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  1. Seems like the admin building was sunken behind the Super Troopers ride to keep BOH areas hidden. This park really was Disney-lite. If only they could keep that influence into the modern era with newer technologies and slightly bigger ride budgets. F**k me, this whole thread just depresses me.
  2. BNErider

    WBMW parkitect

    Wow, that's incredible. Is it possible to upload it to a workshop or something? I'd love to play it!
  3. BNErider

    Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    Don't really care to share... ask me again later in the year
  4. While I do technically agree with this and there's ways they could have promoted the current offerings, us enthusiasts are constantly barking on about how the marketing depts need to announce things earlier on. This event was really highlighting the future of the park, and honestly, I think locals will respond sooner rather than later because it gives them some reassurance that the park will stick around for a few more years.
  5. BNErider

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    FKin' awesome, great work Dreamworld.
  6. BNErider

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    dang, I had no idea it was open only a few weeks ago.
  7. Bit disappointed they aren't running a second train on weekends. But hey, that's not surprising either...
  8. Yep, I experienced the rattle too on the last 2 rows, but worse in the backwards row IMO (perhaps the way I ride in the seat?). I didn't really feel it day one, but whether or not I was too preoccupied with excitement. @Richard has mentioned a possible wheel alignment issue, which I hope it is. Everyone says how smooth Mack coasters are, and I assume the forward rows are smoother (I have only ridden in the front once, and never in the middle of the train). It's a beautiful coaster, but I definitely feel the vibration is noticeable and uncomfortable (not overly however).
  9. BNErider

    Fright Nights 2017

    So they're putting two mazes in one shed? Wonder how that's going to pan out...
  10. I've ridden a few Eurofighters and I've found them to be quite 'abrupt' at times. I've never been a huge fan.
  11. News agency said it was the first NIL in the world. I got angry. Then I hear the CEO say the same thing in the press conference....
  12. BNErider

    Movie World New Park Map

    I can appreciate how realistic this map actually is. I also quite like the type of animation/artwork. However as a map it fails miserably. I think it's fine for a website, though.
  13. BNErider

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Re backseats - was there less of a wait for the backwards rows (factoring in time spent, as it's only 2 seats per train)? Also, do they usually 'cap' sales within a certain time period? I don't want to miss out if I do the first ride facing forwards.
  14. BNErider

    Actventure Sunshine Coast

    Really reminds me of Universal Orlando's Citywalk with the lake and shops around it. Let's hope it turns into something decent (or just turns into something...).