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  1. Bloody brilliant update there @Richard I think it's the first time the trains have been seen, no? Really digging the custom paint job - if there's one thing we do well in Australia, it's sexy roller-coaster trains.
  2. Okay, sure, to re-clarify, the majority of Dreamworld's feedback and this thread has been about traffic flow, not lack of parking. For the latter, both of us have raised some valid options that avoid spending millions on redesigning a car park.
  3. That's shifting the goal posts. The discussion is about the feedback and ultimately the issue at hand which was that getting in was an issue, not that there was enough parks. If you want to talk about that, Dreamworld's easiest solution would be to move staff parking to the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre, which happens frequently during peak season anyway.
  4. I think it's being overthought now. The carpark works great 99% of the time. It's clear there's some bottlenecking that occurs during sold-out night events that could most likely be addressed by having a team of staff direct traffic flow of cars into parks. Two staff are out on the road signalling traffic into a row. When the row is full, it's roped off. Use of the two-way roads are restricted to minimise flow obstructions. Signage is placed in the entry roadway to pre-empt people on where they need to go to prevent un-necessary lane changes that would further obstruct flow. Add addi
  5. Yeah true. Here's hoping Dreamworld takes onboard the feedback they got and puts a few more folks in to better direct traffic flow e.g. having someone direct cars into car park lanes, having another wanding them down into the car park itself etc. etc. Might also be a good idea to add in larger on-demand signage from the roundabout onwards (car-park right lane, drop-off left lane kinda stuff) and to even limit use of the two-way access road that parallels the entry road such that the few cars that try to use it to cut in don't impede flow completely.
  6. Was there staff in the car park managing traffic flow?
  7. Does anyone else constantly forget Motocoaster is a thing?
  8. For the pre-ride itself, this is the gold standard: Realistically there was never any money to do anything that intricate. However, the switch track mechanism is far away enough from the queue that adding in some rock-work to really darken and hide the switch track and the launch track would've really added to the fear factor when the train does the initial stall backwards. As for the queue itself, i've tortured people enough with my ideas for that and they're in the forums if you go search back far enough. I would've gone more steampunk and less snakey boi. The theme would
  9. There's so much irony in being critical about everyone being critical. You're on a forum filled with fans about theme parks. Being passionate, engaged and critical is fundamentally why these forums exist and I personally don't besmirch anyone for having an opinion. My point about execution still stands. Some further thoughts i've had: Wait, Luna Park has different lands now? Sounds like a theme park to me. Again, they could've literally put any logo, any paint, any design, anything they wanted here, and we got muted grey and generic logo #3. Basically if you told me a c
  10. That train is sexy as hell. I really like the Dreamworld logo on the front. Thinking about how I feel about the landscaping and execution of the theme, it really comes down to what is it being compared to? What's the benchmark? If it's being compared to Thunderbolt, it's a massive step up in presentation of a major coaster. We went from a station that was themed to a furniture store to something that really carries an identity the whole way through. Compared to the park's previous coasters? It looks to be a far more pleasant space to stand in for a while (both Tower of Terror an
  11. How is it broadening their horizons? Edit: I'll go a step further, how is generic modern design better than a totally unique, instantly identifiable, iconic design aesthetic that's weathered the distance for over a hundred years?
  12. The point I'm making is that inside of that budget, there's still plenty of decision making that lands us in "generic modern corporate" and not at all in the realm of Luna Park Sydney. Take Sledgehammer's logo for example: This ultra-modern "theme park" logo is such a juxtaposition to the brand that it almost looks out of place on the website. And it would've cost the exact same amount of money to design a more fitting logo, more fitting colour, more fitting trim etc. etc. Are these choices going to change the experience in such a way that you'll be fooled into thinking you're
  13. Just touching on a few points: I think you're right, but that's a low bar to begin with too, and I personally would want our parks (which are fundamentally businesses centred around profound enjoyment and escapism) to exceed our expectations and not just meet a low expectation that's nearly two decades old. The park had some pretty beautiful facades way back when even despite the space-issue (I should also point out that during that period there was plenty of Victorian-era facades and motiffs interlaced with the oriental architecture at the time): I wanted more and I
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