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  1. FYI I went to to the Park yesterday and Rivals was running two trains.
  2. Who would have thought? Would have been nicer sooner but props to them for doing it in the end. The video essentially confirms that no works have been carried out on Scooby yet, which is disappointing.
  3. I beg to differ. I've been going to the park for 'decades' and It's never been as bad as what it has been now and in the past couple of years.
  4. Every major ride except GL and JL is now down. What an embarrassment.
  5. Interesting that if you click on the ‘ rides ‘ section it is not listed, you have to browse through the ‘ all attractions ‘ section for it to display. In any case I sure hope it’s running for FN!
  6. Where did you see that? It doesn’t appear to be listed on the website as yet. Would be great for them to include it though with no Scooby this year.
  7. Tickets are now available for purchase. Just brought mine- $516 for our chosen night for entry and Fast Track (mazes only) X 2..... Ouch.
  8. Media is loving the price rise. There was just a story on it on Sunrise this morning.
  9. I couldn't see that this has been discussed yet, but is anyone else confused over their wording they are using on social media about the closure? They keep saying ' to be completed IN 2024' which implies it will be just not operating at all in 2023, work starting in 2024 and then will reopen at some time in 2024 ( could be Christmas !) Shouldn't they be using the wording ' to be completed BY 2024' ? That would make a lot more sense... maybe im just picky though.
  10. Justice League has now reopened from its lengthy refurb/ maintenance period. Has anyone been able to go on it yet and confirm any changes?
  11. Great Post! Can I ask what app that is you're measuring the forces with on your apple watch?
  12. Buffet $75 is a little much. It used to only be 39 from memory. You can go to the seafood buffet at the star for $69 so $75 is a bit of an ask. You should be able to delete the stupid hat and save $25 on the price 👌
  13. Well ricks wasn’t open yesterday when I went to I’m guessing it was indeed only for school holidays. Really disappointed they aren’t brining it back full time.
  14. Didn’t see any working. Like you, I don’t recall ever seeing it in the past either
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