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  1. Maurer is not supporting the sky loop model anymore. So their decision would be similar to the Tower of Terror as Intamin no longer supported it. While it comes with a range of spare parts, more than likely over the next 2-3 years parts will have to be specially made for it.
  2. Just wait for it. they will save the skull and name the new ride TOWER OF TERROR 3 😂😂
  3. Hmm I guess the little kids train will be down for maintenance https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJgyLbrH/ IMG_1727.MP4
  4. The Americans have cleared quarantine and had their first day onsite today. Only a mater of weeks until we see the first test run.
  5. Sunshine Coast wave pool, water park project takes shape with fresh images of first stage Fresh artist’s impressions have given a glimpse at the first stage of a $65m new water park and tourism attraction planned alongside Steve Irwin Way. Scott Sawyer Follow @scottsawyer22 less than 2 min read May 28, 2021 - 9:30AM 1 comments Fresh artist's impressions of the first stage of a $65m water park and tourism attraction set to feature a region-first wave pool have been released.
  6. Yes individual rides like sky voyager, pandamonium, skadoosh. technically yes but they have there own sound system with a repeating playlist. it is no connected to the nightlife system
  7. It would nearly be impossible for the park to have certain music for each individual ride without a major $$$ overhaul. The parks sound system is split into 4 areas. Ocean Parade, Wiggles World, Main Street, Gold Rush Country. Download CrowdDJ and queue your own music if you wish.
  8. don't know about mach 5 but... constrictor = 18m mammoth falls = 17.5m
  9. THEME park giant Village Roadshow will build Australia’s tallest water slide on the Gold Coast in a multimillion-dollar revamp of its facilities. The 130-metre long slide, already under construction at Wet’n’Wild, is one of three attractions being unveiled on Friday to launch celebrations for sister park Warner Bros Movie World’s 30th birthday. In a major boost to the city’s struggling tourism industry, the new mega slide structure is being targeted for a pre-Christmas opening in time for the school holidays. REVEALED: FATES OF BELOVED GOLD COAST THEME PARK RIDES Aus
  10. rumour has it that there will be 2 trains, however only 1 of the trains will feature the spinning car.
  11. I recon we have got 2 options due to the fact it say waterslides (2 or more). 1) master blaster + 2 smaller body slides or 1/2 person tube slides 2) a tower with the “newer classic” waterslides that is standard around the world at the moment, 2-4 slides on the tower. ie, boomerango + tailspin?
  12. Individual lap bars Look better then the seatbelt things
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