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  1. Surfrider had just been re-tracked, but has been missing the car all summer!!
  2. I have been to Disneyland and Disney World several times. My opinion is Disneyland is better then the Magic Kingdom. Smaller Park = Less Walking with more Rides and Attractions better thrill attractions and generally better versions of the same attraction. Less stressed out crowds Disneyland is seen more as a locals park not a once in a lifetime visit for most people. Better Night Time shows. Fantasmic is awesome at Disneyland. Opening Day Attractions nine opening-day rides still in operation to this day. I love nostalgia. And better the availability of characters, and unique ones at that, in Disneyland.
  3. https://youtu.be/GR-22n4gL64 https://youtu.be/GR-22n4gL64
  4. I found out today that movie world is it open till 8 p.m. on Friday Saturday night's
  5. Thanks I will be uploading to park to the workshop when it's finished I am not going to put the roof or tv on main street
  6. I backed it as a Kickstarter it has come a long way recently since its humble beginning. You can still buy early access the price will increase when its released
  7. Mooman82

    WBMW parkitect

    Here is a park update
  8. Here is a superman escape parkitect replica i made
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