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  1. Is there an option to wait in the park after normal hours end before the event starts to aboid the line drama?
  2. I've only done Riddlers at MM, and I hate em, so uncomfortable, and the train got stuck on the brakerun and was in the most uncomfrotable clostrophobic position ever. The expereince isnt different enough to warrant the discomfort imo.
  3. Went tonight, getting in the car park was a shitfight. Got to the Southport bridge at 5.30, didn't get into the park until 6.30. The laser/water/firework show was pretty good tbh, better than expected. Lots of atmos around and street performers, not a bad lil event to be honest. Don't have kids so didn't do the treasure trail stuff, just the show, Storm coaster and a good old walk around but all pretty good fun. I must say, Covid protocols really went out the window, more people without masks than with which is concerning considering our current state, is what it is though.
  4. So has anyone purchased these that doesn't live on the GC? Would DW be checking address to see if youre a Local for these we think? Brisbane postcode doesn't let you get the discount.
  5. Went for couple hours today, saw a few cycles so theyre getting them through. Im still so impressed with the area and how its turning out. Park was surprisingly quiet for school holidays, only 10 min waits for everything, think everyone must've been at WWW since the carpark was full and it was stinkin hot today.
  6. Im in the camp that it's either that or I won't watch it, and I feel I have delivered the guy enough Youtube Premium and Adsense revenue to justify my support. Its 2021 support who you wanna support but don't expect money for inferior (likely) work. In all honestly he probably would make more uploading it to Youtube and getting the adsense from it.
  7. Yall hating on the path but I think its great, atleast they did something other than a plain path, and give that a few months of wear and grit and i think it'll actually look good with a bit of fade. The area is shaping up to look really good in my opinion especially for DW standards.
  8. Torrented Closed for Storm, but wasn't amazing, wouldve just prefered a normal BSF video on it instead tbh. I will watch (not pay for though) This is how we Roll, but dont expect great things considering its Taylor from Coaster Studios and hes such a brat, and I have little confidence in his ability to properly put together a documentary. Any interviews with Shilke and Grubb im interested in listeing to though!
  9. Im surprised how nice the rockwork actually looks, good work to em.
  10. Think we might see a scaled back version similar to what USF did last year, a couple of houses allowed for walk through during the day? I can see them doing upcharge mazes for day guests in October, especially if they have already put work into building them? Still 2 months-ish until peak spooky time, maybe we could get a solid vaccination rate by then 🤷 (doubtful)
  11. I agree so dumb that they aren't pathng to GD, that area already feels so disconenected from the rest of the park. GD has virtually no line whenever I go and its arguably the best attraction atm.
  12. We all knew this day was coming though right. I think a lot of us saw Buzzsaw as a bad investment when it was announced a decade ago. In other news the Dreamworld train is getting an upgrade
  13. If i had to pick AK is probs my favourite park of them all (sans Disney SEA). All the WDW resort parks blow me away. DCA was fun but didn't stand out as incredible in my mind. Even what I've seen from the video of Avengers campus doesnt blow me away.
  14. There is a video from the next raft just a moments after the raft flipped which is pretty horrifying to watch, parents standing in the raft water screaming for help as their children are stuck upside down in the raft. Onlookers in the next boat with little ability to help. It does seem from the video like this takes place mid ride though in just the standard sort of rapids area and has nothing to do with conveyor belts. There was a discussion on reddit I saw about the negligence to react on the parks behalf, some people saying that similar Intamin models at other parks have lifeguards sta
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