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  1. There's been a train sitting at the bottom of the lift hill for almost two weeks now, so safe bet is probably an issue with the lift hill.
  2. No longer says the closures are for unscheduled maintenance, which lends more credibility to the idea that it could be staffing related and not actual rides issues.
  3. I mean the sticker themselves, not the numbers. Each train has 1.1, 1.2, etc. where 1.2 is car one, seat two. I'm pretty sure the control panel communicates with the train through the contact pads in the station, so the same seat is on the same contact for both trains. The operator can only release individual seats from the panel when it's in the station.
  4. I don't think the Joker train has a sticker, not one I've ever seen at least. Also interesting to note is the seat numbers are larger on the joker train for whatever reason.
  5. I went on earlier in the week and it was definitely the roughest I've ever felt it. Also didn't notice the other train in the superman shed, so hopefully it's on its way to Rivals.
  6. I believe that most of the ride restrictions come from the ride manufacturers and not the parks themselves. I'd assume the parks have ability to add/remove/modify the restrictions as they wish, but most of what we see isn't dictated by the parks.
  7. Just taking a quick look at Google maps, I think there's enough room around the current ride footprint to build a ride that has a ~2x larger footprint. There's the area behind Scooby that could be used (unless it is a maintenance access point), the courtyard and current theatre/station building that could be removed, and the grass smoking area up next to superman. That's all either empty land or currently used by Arkham. There's the mazes and other maintenance sheds further out behind Arkham, so I don't think it will go any further toward the studios.
  8. I've forgotten if this has been brought up at all or not, but if Dreamworld ends up not building this coaster, how likely would it be that Village might pick it up cheaply? Do coasters in this kind of situation often end up going for much less than the price they were sold to the original park at? And presumably whoever picks it up would have to pay shipping costs as well, so MW/SW would be saving some money there. While it wouldn't be as exciting as other possibilities, it would still be a pretty solid addition to either Movie World or Sea World.
  9. Movie World only closes queues before closing time if there's a need to, such as a night time event. At other times, the queues remain open until the parks advertised closing time (5:30pm for the next few days).
  10. So I was just hoping to get some advice from all you guys here. I'll be spending six months in Europe on an exchange next year (over the northern spring and summer) and was hoping to visit as many parks as I reasonably can. I'll probably only be limited to a few by cost, but I'm happy to travel pretty much anywhere in Europe. I've done Disneyland Paris and Alton Towers before so I'm looking for others, unless there's anything that's a must ride added since 2014. Europa park and Portaventura are both on the top of my list, but I'm not sure where else I should look. Places that are either in a really interesting location, or will make a good full day visit (especially with roller coasters) are where I'd prefer to go. If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them.
  11. ^ @TomiJ We may both have misinterpreted that; it says Q1 FY20 which assuming Ardent sticks to normal convention, would be sometime before the end of September.
  12. I'm pretty sure they said somewhere that construction would begin Q1 next year.
  13. I'm not sure if the article has been updated with the pictures, but the thumbnails are showing some renders that I assume are the official ones. It looks like a pretty exciting development.
  14. I think a wing coaster could be better than a flying coaster because it makes more of an immediate visual impression, whereas a flying coaster looks mostly like a suspended coaster. Probably too expensive as well, but something cool.
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