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  1. Does Patrick Martin Vegue have blue eyes?
  2. Actually modern wooden roller-coasters are having a huge resurgence right now in the Western world. Also @Jdude95 you might not have seen me, but you may have seen that OurWorlds blogger dude. If he had a beer in his hand, it was definitely him. Also, can second the surveyors out and about assessing the grade between Giant Drop and the closed half of Gold Rush. Maybe this is finally the end of all those elevated walkways Sanderson Group put in when they opened Giant Drop?
  3. Could yesterday.
  4. Guests can see a lot of work happening in what was "The Lair" - my bet is on wolves.
  5. Does that video have Lassiter's and Bermuda shots in it? #supernerd
  6. I wish we could go back to a time where we could trust guests (and to a greater extent, trust people to have common sense and not sue over anything and everything) to do the right thing and not put themselves in harm's way. Instead we get stuff like this because the park's so worried about minimising any factor of risk, no matter how small. I remember I grew up in an era where all you had to hold you in on the Chairlift at Dreamworld was a loosely fitted bar over your lap. Nowadays I feel like the cool kids would try and jump out of their chair into the river whilst doing 360 backflips and dabbing the whole way down for some YouTube fame.
  7. Or beer. Did you know you can get all of your daily vitamins from beer? So yeah, just drink beer. Problem solved.
  8. Soy capp and two flat whites?
  9. Look, i'm just going to go ahead and say it...
  10. No doubt folks here will appreciate a more in-depth look so i've attached a few shots. Giving the kids a chance to get up so close to the tigers is a big win, which will no doubt inspire more of the next generation to give more of a damn about conservation. If you want to see the same photos but from slightly different angles, you can checkout the rest over here.
  11. Beats me, I was sitting extreme left, but probably.
  12. It's tough to look away.
  13. Just a quick update, Rivals is already as tall as Green Lantern. This will be an absolute monster. Can't wait to see the lift hill topped off. I've thrown in the best photos below, if you want some silly captions and less amazing shots you can go here.
  14. Rode the west side today. Definitely working. 10/10. Would ride again.
  15. At least at Dreamworld you can still do things you can't do in Main Street anymore...