cutting off road access to back of house, in which case, i'd bet money guests will enter the space between "the roller-coaster" and "the concrete that was flowrider".
  9. The very reason why I have a career is founded on the fact that I create content for audiences. If you don't understand what your audience wants, you fail. 🤷🏻‍♂️ LPS recently announced a coaster. It got global attention because they dropped the POV. The most successful coaster videos online are POV's. The data is irrefutable. It's not just enthusiasts. Real world people don't care about "x-brand's journey", they care about how it matters to their "journey." LPS got more attention with a smaller budget and with less glitz and glam simply by being more transparent and more authentic in t
  10. If that’s not a euphemism I dunno what is. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Something something generic movie trailer music. It’s kinda weird content. It’s not sure if it wants to be a tvc or social content, and kinda does neither well as a result. If they were to take social media seriously, they wouldn’t be using YouTube to inconsistently drop content that doesn’t serve that audience. I’d spend less time on vanity junk like over-polished shots and more time just doing stuff that the audience really wants like POV’s. Perfect doesn’t matter anymore, consistency and authenticity wins out. Gate-keeping knowledge for the sake of mystery and
  12. I reckon the Thunderbolt site. It's either that or the monster trucks are Hot Wheels cars, in which case, the Exhibition Centre will be perfect.
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