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  1. They don't need to alter the signage to remove Mick Doohan references. It has already become too faded to read.
  2. Always been keen to give Green Room a spin but have never managed to catch it open
  3. I believe the rapids were originally going to receive some sort of refurb last year right? Pretty sure there was a planned 8 month downtime? Perhaps they decided to do it all at once this year then. Awesome stuff.
  4. A tad frustrating you are always so vague. Not being rude but it would be awesome to hear what happened.
  5. Is it overshooting because they are maxing out the speed?
  6. Jetstreams operated for the last time mid October 2017 and Sidewinders wrapped up on 1 January 2018 (scheduled, however some say it was slightly before then). The shade sail was removed around February 2018. However both attractions were only officially retired nearly a year later.
  7. Fuck bro the rip looks skuxx as!! I can't believe it Will be exciting to see what's up their sleeve for the little rippers
  8. Can we start a reviews and reactions thread similar to what they did with rivals
  9. I think if they didn't include it, it would just be making it blatantly obvious they are closing it.
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