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  1. Hopefully the primer dries soon so they can finish painting it.
  2. No wonder it’s taken them years to do, it’s a lot of dirt for one man and a shovel.
  3. It’s missing a ton of golden trim and paint to elevate all those blue windows.
  4. The film they showed there was insanely high quality in terms of production value (and no, I didn’t make it).
  5. The combination of weather conditions and school holiday break periods are unique to SEQ and different from the US. That's the whole story in one.
  6. East side testing, FYI. ^ This. Glad to hear others do this. For my whole life I've done metric to imperial conversions quickly PURELY off the back of ride heights e.g. "400-ish feet is 120m-ish aka one Giant Drop" or "30m is 100 feet aka one Arkham Asylum".
  7. I agree - it’s super trashy. Good thing it’s not the very first thing people see on the way in. Hopefully this is all clears out before school holidays in a week or two.
  8. I never would've known that if you hadn't had mentioned it, his watermark is far too subtle.
  9. I'd agree with this. So in the context of Movie World and the present situation, what is it?
  10. No need to be rude - clearly enthusiasts aren't happy with how many rides are closed, so I'm simply asking where the bar is - how many rides constitute a refund for you? How many rides need to be closed before they lower the price?
  11. How many closures constitute a refund? What's the rule here?
  12. The bit they really, really, really need to do is pressure wash and reseal that rock work.
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