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  1. Take with a grain of salt, I did atleast, was at park today having a chat with GD op as I usually do because they always seem a bit lonely of weekdays. Mentioned that its crazy to see Rocky Hollow completely flat now, and she replied saying that its so sad, and so sad that they're not putting another water ride there because she loves the water rides in Summer. I didn't press any further, just a little taken a back by the comment, could she know what plans they have for the site?! I wouldn't of expected DW to even know what they're doing with the site until it's surveyed etc, but th
  2. If were talking flat's I think a Screamin' Swing would be a good addition, get away from the spinning rides and focus on forces. But in my opinion it'd look bad to replace a big coater with a flat, I think a new coaster is on the cards, even if it is just a 4D Freespin. I agree no more DC theming for a while please! Mad Max, Matrix or 'Zilla/Monsters all logical with new movies to coincide.
  3. I've always thought a MadMax themed ride would be the way to go for Movieworld, stray away from the DC-Land it has become and use a different IP. Mad Max has new movies in the pipeline too. Honestly I don't see them going with a different Inverted/Suspended, just for the fact that it would be less marketable to the GP, a lot of people wouldn't even know the difference between an SLC and a B&M invert so I think it loses its draw a bit for the GP. I would love a nice forceful B&M invert, but I dont think it'll happen. I've often thought about a B&M Dive machine in that space bu
  4. Whats the deal with GL on reduced trains, anyone know or hazzard a speculation? Waiting on parts from S&S? Thats awesome to see they smashed their planned maintenance period for Rivals, was in the park the other day and with that down really felt like nothing to do or lines to long to bother.
  5. I've never been impressed with ops at our parks, it's the main reason why I can't stand visiting during the holidays, and very rarely even on the weekends, I don't want to waste half the day in lines. I don't know why there is no sense of urgency among the operators like you see at other parks around the world, I wonder if it became less of a priority to punch out trains after Dreamworlds accident? I remember reading or seeing somewhere in media that operators used to compete with each other for most cycles/h but I guess that doesn't happen anymore?
  6. Does anyone else feel like a Slidewheel is just too much for our strict WHS? They look like a lot of fun, but I can't help but think evac's would be a nightmare am I right?
  7. Yep, thats been the other thing ive been tossing up, whether to try and make a 21 trip happen while disney is still for sure in this weird state with no Fastpass, Masks and Plexiglass barriers ruining some great attractions. Fastpass would be a big hit to not have, especially being a solo traveller, waiting in long lines on your own isnt the most fun for a lot of the queues, sans FOP and the other queues that are must do's. My impatience will probably will out and ill end up going if its possible, front page of the courier today was about Alan Joyce (Qantas) saying he is confident interna
  8. Theres a big difference between 'required' and adhered too, even on a normal day people in lines just dont seem to understand the purpose of the stickers on the ground. I sure as hell wouldn't be going to the parks during these holidays especially with Covid detected in sewage all over the south east.
  9. I don't think anyone of any size should call any seat of a wild mouse 'lovely' XD Even without the weight SCDC throws me around in a not lovely way hahah
  10. There was literally no social distancing the other night at White Christmas. Yeah they put tape around for the parade etc, but as usual the GP just ignore the tape. They also have stages and entertainment set up in areas that really cant handle crowds. ie the Wild West backdrop is a 'stage' for Mrs Claus show and it was bumper to bumper down there because its not exactly a massive walkway to begin with. I didnt even try to get from Doomsday to WWF because it was that packed. Kind of frustrating to see the GP completely disregard measures in place. Im not exactly worried about Covid at the mome
  11. I used to be around 125kg, and I only had a couple of issues. If youre stressed about it just pop into the test seats where available to try yourself before getting onto the station, but usually the ops are quite nice and handle it everyday. MW: Rivals on a few encounters the ops didn't get the green light but after a couple of pushes down on my lap bar they got the all good. Scooby Doo I always had issues in the front seat especially being quite tall aswell, but no issues in the back seats so I just started requesting them to avoid embarrassment of having to switch.
  12. My USA mega trip obviously got cancelled this past September, and I'm obviously on the edge of my seat waiting to get back to Disney/Universal/SWO/Busch but of course, no one really knows how 2021 will play out. So the question to you is what will give you the confidence to start booking for next calendar year, or is anyone booking blind with the hope of travel being back on the cards? I am just waiting to see how this vaccine plays out over the next month, then might book blind with a company that offers covid refunds. ATD seems to have a decent Covid cancellation policy.
  13. This may be old news, but just noticed the ride picture screens are long gone, can’t see any other obvious dismantling except previous mentioned facade theming yet though.
  14. Forseeable future for DW, new coaster is built, then delayed opening for 6 months, then Giant Drop and maybe Buzzsaw are both removed
  15. Interesting that yours has different terms to mine. It was an ePass bought on the DW website, and although it was in the fine print that it's valid from the date of purchase it wasn't very clear and I asked that person who bought it for me and they were astounded. After having a whinge to the enquiries email they did extend my pass to 13months from the redeem date but they said clearly it is outside of policy and was just a gesture of good faith. Maybe they have changed their policy if yours is different now, lets hope so as it was whack the way they treated mine.
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