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  1. The response I got on facebook when i asked about winterfest nights was that Night markets are open Fri/Sat from June 10, so I guess they can't do both. Unfortunate because I'd much rather the winterfest nights.
  2. I'm dissapointed theyre not doing the winterfest nights this year.
  3. Engineer friend says hes not booked to work on Superman Escape's system until the 11th, so expect it to be continuously pushed back until at least the 11th FYI
  4. What’s going on with the new slides? Went the other week and they were all closed. Then drove by the other day to go to Paradise Country and it looked like the bottom ones were operating. Now looking at maintenance schedule it says they’re closed. How inconsistent for a new attraction?!
  5. I did an entire Disney/Universal trip by myself in 2019, 3 weeks solo all for parks in FL and CA. Loved it, get to choose whatever you want to do and your so encapsulated by everything going on I was always having fun, never felt bored or regretted it. Im also thinking a trip in October, prices still look insane in comparison to 2019 though, guessing just because of pent up demand and the 50th celebration.
  6. Yo just a big FYI! Despite Dreamworld sending AP’s emails saying the ride would operate up until the grand opening, they have decided to not open the ride today. Bit pissed off tbh, came all the way down expecting to ride and the damn greeter just says too bad come back tomorrow and deal with the mass crowds.
  7. While his story is grim. He was doing his job at the end of the day, feels like if he wanted to sue someone it should be QPS.
  8. Went on the last night so this infomation is pretty irrelevant, but I thought the event was fantastic! Again the free redemption so just went to check it out. Got to the park at 3pm and then was able to stay inside from 5-5.30 during the transition rather than dealing with big parking lines or lines at the gate. Great time was had, the Mansion was great! Althouhg the harvest snacks area wasn't open tonight because it sounds like they ran out of some items, didnt really mind the event was free anyway. Loved that every inch of the park had decoration and music playing. Good job dreamworld.
  9. Honestly with water rides I feel much safer with looser restraints, the ability to wiggle out of the lap bar gives me much more peace of mind if something were to go arry in the water. IE see the Splash Mountain incident a few months back wheere the boat started taking on water and everyone just got out of the boat. Anyone else feel like this?
  10. Is there an option to wait in the park after normal hours end before the event starts to aboid the line drama?
  11. I've only done Riddlers at MM, and I hate em, so uncomfortable, and the train got stuck on the brakerun and was in the most uncomfrotable clostrophobic position ever. The expereince isnt different enough to warrant the discomfort imo.
  12. Went tonight, getting in the car park was a shitfight. Got to the Southport bridge at 5.30, didn't get into the park until 6.30. The laser/water/firework show was pretty good tbh, better than expected. Lots of atmos around and street performers, not a bad lil event to be honest. Don't have kids so didn't do the treasure trail stuff, just the show, Storm coaster and a good old walk around but all pretty good fun. I must say, Covid protocols really went out the window, more people without masks than with which is concerning considering our current state, is what it is though.
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