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  1. Yes I noticed the Batman sticker for the first time on Thursday.
  2. When did the superman launch audio get changed? Only a year ago it said something like "don't worry folks I will get you outta here, fast, superman fast (launches) " Yesterday it said "don't worry I will push you out of here (launches) "
  3. A police officer who was exposed to four dead bodies after the Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids ride tragedy in 2016 is suing the theme park’s parent company. Andrew James Mainey said while working as a Gold Coast police officer, he was sent to “the scene of the carnage” on October 25, 2016, to assist paramedics and first responders. Mr Mainey said in a court affidavit that he saw the body of a male victim, who was declared dead after resuscitation attempts failed. “I could also see bodies caught up in the gears of the Thunder River rapids ride,” Mr Mainey said.
  4. Giant drop east is testing this morning. Seems like a quick turn around for it?
  5. Can note also, do not wear a thermal rash shirt on the ride. I got stuck and had to walk off.
  6. They said a "manufacturing slot has opened up". meaning Mack was probably offering a discount for someone how wanted a coster sooner rather than waiting in the queue for later. This coaster was designed and manufactured for dreamworld. It just so happens that the "slot" was originally for an Asian Themepark NOT the coaster itself.
  7. Yes GD west was open today and East was straight into maintenance early this morning.
  8. It looked like they were either letting people in through www or the side vehicle gate?
  9. Absolute shit. Had tickets and have gone home. No car parks left and thousands lined up to get in. Going to demand a refund.
  10. The Bro is having problems with the main circulating pumps with the required pressure not high enough to run the slides. hydro coaster was working fine on Tuesday. the op explained the wedgie/green room situation and said due to social distancing both could not be run at the same time. also very notable that what were called waves in the wave pool have become even smaller. Not even much of a ripple effect during wave session. the flow rider still remains in place but is looking run down as it has not been maintained. Looks like the old shop for it
  11. Correct. The pool drop off has been filled in. Probably between 1.2m-1.4m at the deepest part now.
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