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  1. This is how Pico construct their theming. Once it's all in place, a team come in and fill all the gaps/patch the walls, paint and finish to match the rest of the exterior. Speeds up install times drastically.
  2. Where was this said? I'm confused by your constant dribble.
  3. There's a large track doing an arc on the back side of the buildings, with an arm that reaches over holding a version of the car. It required the same inspections as the parks coasters each morning.
  4. Here's an idea, if you think you can do better, why don't you send your resume in? I'm sure they would appreciate your expertise in literally everything.
  5. How do I spell it out easier for you, where did I reference footage of the track itself specifically going up for the flash? That's right I didn't.... I said it would be nice to see BTS stuff to the same quality, as a generalised statement. Do you understand?
  6. I was referencing the videos that were put out for the flash. However if you're looking for track photos that aren't taken on an iPhone standing in the one spot, perhaps check the Oz BTS shots?
  7. Would've been nice if we could see more than 3 shots from the same angle though. Give us that juicy BTS like what we saw with the Flash perhaps?
  8. Honestly a bag of rocks has more intelligence than you. You comment about something you're not interested in watching, yet you question was answered in the exact thing you're not interested in. Also you don't need to pay to see the coaster.
  9. Hopefully we see Dreamworld step up and try match Village's social content, perhaps we might see some BTS from their "biggest investment ever"
  10. I'm assuming we're seeing both standby & fastback queues in this, hence two ramps. Sorted at the top of the ramps, place items in lockers then grouped at a door? Maybe I'm misinterpreting it?
  11. You probably should get out more, also the video literally shows the freshly painted section of track.
  12. I believe they said it’s a part failure, so while they wait for Intamin to arrive, they’re going to get a head start on the queue line upgrades. I'd imagine the 2 months was there to paint the coaster too? Also probably involved shuffling crews from other attractions to get the ride up quicker. Did they literally not provide information on both attractions?
  13. MW socials have put out an announcement with a heap of new "updates" I appreciate the level of transparency from the park, another great step forward.
  14. Perhaps they should spend more time and effort on this, and less on the worst marketing campaign I've ever seen from our theme parks...
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