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  1. mba2012

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    I'm not sure if the article has been updated with the pictures, but the thumbnails are showing some renders that I assume are the official ones. It looks like a pretty exciting development.
  2. I think a wing coaster could be better than a flying coaster because it makes more of an immediate visual impression, whereas a flying coaster looks mostly like a suspended coaster. Probably too expensive as well, but something cool.
  3. The biggest issue right now is that the land isn't zoned for anything but farming and it's likely going to be a number of years before that's changed. And on public transport you'd be look at a >90 minutes journey from Broadbeach. the G:Link takes about 50 minutes to do the full run, then it's another 15 minutes to Ormeau, plus whatever else to the location. With that said, there is still a huge catchment area (3.5 million within two hours drive) around already (who can access by public transport or car) and there will easily be in excess of a million people move into the area over the next few decades once it is opened up for development. It probably is a prime area for theme park development, but I don't see it happening for a while (probably not within 10 years).
  4. mba2012

    Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Is that tower they're building going to be for some kind of slide, or just for maintaining water pressure?
  5. ^ Given that my previous ride in row 10 was much smoother than my most recent, I'd believe that it is present on only one train.
  6. Riding yesterday morning I also found the airtime at the front to be better than at the back, which for the same reasons as you, I don't quite understand. I also found row 10 to be more rough yesterday than it was when I rode it (same row) the first sunday. I'm not sure if that was just since I had ridden front row immediately before, but it did seem rough. Still one of the smoothest coasters I've ridden.
  7. I managed to get 12 rides in this morning. Very few people came for the early access; they eventually ran one train empty and only loaded the other one.
  8. Just got to ride for the first time in row 10. Absolutely incredible, and those last hills have to be some of the best parts. The single rider queue is definitely the way to it, and obviously Slick and a few others feel the same
  9. Are people finding the single rider queue to be significantly shorter than the main one? How long would it have to be to exceed the wait time for general entry?
  10. The trims will always slow the train unless it is not moving, in which case magnetic braking could not hold it still. Like Richard said in the article, the braking force will change in relation to the speed that the train is going. So a train going faster past the trims will experience a larger braking force, purely due to the physics behind magnetic braking.
  11. It looks to be on the joins between the tracks. The best I can think of is possibly grinding down the track so that there's a smooth transition between pieces.
  12. Don't worry, maybe they'll make it up by loading them separately.
  13. The piece at the end here looks to have a connection for the larger spine. I'd guess that's for a loop, otherwise it's for something pretty cool.
  14. To me this looks pretty much like the supports for the track coming out of the loop on flash. The footings in the foreground look pretty big, they could possibly be for the large supports for the loop.
  15. Is it likely that they'll be trucking them down overnight, or is it just something they can do anytime?