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  1. I looked through my old photos from when I was hitting MW weekly in high school. This is the big cover up they used while retheming. Edit- but as you mentioned this is just safety wrap too which would have been there regardless
  2. ejpdtd

    Gold Rush to get aviation theme at Dreamworld?

    Slightly deviating from the TOT query, but if TOT were to be scrapped GD could quite easily be rethemed to an ATC Tower for the Airport Theme replacing Gold Rush if that area was expanded slightly. (Although I think the airport theme is disgusting, the tower retheme would show some theming effort from DW) But let's be real its DW - I don't expect much from them in any way of theming these days.
  3. I remember that MW put up massive scaffolding and art in front of Justice League while it was being built to hide their mess when retheming from the Batman Sim. Its not something I would expect from Dreamworld though lol.