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  1. Vortex should be moved to Movie World to replace Doomsday. Vortex's location at Sea World should be used instead for a Ferris wheel for scenic views of the dolphin pools, ski lake, as well as providing a visual weenie for guests entering the park. To further this, SW has no need of 140cm filler, and Trident even if worked would not provide enough capacity for the family crowd. A thrill ride next to dolphin pools, while not cruel, is not a good 'look' Doomsday is MW's biscuit, and needs to go. Vortex could actually add needed capacity that is unused at SW. Comment, and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.
  2. Todays the today! The New Atlantis officially opens. This is the place to share your thoughts, comments, feedback and photos of the new precinct at Sea World.
  3. I know there's a test seat (Thank you Sea World. I think all coasters should have one) but how have bigger riders found Leviathan so far? I'm right on the limit for Storm Coaster but can fit on there, does anyone think I'll have an issue for Leviathan? How forgiving are the restraints and which other rides are they similar to?
  4. An app called ‘Ride Forces’. Also, Levi’s thrown a fault and is currently completely down, after already intermittent operation yesterday (wasn’t under operation for a large portion of the day, and around 30+% of trains sent were empty from what I saw. Supposedly was only due to wind yesterday, but with the actual faults today I don’t buy it), and further intermittent one-train operation today. I was on the last train of yesterday, the ride threw a fault then and we were gonna get evac’d, but they eventually got the second train to dispatch and we were able to slowly roll into the station and unload. Something’s definitely wrong. I’ll wait in the queue and update when there is one ig.
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