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  1. ejpdtd

    Fright Nights 2019

    Wow that’s very different experiences to the nights I did FN. HHN offer 2 nights for price of one so I’m pretty confident I’ll get everything g done across the two nights. Plus early entry from day at Universal. Plus if need be I’d happily pay for express at HHN because it is actually quality mazes. Incase it hasn’t been mentioned yet. There is walls up around the dodgems today for work on FN maze. Also you can see work underway in the back lot from Arkham Asylum. (As well as an active film crew in the studios which im curious about, anyone know what is being shot at the moment.)
  2. ejpdtd

    Fright Nights 2019

    To the people that are happy with the 5 mazes, did you manage to get all the mazes done last year with the queues. I’ve given up on fright nights with the past two years being horrible experiences where you can barely get anything done unless you pay a lot extra for the fast passes. Have decided to travel to the states and do HHN at Universal Orlando with 10 mazes.
  3. ejpdtd

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    It’s April 2nd now, don’t do this to me.
  4. ejpdtd

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    Wait, can someone clarify if this was an April fools or not? Want to know if I should go today to try and ride
  5. ejpdtd

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Good rides
  6. ejpdtd

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    I found this pretty funny, I’m sure it is somewhat frequent but I haven’t been to dreamworld in years. The GD ride cycle after mine has been stuck for 10 minutes so far. Engineers just rocked up, wonder how long this lone bloke will be up there. I’m honestly very jealous, I love these unique ride experiences. Update: it’s been 15 minutes. How many engineers does it take to get this lone bloke down, 6 so far. Update 2: after 20 minutes was Very slowly lowered down
  7. ejpdtd

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Spoke with a ride op today who said he’s ridden Sky Voyager about 20 times himself and says it’s a real game changer. (Whether or not he’s telling the truth, I don’t know) He said it is incredible but the delay is to just make sure it’s perfect, he expected around Easter release. (My guess is for the Easter holidays so it can actually seem busy and run full cycles - as today I’ve been a sole rider on a lot of rides cycles, their is no one here) I sat and watched the back doors of Sky Voyager for 30 mins today. Dreamworld maintenance and (I’m assuming) Manufacturers we’re walking in and out frequently, so my guess is it hasn’t been handed over yet either.
  8. ejpdtd

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Can confirm cossentino. 2 shows daily from 6th April
  9. ejpdtd

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    https://tvtonight.com.au/2018/04/lisa-wilkinson-to-host-big-brother-revival-for-ten.html This is an article from early last year talking about a BB Australia revival for 2019. I'm going to assume this is it, which is pretty stoked on since its back on Ten.
  10. I marked the post with spoilers for those who wanted a surprise experience. I expect those people wanting a surprise wouldn’t be on this thread anyway.
  11. This is detailed play by play of the ride for those saying reviews are vague. Spoliers. Timestamps from this video (old ride) may help explain the segments I am referring too (apologies for linking a video source, it is not mine it is from theme park review) Queue and loading station are exactly the same. So out of the load, the sliding doors we are used too were not working, just stuck in the fully open position. Turning the corner physical Scooby is gone (0:24), but you're greeted by familiar suits of armour on either side of the track as physical pieces, however, on my ride, this scene was very dark. At the end of the first straight, there is a large blank wall the lights up when you approach it showing the monsters from the first Scooby film (0:34). Most of the next section is very much the same as the video with rebuilt physical scenes and props, and the axes are still present for the photo section. Next new addition is at the (1:02) mark of the video where instead of the mirror, projection mapping and a camera is used to display your car and faces on the wall, where a monster jumps out from behind the car, this is very cringe and poorly animated, even pixelated, the mirror would have been a better scene. Next going into the lift there is new props on the left and right of the track, green tiki heads from memory with some lights on them. Once in the lift, you notice it is completely covered in TV screens, which once both cars are loaded, show scrappy doo in his tiny form. Then once the lift starts moving up Scrappy transforms into his large muscle scrappy form from the movie and moves around the screens. The train rolls back into the drop and onto the rotating platform (1:55), this platform is now enclosed with a box just around it, inside are lasers and lights and a VERY loud noise effect. The next portion of the ride is pretty lackluster, the red strips from the walls are gone, there are very few lasers or effects in the room generally. The spider is still in place and there is now what seems the be the big cauldron from the movie, sitting on the ground in the middle of the room. On the two drops in the laser room, there is added light and sound triggers at the bottom of the drops, but nothing too special. After the laser room, you go into the previously last scene at (3:10), this room is pretty much one big screen with monsters on either side and the large disco ball from the movie that is used to shine light onto the monsters destroying them. The timing was a bit off on these when I rode, so you didn't actually get to see the monsters blow up but maybe that will be fixed (again this animation is pretty poor and seems rushed). There is now a new last scene as physical sets and a small screen has been added at (3:22), the whole left wall has tiki heads and lights on it, and at the end of the straight there is a screen that says tiki lounge I believe, and a voiceover says thank you for riding. Now I might be mistaken here, but I actually don't recall seeing an animatronic or animated version of Scooby Doo anywhere on this ride, which is pretty disappointing, but considering how poor the animation on the monsters is, they for sure would have butchered Scooby if they had tried. As I mentioned in a previous comment, it is definitely an upgrade from the dark empty space its been for what 2 years now? And obviously it needed fixing due to new regulations, but I can't help but feel it was rushed, and more time spent (mainly on the animation) could have made this a great refurb. However, the fact they retain a lot of original physical scenes and props is great and still feels a lot like the OG Scooby with a few new cool pieces as well. I also like that its kept with the story from the film even more so than OG Scooby did with the same monsters, and the Scrappy Doo feature, but I cant help but feel like kids these days would not have seen the Scooby movie from 2000 and might not get the story like we would? It's no Disney level dark ride, but definitely still worth a ride or two.
  12. So it’s kind of what you would expect. I’d say it’s a good refurb considering it had to be done. There’s only 5 screen/projection mapping spots, and the animation isn’t amazing but will suffice and kind of tells a story without much going on. - but without seeing the movie you wouldn’t real get what’s happening. Good thing is all of the physical sets have returned or been replaced with something equally as good, with even a few new ones . Laser room seems a bit tame but there’s some new cool lights and sounds and a ‘laser box’ around the platform where the car rotates - the sound was a bit deafening in there though. Physical ride system is very much the same, maybe new seat covers or they could have just been cleaned. But still a pretty rough ride at some points for tall blokes
  13. Pls update once first train is sent, it’s bloody hot in the main queue area
  14. Seems as though the ride still not taking guests, just opened the queue line to get people out of the sun I think. Queue is also now completely full and into the overflow already.
  15. Fairly sure it’s exactly the same for standing here for a couple of minutes.